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Hey I'm just wondering, do you know what happened with that picture Jin accidentally posted with a condom?

ah well, he posted this photo

and it seems normal, right? everything fine. it’s jin being cute! he’s eating! but the people of the internet noticed something.

so it became a THING. like news sites start running articles on it, fans freaked out, netizens started speculating shit, so BigHit had to release a STATEMENT confirming that it was INDEED yes a condom in the background of the picture and that it was a gift from fans

but my favorite thing BY FAR is the koreaboo headline

THATS RIGHT FOLKS. it wasnt just a condom, but a KING-SIZED CONDOM.

smh the internet is a weird place sometimes.

neil falling asleep on top of andrew is one of my favorite things ever like

  • it doesn’t happen that often
  • neil knows andrew doesn’t particularly love physical contact, many times he isn’t in the right mood for it and neil ofc respects that
  • but sometimes after really intense practices with their pro teams and being away from each other sunday finally arrives and they spend all day at home
  • they drink coffee and smoke and catch up
  • sometimes neil does most of the talking, other times none of them feels like talking so they just sit there quietly, and other times andrew is in a really good mood and they speak about everything and anything
  • those days, the days neil notices andrew is in a remarkably good mood, are neil’s favorite sundays
  • peace surrounds them and neil feels so relaxed he can’t help but smile at the thought of how his life has improved out of nowhere
  • well not really out of nowhere but thanks to the foxes
  • and of course thanks to andrew
  • but anyway one sunday, a good sunday, neil and andrew are watching a movie
  • they’ve spent all day eating and being their cute selves and they’ve even gone for a drive around town
  • after dinner they decided to watch some tv and that’s how they ended up watching tangled
  • neil is a disney boy no one is going to convince me otherwise
  • neil is really sleepy but he likes the movie way too much to miss it so he fights with all that’s in him not to fall asleep
  • he is so focused on the screen that he doesn’t realize at first that andrew’s sight is fixed on him
  • he grins
  • “staring”
  • andrew looks at him blankly and just says “shut up”
  • neil laughs fondly bc his not boyfriend is an idiot
  • he can’t help it but stare back at him and suddenly he gets even more sleepy and can’t fight it anymore
  • he whispers “can i lie on your lap?”
  • andrew thinks about it for a second before saying “whatever”
  • neil gets closer and whispers in the man’s ear “is that a yes or a no?”
  • “yes, josten”
  • neil doesn’t hear any sort of doubt in his voice so he moves to lie across the couch with his head on andrew’s lap
  • he doesn’t want andrew to get overwhelmed tho so he doesn’t hug him or anything, he just puts his palm on top of andrew’s thigh
  • that gesture silently says “i love you”. 
  • andrew puts his hand gently on neil’s neck
  • i love you too

Bigbang AU 4/?
Coffee Shop

While working in a local coffee shop, five teenagers found themselves becoming best of friends with their coworkers. From the broken plates to the occasional scolding from their boss, an incomparable bond is formed among them. Although they started as part-time waiters, the shop soon became theirs to manage. 

jesse n genji going on foodruns at like 2 am cuz they remember commander reyes is gonna be back from his mission in the morning and oh no, they ate all his spicy cheetos, they need to replace them– but it’s really an excuse for 2 am Walmart dates and also for jesse to buy a while box of honey buns and eat it in one night cuz who’s gonna say something??? not genji. genji’s telling him to try and put as many in his mouth as he can

look at this sweet cute lil ball of sunshine

look at this beautiful elastic faced potato man

look at this sweet pancake getting rejected by his mother

look at this handsome young man using his amazing charms to seduce this lady that never stood a chance

look at this smooth male looking bomb af

look at this adorably annoyed human

look at this sassy king being fabulous af

look at this perfectly seasoned mashed potato

look at this beautiful lil peach getting the shock of his life

look at this perfect cinnamon roll crying

look at this flawless lil piece of toast choking on his own spit

look at this cute rose petal being a lil pig eating with his mouth open/almost choking


look at this baby panda being all excited

look at this ridiculously handsome child being overly dramatic

look at this unique grass leaf being confused af

look at this stud muffin being proposed to by oh sehun (oh i just had to)

look at my flashy son being shy

look at this clumsy baby almost break his neck

this post made me realize that…i am so weak for huang zitao