eating a candy cane

Signs before Christmas

Waits for the polar express: Gemini, Leo, Aquarius, Libra

Tries to guess what their presents are: Cancer, Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio

Eats candy canes: Virgo, Aries, Taurus, Capricorn

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How would be clexa Christmas in the mystic coffee universe? ❤

oh gosh, okay here, take this gross mess of holiday mystic au clexa feels

Clarke is generally unused to celebrating the holiday since she definitely doesn’t (can’t) go home, and her friends are usually busy or they go to distant relatives houses and Clarke hasn’t wanted to impose by inviting herself along. So usually she’d just crash on her couch and watch whatever crappy Christmas movie was on tv and get drunk on corner-store eggnog and eat mini candy canes until her stomach is sick. After the first two years of doing it, it was basically a tradition and it hadn’t really occurred to her just yet that this year might be a bit different.

So it’s mid-December when she offhandedly tells Lexa with a shrug that she usually doesn’t put much thought into the holiday, and the other girl stops them dead in the middle of the sidewalk aghast because, “Clarke, it’s Christmas.” And when this doesn’t garner the response she wants, she becomes determined to make sure Clarke gets caught up in the spirit of it. They end up running to a bunch of different stores, picking up lights and decorations right then and there and Clarke is mostly humoring her because she’s so amused by how excited Lexa is and okay maybe it’s a little contagious and I guess some of these decorations aren’t so bad. But then a day later Lexa buzzes Clarke’s apartment and she’s standing on the sidewalk looking half-frozen, breath coming out in puffs, next to a christmas tree. "Don’t just stand there, help me carry it in.” And when Clarke finally gets over her shock, they somehow manage to get it inside her apartment before any of the neighbors catch Clarke using magic after the two of them give up halfway up the stairs. 

And then Lexa is running around the room hanging up paper snowflakes and going on about sugar cookies and this new peppermint drink they’ve got on the menu in the coffee shop that doesn’t actually taste like pure sugar. And Clarke is just shuffling from foot to foot and helping when she can but it all seems kind of foreign to her. Because she still doesn’t completely get it, she doesn’t get the whole point, the whole fuss. But later, it’s dark out and Lexa asks “ready?” and flips the switch on the wall, and the small tree that she dragged all the way to Clarke’s apartment from god knows where, is softly set aglow…and Clarke gets it. 

And Lexa is watching her with a soft, knowing grin and after a moment Clarke just shakes her head and pulls her close and kisses her, because it’s the easiest way to convey this indescribable fullness in her chest. The lights on the tree blink and twinkle in response and the branches get fuller and Lexa is laughing softly and saying something about how Clarke is mixing up christmas tree traditions with mistletoe ones. 

And on the day, even though the forecast calls for clear skies, Clarke’s window alone has soft flurries on the other side. It’s late and she’s wearing a ridiculous sweater and they’re dozing together on the couch, neither wanting to move anywhere. Half-finished mugs of still-steaming apple cider sit on the table next to the snowflake shaped cookies that Lexa stole from work. The Christmas tree is lit up softly (it’s grown a bit since they first brought it in) and now sits with ornaments that like to appear and disappear or rearrange themselves on their own and it might be a little strange to anyone else but to them it’s perfect. 

Clarke feels warm and loved and thinks that maybe this new tradition isn’t so bad at all.

[writing soundtrack, taken from my mystic au playlist, was Weather by Novo Amor]

by  Saṃsāran

Ah, tis the season for candy canes those red and white peppermint delights. That’s right peppermint. Don’t even think about buying those grape, apple or butterscotch monstrosities and passing them off on unsuspecting holiday revelers.  

How you eat your candy cane says a lot about you:

There are the biters. They bite off chunks of the candy cane. These people are impatient and impulsive and are the types who try to peek under the gift wrapping to see what they got. They are not to be trusted.

Then you have the folks who start at the hook end. These people are nonconformist and have a tendency toward exhibitionism. They are the ones who can be counted on to undress at office holiday parties and photocopy various body parts..

Finally you have the prison shank people. They lick the cane until it forms a deadly pointed weapon. They always think “this is the perfect murder weapon, commit the crime and then eat the evidence”. If you know one of these people you had best sleep with one eye open.

๑ Samsaran ๑

i need bucky barnes bundled in winter coats and wool gloves and big earmuffs making snowmen in central park

i need steve rogers wearing fuzzy elf-decorated socks that almost reach his knees sliding around the halls of the tower

i need bucky barnes in an oversized sweater at 5 am walking into the kitchen to make coffee and having to sit on the counter because the floor is too cold

i need steve rogers having the biggest sweet-tooth and eating enough candy canes to rot a dentist’s teeth

i need bucky barnes picking out a live christmas tree and dragging sam with him to pick out ornaments and he chooses special ones for the team

i need steve rogers growing a beard so he doesn’t have to wear a fake one to tony’s santa party

i need bucky barnes burning his tongue on hot chocolate and buying 20 bags of marshmallows

i need steve rogers and bucky barnes to have a christmas that isn’t just a pack of cigarettes in a paper bag and a bowl of sarah’s homemade soup as a gift or sitting with the commandos around a fire and muttering ‘merry christmas’ to each other while nursing wounds or being stuck frozen in a cryochamber/100 feet under the ice

i need steve & bucky to enjoy christmas for the first time in over 70 years

Sephiroth was a known candy fiend among his boyfriends. When Christmas comes around Zack ends up buying a lot of candy canes. He is insistent that candy canes must be on the Christmas tree. The problem is is that Sephiroth eats a lot of those candy canes.

Zack is annoyed that the tree is bare of the candy canes every two days and he has to get more. He learned his lesson and secretly stocks up on them; hiding them in places where Sephiroth will never find them. This is done to ensure a constant supply of candy canes. Also he doesn’t want a repeat of the first year, when the stores eventually ran out of candy canes. The tree must have candy canes!

Angeal always reminds Sephiroth that all the sugar in those candy canes will give him a stomach ache, even though after one full box Sephiroth had no negative side effects. Sephiroth has pointed out his boyfriend’s hypocrisy when he noticed Angeal eating five cherry candy canes in a row. Angeal did not respond.

Genesis is annoyed because when he finally has a hankering for a candy cane there are none. One time he asked Sephiroth if there were any left and he got a muffled ‘yes’. He spent a few minutes searching the entire tree. Annoyed, he turned to Sephiroth who just stared back at him then gave him a smile around the candy cane in his mouth. Genesis promptly took the remaining candy cane from Sephiroth’s mouth himself.

Cloud isn’t big in the candy cane department. He will have one or two the entire Christmas season. He does enjoy the flavorful kisses from his boyfriends though; especially the cherry ones favored by Angeal.

christmas with jimin
  • him saying that he is your one and only gift, including him placing a bow on his head
  • you taking photos of the christmas tree, and he wants in
  • him trying to bake cookies because he’s trying to prove that he’s a better chef than jin hyung
  • you running to the store last minute for some sugar cookies, because jimin burnt them accidentally
  • you singing to christmas carols, but he wants modern versions, so he sings to his mistletoe cover he had done with maknae
  • you two racing each other to see who can eat the most candy canes off the christmas tree, only to have a candy cane sword fight later
  • him stuffing everyone’s stocking gifts into his, because he wants all the gifts
  • you putting it all back and scolding him for being a bad boy
  • “but i am your boyfriend. i should get more gifts!”
  • “everyone has it all equally, dork!”
  • him taking selcas and sending it to the boys’, saying that he’s opening their presents if they don’t come over quick
  • you hiding the presents away because you know he will open the presents without anyone’s consent
  • him drinking on hot cocoa while stirring his candy cane in and saying it’s very pepperminty
  • you both watching old christmas films while waiting for the boys to come over, and a present pops on your lap
  • “what is this, jimin?”
  • “what does it look like?”
  • him giving you a smugly grin for surprising you a gift, when you both promised each other, no gifts to one another but only spoiling the boys
  • “you’re sneaky as always”
  • “that’s who i am”
  • you opening the gift to find a promising ring attached to a necklace
  • him urging on about putting it around your neck, because he’s more excited about this than you are, apparently
  • you thanking him and immediately surprising him with a kiss
  • “okay you two, get a room!” shouts the boys once arriving yours and jimin’s place
Candy Cane.

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Request: Could you write a Divergent, ReaderxEric? Extra points if the reader is a bad-ass Dauntless or a Erudite who grew up with Eric before he swapped out.

Fandom: Eric [Divergent]

Y/N arched her neck and let out a laugh after hearing another one of Eric’s funny jokes about working back in lab. At the top of the marble staircase that let to the computers, Eric and Y/N shook hands before heading back to work. The headquarters were crowded and Y/N had to squeeze herself in, tucking her stuff in her chest with her hands while escorting herself to her assigned workplace.

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