eating 2 much food


2 really happy recent things:
-Since eating as much food as my body wants and needs my hair has about doubled in thickness and gotten really soft.
- I’m finally able to be with the superb people in my life and feel like I’m once again genuinely there with them, able to hear and understand what they’re saying.

Exam Season!

Hi guys, 

I hope you are all well. Exam season, as many of us know, is upon us. Some of you may have already done all of your exams by now and are able to enjoy a long and relaxing break, others of you may be in the midst of it all and some of you may not have even started yet (I fit into your category!). No matter where you are in this spectrum, I wanted to offer a few words of advice and enthusiasm, and also an apology for being unactive for a while - I have been studying non-stop for the last month or so for my exams which start mid-June. I will be posting some of my revision and ideas for you in the forthcoming weeks to make up for this!

1.     Keep going! Revision can be tough, and distractions are everywhere. It can be really difficult to keep going with something you may find boring, pointless, or hard. But the truth is when it comes to results day, you’ll want to get the highest grades you can to move towards your next step in life, and you don’t want to let one subject, module or exam let you down! The key is to give yourself breaks every half hour to 45 minutes, so your brain has time to rest and remember everything you’ve just revised. Then try moving on to a different topic to keep yourself more interested and your brain more active. Try turning off your phone and putting it in another room, or logging off your social media until you finish so it doesn’t distract you – then you have something to look forward to as well once you’ve finished!

2.       Eat well – Try not to eat too much junk food, as nice as it is. It can make you feel groggy and demotivated and you don’t want that when you’re busy studying for exams! Fruit and veggies are your best friend, but they don’t have to be boring. Try making a fruit salad and adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream (I have dairy-free which is healthier!) or have some carrot sticks and hummus! Having said this, it can be a good idea to treat yourself every day for the work you have done to either a soda, chocolate bar or bag of sweets. Don’t have too much though, and make sure you’ve earned it first!

3.       Make a revision timetable – These are gold when it comes to revision time. They can be boring, yes, but they will help you keep to a schedule and get all your revision done. Don’t cram too much into one day and keep your plan realistic, and you’ll do a lot better at sticking to it. Try pinning it up on the fridge or on a door in your house so other people can see it, and what you’re supposed to be doing. This will act as a good motivation! Remember to cross off the revision you’ve done – it is one of the most satisfying things to do and it is a good motivator and helps to relieve stress.

4.       Don’t cram! – Cramming is probably one of the worst things to do during an exam period. It stresses you out, and you start to panic (whether you realise it or not) meaning your brain won’t retain the information you’re trying to cram into it the night before an exam. I know it can be hard not to – GCSE’s are probably the worst for this, since they are always timetabled so close together so there is little time to revise properly for any of your exams unless you’ve started early (which is the best thing to do) but it is always better to revise content thoroughly over time. A revision timetable should help with this because it will allow you to revise all of your topics and subjects over time, and therefore leave you less stressed when it comes to the actual exam.

5.       Relax! – Obviously don’t spend all of your time doing this as that won’t help you at all, but don’t spend every waking moment of your day trying to work, as that’s not healthy. It will merely make you more stressed, burn you out and probably make you ill, and your brain won’t be able to retain any of the information. Take regular breaks and make sure you still take time out to do the things you enjoy – whether that be sport, dance, socialising with friends, shopping, gaming, anything! Just don’t spend too long doing these things as that defeats the object. Use them as motivation and a reward!

I hope this helps and you take something away from it, but the most important thing to remember is that however you do in your exams, there is always something greater ahead. Exams are not the be all and end all, and if you don’t do as well as you hoped, there are always alternatives, and other doors will open. Don’t ever get too stressed or upset over exams because they are not barriers to where you want to go. Ambition, hard work and positivity are the key things to life and getting where you want. Good luck to all of you, and I’m always here if you need any more advice and support.


The Organized Lifestyle x

Common Mistakes During Ramadaan

1) Focusing on food; to the extent that people begin to worry about eating more than actually fasting. This also goes along with spending large amounts of money on Iftaars even though a person does not need to eat that much food.

2) Making Suhoor way before Fajr. Some people eat Suhoor a few hours after Taraweeh or Isha Salah, this is wrong. It should be eaten closer to the time of Fajr.

3) People don’t make Niyyah (intentions) to fast for Ramadaan. This is something in the heart and does not need to be verbal.
According to the Hanbali school it’s considered one worship and only needs to be done once, at the beginning of Ramadaan unless there is a break in the fasting.
According to Shafii, Abu Hanifah and some Hanbalis the intention must be renewed nightly.

4) If you find out late that Ramadaan started, you should stop eating and fast for that day, making that day up after Ramadaan/Eid ends.

5) Many people don’t think you pray Taraweeh on the first night of Ramadaan. They believe you pray it after the first day you actually fast. They forget that the Islamic calender runs on the moon, maghrib is the start of the new day.

6) Many people believe if you eat or drink by accident this breaks your fast. This is false, if you do this by accident then you continue fasting and do not need to make up the day.

7) Some people take the opinion that if they see someone eating or drinking they should not remind the person that he/she is fasting. According to Shaykh Bin Baz (rahimahullaah), this is incorrect and it is an order from Allaah for us to ordain the good and forbid the evil. Thus we tell the person, because we are forbidding the evil this way.

8) Many sisters believe they cannot use Hennah while fasting. This is incorrect, they are allowed to use it during Ramadaan.

9) Some people believe when you are cooking you cannot taste the food to see if it has the right spices/flavours. This is false, and allowed in Islam as long as the person cooking is not eating and swallowing the food. Rather they can taste it to see if it needs salt, or more spices.

10) Many people think you cannot use a Miswak or toothbrush during Ramadaan. This is false, for the Prophet (salAllaahu alayhi wa sallam) used to use a miswak during Ramadaan. Also you CAN use toothpaste; the reasoning by the scholars is that the Miswak has flavor, thus toothpaste is okay to use (if you are not eating it).

11) Some people make the Fajr Adhaan early. They do this so people will stop eating before Fajr and not invalidate their fast. This is wrong and something we should not do.

12) Some people make the Maghrib Adhaan late. They do this so people will start eating late, just in case Maghrib has not come in yet. This too is wrong and we should not do this.

13) Many many people believe you cannot have intercourse with your spouse during the whole month of Ramadaan. This is false, you cannot do this only during the times when you are fasting. Between Maghrib and Fajr it is permissible.

14) Many women believe that if their period has just ended and they did not make ghusl, they cannot fast that day (considering their period ended at night, and they went to bed without Ghusl, waking up without having a chance to make it). This is incorrect, if a woman has not made Ghusl she can still fast.

15) Many men believe that if he has had intercourse with his wife and did not make ghusl (similar to the above) then he cannot fast the next morning. This is also incorrect, for he can fast even if he has not made Ghusl.

16) Some people pray Duhr and Asr prayers together during Ramadaan. (mainly in Arab countries) This is incorrect and should be avoided.

17) Some people believe you cannot eat until the Muadhin is done calling the Maghrib Adhaan. This is incorrect, as soon as he starts a person can break their fast.

18) Many people don’t take advantage of making du'aa before they break their fast. Allaah accepts a fasting persons du'aa. Many Ulama recommend it right before Maghrib.

19) Many people make the mistake of spending the later part of Ramadaan preparing for Eid, neglecting Ramadaan. This is incorrect and these people lose the concept of what Ramadaan is about.

20) Many parents do not let their children fast during Ramadaan (young children). This is something counter productive to a child. By allowing him to fast he will grow up to know he must do this act.

21) Many people think Ramadaan is just about not eating and forget about controlling their tempers and watching what they say. In actuality we are supposed to control our tempers and mouths even more during Ramadaan.

22) People often waste their time during Ramadaan. They go to sleep during the day and get nothing done. We should be taking advantage of this blessed month by doing extra Ibaadat.

23) Some people don’t go on trips or travel during Ramadaan. They think they have to break their fast when traveling. This is actually optional, if you want to break your fast while traveling you can (with making it up later), and if you don’t you can continue fasting.

24) Many people who are able don’t make Itikaaf at the masjid. We should take advantage of our good health and spend lots of time at the Masjid, expecially the last 10 days of Ramadaan.

25) Some people believe they cannot cut their hair or nails during Ramadaan. This is also false.

26) Some people say you cannot swallow your spit during Ramadaan. This too is false. However you cannot swallow mucus that has entered your mouth.

27) Some people say you cannot use scented oils or perfumes during Ramadaan. This too is false. (women should NOT leave the house with it on).

28) Some people believe bleeding breaks the fast. This is not true.

29) Some people believe if you throw up by accident it breaks your fast. This is not true, however if you do it intentionally it does.

30) Some people think you cannot put water in your nose and mouth during wudu in Ramadaan. This too is incorrect.

31) One should not fast a day or two before Ramadaan, unless it is a day on which one is in the habit of fasting (i.e. voluntary fasting that coincides with that day).

- [from the lesson on Fiqh of Ramadaan]

so!!! i’m!!! going to be visiting san francisco & LA at the end of aug/beginning of sept so just like ya…@ my friends let me know if u wanna play. >:-)

also please everyone recommend me things to do, places to see, FOOD 2 EAT!!!!? thank u it’s much appreciated

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55, 56, 58, and 61

55 - Share a relationship story.
Hm? This question confuses me. Could the anon come back and explain?

56 - State 8 facts about your body.
1. It is perfectly healthy despite how much I eat. 2. I am extremely tall and still growing. 3. I have an extremely unnatural hair and eye color. 4. My body refuses to gain any weight. 5. I have disproportionate hands. 6. My muscles are so stretched out over my body that it has a hard time showing them. 7. You can see my ribs, despite my being perfectly healthy. 8. Everything about me is large. Everything.

58 - What are five ways to win your heart?
1. Give me food. 2. Ignore how much I eat. 3. Don’t treat me like a child. 4. Love me despite my faults. 5. Be willing to play basketball with me.

61 - What is the first thing you notice in someone?
Whether or not they’re gonna shame me for always eating.

just-another-mutant-fangirl  asked:

Well, I've been daydreaming this idea where Lewis takes Arthur and Vivi to meet the Peppers family, and to break it to them that he's actually dating both of them. Of course there's a bit of anxiety, some tension, but the Pepper parents are loving and supporting of Lew-Lew. This leads to a celebratory and incredibly spicy feast that Arthur does not cope well with. While Vivi and the three pepper daughters get into a contest to see how much/how spicy food they can eat, Arthur (part 2 coming)

Arthur hides in the bathroom and tries to flush all the spice out of his mouth with water which turns out to be a terrible idea so eventually he just buries his mouth underwater and waits for the pain to subside. Lewis gets concerned and brings him a glass of milk, and then I had this kind of pervy idea that Lewis tries to help him cope with spicy food with sloppy makeouts with remnant spice flavour, but that’s just me. Eh? EH? Am I selling this headcanon or what?

(That is too flippin’ cute and I love it to pieces. I hope I did your idea justice. Also I deeply apologize for the delay on this :( My computer decided to be a jerk and get the blue screen of death while typing it up.)

It was hard to imagine that Lewis’ parents wouldn’t approve. Arthur and Vivi found it almost hilarious at how panicked Lewis was getting. “Geez Lew, and here I thought overthinking things was Arthur’s thing, not yours,” Vivi remarked with a chuckle, watching her ghostly boyfriend pace back and forth.

“I know, I know, I shouldn’t be so nervous. It’s just…”

Arthur and Vivi shared a look. “Come on, man,” Arthur chimed in. “I’m the one that should be worried. It’s me they have to approve of.” They had already approved of Vivi way back when she and Lewis first started dating. And he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t a little scared. Lewis was just the one showing it. “Besides, your parents are like the nicest people in the world. If my uncle can accept it then I seriously doubt your parents’ll have any problems.”

“Arthur, your uncle threatened me.”

The mechanic grinned nervously. Lance could be a little overprotective, especially after learning Lewis had tried to kill his nephew. It was all water under the bridge now. “That’s just how he is. Besides, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you.”

Lewis heaved a sigh and rubbed his temples, even if he couldn’t physically get a headache anymore. A habit he never managed to break even in death (usually it was reserved for Vivi). It was the sound of the front door opening that made all three of them snap their heads up. “Better brace yourself, Lew!”

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request : omg I find your work absolutely adorable! can you do Dad!Mingyu please?

argghhhhh thank you 0///0  [sorry I’ve been away for so long :(]

  • “I-I’m going to be a D-Dad ?”
  • “YeS mingyu, thats the 7th time you asked me”
  • borrows all the baby books he can find
  • his no.1 priority is that you are safe,comfy,healthy and most importantly well fed
  • brings you to all the buffets he knows about
  • literally shoves food in your face
  • ‘‘ BABE try this steamed fish !! its amAZING plus I heard that it’s good for the babys brain with all the omega oils and stuff “
  • [ gets like a bite of everything from the buffet for you ]
  • doesn’t want you to even move
  • pesters you to sit down when you want to do anything
  • “Oh Y/N would like this, oh and maybe a little bit of this but hey how could she not try this ? its her favorite bUT she is eating for 2.. I BETTER GET HER MORE :) “
  • always gets you so much food
  • “honey, you’re eating for 2 now and if you ever mention that you’re getting fat and ugly I’ll finish all the food”
  • loves you despite your slight roundness
  • you complain for days about your current ‘situation’
  • even going to the toilet is hassle [ duck waddles to the loo ]
  • never forgets to compliment you about how radiant you are and you’re positively glowing he’d be like “GIIIIIRRRRRLLL is THat a new bb cream or face mask you’re using because DAMN you’re looking even more beautiful with each passing day”
  • that boy and his glib tongue Some pls stop him
  • waddling everywhere with your belly
  • this lil shit will sneak up behind you and go : ‘ QUACK QUACK ‘ and you would hear a boyish giggle as much as you would like to chase him and give a much deserved punch in head  but you can’t
  • takes advantage of this and laughs at you as you pout while waddling angrily toward him as you try to reach his head
  • “that’s ok my little munchkin I got you “ 
  • kisses your forehead as he lowers his own to get flicked by you, “ HEY that really hurt oWwwWWw :(  kiss it better Y/N “
  • [ pouts 4ever until you snuggle with him ]
  • “see that wasn’t so hard right ? where’s my kiss ?“ you were about to give into him until nature called you, “mingyu gimme a sec I neeeed to pee right NOW”
  • being pregnant wasn’t so fun, from the slight mood swing that happened occasionally, the urge to pee every 5 mins, cravings, morning sickness to the contractions were a bit of a downer but you couldn’t wait to see your mini mingyu
  • you wondered how your baby would look like, would he have my nose or his dads ? OH or maybe mingyu’s eyes and with them your little romeo would probably sweep all the babies in the nursery off their feet or maybe blanket
  • when it was time for you to deliver, mingyu was so worried like what if something happened to YOU!!OR!!!THE!!!!BABY?!
  • seventeen has to calm him down by talking some sense into him before he starts babbling more nonsense, they have to strap him in between minghao and dino to let him absorb some of the pure happiness and light that they emit
  • but who am i kidding, they’re all really nervous about you and they baby the entire hallway is filled with them
  • the boys and mingyu hear little cry and you can hear from your ward that they were screaming ‘‘ WE’RE UNCLESS “ while mingyu rushes in to check up on you
  • “ Hey bab- oh,” he couldn’t help but smile at you he was so grateful you were okay his heart ached after looking at how tired you look, well giving birth isn’t as easy as pooping “ rest well Y/N, thank you for marrying me and giving birth to our child even though I’m a little annoying love you Y/N” 
  • you can spot the boys squishing their face onto the glass window to catch a glimpse of their nephew, they were trying to whisper but ended getting shushed by the head nurse and ended up getting shoo-ed away
  • “ well we weren’t talking THAT loud that lady was mean “ dino pouted until he saw you getting wheeled out by mingyu “ NOONAAA HEREE ! “
  • [ ends up getting shushed for the 14785th time ]
  • soon after the boys left, mingyu took your hand in his and intertwined your hand together, “I wonder if our baby will look like a tiny squashed potato ? “ you were so close to knocking him out with a kick but he dodged it
  • “ Y/N I was kidding I know he’ll be absolutely be adorable since his parents are already deadly good looking oh and you too “, OK THiS WAs iT you were going to kick him in the nuts
  • you saw the nurse waving toward you holding a tiny buritto your baby
  • “ here, don’t be scared just hold him here it’s ok Mr Kim you don’t need to feel scared”, she said smiling while I held the baby as mingyu just stared at him with loving eyes
  • days had passed and you and mingyu were getting used to having a new addition to the family but for some reason he seemed a little scared to hold your son 
  • he was fine with playing with the baby, feeding him HeCK he was really good at changing the poopy diapers aka death bombs 
  • “ hey mingyu, you want to hold him while i go grab a shower ? “
  • “ U-um Y/N I need to tell you something “, he gently holds your hands in his and you try to make eye contact with him but he was trying to avoid you gaze “ baby, mingyu, you know you can tell me anything right ? “
  • “ I’mafraidtoholdthebabybecauseI’mworriedI’lldrophim :(”
  • you assure him that he will not drop the baby unless the baby was covered in butter which most likely would not happen [ you hope ]
  • when you come out of the shower you see your giant beanstalk craddling your lil bean in his arms humming him to sleep 

ohhhhh my gawwwwdddd this was soo long but I’m so sorry for not being active these few days believe it or not I’ve been having writers block aj.daskajd this took me 3 days to write :(( but I’m pretty happy with it, hope you like it

Do send in AUs or prompts and feed back thank you

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You’re sleepy. We get it. But it’s not just “I’m staying up too late” that explains your sluggishness. There are a slew of reasons why you’re feel slow. Training for and running in a Spartan Race is one surefire way to increase energy levels. But rather than be selfish, let’s take a look at 14 reasons you’re yawning all day: 

1. You skip breakfast 

2. You eat too much junk food

3. You work through vacation

4. You keep a messy office/bedroom/home

5. You drink wine before bed

6. You DON’T drink enough water

7. You skip exercise when you’re tired

8. You’re a perfectionist

9. You don’t get enough iron (the food, but probably the weights too)

10. You check your emails before going to bed

11. You rely on caffeine to get you through the day

12. You stay up late on weekends

13. You can’t say “no" 

14. You make mountains of molehills 

Only you can make the changes necessary to gain energy. But Spartan Race can help: 
1. Sign up for a race. It will get you moving and give you a goal
2. Subscribe for our free Food of the Day (FOD) email. It sends daily tips and recipes for healthy meals
3. Use the Workout of the Day (WOD) and find others to train with you. Working out with like-minded people help you change your mindset to be more serious about your fitness
4. Shut off your computer or phone NOW and go outside - you have life to live!  

easy cucumber sandwich recipe:

-get the bread u like
-spread ranch dressing on the slices
-grab a cucumber, rinse it off, rub it w a lil bit of salt (or dont)
-slice however many u want (I usually do nine if they’re thin, five if thick)
-slap it together nicely
-cut into triangles for easy eating or 2 share(or dont)

I usually eat one of these if I’m bored and think I’m hungry but probably am not or if I have eaten way too much during the day and need 2 stop eating my expensive food

Following Pie Crumbs

Summary: After tasting a piece of pie straight out of his past, food critic Castiel has set off on a mission to find his childhood friend by making his way across the country reviewing the places Dean has worked. Will he be able to find the missing piemaker? And how much food can he eat in the process?

Part 2 of Chasing Pie, click here for Part 1

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Banner art courtesy of @swlfangirl!!!

September 18 - Lebanon, Kansas

It has recently been brought to my attention that the readership for this column is…less than stellar. I was - we’ll say encouraged - to find a new angle. Something to entice you in, rather like a sampling of wine that convinces you to go ahead and buy the bottle.

My initial plan was to create a column based around the desserts offered by various restaurants. High end, low end, there would have been a little bit of everything. I even had a cheesy title planned out. Happy Endings. I know, corny but cute, right?

This idea was inspired by a specific dessert I had at a small diner, just on the outskirts of Lebanon called Benny’s. To understand this inspiration a little better, you’ll need a bit of a back story.

When I was a child, I had a best friend with whom I was very close. I was over at his house all the time. And his mother made the best pie. I’m sure you’re thinking this must be pure hyperbole. But her cooking was the reason I write about food at all. When she passed away, many things changed in my life. My best friend moved away rather suddenly and I never heard from him again. Everything seemed a little dimmer after that.

And then I made a quick stop at Benny’s. I wasn’t there to review the food. I just needed a place to eat. Yes, even critics just need a meal for the sake of a meal every now and again. As I told my very friendly and competent server, Madison, the food was adequate. Actually, for a diner its size, with the equipment and ingredients I know they had access to, it was above par. Not gourmet, but that’s not what you’re looking for when you go to a diner. I was running behind that day and sadly had to rush my lunch. But Madison, wise woman that she is, knew there was something else I needed to try. She sent me home with a slice of pie.

When I got a chance to take my first bite, it was like I was a child again. Everything from the smell, to the flavor and texture, was exactly like when I was ten years old. I was happier than I’d been in a long time, and let me tell you, that piece of pie was gone far too quickly for my pleasure.

It’s amazing how food can trigger such strong memories. So much of our lives are spent around food. So often it is a shared experience that we can connect to a specific person or event. And who can be unhappy over a great piece of pie, cake, or a bowl of homemade ice cream? So I decided that’s what I would share with you.

My first stop? Benny’s. And that’s where this narrative changed.

To my dismay, the cook who had made the amazing pastry that inspired my new direction, had moved in a new direction himself. He was a temporary fill in, working his way across the country towards a larger goal. The only pie they had on hand that day was frozen. I asked the ever helpful Madison if she knew the cook’s name and where he was headed next.

I discovered he was none other than my childhood friend.

I will not give his name since I do not have express permission to write about him, but from the moment I discovered it was him, my purpose changed. This column will still be about dessert. But now there is a larger goal.

I will be setting off across the country, starting by heading in the direction of Denver - the last known destination of my friend. Along the way, I will stop in as many diners and drive-ins as I can to see if I can again find that elusive slice of pie - and hopefully in the process reconnect with a long lost, and much missed, friend. I am hoping you will join me on this quest. Perhaps in the end, there really will be a happy ending.

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Things I want to make sure you remember today:
1. You matter so incredibly much.
2. Food is fuel. Eat, and eat well.
3. You are loved and valued.
4. It does not matter how your body looks. Your body is your vehicle. What matters is that you take care of it.
5. You are full of potential to do such amazing things.