eatin garbage

Lyrics that i can relate to u wouldve never thought a kid with a smile like that suffered so much as a child….

Was i really such a bad child that i deserved to get hit with boards
And whooped with extension cords?
Did you forget that i was your creation,
And all i wanted from you all was love, hope, and motivation?
Son, you’re disrespectful and you’re talking back,
Get out my face, kicked me out the house
And wouldn’t even let me plead my case.
Now i’m homeless and i’m freezing like the morgue,
The only thing keepin me alive is the lord
Needless to say it’s times like this i’d rather be locked up then
Drinkin water out my hands and eatin out of garbage cans
Can i come back home, huh could i?
Son, you’re on your own, why should i?