eathra asked:

The rule is to post ten random facts about yourself and then send this to your ten favorite blogs :D

I uh…okay.

1. I don’t like it when someone doesn’t put something back in the right place.

2. I occasionally have these moments where I need to fix and arrange things and will spend up to 20 minutes doing so.

3. I argue with myself nearly every day.

4. Chester Bennington ruined my poster that one time.

5. The only person I was brave enough to walk up to and talk to at SDCC 2011 was Toby Turner(aka Tobuscus).

6. I said hi to Ray Park(Darth Maul, Edgar from Heroes) one time at Phoenix Comic-con as he was leaving.

7. My brother is actually way cooler than I am.

8. I want to join a drum corp because I miss being a percussionist.

9. Even though I’ve won writing contests, I still think none of my stuff is actually that great.

10. I’m always confused by compliments I get.

I got tagged in a thing! :D

I didn’t know i have friends on this website :3

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1. Always post the rules.

2. Answer the questions of the person who tagged you and write eleven new ones.

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The questions:

1. What fictional characters are you currently in love with? (don’t say none you are on tumblr after all)

Sherlock, forever Sherlock, also John in a weird way and Zadist a vampire in a series called the Black Dagger Brotherhood by J R Ward my favourite series ever and one of the best vampire series i’ve ever read (grown up vampires, no sparkles or teen angst there) everyone should read it.

2. What do you dream about the most?

Depends what you mean by dream.. if you mean dreams and aspirations and that sort of thing then it would be to have enough money to live the life i want, lots of travel and conservation work and a house in all the places i like and setting up my own outdoor and conservation education centre.

If you mean dreams that you have when you are asleep… mostly sex, to be honest :)

3. Any siblings?

Yes, a younger brother who is deeply entrenched in his teen years right now…. huge pain in the bum.

4. Do you travel often?

Yes, every chance i get. One of my favourite things in the world is experiencing new cultures and seeing new places, i love it

5. Have you ever moved?

Yes, since starting college/ uni life at the age of 19 i have moved twice but my family have stayed in the same place, so home hasn’t moved but i’ve lived in a few different places, about to move again in about a month.

6. Who in your opinion is the most frightening villain? 

Ok this is kind of obscure but… the aliens from war of the worlds terrify me! We listened to the audio book in class when i was in primary school (about 7 years old i think) and the sound the aliens made scared me so much! and they were so unstoppable and just killed everyone for no reason and the audio book had the sounds of people screaming and panicking as they tried to get away. I had a pretty over active imagination as a child so i’d be watching it all play out in my head as i listened, it was so scary! And when i came home and confided in my parents that it was scaring me, instead of being supportive and comforting my dad thought it’d be a good idea to chase me round the house making the scary alien noise! (lovely man my dad) so that really cemented it in my head as the stuff of nightmares… even now more than a decade later the thought of it still makes me shudder. 

7. Favorite serial killer?

Dexter :)

8. What fandoms are you in?

Harry Potter, of course, Doctor Who, Sherlock, LOTR & Hobbit, BDB, SuperWhoLock i suppose but I’ve never really watched supernatural properly and i’m kind of scared to start, True Blood, Marvel, Bones, and i’m sure there are more but i can’t think of them now.  

9. What are you afraid of?

Wide open spaces, makes me feel small and exposed, probably how a mouse feels when it’s hiding from a hawk, i really don’t like having to walk through the middle of a big field or cross a wide road or even sitting in a large empty room… it freaks me out.

10. Coffee or tea?

Tea, always tea

11. Favorite season and why?

Spring, but the sunny kind of spring where it’s warm and fresh but not too hot, not the drizzly rainy kind of spring (that we get most often in England but hey never mind)

My questions:

1. What was your most beloved childhood toy?

2. The first place you remember going on holiday to.

3. Your favourite book of all time?

4. What’s you favourite colour?

5. If you won the lottery tomorrow what would be the first thing you’d do with the money?

6. Chocolate or Vanilla?

7. What is your favourite feature about yourself? 

8. What is your guilty pleasure?

9. One skill you would love to learn

10. What colour are your bedroom walls?

11. Favourite dessert.