eaters agreement

Regulus Headcanons

-Regulus was a a toddler, he remembered Sirius as the one who always cared afor him and played with him all the time.

-As he grew older, he realized Sirius disliked staying in the same room as Kreacher and yet his older brother did it as much as he could.

-When Regulus was eight, he crawled into Sirius’ bed and told him he wasn’t a girl and was a boy. He told his brother that he was comfortable with his actual name and will let him know if that changes.

-Sirius was scared for his brother. He knew how their mother could be but obviously supported him as much as he could. He smuggled him some of his clothes.

-When Sirius got into Hogwarts, Reg was scared of how he would handle things with their mother without Sirius.

-Regulus got sorted into Slytherin when he got into Hogwarts. Both brothers were heartbroken because of this sorting but they stayed close no matter what.

-In third year, he started to take a liking to James Potter with his stupid wild hair, dark skin, huge smile and affectionate side.

-Unfortunately, at that time, James was a bit obssessed with the bird Evans.

- In fifth year, Dumbledore recruited Regulus as as a member of the Order and asked him to take up the Dark Mark and be a spy for the Order.

-Sirius was furious when he learnt that Reg was joining the death eaters,unaware of the agreement between his brother and their headmaster.

-in seventh year, Regulus learnt about the Horcruxes. Dumbledore informed him that he could leave the Deatheaters after he shared this information with the older wizard.

-When Sirius met his brother for the first time after he learnt what he did, he punched him square on the jaw and went straight outside after that.

-It was James who helped him to clean the wounds.

-After that incident, the two brothers were tighter than ever.

-James became his usual partner in missions-be it patrols or Horcruxes hunting. During the time they spent together, Reg learnt that James was finally over Lily. Especially since she was in a relationship with Marlene McKinnon since fourth year.

-In the time between the missions, Reg stayed with James. The two of them became pretty close.

- One day, the two men were watching a movie. Both sitting very close:their thighs pressed together, their shoulders touching and their fingers laced together.

-At some point, both men turned towards each other. Reg’s breath catching in his throat when James cupped his cheek. “Can I kiss you,please?” Reg whispered almost reverently.

-“God! Yes,please,yes!”

-And then their lips crashed. Reg drew his tongue along James’ bottom lip and the other man shuddered at that.

-Sirius being the dramatic baby that he is: cried about betrayal and “his brothers snogging and worst”

-Some months after that, Dumbledore informed the Order that they had destroyed almost all Horcruxes. Only Nagini and Voldemort himself was left.

-Then one day, after one final confrontation, Regulus killed yhe snake with Gryffindor’s sword and Remus Lupin was the one to kill Voldemort.

-That night, they celebrated like there was no tomorrow.

-Two years after that, the couple asked Lily to be the surrogate mother and James was the donor.

-Nine months later, Harry Potter as born-Son of James Fleamont Potter and Regulus Black-Potter.

- Sirius was his godfather.

-Two months after Harry’s birth, Sirius and Remus decided to have a kid themselves. They asked Nym to be their surrogate mother and Remus was the donor.

-When Teddy was born, no-one was more happy than Regulus that he was a methamorphagus.

-Regulus was named Teddy’s godfather.

-They all lived happily forever.

In connection with my soul self...

May my hands be nimble and kind, that they create beautiful things and hold love.

May my feet be stable and balanced, that they keep me grounded and take me where I most need to be.

May my heart be steady and strong, so that I hear its message clearly. 

May my throat be soothed and powerful so that I speak rightly when words are needed. 

May my eyes see far and clear so that I can see the signs and wonders of this world.

May my body be able and sure so that I can support my soul self and stay free of all energetic debris.

I intend to honor my body by providing it with nutrients so that it can properly function as a means to be my soul self. I intend to only engage in activities and aspects of life that bring me joy, including exercise and school. 

In doing this, may my being and soul be filled with light, and may that same light carry my affirmations, spiraling towards the heavens.

- cb