eater the band

Seeing your Notp like


Clarinets: Mush and Sarah

Drumline: Spot and Snoddy

Flutes: Pie Eater and Bumlets

Pit: Racetrack, Crutchy, and Itey

Saxophones: Jack, Skittery, and Jake

Sousaphones: Snitch and Specs

Trombones: Swifty and Dutchy

Trumpets: David and Blink

okay but i see videos of michael in japan talking really passionate about stuff and it just makes me really really sad that we are so alike and if he weren’t in a famous band i’m more than 90% positive we would be friends and wow it just really sucks

Hey look, a punk rock Maka. I’m slowly going through and doing punk rock versions of the Soul Eater gang. Buuuuut real-life-y-adult responsibilities have made me put this project on hold.