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You know what’s worse than Teen Titans being cancelled and leaving us with cliffhangers?

Fanfic writers who wrote really amazing stories and then just up and abandon them.

You know what’s worse than awesome stories being abandoned?


Now that the episode aired I just…god do I love Tanuma and Taki.

They are so perfect. Literally, I am not joking, they do everything right. They are such nice kids.

I mean, when they first realized that the kid in front of them was Natsume they just bent down and were as gentle as possible and they were as nice as could be to him. And they were even more gentle because Natsume’s a kid and doesn’t know them, and they handled the situation so nicely!

They made sure he was comfortable and let him call them Tanuma-san and Taki-san even though it was weird for them but it made Natsume feel bad to call them anything else so it was okay!! They let him call them that and it was great. And they even helped to jog his memory a bit and told him about times they were together and it was so cute!

When they were at Tanuma’s house, Taki had fun with Natsume and kind of played with him to cheer him up and make him feel less worried and more comfortable and it was adorable??? Like with the onions making her cry and telling the others to run, and to her saying playing tag with them was fun. And the cupcakes! She gave little Natsume cupcakes and he looked so happy when he saw them and that was the cutest thing!

But Tanuma, god did I love how Tanuma handled it. He was calm and reassuring even though he was clearly worried out of his mind. I mean, the poor boy nearly had a heart attack when he saw Natsume try to peel a potato with that giant knife. He kind of took charge of the situation and made sure that Natsume didn’t get hurt or frightened and he did such a good job at letting Natsume know that they were friends.

I just, god do I love Taki and Tanuma and how they’re both such good friends to Natsume.

It’s a little known fact to most people that Maka Albarn has a punching bag in her trailer.

It remains a little known fact, as she rarely has company when she’s in her trailer. Sometimes Blake slinks in and out, bringing news of some of her friends, and which picture taken without her permission is trending at that very second. It kills her, honestly, but she doesn’t know anything else. She’s the next link in an acting dynasty , and she’s just patiently waiting for the people to grow tired of her so she can start her real life, but they refuse to loosen their grips around her soul.

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