I’ve been feeling really disorganized and gross lately, and I feel like my styles looking a bit too clean and polished and stiff. I feel really cluttered and lazy and unmotivated, but it happens. It’s come and gone before, so hopefully this’ll pass real soon. So to clean things up a bit, here’s some sketches I never really finished, or just little ones I didn’t feel like posting on their own.

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i watched the video and the comment "I have a feeling if someone attempted this now in days, that someone would wake up in a hospital with no genitals." slayed my life, because its so true like kyo why did you became so bitter, you were such a hamster back in the days.

Yeah, idk I wonder this a lot too. I mean it’s easy to just kinda make fun of him for acting so miserable all the time, but truly none of us really know what could be going on in his personal life. Like maybe he’s been through some godawful shit and now he’s just bitter and jaded, or maybe not! who knows 

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Do you have anymore NSFW or fluff headcanons? Your headcanons give me life💖

Thank you! Yes I do some more of those ^.^

- Harley is constantly snacking on stuff while Joker frequently forgets to eat, so she’s always giving him various snacks she keeps in her purse when she knows he hasn’t eaten (this includes sharing her ice cream 💕)

- Joker obviously is the dominant one in the relationship, but very rarely lets Harley have some control (she found out the reason he doesn’t let her do it often is because he secretly likes it lol)

- Harley knows if she ever gets tired of walking that she just has to look exhausted and pathetic enough and Joker will always end up carrying her

- Haircut day is always tough because Harley knows that she has to work quickly before Joker gets bored and starts stealing her combs and scissors just to annoy her 

- Joker frequently is in so much of a rush to get his clothes off after a long day that he ends up ripping sleeves and losing buttons so Harley decided to be in charge of getting him undressed (and yes, this can turn into sex rather than going to sleep lol)

I’ve heard it theorized that cooked meats and soil foods were on the list of foods that were BAD NOT HEALTHY FOODS because Meat Man and Spinach are a cooked meat and a soil food, respectively, and they don’t want to be eaten.

But bread is on the list of healthy foods……

Kids vegan food stuff!! im gonna be honest and say im nowhere near vegan but kids can be vegan too so heres a list of food for them!! (please tell me if something isnt vegan, im going off other lists ive found im sorry)

im sorry this is so much smaller than the other kids treat list, but feel free to add to it!!

There was a girl, a very strange enchanted one

She wandered very far…very far

The world and its parasites were too much for the girl with coal at the corners of her heart so she decided to go live on the moon after she packed up her best intentions.

It’s been years since they heard of the girl that found stars at the bottom of her cereal bowl and hid them in her pocket;

the girl who danced because she heard a tune being played for her from her bowl.

She painted roses grey and entwined it with her hair only so it could show how she felt

Down the street they hear echoes of her lullabies to the moon and at dark corners of the streets where you can see the walls bleed an ominous colour, a half eaten crescent was found

At the place where the weeds grow most, a grey rose usually grew

But no sight of the girl with the silver tongue.

—  v.m// Submitted by @lunamoonray

me, playing video games: *starts to feel weak*
me: i think… i haven’t eaten at all today? i’ve just been. here. playing?
me: *keeps playing*