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The Things We Give Welsh Learners: y Babi Sinsir

So I was going through our bookshelf yesterday, because we’re fast approaching the point where we need a clear-out, and I came across one of my all-time favourite creations ever, probably even beating shit like the wheel and penicillin. Years back, before leaving The Man to pursue his dreams of being a sort of professional clown-thing, my husband used to be a translator for Neath Port Talbot Council; as is often the way with Welsh councils, though, owing to a lack of money and also everywhere is really close to each other (this country is 150 miles wide at its widest point, and about 47 miles at the thin bit. Ver ver small), NPT Council’s translating department was shared by Swansea Council. Thus it was that, in the halcyon days of circa 2009, the two decided to team up and produce a new Welsh language book for learners between them, and thus it got sent through to Steffan to proof read it.

A Thing You May Not Know: Welsh is one of ten indigenous languages to Britain, arguably the oldest, and has been viciously oppressed over the last millennium and a half as part of England’s big If You Destroy Their Culture They’ll Be Glad To Be Ruled By You policy. These days, it’s nonetheless still spoken by approximately a fifth of the Welsh population; a hell of a feat, considering, but the suppression of it continues to this day (just in cleverer, sneakier ways now than whipping people’s children if they’re heard.) But it is classified as Endangered. Thanks to Welsh-language schools now being a thing (though supply is much lower than demand), transmission rates to the younger generation are pretty good; but, Welsh is peculiarly dependent on adult learners.

This means that learner books might have to appeal to both children and adults while using very simple language, which I explain in case it in some way justifies the bewildering weirdness of what I’m about to show you; because at first glance, this book is simply for children. But it’s… Well. 


I present to you, with translations in bold and commentary by me, Y Babi Sinsir.

Literally, “the Ginger Baby”, but they mean ‘ginger’ as in ‘gingerbread’. Literal ginger. Not the colour.

This is Mr Jones. This is Mrs Jones.

What’s wrong, Mrs Jones? I want a baby.

Note: there will be some confusion in this book about whether the narrator is speaking, or anyone else. It might seem cut and dried here, but there are no speech marks around “Dw i eisiau babi”, whereas later speech marks are used, and also in two pages’ time the narrator will actively pass a value judgement using first person, so… Well.

But, so far so good.

Mrs Jones is making a Babi Sinsir.

… okay, so I like this page because of the capitalisation of Babi Sinsir and the lack of definite article. She’s just making a Babi Sinsir. You know, a Babi Sinsir? Magical baby made of gingerbread that you make if you can’t conceive but can’t afford IVF? Yeah. A Babi Sinsir. That’s right.

Let it be known that this is Not A Thing in Welsh folklore or mythology. What the fuck. How does this work. Where does the magic come from? Do you need a faerie ingredient? Will the next page tell us?

This is the Babi Sinsir. I like the Babi Sinsir.


But it is apparently shit-capable and needs a nappy. It’s good that the narrator likes it anyway.

The Babi Sinsir is bad. He’s running.

Uh oh.

“Come back, Babi Sinsir.”

Look how Worried the Joneses are. Funny how they don’t seem to be calling that enthusiastically, though. I’d have expected an exclamation mark at least. Did Mrs Jones always have a massive left arm? I can’t remember.

“Run, run, catch me. I’m the Babi Sinsir.”

Yeah, okay, so that’s the Welsh for “Run! Run! As fast as you can! You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man!”, but once again, I’m going to have to draw attention to the lack of expressive punctuation here. It really feels like this naughty Babi Sinsir’s heart is just not in this.

“Come and help, Mr Horse.” “Run, run, catch me. I’m the Babi Sinsir.”

Cool, look, a floating horse has come to help.

The pen there, incidentally, was an attempt by the translators to work out who was talking. I can’t imagine why. This dialogue is on fire, everyone can tell.

“Come and help, Mrs Cow.” “Run, run, catch me. I’m the Babi Sinsir.”

Now they have been joined in their high-speed zombie shuffle by a married floating cow who is, if I’m not much mistaken, high as shit.

“Come and help, Mr Goat.”  “Run, run, catch me. I’m the Babi Sinsir.”

I’m starting to suspect the artist only knew how to draw the legs on animals in one way.

“Come and help, Mr Dog.”  “Run, run, Catch me. I’m the Babi Sinsir.”

Yes, that dog is definitely here to ‘help’. Also… the Babi Sinsir is literally within reach of Mrs Jones’ massive left arm now. Why is she not just picking him up?

“Come and help, Miss Cat.” “Run, run, Catch me. I’m the Babi Sinsir.”

You may be wondering at this point if this is just… the whole book. An ever-increasing flock of floating zombie creatures shuffling after a naughty gingerbread baby in a nappy who is committing the cardinal sin of running. I mean… where can they go from here, amirite? A sheep? A squirrel? A chicken? We can hit a hundred pages this way, easy. The concern is the artist, whom I think was stretched a bit beyond their means on this project anyway.

BUT WORRY NOT! Shit’s about to go down, guys.

Oh no! Here comes Mr Wolf. Mr Wolf runs and catches the Babi Sinsir.






This doesn’t bode well for the -

Half of the Babi Sinsir is left.


Quarter of the Babi Sinsir is left.


The Babi Sinsir has gone! There’s tasty.

What the



I realise this is not the main point to make here, but two pages ago it had eaten half of that nappy, and now it’s whole again and delicately discarded to one side, I just want

I mean

It’s okay, right? This happens in fairytales? Little Red Riding Hood? Someone will eviscerate the fox and out will come the Babi Sinsir…’s pieces, and they can be baked back together…?

No one cares!

Mrs Jones is making another Babi Sinsir.

The new Babi Sinsir loves Mrs Jones.


…okay, so there’s a lot for us all to take in right now, and we’re all going to get through it at different speeds. But I’m just going to draw attention to the fact that Mr Jones is now merely depicted as a picture on the wall, and the new Babi Sinsir apparently only loves Mrs Jones, and…

Okay so they just lost their beloved baby gingerbread son because he got eaten alive by a fox in dungarees calling itself a wolf, right? Mrs Jones apparently couldn’t give less of a fuck if she tried, as long as she has some flour and ginger left over to make another. This one she made to love her.

Mr Jones, I presume, had a total mental breakdown and drank himself to death. At the very least, he’s left her, look. All she has left is the photo.

But does dim ots! Mae’r Babi Sinsir newydd yn caru Mrs Jones.

And that is the story of Y Babi Sinsir, aka the greatest work of literature ever written.

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i like my muses interacting so … when riven was on the run in coeur; burned, bloody and beaten and all, ahri stalked her from afar, usually hiding behind a clump of foliage to conceal all nine tails.

at first, her intention was to kill then reap her soul but she grew curious of this woman. she smells like the foreigners that came to ionia, but she isn’t fighting. she fought once. the tang of gore is fresh and overwhelming on her.

she kept running and running, hauling a large blade that seemed like a liability than a weapon. ’ to where ? ’ ahri would ask herself as she kept up with her pace. curiosity would be her downfall, mother would scold her. she never listens.

at times when she passes out, ahri fends her from other predators as she was still her prey.

one night, when exhaustion had overwhelmed the strange woman, ahri cupped both her cheeks, yellow eyes looming over her face. there was no resistance, and slowly, ahri started to seep the soul of the woman.

visions of the war starts to fill her mind. ionians getting cut down by her treacherous blade, fire and ash everywhere. but then, everything changes when the sky turns green, and the sky starts to rain fire. overwhelmed by the intensity and rawness of the memory, ahri pulls away, quivering. ahri looks at the woman, puzzled before taking a step back.

the woman was already in pain, ahri thinks. she needn’t to inflict anymore.

she watches her for a second longer before retreating back to the wilds, heavy hearted than soul filled.

the morning rolls and riven wakes in cold sweat. her heart drums against her chest, and a migraine was beating on her head. strange; she felt like the world was spinning and she was falling off. knowing it won’t be wise to stay and linger, she makes do with the little supplies she has to mend her injuries before running again.

ahri watches through a clump of foliage, her yellow eyes narrowing before she too, disappears.


Never saw this before. This is definitely made by @rikuo-rikuo. Don’t know who translated it, though. I found it on Imgur, thanks to some friends:

(Read from right to left)


(And she showered!!!!!!!)

Fun Cultural Info: In Japan, people shower before they make love. In fact, if one asked – or, like Judy, just simply do – to shower as they arrived… that means they WANT to have sex. Click on the link to read more. Totally SFW, I promise. Just an interesting cultural observation from someone who had actually took the pains to do some research.

Unplanned [Info Page]

Title: Unplanned

Author: KuriQuinn

Summary: A month after the Chūnin Exams and the showdown with the final members of the Ootsutsuki family, Sakura discovers that she and Sasuke are due for an unexpected addition to the family. The discovery leads to a shift in dynamic for old generations and new.

Disclaimer: This story utilizes characters, situations and premises that are copyright Masashi Kishimoto, Shueisha, Shonen Jump and Viz Media. No infringement on their respective copyrights pertaining to episodes, novelizations, comics or short stories is intended by the author in any way, shape or form. This fan oriented story is written solely for the author’s own amusement and the entertainment of the readers. It is not for profit. Any resemblance to real organizations, institutions, products or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All fiction, plot and Original Characters with the exception of those introduced in the books, manga, video games, novelizations and anime, are the sole creation of KuriQuinn and using them without permission is considered rude, in bad-taste and will reflect seriously on your credibility as a writer. You will be eaten by a nine-tailed fox demon if you plagiarize.

Warning: Spoilers for pretty much everything up to Boruto: The Movie

Canon-Compliance: So far I am ignoring the Boruto manga, for the simple reason it isn’t updating fast enough for my liking or for me to wait and see what happens. Also, as it’s not really Kishimoto who is completely in charge anymore, I don’t trust the new guy.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm not sure if this is a question you would be able to answer or if one of your followers might have an answer, but I am wondering why a lot of ND headcanons concern a Hermione with Asperger's - in the sense that I'm wondering what character traits or dialogue quotes or actions would lead to such a conclusion. I am 100% here for the idea, but I'm not sure I see where (if there is one) the root is in Book Hermione.


So, Autistic Hermione is a personal headcanon of mine that I love, and here are the reasons I think she’s autistic. Followers might have other one (which they are most welcome to add) or disagree with some of them, but here are a few of my reasons. Sorry for dumping on you, but I just LOVE autistic hermione, and Harry Potter was my first special interest, so I have a bunch of stuff still memorized from when I was younger. 

  • She struggles/gets annoyed when the common room is noisy and full, and often studies in the library instead, and she’s gotten annoyed at noisy people in there too. (In the fourth book, it’s noted she’s annoyed at some girls giggling about Krum, and I can’t remember where but atleast once it’s mentioned she leaves in frustration at loud people in the common room.) It’s common for autistic people to have sensory processing issues, and be unable to focus when to much sensory input is coming in. 
  • She makes schedules for Harry and Ron and Herself atleast once (I think maybe more, but I can remember her making them schedules in Order of the Phoenix I think), autistic people are often very rigid about schedules and dislike changes in plans. 
  • She struggles a lot with socialization/talking about ‘appropriate’ subjects/appearing bossy, especially in the early books, this is a huge symptom of autism. Most of us (autistic people) don’t instinctively know what to say/how to say it. In the first book she bursts into the boy’s carriage on the train and immediately starts talking about how she’s ready all of theri school books already. Which brings me to-
  • Special Interests! She’s read all of her school books before they even arrive at school, and she constantly reads more about magical studies and can’t seem to get enough information. Special interests are super common with autistic people, we often latch onto a subject and immerse ourselves intensely into it. I know when I’m stuck on a special interest I’ll read for days on end, sometimes forgetting to do things like shower and eat for most of the day. Autistic special interests tend to go a lot deeper than neurotypical interests, as we become fixed on on subject or a group of subjects and try to learn all we can about them, while ignoring things outside of that interest. Which also brings me to-
  • Infodumping, which is when an autistic person starts talking, usually about their special interest, and just can’t seem to stop, we often don’t notice that other people are bored/uncomfortable/annoyed and we just can’t stop talking about what’s interesting to us. Hermione does this atleast once but I can’t remember where. 
  • Also, she struggles to understand what others are feeling, lots of autistic people have lowered or nonexistant levels of cognitive empathy, meaning that we don’t understand what other people are feeling (while we often do still have emotional empathy, meaning we feel the ‘appropriate’ emotion, but we often don’t know how to respond). When Scabbers get’s ‘eaten’ and runs away in book 3, she tries to combat the problem with logic, suggesting that they search under the beds, and doesn’t understand why Ron is so emotional. The same thing happens when Lavender Brown’s rabbit gets eaten by a fox, she tries to rationalize what happened and explain that it couldn’t be the ‘prophecy’ Tralawny fortold because she wasn’t dreading it, not understanding that that was the ‘wrong’ thing to say at the time. 

So those are my reasons for headcanoning her as Autistc, plus the fact that I’m autistic and I see myself in her a lot. 

If any of my followers have other reasons, please share them, I love hearing more about autistic hermione headcanons. :)

ok get this

  1. you die in a river
  2. you’re now food for things like fish and crawdads and bacteria
  3. one of the crawdads leaves the river and gets eaten by a bird
  4. the bird flies to its nest and vomits the crawdad’s remains into its babies’ mouths
  5. one of the baby birds falls out of the nest and is then eaten by a fox
  6. the fox goes to a cornfield and gets shot by a farmer
  7. the fox is then left to rot and is eaten by bacteria and flies and it decomposes into the dirt of the cornfield
  8. the corn grows and then is harvested
  9. the corn gets put in cereal and other products
  10. everything that once was is currently in you
  11. and you will be in everything that is to come
  12. you will never leave and that’s okay
You’re powerless, you remember that. You don’t have the skill or the mentality it takes to fight. You’re like a chick that’s fallen out of its nest. You’d just chirp-chirp-chirp until you’re eaten by a fox. So do yourself a favour, and don’t go walking into danger’s path. Don’t do it, ever. Use your head. Put your so-called gifted brain into motion, full-throttle, and use your judgment to assess the situation. Geez, I don’t know what the hell you were thinking, running out into the darkness without even carrying a weapon.
—  Nezumi, NO. 6 - Vol 3 Ch 4