eaten by foxes


Never saw this before. This is definitely made by @rikuo-rikuo. Don’t know who translated it, though. I found it on Imgur, thanks to some friends:

(Read from right to left)


(And she showered!!!!!!!)

Fun Cultural Info: In Japan, people shower before they make love. In fact, if one asked – or, like Judy, just simply do – to shower as they arrived… that means they WANT to have sex. Click on the link to read more. Totally SFW, I promise. Just an interesting cultural observation from someone who had actually took the pains to do some research.


Black Cauldron is a cursed love story that follows a Raven who had his mind eaten by a Fox, his body taken by a Swan and his heart given to a Rose.

I took some time so I can work on original ideas and decided to flesh this one out since people seem to enjoy Ren. I like him as well and gave him a cast of witches to follow.  If you’re curious, character information is below, thanks for reading~!

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You’re powerless, you remember that. You don’t have the skill or the mentality it takes to fight. You’re like a chick that’s fallen out of its nest. You’d just chirp-chirp-chirp until you’re eaten by a fox. So do yourself a favour, and don’t go walking into danger’s path. Don’t do it, ever. Use your head. Put your so-called gifted brain into motion, full-throttle, and use your judgment to assess the situation. Geez, I don’t know what the hell you were thinking, running out into the darkness without even carrying a weapon.
—  Nezumi, NO. 6 - Vol 3 Ch 4