eaten by a pig


I follow a lot of awesome vegans and a lot of vegan posts pop up on my dash. I’M NOT GETTING INTO AN ARGUMENT ABOUT VEGANISM WITH ANYONE. THAT’S NOT WHAT THIS IS ABOUT. I just feel like I need to address a trend I see pretty frequently:

Anthropomorphism of farm animals.

This is DANGEROUS, for both the animals and the people who believe what’s being said about these animals. 

For example, cows. 

For obvious reasons the images of cows in posts talking about how cows aren’t dumb, unfeeling hamburgers in waiting are generally like this:

And usually they’re accompanied by talk of how they can be trained, how they have best friends (which is actually true!) and how sweet they can be. 

On the other side, there are posts like this going around 

Thing is, cows do not cry tears like humans do. In fact, there are a lot of posts claiming to present animals weeping like humans do (and not always by vegans).  In fact watery discharge can be a sign of early eye infections in cattle. Claiming they’re tears of sadness normalizes signs of ill health as normal animal emotions. This is also I why I get so worked up over people saying a stressed out dog with its lips pulled back is ‘smiling and happy’. 

All of these posts combine to make the popular perception of cows something they’re absolutely not and is very dangerous for people with their hearts in the right place looking to help the world out. 

Cows are dangerous. I feel like I shouldn’t have to tell people that a thousand pound animal is dangerous, but I do. Not the people I see on my dash, but actual people looking to interact with actual cows (I work with them). Yes, they can be lovely and docile when socialized and handled correctly and consistently but if you have no way of knowing the cows background you have no way of knowing their temperament. If you decide to volunteer at cattle rescues, this will very likely be the case. Moreover, well socialized and docile cattle ARE STILL DANGEROUS AS FUCK. Even the most tame animals can lash out if in pain, under stress or “out of nowhere” (read: lashing out because from their judgement of a situation in makes sense to them, but you misread their judgement). So you get things like this:

With the huge emphasis on docile cows who are good, loving, devoted mothers it’s understandable someone would want to give her a calming and congratulatory stroke after giving birth. 

That cow could have killed her. 

This is obviously dangerous for humans but it’s also dangerous for cows. Aggressive animals are often euthanized, no matter what provoked the aggression and it also inflates statistics that could be used as a counter argument to veganism. 

The same sort of thing happens to pigs. 

The vegan info posts about pigs tend to use images like this:

Cute, eh? The posts also talk about how intelligent these animals are and how they can be kept as pets. Who wouldn’t want one? Usually people who look into pigs as pets look into ‘mini’ pigs or ‘micro’ pigs. Pigs that will stay small forever. Except even ‘mini’ pigs can grow to a hundred pounds in size and they’re STRONG. I say ‘mini’ because sometimes people are duped into buying regular piglets that are claimed to be fully grown. 

Which brings me back to warning anyone who wants to volunteer at a pig rescue that pigs. are. huge. People mislead into thinking they’re not will likely not keep and care for their little pig once it’s not so little and I don’t know anyone who would/could keep a 500 lb hog in their home and/or backyard. 

And, like with cows, they are DANGEROUS. 

And, unlike cows, they are not herbivores. 

PEOPLE HAVE BEEN KILLED AND EATEN BY PIGS. Yes, eaten. One could argue that this happens when pigs aren’t well socialized and habituated with humans, but if you’re working with a pig you don’t know you have no guarantee that they’re tame. 

I could go on, but cows and pigs are the animals I see most represented in these posts (chickens too, but they pose less of a threat, unless you count avian flu) and another thing I see very frequently are cute pictures and videos and cows, pigs, and chickens interacting with dogs. If you’re under the impression that these animals are sweet and docile and your dog is also sweet, what could go wrong?

A lot. 

Odds are your animals will not be used to interacting with an animal of that species and these animals ‘languages’ don’t always translate! Animals get things mixed up all the time! The most common one I’ve seen is a dog misreading a cat’s irritated swishy tail as a wagging ‘I want to play!’ tail. Claws to the face aren’t fun, but attacked by a large animal? Possibly deadly. Dogs do not comprehend size and strength and potential for an aggressive strike in the same way that we do. That’s why you end up with things like this:

Again, that dog could’ve easily died OR MIGHT HAVE DIED LATER. 

This little trooper was kicked by a cow

Projecting your feelings and ideas onto an animal can potentially kill them. Again, if you have the opportunity to work with these animals KEEP YOUR OWN ANIMALS AWAY. 

All of these things remind me very much of the people who claim wolves are nothing but big puppies, or who cohabitant snakes so they don’t get ‘lonely’. 

You can’t love and advocate for the protection of an animal when you only love and advocate for the protection of your fantasy of that animal because when real animals fall short of that, real animals get hurt. 

Horses, cows, and pigs are big. Respect their size. Horses, cows, and pigs ALL have the potential to become aggressive. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Respect their potential to become aggressive. 

Thank you, 

Signed, a person who is sick to fucking death of watching adults assume every farm animal I work with has the personality of a bowl of whipped cream and the patience of a saint and encourage their children to interact with them as such. That’s how animal “attacks” happen, that’s how lifetime fears and hatreds are born. 

The Friendly Wager (Part 1)

Summary: AU. Reader and Bucky Barnes are neighbors and best friends. After yet another bad date, reader comes home to find Bucky with his typical weekend target. They decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,528

Warnings: language, fluff, sarcasm, bad date, implied sexual situations (no smut)

A/N: This is my submission for the lovely Kait’s ( @bionic-buckyb) 5k AU Challenge. Congrats on the followers, friend! My prompt was “Can you please come over so I don’t feel so alone?” I think this will have at least seven parts, so Kait, please feel free to disregard it till it’s completed :)

Part 1 - 2

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Underappreciated dethklok things

- the way nathan holds his phone with 2 fingers
- every time pickles says “NYEH” (specifically when he said it in his sleep in renovationklok)
- the faces toki makes when he’s coloring
- “I would eats a hot dogs. Just puttings that out there.”
- dick’s laugh
- the way pickles pronounces “swans”
- toki and skwisgaar always saying “pickle”
- pickles’ side smile (seems to run in the family bcus seth does it too)
- pobody’s nerfect, this mess is a place
- how toki always seems to be using a skwisgaar skull mug even though he has one of his own
- “I’ll sees you in valhalska.”
- how nathan and pickles know at least a little bit of french
- pickles just tapping the glass with his drumsticks in the murmaider video
- how nathans nails are always perfectly painted
- murderface in general
- those few frames in the intro where nathans hair flies back and you can see his whole face
- how short pickles is compared to skwisgaar
- dr john twinkletits, the pastel metalhead therapist who got his arms eaten by yard wolves
- that girl clown with the pig tails in all of rockso’s videos
- how all their tv’s are hung up with giant hooks that’re shoved through the screens
- affectionate drunk charles
- the faces seth made when pickles was strangling him in dethfam
- when pickles or skwisgaar sings

Summer Boy || Jeon Jungkook (M)

Picture mine

{ pt.02 }

Jungkook x reader

Genre: smut with a plot?

Word Count: 12,047

~ A long plot and long smut. Possible part two in the future!

I stretched my hand out the window, letting it glide and ride along the wind. The summer sun was beating heavily over the opened sky, with not a single cloud in sight. Though the breeze was just right to keep us from melting over the heat. I adjusted my new pair of sunglasses as my friend Coco, who was driving, nudged me to turn up the radio. I leaned in to crank the small knob and hoped something good would come on. ‘Work’ by Rihanna started playing and the other three girls in the back seats completely lost it. Singing every word passionately in my ear, I cover my face with the palm of my hand, embarrassed that theses were my friends. I looked at the driver’s seat finding Coco mumbling over Drake’s lines. Her father had given her permission to take us to stay at their beach house for the summer as a congratulation for graduating. She had just bought herself a brand new BMW convertible in her favorite shade of cherry red, that she had been dying to take out on a trip. She caught me staring at her and laughed embarrassed at her lack of self-control. I turned to look at the crazy one of us, who we called Bisty because of her lack of height. She stood on her seat with her hands waving in the air, moving her hips to the rhythm of the music.

   “If your ass falls out of the car, we aren’t stopping to help you.” I laughed. She only tried to shake her ass in front of my face as a response and I rolled my eyes before turning back to face the main road.

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Oui (Lafayette x Reader)

Word Count: 1561 (ugh, short. I know.) Request/Summary: This one wasn’t requested either (I should probably get to those), but it’s a teacher AU set on valentines day. They’re both middle school teachers, reader is a language arts teacher and Lafayette is the french teacher, and John is one of the counselors. (: Warnings: None I believe (:

A/N- Yet again, I was assisted with french by my lovely friend (who am I kidding, we’re practically married at this point) @whatdimissmotherfuckers. Thanks much mon choupinette. Finally got my valentines fic out! I hope you guys like it <3 Feedback is always appreciated. 

Things Mademoiselle L/N Loves.” You nearly dropped the stack of manilla folders in your arms at the sight of the large heart diagram scrawled across the dry erase board that spanned the wall. You stepped closer to the drawing and examined the slanted cursive writing scattered amongst the inside of the hastily drawn heart shape : “Writing.” You beamed at the word and turned your eyes to the next few, “Rainy Days. Good Books. Musicals.  Gilmore Girls. Good Hair Days.  Happy Students. French Teachers. Kitte-” Wait. You let a small smile turn the corners or your mouth up at the sight of it. You did have a bit of a “thing” for one particular french teacher. Your smile grew into a grin and remained on your face as you walked over to your desk, setting down the folders and placing your messenger bag on the floor.  Surrounding you now, were several, mostly red colored, balloons and an insurmountable amount of glitter thrown across your desk. “Too much, Gilbert.” You giggled as your gaze caught on a large box of chocolates on your desk, something french that you couldn’t understand was printed on the top in fancy lettering. You lifted the lid and surveyed the assorted chocolates inside. Immediately, the smell of them wafted to your nose and you couldn’t help picking one up and popping it in your mouth. With a glance at the clock you suppressed a groan and picked up your laptop to head to your meeting.

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Writing Urban Fantasy in 2017:


  • Being able to look up maps, median income, public library locations and whatever weird data you need in seconds
  • or obscure bits of mythology and uncommon monsters
  • and regional  names from 1890
  • like holy shit the internet is amazing and IDK how people used to write this stuff.  Witchcraft, probably
  • you can backdate this so your least favorite politician is Eaten Alive By Pigs For Making Bad Deals With Elves before they can cause any damage
  • If I need to ask about the health of a specific Orca I CAN EMAIL AN ORCA SCIENTIST.   I don’t even need to wear pants!
  • Everyone Is Gay And It’s Awesome


  • You can look up the EXACT house you want to have your characters in, and the interior photos from the real estate listing, which means there is a nonzero chance I will freak out a reader when they realize I’M WRITING ABOUT THEIR HILARIOUS PURPLE BATHROOM.
  • if you are that person, please don’t change it.  it’s beautiful.
  • i do not actually have the money to visit Seattle*.
  • I’m probably worrying the NSA with all this research, unless they have an algorithm to tell Jason or whoever that this bitch is writing about gay vampires, calm down.
  • Your other Friends are writing Urban Fantasy too, and they’re better at it than you are, the talented, beautiful little shits.

*If someone in Seattle wants to host me, I will cook you food and drive you anywhere.  I’m a good cook and reasonable driver, ask @mazarinedrake or @shetanshadowwolf

Morgan Rielly - Part Nine

Again, it’s late and I’m lazy, please ignore my minor errors and love me. 

Nick apologizes that afternoon.

               After I got home from my run and showered, he texted me asking if he could call. I hadn’t accepted his apology yet, still licking my wound from his behavior the last couple days. And I made sure he knew that.

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Beauty and the Beast Part Two (Loki x Reader)

Originally posted by iliveinapineapple

Word Count: 855

Pairing: Loki x Reader

AN: You can read part one part three and part four here

Later that night as you stared off mindlessly at the ceiling, laying on the soft king sized bed situated in the extravagant room that Loki trapped you in, you heard gentle knocks come from the door. Knowing it was Loki you let out a groan, rolling over so that you faced the door. “I thought I told you to go away?”

“Why would I listen to your requests? You are my prisoner after all.” The cockiness dripped from his voice, only causing more anger to erupt within you. Sitting up now so that your feet touched the carpeted floors, your fists coiled in rage. However before you could yell another insult at the man his words cut you off. “Are you hungry? If you join me for dinner you can eat.”

You were starving actually, however you were much too proud to have dinner with the man who’s holding you captive. “I’d rather starve before I ate with you.” The loathing you held for the man was evident in the tone of your voice, but he seemed to ignore it completely. "Don’t lie to me.”

Your body betrayed you at that moment as your stomach released a growl in hunger and you were sure the demigod heard it. Thinking over your options you decided to agree to his request, but only so that you wouldn’t die from starvation. It was purely for survival…or that’s what you were telling yourself anyway. “Fine, yes. But I’m only agreeing to this because food is too good to pass up.”

As soon as you agreed the door flew open and in walked Loki with the same unreadable expression on his face. “Well are you coming?” As much as you despised the man, you couldn’t deny that he was attractive. But that didn’t matter to you as you still hated him with every fiber in your body. Sighing in defeat you made your way towards the door trying your best to avoid eye contact with the man. “Unfortunately.”

Dinner was…awkward to say the least. There were no words exchanged, there was just silence and the sound of forks and knives sliding across the plates. You ignored any manners you held as you scoffed down the food in front of you like a pig but you didn’t care, you hadn’t eaten in a day.

After you finished the meal you decided it was the perfect time to finally ask the question you’d been dying to ask ever since the demigod knocked on your door yesterday. "Loki…I must know. Why did you have to choose me? I’ve been trying my hardest to hide my powers from the world, I never wanted to be dragged into any of this mess. There are plenty of other mutants with telepathic powers running around in spandex suits so why did it have to be me? “

Taking a bite from his steak he finished chewing before answering your question seeming to be unfazed by your words. “Because you’re different from the rest.” Your eyebrows furrowed at his explanation, how were you any different to the other telepaths on this planet? You were just an ordinary mutant, nothing special like a member of the x-men, so what could he think was so unique about your abilities. "How?“

Still not looking at you as he spoke Loki answered your question with a slight smirk on his face. "That’s for me to know and for you to never find out.”

Rolling your eyes instantly at his arrogant words you slouched back in your seat in defeat. “Gosh why is nothing ever simple with you?” Finally looking up at you he crossed his arms smugly as if the answer was obvious, in which it actually was. “I’m a god Y/N, the god of mischief. Why would anything ever be simple with me?”

Deciding to try a different approach you resorted to pleading with the man, hoping that he may just have a slither of sympathy for you and let you free. “Can’t I just go home? Please I beg of you, there must be someone else that can help you it doesn’t have to be me.”

You could tell Loki was becoming frustrated with your questions now as he clenched his fists in irritation. “Yes it does. Y/N you’re not leaving until I say so and that’s never going to change so just accept that already. Or do I have to threaten another loved one just so you will obey me?”

The was a silence in the room for several seconds as you took in his hurtful yet truthful words. Deep down you knew he wasn’t going to let you go but you had to try. You’d hoped that just maybe he wouldn’t be the monster everyone thought him to be, but apparently your assumptions were wrong. Your voice came out quiet yet confident as you looked into his icy blue eyes as you spoke. “You’re a monster Loki…a beast.”

Fear filled your body as he abruptly stood up at your words, slamming his fist down on the table as he yelled out in rage. “I am not a beast!”


Hate. Hate was a strong word. Most people would often tell you not use it. ‘You’ll regret it’ they would say. Which, in your opinion, was a load of bullshit.

You believe you had freedom to hate anything you wish. And if you regretted it or changed you mind? Easy. You could always say you don’t hate it anymore. But this time, you were sure there wasn’t gonna be an ‘anymore’.

Enoch o'Conner was a sly, cheating bastard. He’d follow you despite all the times you’ve yelled for him to stop. He’d tease you once you were the only one there. He would have his little minions—oh what did he call them?—homunculus, he’d have them mess around with you just to piss you off!

And you were sick of it! Every bit of it, you hated. And nothing—nothing at all—would ever get you to change your mind.

It was another sunny day, September third as usual. You were under a tree, watching as the kids played around under the sun. You wanted to join in but see, the thing was you were lazy as fuck. So instead, you watched as Wyn would carry Claire on her shoulders and act like an airplane of some sort.

You smiled, yawning. The bright sun was making you feel rather sleepy. You closed your eyes and decided 'oh, just a minute couldn’t hurt, could it?’.


“Come on she’s right there, go for it.”

“Are you mad? She’s asleep!”

“She’s waking up, see?”

You felt your eyes slowly fluttering open. Enoch and Millard standing right in front of you. You rubbed your eyes, giving another last yawn. “What’re you lot standing about for?”

Millard turned to Enoch, at least that’s what you assumed since his hat turned in Enoch’s general direction. “Me? Oh, nothing. But Enoch here has something to say.” Millard said before walking away.

You stood up, dusting yourself off before glaring. “You. What’re you doing here?” You asked.

Although everything about him looked the same, there was something different. His amused smirk was replaced by an unsure frown, he seemed to be fiddling with his thumbs. “So? Are you deaf?” You asked. “Ah, I see. What’s this? Some kind of… twisted joke? Is a half-eaten sheep gonna scare me from behind this tree?” You looked behind it, just in case.

“No, this is s-something else…” He said, not able to look you in the eyes.

You raised a brow. “What then. Half-eaten pig?”

He shook his head furiously. “No, nothin half eaten.”

You looked at him, this wasn’t the Enoch who had been harassing you ever since you got here. This was brand new.

Taking a step forward, you asked, “Then what’s this about, hmm?”

He looked to his feet, his cheeks starting to flush. “Uhm, you see, I may have gained a, um, fondness for you…”

You stared at him in disbelief, not believing a single word that escaped his mouth. “Really now?” You asked, leaning forward skeptically. You clapped. “You know, Enoch, your tricks are getting more convincing as the day passes. I almost believed you there for a second.”

He tensed up. “This… isn’t a trick…”

“So what, you’re saying you actually have a crush on me?” You say, still doubtful. He nodded hesitantly, every bit of confidence he thought he had draining out of him at your less-than-enthusiastic reaction.

You scoffed. “Okay, right, sure.”

He looked up to you. “I-I’m serious!” He said, silently cursing at himself for stuttering. You stared at him, nothing to say. He was being so convincing. Too convincing. This came off a little bit surprising for you. You didn’t want to believe it, but for once in his life, he really seemed sincere.

“Wait, you’re… you’re not playing? You actually have a crush on me?”

“Of course I do,” he said, trying to fake confidence.

Sudden rage filled you. “No… No! Stop toying with me! I’ve had enough of your dumb mind games!” You said, covering your ears and showing him your back. “You’ve been a dick to me for almost as long as I can remember! So… So stop trying to act like you like me to make up for it!”

He walked up to you, about to place his hand on your shoulder until you slapped it away. “Stop it! Stay away from me!” You screamed.

“Y/N, please, I-”

“I said stop!” You turned to face him, seeing a hurt expression on his face. You placed a finger on his chest aggressively, taking a step forward, causing him to take one back. “You were the one who would turn the water cold when I was in the bath!” You took another step. “You were the one who put gum in my hair and proceeded to laugh about my dumb new haircut for a week!” He took another step back. “YOU were the one—the only one-” she said with a miserable groan. “-who used your peculiarity to annoy me!”

“You CANNOT like me! You are not ALLOWED to like me! You… You can’t just do that! You can’t just…”

“I’m sorry, Y/N, I’m sorry…”

She looked at him, enraged. “And sorry doesn’t BEGIN to cover it! Just… If you really like me, just do me a favor and… stay away from me.”

He kept himself strong as he watched her walk away but as soon as she was out of sight, he fell to his knees, tears streaming down his face.

(TRANS) Haru*Hana Vol. 22 - BTS 2/3/4 Shot Member Talk

V x Jin x Jungkook
Q: The origin of your name?
V: My real name is Kim Taehyung and Chinese characters is 金泰亨. The ‘亨’ means all wishes come true. It has the meaning of even if I encounter something difficult, I will be able to pass it smoothly. My grandfather is a (professional) namer. He was the one that gave me my name. The meaning of my dad’s and my name is very similar.

Jungkook: My real name is Jeon Jungkook and Chinese characters is 田柾国. My grandfather, who has past away, gave me the name. I don’t know the origin of it (laughs).

Jin: My real name is Kim Seokjin and Chinese characters is 金硕珍. My grandfather gave me that name and it means “to become a huge treasure.” I really like it!

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anonymous asked:

This might be kind of weird but, have you ever imagined seeing things from a dragon hunter's perspective?Believing that dragons are to be treated like farm animals (or even below them), getting pissed at the dragon riders for destroying anything you've tried to build, constantly being attacked and your hard works are ruined. It's pretty hard being a dragon hunter too isn't it? Of course I don't think this way personally, but wouldn't it be interesting if the story is told by the opposite side?

I don’t think this is an odd thought at all! I like it! I honestly wish that more of this perspective-switching were done in media. The best antagonists, and most realistic, are those whose perspectives are understandable. Human beings tend to have decent reasons for behaving as they do; the dragon hunters are no exception.

Honestly, I think that the dragon hunters can be presented even more favorably than how you described them. Your description of the dragon hunters might perhaps be interpreted to some readers as the hunters looking at the dragons with little concern or even contempt, and a lot of focus on their own personal problems. But I think that there are a lot of ways we can legitimately humanize and make sympathetic the dragon hunter characters. It doesn’t mean we have to agree with all of their actions, but I think they have a very fair case for being humanizable and understandable.

Trading animals is nothing new to human civilization. I’m not going to go into the morals of whether or not this should be the case, but the fact is that countless humans across countless civilizations have hunted, fished, and domesticated animals to be eaten for millennia. How long has humankind raised pigs, chickens, and cows for consumption and survival? How long have people hunted elk and deer or fished salmon and trout out of the waters? The dragon hunters are pretty normal people to capture dragons and then sell the creatures for profit. It’s been in human trade for innumerable species for millennia to do things like this.

Really, the oddballs are the Hairy Hooligans. Everyone else in the Barbaric Archipelago across dozens of islands… are pretty accustomed to dragons being fought in battle or captured for trade. Dragons aren’t pets, dragons aren’t friends.. .they’re enemy creatures. It’s normal to hunt or fight dragons in this society, just as it’s normal to eat chicken or fish. It’s only the Hairy Hooligan Vikings who have befriended the dragons… and very recently, at that.

So I don’t think we need to talk about the dragon hunters looking “down” upon dragons in some sort of contemptuous or unsympathetic way. It’s not like they’re attacking family pets. They’re not being crueler than normal in this society to dragons. From their perspective, they’re just living their day-to-day lives doing typical societal things in how you treat dragons, just as most cultures don’t mind if you eat a chicken for dinner.

From the dragon hunter’s perspective, Hiccup’s gang are complete oddballs. Those kids are doing something monumentally bizarre. The kids are disrupting good, honest, economic trade. The Hairy Hooligans are flying around and being lawless menaces, disrupting legal trade and making it harder for these hunters to earn their honest wages.

The dragon hunters are engaging in a common Viking trade that has demand across lots of islands. The dragon hunters are going to be people with real lives and real cares. There are going to be brother dragon hunters who are doing this together, and find great happiness in engaging in this activity. They are the heroes who sail bravely across the islands and capture the dangerous beasts that burden their island homes. Some Vikings are proud warriors who defend their home from invaders; the dragon hunters are those who fight the most dangerous enemies, the dragons themselves! There are going to be husbands and wives on the dragon hunter crews with families back home. They will have families that they love and care about; this dragon hunting is their income, and the means by which they can feed their spouse and children and maybe their elderly parents they’re taking care of at home. They will be upset when their ship gets sunk and they’re stranded on an island… Hiccup’s destroyed their ship, meaning it’ll be many more months before they can sail home to see their baby child. And there are going to be dragon hunters who have no one to return to, who constantly sail across the archipelago because there’s nothing back “home,” but have found a mission and a goal and a purpose on the open seas conducting this trade. There are going to be dragon hunters who question Viggo’s trade practices and wonder if they are ethical, but know they have no other job to go to if they quit. There are going to be dragon hunters who have a mean streak in them and enjoy harming the dragons. There are going to be other dragon hunters who respect the dragons they capture, and look with awe at the creature on the other side of the cage bars.

The dragon hunters are going to be people with happy tales and sad tales and tales of family and love and honor and moral questions and conflicted feelings and senses of pride and conviction and happiness and more. They don’t have to be any more villainous than Stoick was in HTTYD when he wanted to fight the dragons Hiccup wanted to save.

Sure, yes, there will be devious dragon hunters. We’ve seen some of them on the shows. Some of them enjoy capturing or threatening harm to Hiccup and the gang. Some of them have a bit too much of a violent streak to them. Some are going to be greedy for power and wealth. Totally. There will be bad apples in this bunch. But not all of them have to be, and if we really look at RTTE from their perspective, we’re going to see a lot of motivations that are very understandable and not at all… dark and demonic.

I love what you say about Hiccup and the gang being a nuisance! From the perspective of an everyday dragon hunter, Hiccup and the gang are being horrifically annoying. They’re do-gooder vigilantes harping after a cause that basically nobody cares about. They’re screwing up all the hard work you put into things, they’re being EXTREMELY reckless damaging SO MUCH expensive property (LIKE ENTIRE SHIPS THOSE ARE NOT CHEAP), they’re messing up the trade of multiple islands, they’re being unreasonable about what society and civilization is typically like. These unruly kids might believe in their cause, but from the perspective of the dragon hunter, it’s going to be a pretty ridiculous and pointless cause. All the fires the youths have set, all the buildings they have collapsed, all the ships they have sunk… I’m sure there are more than a few dragon hunters who wish these obnoxious kids would pay for the damage they caused. You are, as you so aptly put, being constantly attacked and your plans put to ruin as a dragon hunter.

I’m not going to say I agree with the dragon hunter perspective, either. I’m not going to say that them attacking Dragon’s Edge and fighting teenagers with weapons is ever okay. It’s not okay. And there are so many other things they do that are not okay. The entire point of the first HTTYD is that the Vikings don’t have to be violent to dragons, after all. Dragon hunters could treat the dragons better. But there’s definitely a way to turn this story around, look at their perspective, and understand why - even if their actions aren’t always right - there’s a reason they’re doing what they’re doing.

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ok so i was curious if you could make a Carl imagine (based off 7x07) where Negan comes to Alexandria after his whole thing w/Carl & ur in the house & have no idea & Carl gets all protective when Negan’s being an asshole to u both. Idk some fluff?

words: 1274
Carl Grimes x reader
The walking dead
Warnings: swearing. Implied sex. 

I hear Judith crying from the other side of the house and sigh setting my *cough* carls, comic book down. I stumble towards her bedroom and the sight that greets me is very unpleasant. I see Negan holding Judith, Carl standing in the door with his arms crossed over his chest. My eyes widen. 

“Carl” I grit staring at him with a glare. He shrugs looking down ashamed. 
“two girls in one day, the day just gets better, Hi I’m Negan” he says with a wicked glint in his eyes. 
“I know who you are” I spit crossing my arms to avoid shaking his hand. 
“Carl get your little bitch in control or we’re going to have problems and stop this damn kid from crying” he huffs. I scoff and take Judith out of his arms before Carl can even think about defending me and strut out of the room stomping down the stairs to get her some food. 
“wow, nice ass, you tapped that Carl?” Negan says laughing and clapping his shoulder. The look on Carl’s face reveals everything. 
“my man” Negan chuckles. “mind if I have a whack at it? sharing is caring” he smirks. I look up the stairs seeing Carl grit his teeth and clench his fists, he looks down at me and I shake my head even with the tears streaming down my face. Negan glances down the stairs too but I turn my head going towards the kitchen. I hear their boots clomp down the stairs and they join me in the kitchen. I reach up into the cupboard to retrieve the apple sauce, I feel a burning sting on my butt and gasp turning around, Negan is standing really close and I clutch Judith really close to my chest making my breasts swell. I gulp. 
“wouldn’t mind making you one of my wives” he hums stroking my cheek, I nearly throw up right then. 

Suddenly Negan is on the floor and Carl is shaking his fist in pain. I gulp looking between them. 
“leave her alone” Carl spits forcefully grabbing my hip and bringing Judith and I into his chest. I breathe in his scent and it calms me instantly. 
“wow kid you got some balls.” Negan says getting off the floor and wiping the blood that had spilled out away from his chin. “you’d really fight me and Lucille for this little whore? you know she’s probably fucking everyone in this joint, just to keep the peace you know” Negan smirks evilly, steam practically oozes out of Carl and I peck his throat to calm him down, he squeezes my hip to let me know he’s ok. 
“do what you want with me, just don’t touch them” Carl speaks with a newfound authority and even Negan is shocked. He steps back a little and furrows his eyebrows wondering why, by this point we weren’t bowing before him. 
“I like your spark kid, but punch me again and you’ll join the ginger and chinese kid.” he squints his eyes. 

“korean” I whisper. Carl looks at me shaking his head and rubbing my hip a little. Judith starts to fuss in my arms a little so I go to walk past Negan to sit at the table with her. He grabs my ear coming down to my ear level. 
“offer still stands on being my wife” he flirts. I scoff shoving his hands off of me. 
“I’d rather jump off a cliff right into shark infested waters and be eaten alive by walkers than even consider you as an option you filthy pig, Carl is my boyfriend, better than you ever could be to any of your ‘wives’ how many do you have? pretty pathetic if you ask me, I bet if you gave them a chance they’d all scatter away at your presence, now keep your hands off me and off my goddamn boyfriend” I grit just loud enough that Carl can hear, a cold glare in my eyes. 
“ouch sweetheart, that hurt” Negan taunts tapping his heart. I laugh and roll my eyes sitting down feeding Judith. She gurgles and giggles as I ignore Negan and Carl’s stares. When she’s finished I pick her up to walk her upstairs. 

“hey sweetcheeks where you going?” Negan taunts. I close my eyes and bite my tongue turning around. 
“she needs burping” I reply. He raises his eyebrows and points back to the chair. 
“stay” he demands. I sigh and sit back down getting her prepared and start burping her. I see Carl’s googly eyes at me but have to ignore it. 
“you looking at this kid? she’s a natural” Negan grins. Carl exhales loudly. 
“look, my dad will be back any minute can you just leave” He pleads, way past the point of withholding his hard stance. Negan nods slightly. 
“fine, but I’m only going cause I heard Spencer wants a chat. Keep that baby cute and keep your girl satisfied” He winks. I look away. “she’ll warm up to me” he chuckles leaving the house.

Immediately I stand up and practically sprint towards Carl. He engulfs me in the tightest hug he can without hurting Judith. 
“I’m so sorry baby” he apologises and I’m shocked, he’s never really emotional which I hate and love at the same time. I smile a little. 
“I thought he was going to take Judith!” I sob. He pulls my head into his neck.
“I thought he was going to take you” he replies quietly and I feel a drop of water hit my face. I look up just in time to see a tear drop out of Carl’s eye, which reminds me. 
“lets get you bandaged up baby” I sigh taking his hand and heading upstairs. I place Judith in her crib then take Carl into the bathroom. He sits on the edge of the bath while I get all the equipment. I start wrapping his eye up but he stops me. 
“why did you want to cover it so quickly? are you repulsed by it? by me?” he whispers holding my wrist gently. I gulp and set the supplies down, sitting on his lap, his hands quickly wrap around my waist. 
“no” I start cupping his cheek. “you know I’m not, I just know you hate it, I’m so pissed he made you take it off. Does it hurt? “ he shakes his head a little but I see in his eyes that the cold air is a little painful. “liar” I giggle. He laughs and nuzzles my neck leaving a short peck. “I think your really handsome baby, eye or no eye. Whatever Negan said to you is all lies, you’re strong and handsome and I love you” I sigh. 
“why?” he replies. 
“huh?” I mumble. 
“why do you love me? you could have had Ron, or Mikey or any of the other kids, or even one of the other men, i mean we’re in a zombie apocalypse I’m sure age isn’t a factor. You don’t have to stay with me” he sighs. I shift slightly on his lap and cup both his cheeks. I run my thumb under his eye and kiss where his eyebrow would be. He sighs feeling my lips graze his skin. 
“I. Love. You” I say staring into his eye. He beams pulling me close. 

“I won’t let Negan or anyone else touch you like that again baby, I’m going to sort this out. Threaten me? fine. Threaten the people I care about. Dad, Judith, Michonne, Maggie, Daryl, everyone else- you” he pauses pecking my nose.

 “you pay for it” he says with determination. 

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How about Waddles making sure Pacifica is the right one for Mabel and giving her his piggy approval?

Pacifica looked from her half-eaten sandwich to the pig who was sitting on the rug between her and Mabel. Mabel was glueing sequins onto an old purse Pacifica had given her, and Waddles was just… sitting there. Staring at her.

“Why does he keep staring at me like that?” She frowned.

Mabel didn’t even look up. “He’s begging. I tried to train him out of that but I just can’t say no to that cute piggy little face!”

“Begging?” Pacifica looked at her sandwich again. “Does he eat people food?”

“Paz, he’s a pig. He’ll eat almost anything.”

“Even bacon?” She raised a perfect blonde eyebrow.

This time, Mabel did look up, a look of horror on her face.

Pacifica turned her attention back to her ABLT. Discreetly pulling the bacon out of it, she offered a tomato to Waddles, hoping he wouldn’t bite her like most animals did.

The pig, for his part, cautiously tiptoed over to her, sniffing the tomato with a series of loud snorts before taking it from her hand.

Mabel watched all of this carefully.

Emboldened by this, Pacifica tried the lettuce next. This time, Waddles shoved his snout into her hand as he took the crunchy treat from her. She giggled more out of surprise than anything else.

“His nose tickles!”

“I know,” Mabel said.

The rich girl pulled out the avocado next, her curiosity sparked.

Waddles wolfed that down, too. Then, he took the liberty of taking the bread right from her plate before shoving his forehead into her hand.


“He wants you to scratch his ears,” Mabel suddenly grinned. “Paz, he likes you!”

“He… he does? Are you sure?” Animals usually hated Pacifica.

“I know Waddles like I know my own soul, Paz, and that means he likes you!”

Warmth flooded Pacifica’s heart, and she couldn’t help but smile.

“He likes me.”

Why Bulgarian proverbs are the best
  • Обикаля като простудена магарица.: Running around like a female ass with a cold.
  • .
  • С две дини под една мишницa: With two watermelons under one armpit.
  • Бабините ти трънкини!: Your grandmommy's bushes!
  • Тъп като ръб.: Dumb like a corner.
  • Кроткото агне от две майки цица.: The calm lamb sucks (breast milk) from two mothers.
  • Гладна мечка хоро не играе.: Hungry bear does not play boogie-boogie.
  • Гъз глава затрива.: Ass erases head.
  • Голям праз.: Big leek.
  • Хубавите ябълки прасетата ги ядат.: The pretty apples are eaten by pigs.
  • Патка с патка!: Duck with duck!
  • Боли ме фара.: My lighthouse hurts.
  • Бързата кучка слепи ги ражда.: The hasty bitch gives birth to blind puppies.
  • Ти си пей Пенкеле, кой ли те слуша.: Keep singing Penkele, noone is listening to you.
  • Не плюй в кладенеца ,от който ще пиеш.: Don't spit in the well you're going to drink out of.
  • Едно лайно разваля цяла каца с мед.: One piece of shit ruins an entire jar of honey.

“Eeeek.” said a clearly outraged Guinness, when Pointless Letters reached out for comment. “Eeeek eeeeek eeeeek.”

“Eeeeek.” he added, crapping.

(with thanks to scottygb over on Twitter for this one!)

Sister!Stark Request

Could I request a GOT one shot based on season one where reader is Ned Starks daughter she’s 14, her and Robb and Jon are very close. When Joffery arrives he starts hitting on her and being rough with her so Robb and Jon step in to protect her, which gets them in trouble with the Queen. But Ned saves the day. Can it have lots of sibling love and cuteness :)

AN: I made it so the reader and the boys were 16 since that’s more how they are in the show.

“The new haircuts look very nice,” you chuckled at the uninterested face on Jon and the large smile on Robb’s face.

“Jon was not very happy to get sheared,” Robb laughed.

“I curse the day you two were born,” Jon jokingly muttered.

“Oh, brother you love us. You should be praising the 7 that you received not one, but two, siblings at once that are as great as Robb and I,” you joked.

“Twins,” Jon muttered as a curse under his breath. You walked up to Jon and put an arm around him in a half hug. You, Robb, and Jon were the same age and, since you were brought up together, you were each other’s best friends.

“We better get going to the gate before Mother hunts us down herself,” Robb said.

“Lucky for me I’m not allowed to greet the royal family,” Jon said. “I’ll see you both after.”

“And these are my children,” your father told the king, “Rickon, Bran, Arya, Sansa, and my oldest children, Y/N, and Robb.”

After sizing up you and your siblings, especially Robb, the King introduced you to his children. You looked over to Sansa and saw her making googly eyes with Prince Joffrey until Joffrey’s gaze went to you and his sinister grin deepened. “Ugh,” you groaned to yourself.

“What,” Robb asked you quietly.

“Nothing, I’ll tell you later,” you whispered back.

After the welcome was finished you held Rickon’s hand and started walking him back to the stables so he could see all the new horses that had arrived.

“You enjoy my steads, do you?” You turned quickly and saw the blonde prince entering the stables; your grip on Rickon tightened.

“They are beautiful, yes. My brother loves animals and was looking forward to seeing some different horses. But, now that we’ve seen them, I think we should be getting back. Come on Rickon, we must get you ready for the feast tonight.”

“Lady Y/N,” Joffrey gripped your arm as you walked past and stopped you, “save me a dance at the feast tonight.”

You snaked your arm from the prince and uncomfortably said, “I’m afraid I’m not a good dancer, my Prince.”

“You think I asked for a dance?”

“You are a guest in my home, my Prince. Do not forget that,” you led Rickon away from the stables.


You were walking to the great hall for the feast with Jon and Robb. “He demanded I dance with him.”

“I don’t like this little Prince,” Jon gritted his teeth.

“He creeps me out. The way he looks at me, and Sansa for that matter. It’s like he hasn’t eaten in days and is looking at a large pig roast.”

“Don’t worry,” Robb said and laid a protective arm on your shoulder, “if the blonde baby looks at you tonight I’ll scare him away.”

Sansa had been ignoring you for half the night now once she noticed how Joffrey was looking at you also.  His gaze was hard on you making you wiggle uncomfortably in your seat. “Do you think Mother would be upset if I left early?”

“Probably. Just tell her you’re feeling exhausted from the events of the day and that you’re going to bed,” Robb told you.

You nodded and stood up, getting ready to leave. “Coming to give me that dance, finally?” You looked over and saw the Prince and his dog standing on the other side of you and your brother. You glanced back and saw that the Queen and your Mother’s attention were now on you as well.

“Actually I was about ready to excuse myself from the festivities. I’m afraid I’m not feeling too well. Mother, is it ok if I excuse myself?”

“Um, sure Y/N, if you feel you need rest.”

“Robb, can you escort me back to my room?”

“Of course,” Robb stood up and made a point to make sure the Prince noticed the height he had on the small boy- who did not look pleased.

“What are you two doing out here,” Jon dropped his sword as he saw you and Robb approaching him.

“Our future King was making our dear sister uncomfortable so I kindly escorted her away from the chaos.”

“Seems like the little Prince is having that effect on everyone. Except for Sansa that is,” Jon giggled.

“What was that,” the three of you turned to see Joffrey storming out towards you with his Hound behind him.

“What was what, my Prince,” Robb stood his ground.

“Your stupid sister made a fool of me in front of everybody in there,” he pointed at you. “I am your Prince! You can not reject me like that,” he stepped forward and grabbed your arm like he had in the stalls, except this time it was a lot harder.

“My Prince you are hurting me,” you said trying to pull your arm away with gritted teeth and a shaky voice.

“My sister told you to let her go,” Jon growled. Finally Robb stepped forward and yanked Joffrey’s arm away from yours.

“My sister said let her go,” this time Robb growled. “She is a Lady and you will treat her as such.”

“My Mother will hear about his,” he pointed at the three of you. “How dare you disobey me.” The Hound knew better than to harm the oldest children of the North and skulked away with the bratty Prince.

You didn’t realize it but your hands were shaking. “Y/N, are you ok?”

“I…I am. I think I just want to get Silver and go to bed,” you softly said.

“I’ll take you to your room. Robb, will you go to the stalls and get Silver?”

Jon stayed with you in your room until Robb came up with your direwolf, Silver. Her coat seemed to be metallic grey as the moonlight reflected off of it. “You sure you’re ok alone,” Jon asked.

“I’ve got Silver to watch my back. But thank you. I’ll see you two at breakfast tomorrow.”

You woke early to your Mother opening your door. “Y/N,” her stern voice said, “get up. The King and Queen have requested that you and your brothers go before them before we break fast.”

“Why would they want that,” you sat up and rubbed your eyes and Silver’s head.

“That I do not know, my sweet.” You quickly got dressed and walked to your father’s office where he and your brothers were waiting. They looked like they were already done with this meeting before it started. You looked to the front and saw Joffrey’s stern face matching his mother’s.

“What is the meaning of this meeting,” your father asked the King.

“My Joffrey says that your children ganged up on him last night and that your oldest laid his hands on him,” Cersei spat.

“Calm down woman. Why don’t we head what the children have to say.”

“Your Grace,” Robb boldly started, “last night after I escorted my sister from the festivities Prince Joffrey followed us out and spoke poorly towards her. After that he grabbed her arm and harmed her,” you saw your father shift uncomfortably.

“Y/N, is this true,” your father questioned and the King waited.

“It is, Father.”

“But where is the proof,” the Queen spat. Her tone made you angry and you lifted up your dress’ sleeve to show the large purple bruise that had started to form.

“By the seven,” the King cursed.

“Please, she could have easily done this to herself to make her claim seem true,” Cersei spat.

“With all do respect, my Queen,” your Dad’s voice was harsh, “I know my children would not have done this. I have brought my children up to value respect and honesty and I know they wouldn’t harm themselves or each other to make others look bad. And, if you have a problem with my children, then I’m afraid that I must decline your offer as Hand and stay here.”

The King grunted as if he was fed up with everything, “Ned, I believe what you say. Joffrey, you’re to stay with two King’s guardsmen. They will watch you and make sure you’re kept in line.” The King dismissed the meeting and left you alone in the office with your father and brothers.

After your Dad was sure no one was coming through the office door he turned to you and your brothers, “I want Silver with you at all times and, if you boys can, one of you with Y/N at all times. I don’t trust Joffrey and his pet Hound. And if he ever does something like that again,” he gently lifted your arm and looked at your bruise, “come to me right away so I can handle it.” With that your Dad pressed a kiss to your forehead. “You boys did good last night,” he said to your brothers and left the room.

“Come on,” Robb threw an arm around you, “let’s go find something to do.”