Demons Like Pets!AU (masterlist)

Altmal | R for violence, blood, gore, cannibalism, sex related things, general awfulness as this is set in hell and everyone is a demon but Desmond

Kadar brings home a pet that Malik doesn’t want to keep.  Things escalate quickly from there.

The Story:

1. Kadar Brings Home a New Pet

2. Pet!Altair gets a collar

3.  Kadar “molts”

4. Altair just now wonders what he’s being fed

5. Kadar gives Altair a birthda

6.  Malik burns stuff and thinks Altair’s eyes are pretty

7. Malik notices how hot Altair is naked

8. Malik walks Kadar’s pet

9. Altair nearly dies

10.  Altair meets a hound

11.  Altair protects his home

12. Altair plays with fire (aka kisses Malik)

13.  Kadar talks to his pet about bad choices

14.  Kadar gets a new pet!

15.  Malik wants the pets to play nice together

16.  Could Abbas just please die already?

17. Malik has all these ~feelings~

18.  Altair is offended by his chain

19.  Kadar talks to his pet about his bad choices pt 2

20. Abbas dies, you’re welcome

21. Altair does not enjoy his first transformation

22. There is finally something sex based happening

23. Desmond doesn’t like anything

24. Altair does not like getting tattooed

25. Malik is pissed; Altair gets to eat

26. Altair gets all handsy with Malik’s horns

27. Kadar is punished for what he did

28. Altair thanks Malik for feeding him

29. Malik evolves

30. Altair gives Malik a bath

31.  Kadar finds the witch demon’s child

32. Malik greets some guests, Altair gets dinner

33.  Just another day in Desmond’s life

34.  Demons do some stupid shit Malik said not to do.

35.  Domestic moments in the demon au

36.  Kadar likes Desmond really

37.  Sex.  Yup.  Sex.

38.  Malik decides to start his rule with sacrifices

39.  Altair gets to eat

40.  Desmond uses a toilet bowl brush to clean Altair

41.  Desmond misunderstands


CLICK.  LIKE.  REBLOG.  seriously, if it weren’t for the art I would have stopped writing his eons ago.  But look at the art.  Look at it.

1. Demon Kadar by chamiryokuroi

2. Demon Malik by komakirin

3.  Demon Malik by aurigale

4. Demon Brothers by beeinsanelyrandom

5. Demon Altair and young Demon Kadar by aurigale

6. Altair sniffing Demon Kadar by aurigale

7.  Demon Kadar doesn’t want to be eaten by beeinsanelyrandom

8.  Demon Kadar is not having a good day by aurigale

9.  Hound by theangryassassin

10. Someone’s about to get hit with a bucket by aurigale

11. Demon!Malik by theonlymoosewhoeatssalad

12. Demon!Kadar by theonlymoosewhoeatssalad

13.  Kadar has blue wings! by beeinsanelyrandom

14.  The gang is all here by beeinsanelyrandom

15.  Demon!Malik by altairs-tummy

16.  Demon Brothers by altair-ibn-blahblahblah-ahad

17. Demon!Altair by beeinsanelyrandom

18.  Demon!Malik by finding-thekey

19.  hell hound by aurigale

20. babydemon!Altair by komakirin

21.  demon!Kadar by theonlymoosewhoeatssalad

22.  Demon!Altair by finding-thekey

23.  Demon!Malik by @komakirin

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