31 Halloween-related musical theatre questions

1 Favourite musical theatre villain
2 Favourite villainous musical theatre song
3 Favourite villain of the 2014-2015 season
4 Scariest moment in musical theatre
5 Genuinely most evil musical theatre character
6 Most sympathetic musical theatre villain
7 Your favourite anti-hero
8 A scary urban legend that would make a good musical
9 The musical theatre person you would consider contacting via Oujia
10 The best villain comeuppance
11 Evillene or Elphaba?
12 Who’s the bad guy in The Last Five Years?
13 What is Bud Frump doing now?
14 Favourite theatre superstition
15 Favourite supernatural element in a musical
16 Favourite Rocky Horror character
17 A musical that would be great fun at a midnight Halloween performance
18 Carrie or Matilda? (Because they’re almost the same)
19 A show that still work if the characters had to wear masks
20 A show that you think doesn’t really have a villain
21 Favourite Addams Family member
22 A show that would benefit from a Tim Burton-esque aesthetic makeover
23 A character you have dressed up as
24 A character you would like to dress up as for Halloween
25 A musical-themed candy bar you would eat
26 A terrible criminal whose life would make a great musical
27 Sweeney Todd or Mrs Lovett?
28 Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera or Yeston’s Phantom?
29 Your favourite real-life musical theatre villain
30 Favourite Assassin
31 A horror film that would make a great musical