why you should all consider getting chickens
  • a small backyard, a decent fence and the will to make a safe coop for your fluffy dames is all you need to make it happen
  • they will eat your vegetable scraps and gobble down pretty much any kind of food waste, turning discarded crusts and mushy fruit into big fat eggs full of protein!
  • and depending on which breed you buy, they will lay an egg almost every day. free, nutritious food every morning! what other pet will do that?
  • it’s a misconception that eating eggs is inherently cruel, or that you need a rooster for your chickens to lay eggs! all the eggs you buy in supermarkets are unfertilised, which means there is no chance of that egg ever hatching. you’re not eating a potential life, your chickens will lay eggs regardless of whether there’s a rooster around
  • so only buy a rooster to go with your lovely ladies if you want baby chicks - otherwise, just get some girls and enjoy those omelettes!
  • the way cage egg farms are run is terrible, and you can’t always be sure that a free range farm is as idyllic as the picture you see on the carton. lots of sad chookies who can’t perch or scratch or eat grass and clean themselves. :( 
  • this way, you will always be certain that your girls are happy, healthy, doing what chicken are meant to do and eating what chickens should be eating, which means bigger and better eggs for you!
  • you can give eggs to your friends! give eggs to strangers! eggs for everyone!
  • tiny and furious lawnmowers. chickens LOVE grass, especially clover. if you have a small backyard, they will do all the work of keeping the grass trimmed. 
  • a caution, pls buy your chicken a friend - they will get lonely if you only buy one. my friend had two chickens and one died, leaving Gizmo all alone. she got depressed and stopped laying, so they put her in the rabbit hutch. now she has a best friend bunny called Jimmy and she’s very happy! she often sits on him and purrs.
  • chickens are good around most other pets - cats and chickens usually regard each other with mutual indifference and disdain, but they generally bond with dogs. however, if you know your pooch or kitty is particularly aggressive, make sure you check it won’t be a problem!
  • scratch scratch scratch, scratch party!!
  • one time I was cleaning out the stables and my chicken came over, saw that I was using a big rake and went !!!! scratch time!!! and she started scratching furiously next to me like she was trying to help
  • they’re very clean animals and will clean themselves every day with a dust bath and a thorough preening
  • when it starts raining it takes them a good 10 seconds to process what’s happening, then they RUN to shelter
  • gloriously stupid tiny velociraptor running
  • peck peck peck. is food? I check! peck. not food!
  • rip all snails and slugs that live in your garden
  • they will also go after mice and spiders
  • chicken poop is great fertiliser! when you clean out their coop, spread the poo on your garden and watch your flowers and veggies grow!
  • kiddos LOVE chickens!!
  • seriously, looking after chickens is a great job for little kids - any little fella can fill up their water and give them some food, and collecting a warm, fresh egg every morning is so rewarding for them!!! 
  • hours of entertainment watching their antics
  • some (not all) like a cuddle! the ladies will let you know what their preference is. they may also gently peck and groom you because they love you.
  • you can give them fancy names like lottie, ethel and lady beatrice so it sounds like they’re a supporting cast in a Jane Austen novel
  • in conclusion give a pretty chicken a happy home today
Sick day

*slytherin sitting in their common room with a cold.*
Slytherin: *sneezes* “damn I hate being sick”
*from the corridor*
*Hufflepuff runs into the room with a blanket and thermos of chicken noodle soup*
Hufflepuff: “I have soup, peppermint tea, cough drops, vitamin c tablets, and medicine.”
Slytherin: “what? How did you get in here?-”
Hufflepuff: “You have no security now shut up and eat your chicken and stars”

Dare | Jimin, You

For my wonderful friend Cassie aka @comeherejimin​ I hope you like it! And everyone reading this, you should definitely check her out! Her graphics are amazing and she is just such a sweet person. 

Originally posted by sosjimin

Is this even real?

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Confidence // Kim Seokjin


the prompt: could you please do a prince!seokjin fluffy scenario? au i used: “my parents are hosting a royal ball with neighboring monarchs and you noticed me, heir to the throne, shoving food into a bag to steal.”

words: 4425

category: fluff

author note: seokjin deserves all the love in the world i hope he knows how loved he is.

- destinee

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Exo’s reaction when their S/O grabs their butt...

Request said:  Could I get and exo and bts reaction to their s/o grabbing their butt and being like “approved🖒” plz and thanks 😉


Xiumin: As soon as you grabbed his butt, he will be blushing and totally embarrassed that you did so… “Jagi, you couldn’t wait?” he would ask. When you nodded no, he would smile. 

Originally posted by mvnghaos

Suho: As soon as you grabbed his butt, he would look at you weirdly…but then he would smile because of your sudden randomness of grabbing his butt.

Originally posted by yixingsosweet

Baekhyun: You guys were just sitting down in the couch of your apartment, when suddenly he got up and you grabbed his butt, making him turn to look at your face and say… “Oh girl is on!”

Originally posted by trulynatalie

Lay: As soon as you grab his butt, he would be confused and say “Baobei why did you do that?”“I don’t know because I wanted it to” you would say. “But why though?” he would ask still confused. 

Originally posted by captivatesme

Chen: You guys were just watching a movie, when suddenly he wanted to go to the bathroom and since the bathroom was the opposite way where he sat, he had to pass in front of you. When he did you grabbed his butt, leaving him perplexed over the situation… “I see how it is” he would smirk.

Originally posted by jongdae-explained

Chanyeol: You guys were just talking in the leaving room, when suddenly Chanyeol got up to get water and as soon as he got up, you grabbed his butt. Making him laugh over  the situation. “Jagi…seriously. Sometimes make me wonder how more random could you get” he would say smiling.

Originally posted by littlebyuns

D.O: As soon as you grabbed his butt, you were regretting. He got mad a second but then he felt embarrassed about it.. But then he reassured you to never do it again that he will prefer a kiss rather than that. 

Originally posted by kaisoh

Kai: You guys were eating fried chicken at your place, when suddenly he had to get to up in order to get water or cola to drink. When he got up and passed right in front of you, you grabbed his butt and he turned around and say “Right after, we finished we are getting it on!. Be prepared” he smirked. 

Originally posted by mrluhan

Sehun: You guys were grabbing your boba, since he was standing next to you and nobody was starring you decided to grab his butt. “Y/N!!” he would exclaim. “What?” you asked surprised by his reaction and immediately started to laugh.  “Seriously….” he said annoyed. “Yeah” you keep laughing. “Tonight you’ll beg for mercy” he would say. “Oh get it on!” you confidently said. 

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Anti Imagines...

{Brought to you by the wonderful suggestions of @pfftwhatnoimhuman}

Imagine Anti being forced to live with Signe and Sean. They can’t very well let him loose on the streets, now can they? They have a room for him upstairs where he usually keeps to himself, but from time to time, the Green Glitch gets bored. And when Anti gets bored, chaos ensues.

Imagine Signe meeting Anti for the first time when he glitches through the wall into the kitchen as she’s making pancakes. Anti thinks nothing of suddenly appearing there, but Signe nearly jumps five feet in the air and arms herself with the skillet she’s using to make the pancakes as Anti practically falls over giggling.

Imagine Sean hiding all the kitchen knives from Anti, but Anti always finds them and enjoys playing target practice around the new house. Sean is beginning to run out of hiding places when Signe gets the bright idea to hide them inside a bag of frozen vegetables. Anti won’t touch those with a ten-foot pole.

Imagine him dropping in on Signe when he’s bored. She’ll be lounging, enjoying a cup of tea, when Anti glitches through the floor with a, “Boo!” After about the fiftieth time, Signe simply rolls her eyes at him and throws a pillow at his head.

Imagine Anti dropping in on Jack’s recording sessions, right in the middle of a critical part in the game. Anti gets into the recording equipment, messing with the audio and video and glitching into view. Then he spends the next few days refreshing every social media page, drinking in all the Anti hype. Sean has a theory that the mysterious “Anti Fanart” folder that appeared on his computer was compiled by the glitch himself.

Imagine him trying to threaten Signe. It’s late at night, and she’s just scrolling through her phone before bed when she hears a gravelly, layered voice mutter, “I could kill you.” And Signe just shrugs, “Yeah, so could another human, or a dog, or a very committed duck.” She looks up from her phone and smiles at him sweetly. Anti growls and stomps away because how dare she use memes against him!

Imagine Sean asleep on the couch, just taking a mid-afternoon powernap to get him through the rest of the day, when he feels something cold and sharp pressed against his neck. His electric blue eyes snap open to see Anti’s evil grin and his crazed, black eyes looking down at him. Sean rolls his eyes, “What do ya want now, Anti?” Anti pouts and kicks the couch. “We’re out of chocolate chip cookies again…”

Imagine Anti finding Signe’s cacti and attempting to juggle them. Signe and Sean hear a few crashes along with a string of curses, and they run upstairs to find Anti trying to piece the little pots back together. He’s got cactus needles stuck in his fingers, and Signe thinks he might be trying to hide some frustrated sniffles. So, she helps him pick out the needles while Sean goes to get the broom.

After they get everything cleaned up, Signe insists that Anti have dinner with them. It’s a bit awkward, sitting around the tiny table with both boys poking at their food and refusing to eat. Signe tries to make conversation only to get a sharp, “I’m a monster, not a house guest,” from Anti.

“Just eat your chicken nuggets and shut up, Anti.”

Nessian sick day
  • *Nesta sitting in her room with a cold.*
  • Nesta: *sneezes* “damn I hate being sick”
  • *from the hall* “DID I HEAR SOMEONE SAY SICK?”
  • *Cassian runs into the room with a blanket and thermos of chicken noodle soup*
  • Cassian: “I have soup, peppermint tea, cough drops, vitamin c tablets, and medicine.”
  • Nesta: “what? How did you get in here?-”
  • Cassian: “You have no security now hush and eat your chicken and stars”
Chardonnay [M]

Anonymous said: Perfect ! So~ for your first writing I could propose you this scenario : You work on bts staff and once you have dinner together in a restaurent (staff and bangtan ) you are sitting next to Yoongi and he begins to fingering under the table with everybody around you Hope it’s ok ;)

Warnings: SMUTTY, alcohol use, language

Originally posted by mn-yg

You let out a deep breath as you took your seat at the large dinner table.  The staff and all of BTS were out celebrating their success on their latest album.  Normally you wouldn’t feel so bad, you were used to being around them, for god’s sake you were even used to touching them.  You were doing at least 3 of their hair every other day. 

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Where Soul Meets Body- 5

Summary: Soulmate AU. Some people went their entire lives without ever meeting their soulmates. You were one of the lucky ones, to have found and fallen in love with the owner of the initials tattooed on your hip. When your soulmate’s best friend struggles to deal with a tragedy in his own life, you discover that you might not have been as lucky as you thought.

Steve Rogers x Reader; Bucky Barnes x Reader (Not MMF)

Warnings: (Series, not specifically this chapter: bad language, unprotected sex, drinking/alcoholism, drug use, violence, references to death, mutilation and trauma, maybe more.)

Words: 1481

Author’s Note: Holy crap guys it’s been a while for this one. I don’t actually know if anyone is still reading (HA) But I’ll go ahead and keep updating as I can. I’ve written another part to be posted soon, hopefully my brain will cooperate and let me finish this damn story. ALSO ITS BUCKY’S BIRTHDAY SO HERE HAVE THIS.
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Master   Part 4

Originally posted by esgaroths

Winter in New York was not always beautiful. The snow began to melt into slush, turning the streets black and slick, and the closer it got to Christmas, the worse it got. The streets glazed over with ice, and you and Bucky had started taking your coffee dates in the warmth of your own kitchen. Steve had taken to going to the gym rather than freeze or risk slipping on ice and breaking something, and this particular morning was no exception.

Bucky groaned as you grasped his hand, yanking him forward and toward yet another store. He should have known better, the second you asked him to come shopping, that he would be reduced to little more than your bag carrier. His arms were weighed down with the things you’d gotten for Steve- and for him, although he was terribly oblivious to the fact.

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EXO Reacts ~ Their Girlfriend Walking Into a Glass Door

(gif credit to owners)

Request found here

Xiumin (Minseok)

*Quietly holds in giggles while he asks if you’re okay*

Originally posted by minniedeer

Suho (Junmyeon)

*Mom activated* “Oh my God are you okay?! Come here I need to see if you have any boo boos!”

Originally posted by tinyjunmyeon

Lay (Yixing)


Originally posted by luedeer


*Bursts into laughs* “Ah jagi how did you not see that?! It’s right in front of you!”

Originally posted by myheartforgomez

Chen (Jongdae)

This little shit man will make fun of you the rest of the day. “Do you want to borrow my glasses? I don’t want you bumping into glass anymore.”

Originally posted by n0thing1shere


“Okay you’re like a foot smaller than me how did you not see that?”

Originally posted by sehunsyixing

D.O (Kyungsoo)

*Can’t comprehend how it all happened*

Originally posted by exoplathot

Kai (Jongin)

*From the couch eating chicken* “Is your forehead okay? That looked like it hurt.”

Originally posted by fykai


*Rolling around on the floor shouting and pointing out how stupid you just looked*

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Reactions master list

Mobile master list 


so you took the bad thing and you gave it a name.
fed it. left a bowl of milk out for it
on the doorstep like you’d leave
one for the gods. somebody did something
to you and the bad thing got inside
of you and you - you let it eat
leftover chicken from your fingers,
lick peanut butter from the back
of a spoon. called it sweetheart
until it came close. sat still and quiet
until it got used to you like a wild thing
gets used to a freeway. spoke to it
in soft voices until it knew its own name.
inch by inch. you got the bad thing in you
to let you touch it, run a hand
down its spine and make it
arch up against your palm like a hungry
cat. a soft and rawboned hurt.
you know it won’t ever go away now?
but you gave it a name and now
it’s yours. it belongs to you.
—  s.s.“tame”

You know when ur eating ur chicken nuggets and ur having a great time. Like you’re really enjoying eating some really nicely seasoned chicken nuggets. Maybe you’re at a diner with some good friends after seeing a really good movie or whatever. But then while you’re minding your own business, eating your delicious chicken nuggets that you’ve had dozens of times before, suddenly you bite into a piece of cartilage in your chicken nugget and your soul leaves your body. And then that piece of cartilage isn’t even a small piece. It’s taken over like ¾ of the damn chicken nugget and it’s all you can think about for the rest of your time at the diner. That damn massive piece of cartilage that ruined your chicken nuggets, and even though you have like 3 or 4 left you don’t really want to eat them. The memories of the good chicken nuggets are even kinda tainted by this nasty one. Well, M0nel is kinda like that chicken nugget.  

anonymous asked:

You don't have to be old to understand that stoick is ABUSIVE. He never listens to hiccup, like when hiccup says he doesn't want to fight dragons and stoick MAKES HIM ANYWAY. Or when he tells hiccup he's not his son...oh but it's all ok because once hiccup is cool stoick loves him. Stoick is an asshole and he's not a good parent, and if you think he is then you're probably abusive too.

Ok.  Um…First of all, no.

Second, since we clearly didn’t watch the same movie, lemme explain a thing.  Stoick listens to Hiccup.  He doesn’t get him, but he listens.  It’s not his fault everything Hiccup says is totally absurd.  Like, “I caught a Night Fury”?  Yeah, ok, kid.  No one has ever caught a Night Fury.  And to throw your own words back at you, it’s just like the last few times, Hiccup.  I know you didn’t actually catch one.  Look at this fucking mess you made because you blatantly disobeyed me.  This mess I’m going to have to clean up.  You disobeyed me, son.  You disobeyed me as your father and as your chief.  Go home.  You’re grounded.

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chocolatexlittle  asked:

Hii Mister, question from a new little. I'm 18 (turning 19 in a couple of months) and I'm a virgin.. I'm scared that me being inexperienced will scare off potential daddy, should I just wait until I have had sex to pursue a daddy?


A good loving caring real daddy isn’t going to care if you’ve had sex. His interest will be in nurturing you… Loving you..building you up… Making you better than the day before.

He will delight in seeing you… And be happy. His joy will come from your giggle, your excitement at New stuffies… The cute way you eat your chicken nuggets.

He will take great pleasure In helping you with hard things… Decisions.. And the tough stuff. He’ll love coloring and reading you stories… He’ll cuddle you to sleep.

A real and genuine and loving daddy won’t mind you’re a virgin.. And when you do finally decide to give him that gift; he’ll be slow and patient… He’ll teach you right… He’ll help you so you won’t have to worry.

If all he seems to care about is sex… He’s not a daddy. He’s a creep.

Your submission is a gift.

Video Games (songfic) - Stiles Stilinski

song link here

Originally posted by nightimethinker

You hummed happily in content, prancing slowly around the kitchen with a soup ladel in your hand as the song in the kitchen switched to one that brought you back.

Swinging in the backyard pull up in your fast car, whistling my name”

You grinned, twirling and swaying around to the song that gave you memories of homecoming, junior year.  The magical night that started it all.  You even sang softly, so invested in the wonderful nostalgia of being in strong protective arms, a warm feeling in your chest, honey colored eyes that never left you.

I say you the bestest swing in for a big kiss put his favorite perfume on”

You continued to move your hips back and forth, even as you’d gone back to stirring yours and your boyfriend’s dinner.  The entire apartment smelled like vegetable soup.  You just hoped he’d be happy when he got home, knowing he had a long day at school today, and more hours were added on, as his father had asked for help at the station.  You’d thought maybe a peaceful night in with a warm homemade dinner would be a relaxing way to end his night.

Go play your video game..”

The door opened, your boyfriend finally home, but you were too wrapped up in your cooking and dancing and singing to notice he was home.  You were still stirring, singing along loudly and shamelessly.  It wasn’t until he sang along softly that you knew he was there.

It’s you it’s you it’s all for you, everything I do, I tell you all the time” 

He walked up behind you, still singing.  You turned when his hands placed themselves on your hips, and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

Heaven is a place on earth with you, tell me all the things you wanna do”

Welcome home Stiles” You said with a small smile, and he wrapped his arms around your waist.

“I do believe this song is ours” He said with a boyish smile.  You linked your own arms behind his neck.

I heard that you like the bad girls honey, is that true?”

“Hm” You hummed in thought.  “I don’t remember” You shrugged nonchalantly, and Stiles raised an eyebrow.

“You don’t remember me accidentally yelling to the whole school how in love with you I am?” You giggled.

“No I remember”

Well baby now you do”

Stiles moved side to side with you, dancing in the kitchen as you smiled at him and continued to sing along to your song.

“It was pretty embarassing” You told him.

“You think? I try to have a friendly conversation with Scott, next thing I know he’s making me scream cause he ‘can’t hear me’ and one thing lead to another” Stiles shook his head, and spun you around before pulling you back into his chest.

“Looking back on it, I have no idea how you fell for that.  The boy’s a werewolf Stiles.  He could hear the people hooking up all the way in Coach’s office, even with the blasting music in the gym” You giggled again, and he gave you a look.  “Hey, it could’ve been worse”

“That’s true” He shrugged a shoulder, moving you back and forth again.  “You could’ve told me you’re repulsed by me” You shook your head, trying to hide your laugh this time.

“Only when you eat curly fries like a monster” Stiles smiled crookedly, a small sense in pride in him.  Or maybe the thought of curly fries just made him happy.  “But other than that Stilinski..” You breathed heavily, leaning closer and smiling up at him.  “I was about ready to scream it too” Stiles kissed you softly, holding you closer, and breathing in your scent.

“Well… I guess I’m cooler then cause I did it first” He mumbled against your lips, and you giggled, looking up at him with crinkled but twinkling eyes.

“When I say I was ready to scream it, I was thinking more along the lines of into a pillow.. not in front of the whole school” Stiles groaned.

“Why do we always have this conversation” You giggled again, and stood your bare feet up onto his socks, pressing a longer kiss to his lips.

“Because you love me so damn much” 

“Did you just quote me? Via last year’s dance?” Stiles asked, feigning confusion.

“And I love you so damn much too Stilinski” You whispered, threading your fingers softly through his hair.

“Well you live with me so… you’ve got no choice”

“Nope.  I’m stuck with you” You smiled, and stepped off of his feet.  But he didn’t let you get away that easily, his arms encircling your waist and setting you up on the counter.  “Well this is new” You smiled before he’d sealed your lips with his.

“Happens a lot on tv.  Thought I’d see if it works” You nodded, definitely liking… whatever this was.  Stiles moved between your legs, kissing you longingly and passionately.

It was great until you smelled smoke.


So the two of you ordered takeout in your pajamas, eating sesame chicken with rice on the couch, and you lived happily ever after.

honestly i don’t need someone to cook for me.  lemme eat chinese food in my pajamas and i’ll love you forever.

tagged: @morganschiebel and @bunnyboo10154

this was mini but i was taking a homework break.
xoxo ~ jordie

That Bathtub Scene

Anon:  Wally West and reader have a lazy day.
Genre: Fluff.
Words: 813

           "So…“ Wally wiggles his eyebrows at you and you roll your eyes, knowing what comes next, "Come here often?”

           You splash him while he chuckles at his own joke. It’s a lazy day with no missions, training and no will to leave your apartment. So you’re both sitting in the bathtub with bubbles up to your necks.

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I’m always so surprised whenever people say Hanzo and McCree have nothing in common. Let’s just consider: 

Both are former illegal arms dealers who left their respective families/organizations - Overwatch totally functioned as McCree’s  family - when they realized things had gone really bad. Both are currently wanderers trying to atone for their pasts. As Hanzo hints at in the Junkenstein brawl, they’re both goddamn walking talking anachronisms. In a meta sense they are partly based on two different versions of the same character. (Go google ‘Yojimbo and Fistful of Dollars’, please.)

What… what do you want from me.

The A-Team

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: When Bucky is rescued, everyone quickly finds out that he works best with you and Steve on missions. What happens when you get hurt on a mission? The truth about your past with the Winter Soldier is revealed as well

Warnings: blood, being shot 

Whenever new mission prospects came in, the Avengers took careful consideration of picking the right people for the specific needs of the mission. Fury set up large meetings for the team to discuss who would go on them, and the plans for when you got there. It took certain skill sets for a job, and you were lucky enough to be needed on almost every mission since you were the eyes from above. The previous job you had of being a sniper for the CIA had gotten Fury’s attention, which then lead Natasha to come recruit you while you were on the job. There had been some rumors that you worked with the Winter Soldier at some point, but you weren’t going to comment on that without Bucky’s permission. However, you were a key part in his rescue mission, which then lead to you becoming best friends with Steve and Bucky.  

A few months after the successful mission in which the Winter Soldier was brought ‘home’, he began training with the team on a normal basis. Slowly but surely, he started joining everyone at meal time, and even coming to team parties. Although he was still relatively quiet, everyone noticed that he talked the most and worked the best when it was only you and Steve interacting with him. Everyone also noticed that Bucky had a certain glimmer in his eyes whenever you walked into the room, but that was left unsaid. After a few missions with just the three of you, the people on the news and on social media called the three of you “The A-team”, much like the tv show. It was pretty badass, considering the boys felt you were the leader of the small group when put on missions together. They knew and respected the fact that you were the one watching their backs from above, and coming up with backup plans if all hell broke loose. When it was smaller missions, you followed up the group and watched everyone’s backs.

This was all swirling in your mind as you sat down at the dining table to have lunch with the team. Natasha was telling stories about the times she pranked Clint, and how he attempted to get her back but he only fell deeper into her traps once again. The previous 2 weeks were pretty bland since there were no missions, and everyone was going borderline stir crazy. But you knew that down time always came to an abrupt end, and this was proven true when Tony came running into the room which made the happy chatter cease. He told you, Bucky, and Steve to suit up and be on the quinjet within 10 minutes, there was a small Hydra base that didn’t protect their coordinates while they were trying to hack into the secure servers at the Avengers Compound. As much as you wanted to sit there and eat your chicken sandwich, you had work to do with the team.


The uniform that was made for you was bulletproof and sleek, it was sort of like Black Widow’s except yours covered all the way up to your neck instead of zipping down in the front. Steve delivered the mission folder with all the details to read on your walk to the quinjet, and this time it was just a simple gut and sweep. So you got your basic things for sniping from the trees, considering there were no hills to be perched on. It was a good idea that only the A-Team would be going, this way if there was another emergency back at the compound everyone was still available for that. Plus, a gut and sweep was something that the three of you had mastered over the previous year. With over 50 successful missions, this one was the most simple of all, or so you thought.

Night had fallen by the time you reached Virginia, and it was especially dark in the woods that you were sent to. Being perched in a tree with a night scope did help though, compared to the boys having to run around on the ground pretty much blind. Although, it was pretty easy to see when someone was running at you, hell bent on killing. You had already taken out the personnel on the rooftop, and gave them the go ahead on the ground. The file said that there were only about 40 people left working at this particular base, 10 of which were on the roof. Bucky normally handled the initial quick fight getting into the building, and then Steve cleared them out on the inside.

At first, you were surprised to see Steve join in on the action outside, but then you realized why. Being severely outnumbered on a mission is alarming in multiple different ways, especially in the sense that the backup was hundreds of miles away. But there was no time for you to have any other reaction to the situation at hands. You started to shoot faster than you ever had in battle, especially when you took out the AR-15. Over the gunshots, you could hear the guys panting into the comm. There was no time to think of yourself in the fight, it was all about getting your guys out safe. You knew no one was watching your back in the midst of the chaos, but you went climbed down the tree as fast as possible. Your feet hit the ground with a thump, and you were off to the races.

As many hydra agents you took down, you managed to miss the one standing directly behind you. A shot rang out and a bullet sank into your lower back, and you spun on your heel to shoot him before doing anything else. “Shit, I got hit.” You gritted your teeth as you yelled, and continued to shoot from your spot with your back pressed to a tree. Your heartbeat was pounding in your ears while you tried to focus on the situation at hand. There seemed to be about 60 agents left, and you knew the guys could handle it on their own.

Steve continued to take them down with his shield and kicks to the head, “We’re leaving now, Bucky is coming to pick you up.”

This was when you decided to play dead, this way if anyone that wasn’t from your side happened to run by they wouldn’t try to shoot you anymore. Your vision was becoming blurry because of the blood loss, but it certainly wasn’t the first time you’d been shot. The area around you seemed to be clear, so you ripped a piece of your t-shirt off to hold pressure to the wound. Once Bucky actually arrived to where you were, you saw a look on his face that was unfamiliar; fear. The fear of him losing you again was showing on his face as he leaned down, “It’s gonna be okay,” Bucky whispered as he grabbed you, it was more for himself than you at the moment. He picked you up bridal style, with his metal arm across the top of your back.

The one thing that you kept a secret from everyone was that Hydra had captured you once already, and you had been in close quarters with the Winter Soldier. When you had met once more on the rescue mission, it was like a breath of fresh air seeing him still alive and breathing. You kept trying to think of happy memories with him while Bucky was running back to the quinjet, but you were still getting terrible flashbacks to Hydra. “Breath, Y/n.” Bucky could see the agony on your face that wasn’t just from being shot, and his voice was cutting through the bad memories while you tried to focus on his face. This was also when you thought back to the time you denied having any previous contact with the Winter Soldier, what would have been the harm in it?

While you were having droopy thoughts from blood loss, you’d forgotten that Natasha had been on the quinjet waiting for word on the siege. You knew you were going to kick yourself for forgetting about her later, but all you could focus on was Bucky’s hands on your body. Apparently her comm hadn’t been working properly so she didn’t know of the situation at hand. You couldn’t concentrate for much longer, between the flashbacks and the amount of blood pouring out of the bullet wound. Once you had reached the helicarrier in Bucky’s arms, Natasha got the bullet out and started to stitch you up immediately. You remained in Bucky’s lap, staring up at him while he put his hands on either side of your face. Bucky looked so sad seeing you in this much pain, “C’mon baby, fight through it. You’re safe here with us.” He continued to speak as Steve ran in through the open gate, then shut it as he came in. The quinjet took off, but you were losing consciousness throughout it all. However, you were aware of Bucky staying close to you and keeping pressure on the wound.

The next thing you knew, light was flooding into your eyes from the medical wing’s windows.

Bucky’s quiet snores caught your attention to the right, and through squinted eyes you could see the scrapes on his face from the previous night. The way he was sprawled out on the lounge chair next to your bed brought back a very particular memory, one that made you blush a little as it came to your mind. While you attempted to sit up, the bed creaked causing Bucky to abruptly jolt out of his sleep. He got up fast and came to sit on the edge of the bed, keeping you from sitting all the way up.

The pain in your back ceased to exist when you looked into Bucky’s eyes and took his hands in yours. You’d seen this look on his face before, when the both of you were in Hydra’s grasp. “Y/n, I thought I was going to lose you again.” Tears were welling up in his eyes, and you remembered the look on his face on the day you finally got saved from Hydra. He sacrificed himself so that you could be free, and you thought about this when you brought his knuckles up to your lips. “Let’s try again, this time we’re free.” Bucky was looking deep into your eyes, awaiting a response.

“I see we still love each other,” A faint smile played on your face as you took a deep breath, a blush was creeping up on Bucky’s face.

Bucky chuckled, “I guess we do, doll.”