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What is your point of view on eating eggs from your own chickens, as you know that they have a good life and are kept in good conditions? Sorry if this is offensive or anything! :)

This isn’t offensive at all! Well, although the chickens may be very well treated and loved, they don’t produce eggs for humans. Eggs are essentially their periods, and they eat them back to compensate, or re-nourish, themselves for the nutrients lost when they produce the eggs. Additionally, although veganism IS about the ethical and environmental side, there is a nutritional side of it for OUR health! Eggs are really high in cholesterol and fat, and simply does not benefit us, and may even harm our bodies, when consumed x

throwback to Philly night 2 of the 1989 tour when I go to the bathroom to wash my hands being careful not to wash off the purple 13 on my hand (because it was v cute and I wanted everyone to see it) and ya know I’m at the sink just thinking like man I wish I could’ve just used hand sanitizer like I just wanna eat those crab fries and chicken tenders (LET ME TELL YOU IF YOU ARE EVER AT LINCOLN FINANCIAL FIELD YOU GO BUY YOURSELF SOME CRAB FRIES AND CHICKEN I DONT CARE IF YOURE HUNGRY OR NOT YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED) so I’m at the sink ya know washing my hands as one does and this lady comes to the sink next to me and I’m like oh hi stranger and I smile because I smile at strangers sue me and this lady THIS LADY she looks at me and I’m like oh yay she’s gonna smile back NO SHE LAUGHS RIGHT IN MY FACE so I dry off my hands trying to stay positive because I have some quality chicken waiting for me with my parents but inside I feel like my heart has split I mean I feel emotionally bruised so I see my parents and the lovely chicken and i feel better now that I’m reminded of the good in the world but NO I see the lady AGAIN and so like a good citizen I give her the benefit of the doubt and smile again and this lady laUGHS AT ME agAIN and here I am like wow I’m so hurt I’m just trying to be excited about this concert and this lady really doesn’t want me to have a good time so my parents and I walk to our seats, my mind shifting from thinking about the chicken and also let’s not forget about the fries and the lady who laughed at my face TWICE. we find our seats, I’m about to eat the chicken when it hits me IM WEARING A RED TUTU WITH A SHIRT I MADE THAT SAYS BAD BLOOD AND IM ROCKING SOME SPARKLY EYE BLACK AND IM HOLDING A POSTER THAT SAYS BAND AIDS DONT FIX BULLET HOLES AND I LOOK RIDICULOUS… THIS LADY WAS LAUGHING AT MY SPARKLY EYE BLACK AND HERE I AM THINKING SHE KNOWS ALL MY SECRETS OR CAN READ MY MIND SOME HOW anyways long story short I was so anxious to see taylor that I only ate a single chicken tender and some only regret of the night

If I ever had to give anyone advice on how to get bigger numbers/get bigger in general it would just be to EAT. Like seriously you need to eat. And you need to eat a LOT. Of GOOD food.

Obviously there are a lot of other things I would tell people but that’s number one. I’m not really qualified to give advice.

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When your new roommate cooks you Spanish Basquez Chicken because it’s your first day. And all you can do now is eat and drink wine and forget you’re far from the ones you love.

Quand ton nouveau coloc te prépare un poulet Bazquez façon espagnole parce que c’est ton premier jour. Et que tout ce que tu peux alors faire c’est manger et boire du vin pour oublier que tu es loin de ceux que tu aimes.

Ilegal Mexcal, a small Guatamalan-based liquor company has been putting up these signs in Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City. The message roughly translates into “Donald is a jack ass/asshole.” The idea was born from an interaction Ilegal Mezcal’s founder, John Rexer, had with a Mexican waiter. When Rexer shared his love for the Mexican state of Puebla (where he once lived), the waiter said that it was “good to know everybody [in America] is not like Donald Trump” and then said “Donald eres un pendejo.” In 2012, when Chick-fil-A’s CEO stated that he was against gay marriage, Rexer created posters with two roosters kissing alongside the words “I’d rather kiss a cock than eat your chicken.”

When asked if he was worried about a possible lawsuit from the billionaire, Rexer said, “I’m not worried about it at all. Perhaps I should be, but I generally don’t worry about things if I feel like I’m on the right side of something. I think it’s universal that people think he’s a pendejo.” He went on to say that Ilegal Mezcal would put up posters “as long as Trump continues to be an ass - so probably we’ll be doing it for a while.”

Ilegal Mexcal has also made T-shirts with the statement, with proceeds going to the New York State Youth Leadership Council, an undocumented, youth-led organization. Their mission is as follows: “We organize to empower ourselves and our communities. We believe that education is a right, and we work to create opportunities for undocumented youth to achieve all of their goals.”


We raise our meat birds.  Top photo is our birds at 3-4 weeks, they eat on 12-hour shifts, and bottom picture is a bird from our last batch. I put a whole chicken in our crockpot on low for 6-7 hours with seasonings and some broth and it is ready to eat!  Make sure your chicken is cooked thoroughly. So good!