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Are you...ok after watching Temple of Doom? Because that movie is...weird to say the least. I'd actually forgotten about the hitting Shorty thing until I saw you post about it. I mean I understand criticisms of the alien stuff in Crystal Skull but I still love that movie because of the emotional stuff with Indy and Marion but yeah Temple of Doom is...just weird and CREEPY AS HELL

I’m okay I mean, it was Indy so I had difficulty genuinely not enjoying it, but there were parts where I was genuinely really creeped out and unlike the other ones where the weirdness is semi-explained, this time there was just … nothing made sense. There was no explanation, weird scary things just HAPPENED and you had to accept them. And it was also sorta low-key racist, you know? 

Also, in general, I don’t like child abuse, so that stuff with the mine and the part where he hits Shorty across the face, mind control or no, was really … erch. I mean I didn’t dislike it as a general thing in the context of the movie but it made me kind of uncomfortable and IT BROKE MY HEART WHEN TEENY BABY LOOKED UP AT HIM WITH WIDE EYES OH NO wow that part was terrible it killed me

but I’m fine everything’s fine

my question really is where the hell Shorty is in the other ones I mean he was practically Indy’s adopted kid

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Ichigo and Mitsu constantly feeding the samonjis like worried mothers, "are you guys eating well?" "You guys are really thin, here another serving of rice, you better eat it up" and the samonji's are so happy because they've never really been shown this much kindness (but that thirteen course meal may have been too filling guys) -shokunba anon


There’s Actually A Scientific Reason You Sometimes Want To Eat Your Baby (or Puppy). It’s called cute aggression and the struggle is real. You’re admiring your precious baby when the urge washes over you… you want to bite them. Not, like, a real bite. Just a nibble of a toe or a cheek. Or maybe just squeeze their face a little.

Turns out you’re not a sick weirdo after all.

This phenomenon has a name, and apparently, a sociological purpose. Commonly known as cute aggression, “dimorphous expressions” can be a helpful tool in controlling our emotions, according to findings by psychological scientists at Yale University.

Lead researcher Oriana Aragon explained the phenomenon to BuzzFeed Life: “We regulate emotions in a lot of different ways. Sometimes we try to rethink the situation. Sometimes we try to push our emotions down with sheer will. Sometimes we remove ourselves from the situation that is causing the emotions. And with this new discovery, we are figuring out that sometimes we respond with the opposite expression from what we feel, and that seems to help to balance us back out too.”

So basically — you want to gnaw on that cute baby’s cute face because you literally can’t stand how cute it is, and the urge to bite is your brain’s weird way of handling the cuteness.