Seen u eating cat food - w4m

Originally Posted: 2014-06-19  9:20am                                    

  Seen you eating catfood out of can. You was using a fork. Looks like yous gots some manners. I like that.    


“When I transferred to Ole Miss in 2000 I weighed 270 pounds.  During my time on campus, I woke up & worked out many mornings at the Turner Center before my classes started.  There were many days when I worked out twice a day. I stopped drinking sodas, eating junk food, etc.  I dropped 50 pounds & I weighed 220 pounds.  Therefore, when I graduated from the University in 2002 I was very proud of myself because all of my hard work paid off.  That’s when my struggles began.  I relapsed on Dr. Peppers, reverted back to some of my old ways, stopped working out & started eating a lot of unhealthy foods again.  So from August 2002 to October 2014, I gained 66 pounds!

I was disgusted with myself.  I was disappointed in myself.  I wanted to do something about it but all I did was think about it, talk about it & do nothing about it.  Then I started developing sporadic pains in my chest near my heart.  I foolishly never went to the doctor to get checked out. I wouldn’t advise anyone to do that. In 2013, a friend of mines invited me to join Mr. Shut Up & Train’s 21 Day Fitness Challenge with her.  I reluctantly joined but when it was over I was glad I did because I lost 10 pounds.  However, on the last day of that challenge I partially tore my Achilles tendon at work.  Despite changing my eating habits & being immobile due to an injury that required no surgery but physical therapy, I gained that 10 pounds back.  I was discouraged but I had a strong desire to commit myself to living a healthier lifestyle & to lose all the weight I gain since graduating from Ole Miss.

In September 2014, my friend invited me to join another 21 Day Fitness Challenger with her.  Once again I reluctantly joined.  If I remember correctly I think I lost 5 pounds.  I was back down to 286 pounds.  When that challenge was over my best friend surprised me with a 3 month gym membership at Bam Fitness in Nettleton, MS on October 11th, 2014.  God has truly blessed me with a few select true friends who truly love me & care about my well-being.  When she did that, I had no more excuses.  I had to get to work.  I had to do it.  At that very moment, I fully committed to living a healthier lifestyle while challenging myself to become better mentally, physically & spiritually. I became focused, dedicated & made the necessary changes needed in order to reach my weight goal.  

6 months & 19 days later on April 30th, 2015 I finally met my goal weight of 220 pounds without taking any dietary supplements, pills, etc. At the present moment, I weigh 216 pounds & which means that I’ve lost 70 pounds!  Despite already achieving my goal, I remain committed to living a healthier lifestyle while taking better care of my temple which is my body that houses my soul.  I want others who are dealing with various health issues & those who want to get in shape to know that it is possible if you’re willing to defy your fears, anxieties & doubts which all conspire to make you think that it is impossible. No more excuses.  If can do it then you can do it also. Don’t wait to lose that weight because if you keeping on waiting you’ll keep on gaining more weight.

The owners & trainers at Bam Fitness have been very professional & supportive of my efforts to live a healthier lifestyle.  Their facility is one of quality & it has everything thing needed to help you reach your goals.  However, workout equipment in any gym isn’t going to move by itself unless you get it to moving.  I am committed to creating a new me & you should too.  To learn more about my journey to live a healthier lifestyle please visit my inspirational blog at  I hope my story inspired you.  God is great!” Joseph Ivy