me,    waiting for people to realize that writing / fiction is not separate from reality and that the things that they write and display can have real life impacts.    that privately condoning or even writing some material does not make them stronger or better than those that don’t and that in some    (  most  !  )    cases it only hurts and triggers people.    that just because something exists in the real world does not mean it is something that should be actively shown and supported in one’s writing.

Shelter - Part 12

Running title: Shelter
Part 12
Summary:Allen simultaneously hustles swear money out of his estranged family, gets cute with Link, and finally feels his song is complete all in one chapter. Also, Neah gets sassed again, and Cross isn’t drunk enough for this shit. 
Part 11: Here
Part 13: TBA

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jake peralta doing IT for/because of amy santiago

some things to think about

-tyler and josh are alive right now.
-tyler and josh are glad you are alive right now.
-tyler and josh love you.
-tyler and josh care about you.
-tyler and josh want you to eat.
-tyler and josh want you to have a smile on your face.
-tyler and josh love you and care about you, just as much as you love and care about tyler and josh.

i want a fic where louis’ step-dad owns a ranch and harry’s a farmhand and louis totally doesn’t have a thing for watching him getting sweaty and having to take his shirt off. but like he uses the excuse of bringing harry something to drink ‘because you looked thirsty’ just so he could go out and talk to him. it becomes a habit and his stepdad is like 'stop bugging my workers’ but harry is like 'it’s no problem i actually enjoy his company’ which makes louis so happy he actually blushes when harry says that. so when harry has his lunch break louis starts to bring out food for them to eat together they start talking and talking and louis finds out harry is the sweetest sweetie who is charming and funny and that he loves to bake and all this other stuff that makes louis like him even more. then one day louis just blurts out 'do you want to go out with me’ .