“The Walking Dead” Intro…But With Drunk People

Drunk people are pretty much the closest equivalent to zombies we’ll ever see in the real world - they stumble around, barely able to walk in a straight line; they can’t really speak, so much as slur words and occasionally groan; and they just want to eat (usually more Taco Bell than human flesh, but whatever).

And so Marca Blanca used stock footage of drunk people in place of the sights of the zombie apocalypse that normally fill up the intro to The Walking Dead. And ya know what? It’s kinda perfect.


6/27: The Taco Truck (High Line, New York)

:: taco of the day: cilantro, onion, pork and guacamole + a pineapple soda ::

was so psyched to finally check out the High Line when lo, what was this? taco trucks at the entrance of 10th and 30th? Hellllll yes! / opted for The Taco Truck, and from their cute taco dudes to their perfect tortillas and sweet, soft pork bits that blew my mind I learned there’s as much happening below as above on the High Line