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Do you have some ideas for breakfast? Like, I tend to eat pretty smal, similar breakfasts but i want to eat a big, healthy yummy breakfast😊

Yay for big healthy breakfasts!! How about a big smoothie with heaps of bananas, vegan milk, maple syrup, and any other fruit and a handful of spinach? Or nana nicecream with yum toppings, or a big bowl of oats with tons of fruit and peanut butter, or toast with peanut butter, maple syrup and dates!! Or vegan pancakes with loads of fruit and homemade tofu chocolate mousse? Orrrr granola with fruit, dates, nut butter and vegan milk, or vegan French toast with yummy fruity nutty chocolatey toppings!xx

mistymountainhopscotch said: Do you have a recipe for the carrot cake oatmeal?

yes! this is roughly what I do:

basic carrot cake oatmeal
½ cup rolled oats
½ cup unsweetened almond milk
1 banana
½ cup shredded carrot
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp ground cinnamon
½ tsp ground ginger
½ tsp ground nutmeg
(I don’t actually measure the spices—feel free to add more or less to taste!)

in a microwavable bowl, mix the oats, almond milk, and ½ cup water. microwave for about 3 minutes until some of the liquid has been absorbed. mash ½ of the banana into the oatmeal, then add in the shredded carrot and mix. microwave for another 2-3 minutes until the oatmeal is thick. add the vanilla and spices and mix well. slice the other half of the banana on top.

to make it even better, I like mixing in shredded coconut, raisins, chopped dates, walnuts or pecans, etc. and it’s really tasty topped with peanut or almond butter, of course. :)

I got asked by gleekylittleliarr to answer the time of day questions, state asks, holiday asks and planet asks so I’m just going to answer them all in this post :D  

Time of day: 

dawn: how early do you wake up? On school days, 7:30. Other days, 10ish

morning: what do you usually eat for breakfast? Butter on toast or cereal. I hate breakfast foods :P

noon: how do you act one on one? It depends on the person.

evening: what are your chores? I don’t really have any specific ones, I just help around the house :)

dusk: when do you feel most awake? Probably noon.

night: do you want to go stargazing? with who? Yes but idk who with

midnight: write a short bedtime story? I’m lazy :P

State asks:

alaska: if you went camping, who would you go with and what would you do? I’ve already went but I’d go with my friends and go hiking so and stuff.

California: how liberal are you? Quite liberal in my opinion

Florida: would you mind living near large predatory animals? Yes :)

Hawaii: do you want to become more independent? Definitely 

Idaho: what is your favourite way to eat potatoes? Crisps or fries I guess

Michigan: do you like swimming? I don’t mind it

Nevada: are you bored with your life? Kinda

Oregon: what’s your favourite video game? Idk

Rhode Island: what size are your feet? Size 5 :)

Texas: what’s your least favourite accent? Russian I think (sorry to Russian people)

Utah: how religious are you? On a scale of 1-10, 7

Washington: do you like the rain? I love it :D 

Holiday Asks:

christmas: are there any family traditions you plan on continuing throughout your life? My family doesn’t really have many traditions :/

Easter: do you believe people deserve forgiveness? Yes I do

Groundhog Day: what frightens you easily? Lots of things! The dark, the unknown, being trapped, drowning etc.

Halloween: if you could curse someone, would you? If so, how? I wouldn’t curse anyone.

Hanukkah: are you comfortable around open flames? Depends how big the flame is.

Kwanzaa: how much social interaction do you like? I’m quite an awkward and introverted person so you can guess the answer to that :P

Saint Patrick’s: which mythical creatures do you connect with? A Pegasus? Idk

Thanksgiving: what are the five things you’re most grateful for? My parents, my education, the opportunities I get, people that actually care about me and the basic necessities I have easy access to :)

Valentine’s Day: who are your tumblr crushes? These are a handful of my fave blogs: just-assume-its-sparia iansquared rosewoodbtwentysix cavanaughty immortalitymydxrlings

Planet asks:

Earth: do you think the world has been kind to you? Honestly, idk. The answer would be different for everyone. It’s kinda 50/50

Jupiter: what would you do for the sake of your friends? Tbh, for everyone, there’s a limit to how nice they’d be for someone. I know it sounds selfish but I wouldn’t cross that limit despite how much I love them and I don’t think anyone else would either.

Mars: when do you feel the most alive? When I’m happy

Mercury: how different do you act when you’re around your friends instead of strangers? When I’m with my friends I’m really hyper but around strangers I’m awkward and shy.

Neptune: How much do mood swings outwardly and inwardly affect you? I can be quite bitchy when I’m moody haha

Saturn: what would be your dream wedding ring? As cheesy as it sounds, any ring bought from the heart

Uranus: what position do you sleep in? Like 827082357253 positions. I can’t possibly choose one :)

Venus: do you hold onto things longer than you should? I’m quite a sentimental person so yes I do haha

I know this post is ridiculously long but I just wanted to answer these in one post. If you read all of this, thank you because I doubt anybody would want to read it all :D