Because she had to work late tonight, and because he wanted his two favorite people to stay a little bit longer, Walter offered his bed to Ralph so that Paige could continue working on her paperwork without any distraction. While he was eating his dinner, he overheard Ralph and Paige having a quiet conversation over the intercoms, and when he realized what they were talking about, he almost choked. 

He really had to get rid of that Interloper, and fast. 

meet jackzilla. jackzilla likes to roar in c-sharp and he only eats pig meat and ralph ass meat.  but the ralph ass is a delicacy. his best friend is roger-rex.  there is also mauriraptor. mauriraptor always cracks jokes. jackzilla, roger-rex and mauriraptor are happiest when they chase pigs and dance their lizard dances.

but the ranger trio, ralph, piggy and simon, have decided to put a stop to jackzilla and his pack of dinosaurs. so they use the conch because the conch always saves them when they’re in trouble. but, alas! the conch doesn’t work on jackzilla anymore. jackzilla has gotten stronger. so, ralph the yellow ranger decides to use an even more effective force. the power of the ass. he knows jackzilla won’t survive the temptation, because the yellow ranger’s ass is the best and jackzilla rarely gets to have it.  so the yellow ranger sets jackzilla a trap and jackzilla gets caught in it. roger-rex and mauriraptor are desperate because their lizard chief has been trapped.  then simon, the jesus ranger, uses his jesus powers to weaken the dinosaurs. and piggy, with the supreme power of the specs, finally destroys the jackzilla pack.

the rangers have won and jackzilla and his group have been defeated.