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12 for jalph ❤❤❤

12. We were pretending to be lovers but I’m not pretending anymore and I have to know if you feel the same way

(This prompt kind of doesn’t work with them unless it was an AU or something so I changed it a little, hope you enjoy!)

Jack Merridew was not used to the fact there was something he couldn’t have.

Since their arrival on the island, spending time with the other boys proved to be a disadvantage. Most of the littleuns’ cried for their parents, and then the other boys wouldn’t want to hunt with him. It made it hard for Jack to get anything done, so when the freckled child went out into the wilderness to hunt for pigs, he’d have to go by himself unless Roger riled them up. It wasn’t too big of a matter, though. Jack liked having things to himself.

So why was this any different? Jack glared at the blonde who was sleeping next to him. A black robe covered his body and he didn’t look uncomfortable as a cool breeze shifted over them. Jack only gave it to him because he kept pouting through the night and making weird noises, but he was starting to regret the goosebumps covering his own skin.

Before too long, Ralph woke up and stared at the black robe with confusion. He sat up and saw Jack looking at him from across the way.

“You realize I had a shirt on?” He mumbled, which was true. Even though it was torn and dirty, Ralph never took off his white button-up since they landed, which confused Jack because Ralph didn’t need to keep it on.

“You were making weird noises. If I didn’t do anything you’d keep doing it, and then-“

“You could have just left then.” Ralph snickered. He passed the robe along and threw it to Jack’s side. “Not going on your morning hunt?”

Jack raised an eyebrow, surprised at the lack of bitterness in that statement. “I’ll go later when the weather is nicer.”

“But it should be easier to catch pigs in the morning when they start waking up, right?” Ralph asked and Jack rolled his eyes. What would the other boy know about hunting when he had never picked up a stick in his life.

“That’s not how this works.”

“Oh, well.” Ralph shrugged and started to get up. He patted his legs to get some of the sand off his skin. Jack remembered that they played around in the sand yesterday and grew red in the face, remembering how he kept accidentally bumping into the blonde and falling on it, their bodies up pressed up again in child’s play. Ralph didn’t seem to mind though, he had fun goofing around when he wasn’t so pent up about the fire.

“I suppose we should get the others to wake up and get something to eat.” Ralph suggested.

Jack nodded in affirmation before the two of them started making their way on their usual route. There was a trail on the island that the two of them liked going on since their first day, and they never changed it. Jack was walking in front of Ralph, scouting for pigs, just in case.

“We could pick some berries where we usually do.” Ralph said, and Jack just nodded. It was a couple of seconds before Ralph sighed.

“Why are you so quiet?”

“I’m not.” Jack responded and Ralph just shook his head.

“You’ve been awfully quiet since I woke up and now you won’t even look me in the face.”

Jack started walking slower at that, his face bent up at the conflicting emotions he wished he didn’t have.

“Things have been different.” Jack said as the two of them neared the bushes. They weren’t sure what kind of berries they were, Piggy mentioned something about their kind but both of the boys just shook it off.

“What do you mean?” Ralph popped one of the berries into his mouth, and Jack grabbed a handful. He devoured his own share and didn’t care if some of it spilled on his face.

“I mean that I get these weird feelings whenever I spend time with you. I almost feel sick to the stomach.”

“Sick?” Suddenly a worried expression covered Ralph’s face and the redhead groaned.

“You always get so scared about everything.”

“Well, we don’t have any medicine, so of course I would feel scared about something like this.” Ralph hissed. “If you’re sick then you need to go back to the shelter and…”

“I’m fine. I just said I feel sick, but I’m not really sick.”

“What does that even mean?” The blonde was starting to get angry now and Jack just chuckled. How was it so easy to pull this boy’s strings?
“I just think that spending time with you has made me a lot…happier? I don’t know.” Jack mumbled. He hated being upfront like this but if he didn’t Ralph would never let Jack out of the shelter. The other boy stared for a couple of seconds before smiling.

“Oh, why didn’t you just say that? I’ve been happier too, except when you’re being difficult.”

“Difficult?” Jack watched the smile turn more into a look of play. “When have I been difficult?”

“Oh, Jack.”

  • [The Core Four is having a sit down meal]
  • Calhoun: Are these peppers for consuming?
  • Chef: Uh, I wouldn't, they're very hot.
  • Calhoun: I'm gonna give it a try.
  • [Calhoun eats it]
  • Calhoun: [mildly says] Mm. Hot.
  • Felix: You're very brave.
  • [Calhoun waves it off]
  • Vanellope: Please. That was one of the tiny ones. [sings] This is how you eat it.
  • Ralph: Don't do that, Vanellope.
  • [Vanellope eats it]
  • Vanellope: Mmm. FUCK.
  • [Vanellope glitches away from the table because HER MOUTH IS ON FIRE]

Because she had to work late tonight, and because he wanted his two favorite people to stay a little bit longer, Walter offered his bed to Ralph so that Paige could continue working on her paperwork without any distraction. While he was eating his dinner, he overheard Ralph and Paige having a quiet conversation over the intercoms, and when he realized what they were talking about, he almost choked. 

He really had to get rid of that Interloper, and fast. 

meet jackzilla. jackzilla likes to roar in c-sharp and he only eats pig meat and ralph ass meat.  but the ralph ass is a delicacy. his best friend is roger-rex.  there is also mauriraptor. mauriraptor always cracks jokes. jackzilla, roger-rex and mauriraptor are happiest when they chase pigs and dance their lizard dances.

but the ranger trio, ralph, piggy and simon, have decided to put a stop to jackzilla and his pack of dinosaurs. so they use the conch because the conch always saves them when they’re in trouble. but, alas! the conch doesn’t work on jackzilla anymore. jackzilla has gotten stronger. so, ralph the yellow ranger decides to use an even more effective force. the power of the ass. he knows jackzilla won’t survive the temptation, because the yellow ranger’s ass is the best and jackzilla rarely gets to have it.  so the yellow ranger sets jackzilla a trap and jackzilla gets caught in it. roger-rex and mauriraptor are desperate because their lizard chief has been trapped.  then simon, the jesus ranger, uses his jesus powers to weaken the dinosaurs. and piggy, with the supreme power of the specs, finally destroys the jackzilla pack.

the rangers have won and jackzilla and his group have been defeated.

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Cisco has literally designed Ralph the ugliest suit ever (sure it's not the final design) but I'm laughing. That sleezy prick ruined Cisco well planned personal bachelor party. Like the video was so damn cute. Clearly Cisco has more plans for the night what with 'get Barry drunk mix.' He had better plans then strip club with isnt Barry at all. So eat Ralph! Payback's a bitch. I honsetly do not see why Cisco and Ralph would be friends given Rahul's personality type to start with.

hahaha i actually don’t need ralph to be a Good Person; i like ralph for the same reason i wanted to like mon el when he was first introduced; he provides a really interesting moral contrast to the ‘pure of heart’ flavor of superhero that barry and cisco provide, and it’s fun to watch them clash because while they all got their powers in similar ways and answered similar calls to action, they react to and use their powers in wildly different ways. it’s incredibly entertaining and i’m looking forward to seeing where they go with it