TBH I’m not 100% sure exactly what constitutes a Buddha bowl but it does sound fancier than “here is a bowl of random veggies” 🌽🍃 This one had some cooled red lentils, arugula, raw corn (LOVE the crunch), peas, jasmine rice, red cabbage kraut, and avocado 👌🏼 Also FYI I just uploaded a new vlog of last weekends meetup + other adventures; the link is in my bio if you want to see some vegan donut porn and street art (u kno u do) 🍩

what i ate on september 26 :)

- califa farms almond milk espresso drink
- two slices of ezekiel multigrain toast with an avocado, nutritional yeast & pink salt

- whole wheat spaghetti with garlic marinara sauce, daiya vegan jack cheese, salt & pepper

- beyond meat vegan vietnamese chicken frozen meal with braggs liquid aminos

- a few squares of vegan mint dark chocolate