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Bit by Bit

I’m not sure if this fic is for anneapocalypse, or her fault. But either way, Volleyball/South Dakota because I cannot be stopped.


The first time you fall a little bit in love with her is when Felix brings her back to camp, swearing and clearly scowling through her helmet and dripping blood all over the back of the jeep because “Fuck you, you sub-standard soda can wannabe, I’m not taking your fucking biofoam pen. How’d I know what’s innit, you trying to poison me, asshole? Fuckin’ thing looks like it’s from the Jurassic Era, I’ll keep bleedin’ instead of jabbing that rusty-ass thing in my–”

You pause with a burger halfway to your mouth to watch the jeep go by, Felix in the front seat with some purple-and-green armored soldier in the back. You don’t answer the first few times Jensen calls your name, only wake from the daze when Bitters nudges your elbow and makes you get ketchup all over your chin.

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anonymous asked:

Any tips for young writers out there who wants to be a writer? ;-)

get a thick skin, eat your Wheaties, do your work, eyes on your own paper, live your life, take no shit