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“Believe me we are not going to take long time, it’s just a carnival, okay?” Your best friend argued as she pulled you away from your studying table.

“Taemi, I really need to finish this at least. I have a lot of things to do and I can’t go. Leave me out of this. Just go and have fun, okay?” You said returning back to your books that were everywhere on your table, holding your pen as you started to write again.

“Aish fine!” Taemi sat on your bed, crossing her arms over her chest. “I’m not leaving until you come with me.”

“Then spend the night!” You smirked.

Ten minutes passed and Taemi started to get bored so she turned on the music loudly. She was jumping and shaking her body with the music until you couldn’t concentrate from all the noises she was doing.

You, irritatingly, slammed your hands over your table and glared at your friend who stopped dancing, grinning at you.

“You are coming now?” She asked. A sigh skipped your mouth as you closed your books. “Fine”

“Assa~” taemi exclaimed as she opened your closet, choosing the best outfit for that day.

“What are you doing?” You asked. She picked a short dark blue skirt and off white shirt. You didn’t usually wear those kind of clothes. You could say that it was the only outfit that you had with this style, since you only wear trousers and hoodies finding them more comfortable. You bought this outfit to attend your cousin’s engagement. Your mom wanted from you to appear like a girl for once.        “What’s with the clothes? I’m not going to wear that”

“No you are going to wear this. I have finally managed to let you out of your hiding place.”

“I wasn’t hiding” you snorted.

“Yeah whatever.” She rolled her eyes, giving you the clothes and left you to change.

After 10 minutes when you finished changing. Taemi sat you in front of your mirror as she applied a simple makeup on you. “What is that for? I don’t need that.”

“My friend is pretty like that.” She said after she applied, lip gloss only which was enough since your face was reddish naturally you didn’t need a blusher. 

You looked at her with eyes filled with suspicious. Your friend had been nagging you to start wearing like girls. Actually she made a conclusion to herself which was that you were being so focused in yout studies because you didn’t have a boyfriend and you didn’t act like a girl. She asked you  many times to go to blind dates but you refused. You though that your studies were more important than relationships at that time.

“Don’t tell me!” You narrowed your eyes.

“What?” She asked innocently.

“It can’t be, right?” You asked again making sure to tension every word you say.

“Be what?” She chuckled.

“Taemi I told you I’m not going to date anyone now.” You scowled.                 

“Wah! No wonder, you are really smart. How did you know?”


“Just this once okay. Try him he really is a nice guy believe me.” She said trying to console you. You just gave her a glare which ended up with her kicking her legs to the ground. “Okay I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you but they are already waiting for us. If you didn’t like it’s all right! Just let’s have fun it had been a long time since you went out of your room”

You sighed, thinking how your friend was caring about you. 

“Ok fine…”

Taemi grinned and was about to celebrate-

“But…” You added.

“What now?” She whined, arching her eye brows.

“I’m going to leave after two hours I’m not going to stay more okay.”

“Okay! Two hours are enough for a lot of fun. Thank you my bestie” she said and hugged you.

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anonymous asked:

I'm feeling very attacked by vegans. I am willing to respect and accept your choices to eat whatever the fuck you want. Can't you at least accept mine, that I know where meat and animal byproducts come from and what they do to these poor things. You're fighting a loosing battle, the world will never be 100% began cuz it's not just about what you eat or your views, it's about survival and nature. Don't shame people for not following your views, that's undemocratic.

first of all, i cannot “respect and accept” your choices the way you say you respect mine because they are not morally equivalent. i live in a way that consciously seeks to promote *everyone’s* right to a life free of unnecessary suffering and oppression. you live in a way that, according to yourself, consciously harms and oppresses others. how is that respectable? i refuse to accept anything that is not just. and the way most humans abuse, exploit, and use other animals as if they were mere objects is FAR from just. please understand that you are asking me to respect you for funding the abuse and murder of billions. you are asking me to respect your lifestyle even though you refuse to respect other being’s right to live. you are asking me to sit back and accept genocide. i won’t.

secondly, you know very little about nature or survival. our bodies are built to thrive on plant based food. it’s actually pretty ridiculous that humans insist on eating animal products when they clearly are not meant for us and clearly don’t serve us. check out the chart below for a quick look at this:

when will people start to understand that this isn’t personal. it’s not about you. it’s not about your feelings. it’s not even about me. at all. it is so much bigger than us. it effects everyone and everything.

veganism is the healthiest, most sustainable long term solution. it is best for us, for the planet, and of course, for the animals. if you cared about humans all over the world who are starving, you’d be vegan. if you cared about the environment, you’d be vegan. if you cared about other animals, your health, or just about anything, you’d be vegan.

please don’t make this out to be about how vegans are attacking you for just minding your own business. you are getting called out for doing something morally wrong. just like people need to be called out when they are racist or sexist, they need to be called out when they are speciesist. your guilt and hurt feelings are not on me. they are on you. if you are feeling attacked, look at your behaviors. look at how entrenched you are in supporting the systematic oppression of other beings who have just as much of a right to live as you do. i will never apologize for standing up for what is right, even when it’s not popular. and i will never accept or respect something so fundamentally cruel.

queer-horror-story  asked:

I myself am vegitarian for the most part, but I have this conflicting feeling... even though animals won't have to suffer.. plants will. They live, they feel and they have energy.. It makes me wanna just not eat anything. What is your view on this? I must sound crazy.