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Sweet Obsession #9 ~FINAL~

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Summary: Taehyung finds himself having a sweet obsession with you. is it dangerous? Or is it a mere children’s crush?

Pairing: Reader X Kim Taehyung

Genre: Stalker!Taehyung, Psycho!Taehyung


“Y/n” he breathed. Tears were rushing down your face, his tight grip on you got tighter.

“Remember I love you”

7 hours before hand


“I have to go to my dad’s firm and then class, I’ll be back around 6. I love you.” you read the note that he laid out for you, you walked to the couch and plopped down turning on the tv.

Eating your cheerios you were wondering what your other friends were doing at the moment, Jimin was sure to be stressing out about you, knowing Mina she probably hasn’t left her bed all week and Jungkook will probably be getting on with his life.

Emptying the bowl and cleaning it, you rested it near the sink. Going back to the bed, you picked up the book that Taehyung was reading. Depressing sentences were underlined and highlighted, “He needs help” you whispered flipping to new pages.

You rested back in it’s place.


After painting your nails and reading all the magazines in the apartment you were officially bored. You reached for the phone and clicked on the only contact that you had, Taehyung.

Me: I’m v v v bored

Taehyung: I’m in a meeting right now

Me: Yes, but I’m very very bored.

Taehyung: Yes, but I’m working : )

Me: I understand but…I’m bored.

Taehyung: Well what do you want me to do about it?

Me: Well you could’ve left me some movies…

Taehyung: I did



Me: When will you be home?

Taehyung: missing my lips already?

The text made you blush, you never knew at how flirty he could be. You picked up the phone again, carefully replying with the best answer you could.

Me: Maybe

You waited for what seemed like hours, you smiled at your perfect text. You threw the phone on the ground not wanting to seem like you were waiting for his text.

Taehyung: I’ll try and get off early ; )


You were near to finishing the box of cheerios you started today, shoving the a hand full of the cereal in your mouth you watched ‘The Simpsons’ intensely. Looking at your phone you were wondering if you should text him again, just to see what he was doing.

The door opened revealing a very tired Taehyung, his tie was sitting loosely on his chest and his hair was a mess, he threw the suit jacket to the side. You got off of the couch and walked over to him, immediately he engulfed you into a hug.

Wrapping your arm’s around him tightly, you smelled the cologne you got him for his birthday.

“What’s wrong Tae?” you whispered

“I missed you” he whispered back.

“Let’s watch tv” you suggested dragging him over to the sofa, he sat down first and you practically laid against him. His arms wrapped around torso and your head leaned against his left arm.


“I’m going to get a drink” he got up walking over to the kitchen.

Switching to the news, an update about your story was being talked about, listening carefully.

“The police have identified the suspect”

“Although they do not know who he is, they have tracked down the buyer of the one of a kind silver ring that was left at the scene. The police are now on their way to the buyer”

As soon as the news caster said this sirens began to play, a mix of emotions were happening. You were happy to be leaving from captivity but also frightened on what will happen to Taehyung.

“Come on” he reached out for you, pulling you over the couch. You kicked and screamed, he continued to pull you down the steps and threw you into the car.

“Shit, Y/n. Shit” he hit the wheel of the car.

“Did you call them!?” He yelled, again hitting you. “You fucking called them didn’t you!?” he screamed.

“Please, stop. Let me go!” you sobbed.

It was silence for a couple of minutes, you questioned if this was all worth it. If you loved him or not, if the love you felt was just your nurturing instinct that comes along with your personality.

“I know where we’ll go” he whispered.

You looked out at the night sky, falling tired as you watched the stars become a blur as Taehyung sped up.

Pulling into the driveway of a two story cottage, the car suddenly stops. You looked up to see your childhood friends waiting there, you cried at the sight of them.

“Get out of the car” Tae revealed the gun from the glovebox.

The two of you got out at the same time, the gun was pointed at you. You could hear Mina crying in the distance.

“Mina I’m fine” you said, clinging onto Taehyungs arm that was wrapped around your waist.

“Taehyung put the gun down and let her go, we don’t tell the police it was you everybody get’s their way” Jungkook reasoned.

You and Taehyung went around them, backs never being in front of your friends. You heard the ocean clash against the rocks below you, indicating that you were walking towards the edge.

“Everybody gets what they want?” you felt tears that weren’t yours splash onto your grey shirt.

“What I want is Yn” he sobbed “What I wanted was to be accepted into your fucking group in senior year, to not be the outcast of that fucking school and to not be the same outcast again” he cried.

“Taehyung” you whispered, you were both getting closer to the ledge until he stopped before he could fall.

“Taehyung what are you planning on doing for the rest of your life? You think Y/n will love you after you threatened her life? You think you two will live happy fucking ever after?” Jimin tested him, walking slowly towards you.

“Jimin back off!” You shouted, surprising everybody. Taehyungs arms gripped tightened at the sound of you defending him.

“You’re defending him?!” Jungkook shouted.

“You don’t know him like I do! All he needs his help and love, can’t you all understand that?” you shouted.

“You think you can give it to him Y/n? He’s fucked! Too many years of the same bullshit going through his mind. That does something to him that even the best therapist can’t help” Jimin laughed and screamed.

“Taehyung drop the gun and let me go” You whispered, you began to cry. You felt his lips press against the back of your neck, “I’ll get them to leave and we’ll live here.”

Taehyung shook his head.

“No, I can’t torture you anymore” he whispered.

He pushes you into Jimin’s arms, dropping the gun.

“I’m sorry” 

You looked up at him, he smiled, not the usual devious smile but the soft angelic one.

“Taehyung…” you whispered getting up.

“I love you Y/n” he whispered.

Leaning backwards he fell, Jimin turned you sharply around into his chest hugging you tighter than ever. The sound of Taehyung’s body hitting the ground, the snap and the crashing of the waves was the only thing you heard.

You screamed. Your screams and cries muffled into Jimin’s jacket.

“Oh my god” Mina whispered crying in shock, Jungkook turned her around and hugged her.

“Taehyung…he-he’s dead” you whispered, sobbing. Jimin shushes you swaying you back and fourth, “Get the car ready” Jimin whispered to Jungkook and Mina. The two of them ran to the car and started it.

“Y/n we have to leave” Jimin whispered, sirens were getting closer. The police had figured out where Taehyung took you.

“No…” you whispered.

“Y/n come o-”

“No!!” you screamed louder.

Jimin had no choice but to lift you off of your feet and drag you to the car himself. 

2 weeks later

“So that’s what happened?”  The police officer asked you. You nodded, holding the damp tissue in your hand.

“Right. Miss Y/l/n you can go now, I’ll get in contact with your parents” the officer thanked you as you walked out.

“Come on sweetie” Your dad whispered smiling at you.

Climbing into the car you rested your head against the car window, looking out at the beautiful scenery. You drove past your high school, you teared up at the sight of the building of where it all began.

Getting home you immediately went to your bedroom and laid down on your bed. Your phone buzzed revealing a text message from Mina.

Bestie: Come down stairs, I spoke with your parents and I’m taking you somewhere.

“Mina where are we?” you asked looking at the familiar cottage.

“You never got to say goodbye” she whispered.

The realisation hit you, you thanked her and got out of the car while she stayed in it.

Walking over to where it happened two weeks ago, you sat down on the soft grass placing the white orchard which Mina gave you on the ground.

Your thoughts trailed on what to say, when the simple three worded sentence came to you.

“I love you”

Our Doll

Jason x Reader x Dick Grayson

Summary: Poly relationship.

Warnings: Over-protectiveness 

Word Count: 1,527

Note: It was a request. Sorry it is not up to standard. It is my exam period and I didn’t want to neglect you guys.

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So the Japan National ended.. with expected winners..

Well the biggest surprise was that Hanyu got the flu and had to withdraw which made me so disappointed, cause I was excited like crazy!!  But maybe this was for the best.. take care of your health and come back stronger!! –he’s always in a (mechagucha) state this time of the year!!  Why don’t they move JN to January, really.. it’s not even 2 weeks between it and GPF, and their best athletes are always exhausted-..

So Hanyu will be going to 4CC and Worlds like he planned!!  Ganbatte!!  Always look infront of you and do your best!

Shoma was under so much pressure that it showed on him!!  He fell on a quad in his short, but did all three in the free, well done!!  But had many little mistakes in his jumps.. but overall great!!  -I still like his FP in GPF the most-..  The weight of the pressure showed in his last pose and tears, and maybe exhausted too!!  Omedetou Shoma, National Champion..

Shoma will go to 4CC, Worlds and Asian Winter Games!! Wow!! Ganbatte!!

Mura did very well in SP, but he again made mistakes in the FP!!  What happened.. maybe his stamina!?  And Tanaka doing so well in the nationals.. omedetou.. lol, Hanyu must be so happy watching his friend, and more he’s going to be with him in worlds and 4CC!! Lool.. Tanaka get ready for the over excited Hanyu..

Tanaka will go to 4CC & Worlds, while Mura will go to the AWG.  Ganbatte!!

As for the ladies, I was so happy for Kana I got tears in my eyes at the end of her FP!!  She had two hard seasons.. and at last she performed a clean FP.. and the step sequence at the end was so beautiful.. otsukare sama..

(Aww.. her coach is crying too..)

And Mao!  The 3A is back!! Lool.. how stubborn can this lady be..!! (reminds me of someone who’s down now with a flu)!! -whistle-

I’m glad the 3A is back but I hope that her knee is totally cured to do that!!  Even if she didn’t land it, she’s getting better now, jumping her triples.. she still needs more confidence though before her triple jumps.. she does them perfectly at practice, but in her SP I felt she slowed down before her triples.. which make my heart sink!!  In the FP though she went for them and jumped, even though she fell twice.. I think that’s better than doubling them!! Go Mao!!

(lol, i saw that! Yes too bad for the 3A!)

(Comforting her self after the sp!!)

(I like how still she helps out with the flowers <3

(I don’t think she can carry more than this, lol)..

She got 12 in the ranking though.. and we won’t see her in the 3 coming competitions.. I’m hoping she would participate in small competitions if there were any.. Kana won’t compete too.. but she’s a substitute for AWG.

(More Mao screen shots..)

Hongo did really well.. I was surprised of her being 5th!! Maybe the jumping layouts!!  And she brought back the River Dance for her FP, I like it better to be honest, I didn’t like her fp.. but changing a program in the middle of the season is tough!!  Ganbatte in AWG!!

Lastly, Omedetou Satoko for your 3rd champion!!  The first mistake in the FP took me by surprise honestly and I couldn’t help but scold her.. lol.. but then she did everything nicely.. Otsukare and good luck from here on!!!   –I can’t but laugh at her stoic reaction when she was first, umm, you should react more Satoko chan!!!-.  Her last reverse spin is always beautiful..

Satoko will go to the three coming competitions 4CC, Worlds & AWG!!  Ganbatte!!  And with her goes two young skaters Mai & Wakaba, I think that’s good.. yep..

Go Team Japan!!  Good luck & Fight!!

+ this boy and his pooh! 

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hello!! could you do hc's of suga and asahi and oikawa taking care of a stressed s/o in a rigorous degree? ideally if they're all in college, because i'm struggling like hell right now and i'm in my last semester and it's really intimidating x___x

AN: Oh man, I feel you on this.


  1. He’s the type that shares the same emotion that his s/o is feeling, so he would probably feel stressed, also.
  2. He would do his best to distract you when you take your study breaks, like take you out to eat, watch your favorite tv shows, go on a short walk to the park.
  3. But if you’re so stressed that you can’t bare to leave the house, he’ll lead you to the couch or your bed and just hold you.
  4. He’ll sometimes sing or hum a song he knows that will calm you down or make you smile/laugh.
  5. He likes to give you small kisses on your forehead as he holds you.


  1. The type that wants to make you smile and laugh if you’re stressed.
  2. He distracts you from your work by pulling you away from the desk and twirling and dancing with you in the middle of the room. He’ll lift you up, dip you, and hold your waist tightly.
  3. He also likes to drag you into the kitchen and help him make a quick batch of chocolate chip cookies.
  4. Likes to shower you in butterfly kisses whenever he can.
  5. Also loves to give you eskimo kisses.
  6. He thinks sex is the best way to relieve stress, so he’ll spoil you all night long.


  1. Will not take no for an answer about you taking a break. He likes to situate you between his legs while you watch one episode of your favorite tv show.
  2. He thinks tea is the answer to everything, so he’ll make you one of those stress reliever teas.
  3. Will surprise you with a very warm and bubbly bath that he will obviously join you in, complete with champagne and strawberries.
  4. He likes to try new things, so he’d drag you into a short online yoga lesson in the living room.
  5. He gave you a stuffed teddy bear once to hug and hold whenever you’re stressed and he’s not there with you.

She woke up like this.

Take a walk down the aisle June 4 at 10/9c on nbctv.

Rivalry Part Two

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Bucky Barnes x Reader x Father!Tony

Word Count: 1, 132

Warnings: none besides it’s not that good :’)

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The following morning, you shuffled out to the kitchen wrapped in a blanket.

You blinked when you saw Steve. “Good morning,” you grumbled.

“Morning,” he replied. “Someone’s not a morning person.”

You sent the man a glare. “You don’t have to say it every morning, Steve, I get it,” you hissed. Steve held his hands up defensively.

You sat down at the table, leaning your cheek in your palm. “What are you doing up so late?” you inquired. “Shouldn’t you be jogging?”

“I got back half an hour ago,” he replied, waving his hand. “But I actually have to suit up and leave in a few minutes.”

“Where are you going?”

“I have to talk with Fury,” Steve sighed, placing his empty breakfast bowl in the sink. “But the mission reports aren’t until three days after the mission,” you said slowly. “Oh, it’s not a mission report, it’s a mission complaint.”

You wrinkled your nose, eyebrows knitting together in confusion. “What happened?”

“Nothing,” Steve said firmly. “Nothing you should be worried about.” You sat up straight, sending him a frown. “I’m not a kid, Steve. And you’re not my dad. You actually trust me to do my job as an avenger. I’m old enough to know what goes on in these things, I thought you agreed with me on that.” Steve rubbed his eyes but melted, not to your surprise. “Nat wasn’t sent there to help me, she was sent there to collect data for S.H.I.E.L.D.” You tilted your head. “Why is that a problem?”

“Because I didn’t know.”

You raised your eyebrows in shock. “That mission could’ve been completely compromised.” Steve looked a bit proud to find that someone else agreed, though quickly hid that. “What are you going to say to him?” you asked, standing up and stretching your arms. “Not sure yet,” he shrugged. “Well, good luck,” you said.

He waved at you before walking out of the apartment.

You hummed to yourself, eating your cereal and watching TV. When that was done, you showered, and got dressed. Nothing seemed out of the norm then nor the moments following.

It had been when you sat down at your vanity that things got weird. You couldn’t shake the feeling someone was their watching you, which was absurd. And yet the uneasiness was still there.

The first lesson Natasha had given you was to go with your instincts. They can be more powerful than you think.

You crept towards your window and pulled the curtains open. You gazed intently through the pane, eyes scanning around.

There wasn’t anyone or anything that jumped out in your eye immediately.

In any case, you didn’t push it out of your mind completely. Thorough checks of the space concluded that you were alone on the inside. Your door and windows had been locked. The possibility that it was some weird magazine person or photographer was quite high, seeing as you were, unfortunately, the one and only Stark heir.

With that said and done, you dismissed the feeling as best you could, settling down on the couch with a blanket and a mug of chocolate milk. Eventually, the blank feeling settled down while you watched TV, laughing occasionally or finding yourself nodding off.

It was then that you saw it. It was in the very corner of your eye. You almost didn’t realize until the gears turned together and clicked.

The red beam on your chest was steady, not moving in the slightest. The skin of your neck twitched as a result of pulse quickening.

Everything seemed to move so slowly while in reality it only took course of a few seconds.

Your eyes had darted towards the nearest window and you saw him; he had been hiding in plain sight, positioned skillfully in the tree just outside.

His finger moved to the trigger and you jumped away.

The bullet shot through the window and at such a close range, the glass completely shattered like rain. The man swooped in through the now empty frame and your eyes went wide as you saw your opponent.

A very tall and muscular man; dressed in all black with a metallic looking arm. At second glance, you realized it was legitimate metal. The oddest prosthetic choice, though you couldn’t really have a chance to judge his fashion sense as he hoisted a gun up.

Aimed towards you.

A few quick steps got you in enough range that the gun touched your chest. Sliding down to the floor like an acrobat, you kicked his feet from under him. Your mind raced at the thought of knowing that this was a real threat. That this wasn’t Natasha testing you and that no one else was here to have your back.

The adrenalin pushed you forward to fall on top of him. His metal arm whirled and slammed into the your shoulder.

You fell back and the man crawled on top of you. His hands wrapped around your throat and oxygen flow stopped. You couldn’t muster up the energy to buck (IT’S A PUN) him off, mostly because he was much heavier than you were.

Your knee drove up towards, well, there and while he didn’t make as much of a painful sound as you would have liked, he did loosen his hold enough for you to worm out of his grip.

You reached down for the gun that had escaped the man’s hold and pointed it to his head. “Stand. Up,” you gritted out through your teeth.

The man’s body went rigid and he didn’t move.

I said stand up!” you suddenly exclaimed. You hadn’t realized your entire body was shaking from pure fear until then.

Slowly, he stood, towering over you.

You fired three bullets that moment: one in his leg, on at his shoulder, and the other at the closest window. You dropped the gun to the floor and practically body slammed him out of the window. He cushioned your blow to the ground; and if he hadn’t been trying to kill you, he would have made a good cuddle buddy.

Your thought got cut off when he suddenly grabbed a fistful of your hair and yanked you up. You howled out at the wave of pain that flooded your scalp. Upwards went your hand to his jaw, his head going back and the mask flying off.

He stumbled away from you and your eyes went wide. “You’re Bucky,” you declared, almost accusingly.

He was. He was the man from the picture you had found in Steve’s room.

The gears in your mind ceased their movement as you tried to piece everything out. Suddenly, Bucky swung his arm towards your chest.

The pain vibrating throughout your body was the last thing you had felt.

I Hate You

Pairing: Reader X Dean
Rating: Explicit
Length: 1,117

Your step-brother Dean was home from- well, god knows where, and he was getting on your nerves again. He would hog the TV, eat your food, use your soaps in the shower, leave the toilet seat up… it was like he was raised by wolves. You reminded yourself it was temporary and moved on.

Waking up, going to shower before class, you stumble around in the early morning winter darkness. Then you heard the shower was already running. Your parents had left for work by now, so you know who it is. You see red. He knew you had places to be.

“Dean!” You slammed a fist on the door. “You know I have school in an hour! Get out of there!”

“I’m not done.” Came his lazy reply. You were ready to charge in there and /make/ him get out. But you couldn’t, if you saw him naked, that would be the end. You’d finally do it. You’d jump him.

You growled in frustration. “Fine! Just let me know when you’re done!” You went back to your room, and slammed the door. About five minutes went by before he knocked.

“All yours,” he called. Stomping to the door, you swung it open and there he was his massive frame blocking the door way. He had an elbow on each side of the frame and his legs crossed easily. All he had on was a white towel around his waist, and he was wet. Jesus. “What’s your problem with me?” He ground out, eyes narrowed.

He looked dangerous. “You’re irritating,” you huffed, looking away.

“Look if you’re embarrassed, and you want to play games- hey, be you, but I’m gonna be me.” He gestured to himself, and swung into your room a little. You took a step back. “So, I’m a pretty thick guy. I don’t learn things quickly, but since you’ve been doing this for years, I figured it out. Now, you’re not a little girl anymore. Though, you are little to me.” It was true; your step brother towered over you. As if to elaborate, he took a step closer. Then he continued.

“So, we can be honest now. You want something from me, and I would be more than willing to give it to you. Hell, I’d even say eager.” His voice dropped to a gravelly whisper, and his hand reached out to touch the top of your breast. You gasped at the feather light touch.

“Are you messing with me?” You asked quietly, looking into his eyes. He was dead serious as he shook his head a tiny bit; intense eyes never leaving yours.

“No, I’m fucking with you,” he growled as he grabbed your jaw and kissed you ferociously. You moaned into it and threw your arms around his neck. “Yeah, that’s what I thought.” He moaned against your lips. “Come on, bed.”

You practically ran, as you peeled your tank top off. All Dean could see was your back and he let out a keening moan. You smiled at that and slid on to the bed carefully, concealing your chest from him. He’d have to turn you over.

He joined you on the bed and pulled your shorts and panties down.

“I love this ass,” Dean moaned as he kissed your bottom. “You know what a creep I feel like when we go to the pool?” He chuckled as he caressed your ass and squeezed gently.

“Why?” You smiled.

“You, y/n, in that string bikini. It’s like, too much for me. I get hard every time I see you in it. But, while I like a good ass,” he said, voice coming closer to your ear. His hands turned you over and he settled his hips into yours. “I love titties. Yours.”

He put both hands on you and squeezed. Then his mouth was all over them. “Oh god!” You cried when he nipped one of your nipples.

“You how many times I dreamed of doing this?” He huffed.

“How many?” You gasped as he sucked a nipple into his mouth.

“So often, that I was thinking about it just this morning. I jerked off and then, well, got to clean up.” He winked. That was so fucking hot. In the room right next door, Dean jerked off to thoughts of you.

“What else do you think about?” You squirmed under him.

“I think about,” he said moving a hand down to your middle. “What your face would look like, if I just…” his fingers found your soaked clit. You moaned loudly, threw your head back, and pressed your eyes shut. “Jesus,” he whispered. The stubble of his chin scraped against your throat.

“Ah! So good,” you cried as he rubbed you just right. You were almost ready to cum.

“You must really want me,” he groaned in your ear and bit your earlobe. Damn, he was right. You began pulling at the towel around his hips. He looked at you and smiled. “Not til I’m done playing with this.” He teased, pinching your nub just slightly.

“Dean!” You gasped and gripped his shoulders.

“Oh, I like the sound of that.” He purred, and went back to rubbing you gently. You were right on the edge. “Say it again and you can come.”

“Dean,” you moaned. “Please, Dean!” He rubbed just a fraction harder, and you came. Hard. Gasping and shaking in his arms.

“That was so hot, y/n. I need you. I need you right now.” He pushed inside of you, and you thought you might die. He felt incredible in you. “You feel so good.” He grunted as he thrust.

“Ah! You too, Dean. Jesus! I’m almost there again.”

“Good. I’m not gonna last long.” He told you and that made you burn.

“Yes, Dean, I wanna make you cum,” you sighed right in his ear. He stopped, pulled back, and stared at you. ‘Oops,’ you thought right before he grabbed your face and gave you a bruising kiss. Then he began snapping his hips hard, holding your lips together.

You came by surprise. It surprised Dean too.

“Fuck!” He shuddered and grunted, coming in me. “Oh my God.” He said trying to keep his weight off you. You looked up at him and realized how blessed out he was. You smiled. He smiled.

“Oh my God is right,” you giggled. He chuckled too. “I hate you.” You shook your head at his adorable face. He laughed in earnest this time.

“No, you don’t,” he told you, smiling, shaking his head. “In fact, you’re playing hooky with me all day.” He leaned down, kissing your neck.

“I think you’re right,” you grinned.

“Good, cause I’m hard again.”


Imagine you’re a librarian and Reid and the team walk in and the books in your hands fall and Reid rushes to help you and you both get all blushing and while they’re going through the security cameras Reid keeps glancing at you and smiling and Morgan and Emily notice and won’t leave until he asks you on a date

I kinda edited it a bit I hope you don’t mind! Also if anyone can think of a better name please tell me! I haven’t proof read this one yet because I was trying to get it out asap! But I hope you enjoy it!xx-Ash

There was 10 minutes left until the library closed, 10 minutes until you had to go home and spend another night alone in front of your TV, eating another bowl of popcorn and drinking that new bottle of red wine you’d bought yesterday night. Everyday was the same; dating had become futile, the same 3 types of guy on cycle; the douche, the creep and the silent one. You had almost finished stacking the crime section when 4 police officer rushed through the isle you were down, knocking both you, your glasses and the books you were holding onto the ground. As you searched the blurred space around you, you felt a slim hand latch onto your wrist and pull you to your feet.

“I apologise for their rudeness.” the blurry man placed the books on the shelf and handed you your glasses “FBI agents seem to lose their manners when they’re looking for someone.” he chuckled nervously.

“Thank you, it’s fine I tend to be pretty invisible to most people anyway.” you almost mimicked his laugh. As his face came into focus you were stopped in your tracks. WOW, no way was this guy talking to you? “H…H…how can I help you?”

“Dr Spencer Reid, I’m with the FBI behavioural analysis unit.” he smiled.

“Y/N, I work here, all the time” you laughed loudly before quickly slapping your hands over your mouth to stopping yourself from embarrassing yourself any more.

“Very nice to meet you.We’re investigating the string of murders in the area and we’d like to have a look at your security camera’s.”

“You think the murderer has been here? But this is just a library why would he come here?” You found yourself become flustered, Spencer placed his hand on your upper arm which strangely calmed you down. You felt calm but nervous, both were immediately  present as soon as he touched you.

“Don’t worry this is just one of the places we’re looking. Could you show me and my colleagues; Agents Emily Prentiss and Derek Morgan, to the security room?” he motioned to the two agents who had been stood just behind him since he arrived, however this was the first time you’d noticed him.

“Um, yes!” you stood for another minute looking at the 3 of them until you realised you had moved “OH! Follow me” you turned quickly and walked away from them feeling their eyes burning into the back of your head. 

You all crammed into the small back room. You let the police look through the footage and stood next to Spencer, feeling at your safest when near him. You couldn’t stop your eyes from wandering up to his face and by the looks of things he couldn’t stop his from looking at yours. 

“That’s Melody Graham, the last victim. And Grace Stevens and Kat Hardy. All our victims have been here” Morgan pointed to the young girls you were serving. You felt your mouth drop open and your eyes begin to water. Spencer slipped his hand into yours. You racked your brain trying to think if there was anything you could’ve done to save them “This place is our link. Spencer stay here with Y/N and run her through what happens next.” 

The others left you both alone in the back room, Spencer lowered you into the office chair and held onto your other hand.

“They were all here, I knew them they came here all the time.” Spencer pulled your forehead to his.

“There was nothing you could’ve done. I will take you home and then when this case is finished I will take you out for dinner to say thank you for your help.” you brought your face away from his.

“Did you just ask me out Dr Reid?”

“Yes. Is that a deal?” you laughed quietly. 

“Deal!” maybe this date would be more successful than those many you’d had before; Dr Spencer Reid you better be worth it.