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Things k-pop/k-culture fans should avoid

1. Eat Your Kimchi (Simon and Martina)

2. Chad Future

3. Justifying your idol’s racist, sexist or other discriminatory comments/ actions and labelling them as just ignorance

4. Bashing girls who interact ( breathe the same air)with your ‘oppa’

5. Bashing other groups/ being salty when your faces don’t win

6. Developing a ‘sasaeng complex

7. Babbling random Korean words to people who don’t even understand it or want to hear it.

8. Equating Korean culture as just K-pop

9. Perpetuating the image of international fans as wannabe Asians or Koreaboos

10. Insulting new fans who don’t know about every k-pop scandal, idol, song or back story and telling them they’re ‘not real fans’

This is something that I wanted to mention to everyone. This exact moment out of this entire interview. (If no one knows of this interview, they were talking about hairstyles and Key pointed out her hairstyle and she was like “I like pink.” But he wasn’t talking about color. He’s had crazy colors. We all know he was bashing her hairstyle.) He was definitely speaking in English when it was directed at her and it was very short and to the point. He is literally laughing at the fact that she misunderstood what he was actually implying. Everyone at this part was literally just wanting to get the fuck out of there. Jonghyun wanted to roll his eyes so far to the back of his head that it looked like something from a horror film. Taemin didn’t really ‘understand’ what was happening. And I mean in the sense of why they were there. Minho was keeping professionalism and kudo’s to him, but EYK also forgot that Onew is also completely fluent in English. Everything that she was saying made him even more irritable than he already was. And the fact that she wasn’t speaking in Korean entirely, but spoke the language of ‘koreaboo’ clearly made him even more irritated. Also the fact that she didn’t even give them a choice whether or not to speak English for their fans was rude of her; even more so when she shoved the mic (basically) in his face after clearly hearing him say ‘no’ just goes to show how much they don’t give two shits if kpop idol’s speak English or not. It’s either do or do with them and that it’s only a matter of discussion when they feel it needs to be judged and critiqued by two people that are no longer English teachers. 

A portrait of Martina Stawski, it’s pretty simple but this one means a lot to me, I appreciate Martina and her words so much, as someone who struggles with chronic pain it really helps to hear stories from people and her being so positive and living a happy life and traveling
places and sharing her story helps me build my own ladder. | speedpaint


I get asks sometimes from some of you feeling hopeless, feeling lost, feeling like there’s nothing worth sticking around for and sometimes I’m at a loss for how to respond.

For the safety of my followers I don’t answer many of those things publicly because it can trigger others and above all else I want my blog to be a safe space. I don’t personally suffer from depression, I don’t suffer from chronic pain and while I have been low enough for destructive behavior, I have never wanted to end my life. I feel under-qualified to respond to your very real needs, though I desperately want to help.

This video is one of the best I’ve seen for positive and tangible advice that might help you, at least a little. Everyone is different so things that help someone might not help you but I encourage everyone to watch this video because I think Martina is someone everyone could aspire to be more like, I aspire to be like her myself and I deal with nothing as difficult as what she does every day.

I work in an ER, and we have people come in quite frequently because they’re in that dark place. Remember that the ER is a resource for you. They can’t turn you away for not having insurance and they can help in a crisis.

In addition- my messages are always on and always open for you to talk off anon, I will never turn you away, even if work or sleep makes it hard to answer right away.

I love each of you very dearly, if you remember nothing else, remember that.

And please watch this video.

Love always,


[Video is link from ‘Simon and Martina’ on YouTube]

I admit, I enjoyed EYK videos when I was first getting into kpop, they helped me get into a lot of bands.

But I grew up and moved on after I saw how problematic and shitty they and their jokes are.  It’s not that I’m a hater, I simply got educated and matured enough to realize they’re horrible, ignorant, and unfunny people.

And in all honestly, if you refuse to acknowledge the problems they’re contributing to and continue to support and defend them despite the lack of respect they treat idols, South Korea, their fans, and themselves with, then you’re just as bad.


My First Kimjang Experience!

I’ve been putting this off for years, but I finally did it! I made a nappa cabbage kimchi using traditional-ish ingredients and techniques. As a non-Korean, I’ve always found this to be a daunting task. After copious amount of research, Youtube vids, and breathing exercises, I finally understood kimjang can be broken down into five phases.


1) Brew the stock. In a pot, I gently boiled a mix of kombu, shittake, dried pollack, dried anchovies, and dried jujube. This stock is different depending on the region of Korea, but the idea is to extract a nutritious umami base. I strained the stock and let it cool.

2) Make the paste. This step is critical as it determines the flavor profile of the kimchi. Mix glutinous rice flour into the stock and gently cook until you get two/three cups of a THICK gluey porridge. Let cool then dump into a processor along with 1 onion, knob of ginger, ~20 garlic cloves, ~1 tbs of salted shrimp, ~1 cup of fish sauce, a few fresh red chillies, 1 apple, and a shit ton of Korean red pepper flakes. Like a shit ton. I added it until the paste is a burning blood red. To this paste fold in julienned veggies. There are many regional differences in what types of veggies to add, but I used what is common/available to me which were scallions, carrots, koran radish, asian chives, and dropwort.

3) Prep the cabbage. This is probably the first step you should do since it requires a long waiting period. The goal is to draw out water out of the caabage. Quarter the cabbage after washing and trimming. Sprinkle a tiny bit of chunky SEA SALT between EACH LEAF, concentrating at the stem. Cover the cabbage in water and throw in an extra handful of sea salt. This needs to sit in the brine for a good 8+ hours; it’s ready for the next step when the stems can be folded over without snapping.

4) Apply paste to cabbage. Rinse the cabbage to remove excess salt and drain out as much liquid as possible. (The brine is generally discarded at this point.) Scoop up some paste, then LEAF by LEAF, paint on the paste, leaving pieces of the julienned veggies wherever they fall.

5) Store and ferment. I have a proper fermentation crock, but if you only have a glass jar, tupperware, or plastic bags - that works too. Stuff the kimchi in a container and leave to ferment in a dark location with room temperature ~70F for two to three days depending on how sour you prefer. Transfer kimchi into a fridge, which will drastically slow down the fermentation. In about another week, the kimchi should be at good to consume.


There are many cheats and substitutions you can apply to reduce stress and cost. And yes, you can even make a vegan or raw vegan version of kimchi. However, every small deviation will alter the flavor profile, so experiment at your own risk!

moonpopsicle  asked:

I just found your blog because I've recently gotten hooked on Kpop, and was looking for info on racism in Kpop and I just wanted to say thanks! Your posts have really helped me understand cultural appropriation, and racism in Korea.

Thanks so much! For other people who might be interested, here are some of my posts on Kpop:


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