eat with your hands

A comprehensive list of my favourite things Lauren has said or sung because of the way she’s said them:

1. So many glasses clinking

2. It’s super warm!

3. Diane!

4. That’s so nice

5. Sweet baby angel girl

6. Quit your tom fuckery

7. I shouldn’t have put all that shit in my mouth. Especially that shit.

8. The father of rockets was a nazi too

9. Polo!

10. Not over a 9.8

11. Dear Papa

12. Literally anything in Bugette’s voice

13. Why is everyone in the kingdom white?

14. The way she says ‘two’ ????? Why is that so cute??????

15. But, sir, now it’s in your hands

16. Come on let’s eat now

17. The third I don’t really wanna do the work today

18. Next thing you know, they wanna take it away

19. It’s my daddy! You came to love me!

20. Come on, I’m tired, can’t we just be death eaters?

21. Fuck (or any variants of)

22. JoJo this isn’t right

23. I was playing with stickers

24. Why is it hot?!

25. This is all the noise there is

26. Where the jink are my jinking glasses?

27. Biiiiiiitch

28. Bradley the dinosaur impression

29. The really cute little high pitched laugh

Sushi? Sue Me

who?: Yuehua’s Justin Huang

genre: 🌸 

type: scenario 

word count: 2K [2017 dabs] - can write a lot about food I’m sorry

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• based off this prompt Iris sent to me 

• sushi is really addicting full offence

dedicated to my baby Iris @alliwannado-w1 tysm for always saving my ass, I’ll protect you always 💖and the TWO anons who wanted Justin fluff, I’m here with it. Sorry if it took long!

- Admin L

“So babe, what do you want to eat this time?” Justin asked, squeezing your hand as the both of you walked along the pavement of one of the hottest food streets in the city.

Justin reached up to pull his hood over his head so the fit was more snug. He loved the Autumn weather but it was nice to stay warm and toasty.

Mhm, toast. Toast and ice cream….

His face was already tinged the lightest shade of baby pink from the cold, yet he craved ice cream. But before deciding on what you two should eat for lunch, he needed your opinion. If his baby was happy, he would be happy too. But honestly, Justin was not picky about food, as long as the food was tasty.

“Who’s paying?” You shot back, cheekily.

You and your boyfriend had a systematic way of deciding on who pays the bill if you chose the restaurant, you pay. As you were slightly more particular about the food you wanted to try, your wallet ended up throwing out more cash than you tucked in.

Justin shrugs, pouting a little. “Ah, you paid last time so I can, but you can choose for today. I trust your intuition.”

He glanced at the watch on his wrist, fifteen minutes had passed just wandering around the food street. He rubbed his lips together, wondering if there would be enough time.

“Do you mind sushi? Other than raw fish of course,” you suggested, pointing to a mid-range sushi restaurant that was featured in the newspapers recently. You only ever read the restaurant recommendations section of the news, cutting out write-ups of places that seemed appetising and creating a mini album of those. Whenever your friends needed a recommendation, they reached out to you.

“Sure!” Justin replied, grabbing your hand and rushing across the street.

Even though it had been a couple of months since you started dating, sparks still ignited when Justin held your hand, or when he hugged you, or whenever he said anything remotely sweet to you.

You poked his padded shoulder gently once you had safely reached the other side of the road. “Hey, won’t your nutritionist scold you again?” you pointed out. “Remember last week?”

As a trainee, there was no doubt that Justin followed a strict diet plan and exercise regime. After you had taken him out for fried chicken and ice cream on last week’s date, his trainer had given him an earful. Justin hid that fact from you and it was Ahn Hyungseob who had told you about that incident.

Justin ignored your question, continuing to make his way down the road to the restaurant door.

“Justin! Don’t get in any trouble okay? I’ll be watching you and the number of plates of sushi you order.”

If he got into more trouble, would he be dropped as a trainee?

Sometimes, you really worried about him and his hectic, demanding lifestyle. He deserved to eat sushi, a lot of it.

As you both approached the main entrance, the queue that snaked halfway around the block caught your attention. Your eyes widened in shock.

I guess it is lunch hour now…

It seemed as if everyone in the district had flocked to this particular restaurant for lunch. It was maddening.

There were groups of teenagers, a crowd of office workers grumbling about bitter coffee and adorable families with small children. Sushi seemed to bring everyone together.

“Oops, be careful,” Justin hummed when a toddler walked out of the red rope and into his leg. legs for days

He bent down to the child’s level, beaming. “Hi, go back safely to your parents, okay?” Justin gently pushed him back into the queue where his family was, away from the scary outside world.

You let out a soft ‘aw’ at the boy, before a staff came to break that moment, but only for a good reason.

“Hi, this queue will take an approximately thirty minutes to clear and sushi takes at least fifteen minutes to create and serve,” she informed, ushering the next customers in and answering anxious questions.

A disgruntled groan left your mouth, Justin did not have the luxury of time as his lunch break was only for an hour before he had to return to training. You did not have forty-five minutes to wait around for sushi, no matter how good it may taste. Justin had to return to training.

You bit your lip anxiously, turning to Justin, who in reply, sighed and shook his head.

“Babe, I’m sorry. We can’t eat here today,” he apologised, a blush filling his cheeks. It upset him too, knowing that his training did get in between dates with you.

You reached up to brush a stray lock of blonde hair out of his handsome face, smiling reassuringly. “It’s fine! We can always come again, no worries. Do you mind convenience store sushi and onigiri?” 

You knew full well that microwave meals were something that Justin was unfamiliar with, being brought up in an upper-class family definitely had its perks.

However, Justin agreed and sought out the nearest convenience store, hand in hand with you.

“At least now I’m eating a fixed portion,” he joked, picking out the packaged sushi from the refrigerator. “Oh babe, I remember you liked this kind of sushi, take another box.”

Your wallet said goodbye to another couple of dollar bills but at least, it was much less than elsewhere.

Guilt rooted within you, Justin was supposed to enjoy a nice lunch before heading back to Yuehua for more sweat and tears to be shed but here he was, at a convenience store he was probably sick of.

A frown was etched on Justin’s face when he saw the crestfallen look you carried, hands not ripping open the packet eagerly like you usually did. His hand reached to lift your jaw, such that you made direct eye contact with him.

“Babe, relax. I’ll take you there another time, okay?” he promised, smiling cheerfully. “You know I’ll love anything, just as long as it’s with you.”

“Cheers?” Justin offered, letting go of your face and offering his sushi - clasped between his chopsticks - to you.

The corners of your lips turned upwards as you bumped your sushi against his. Justin really knew how to cheer you up little by little.


Sushi was the last thing on your mind when Justin called you a few weeks later. He gave vague details but they promised a brunch date, and you were not one to argue with free food.

And quality time with your boyfriend, of course, that was your first priority.

You had long forgotten about that upscale sushi restaurant, it had been pushed to the very back of your mind, hidden in one of the small crevices.

The rain had drizzled a little just before you arrived at the busy food street. The ground was still dark, damp and puddles were a common sight all over the pavements. Despite the dreary weather, the food square was in full swing, bustling with life and traffic.

“Bao Bei!” someone hold me

The calls of your boyfriend were enough to send a smile playing on your lips, to ignite fireworks within you.

“Hi,” you greeted, sighing dreamily while clutching his hand. “So what’s the plan for today?”

“Remember that sushi place?” he questioned, anticipating your - hopefully - positive response. A smug look was written all over his face when you let out a shriek of excitement, hands flying to cover your mouth.


It was genuinely touching how he remembered your eagerness to dine there, how much you wanted to grab a delicious Japanese meal with him.

Justin nodded, leading the way and even holding the door open for you. Even the smallest gesture still made your heart flutter.

After giving the menu a hasty once-over, you turned to him, locking eyes. “How much sushi can I order?”

“Well,” Justin paused to prop his head up with his hands. “How much can you eat?”

Your jaw dropped, then you pursed your lips, regaining composure. “Is that a challenge? Are you really asking me that?”

Justin grinned playfully, tapping a finger to his lips, pretending to be immersed in his deep thoughts.


My dad is going to kill me when the credit card bill comes…

Justin thought grimly, biting his lips in anxiety as he mentally counted the number of sushi plates stacked up.

Ahh, the red coloured plates cost more than the pink ones. Shit, there are more reds than pinks.

The restaurant was the kind that displayed platters of sushi on a conveyor belt that ran through the whole dining area. Ever since you occupied the booth, there were significantly fewer plates offered to the next couple of tables. A group of teenage boys seated directed behind your table groaned and spewed their complaints.

It was no secret your table was taking most of the plates, there were three stacks, each one organised by colour.

You walloped sushi like there was no tomorrow, as if you had been starved and deprived of the goodness of it. Truthfully, you were watching your diet and it had been awhile since you paid a visit to a sushi bar.

Justin managed to lick a lot more plates clean than you could, but to be fair, he was paying so he should eat the most. Honestly, the bill was at the very back of your mind when eating.

Ah! Five pink plates, two red ones and…eight blue plates? Add on the tray of sushi we ordered and shared….

It was giving Justin a headache just counting the final amount. He did all the calculations mentally, it would be too obvious if he whipped out his phone and went to the calculator app.

“Oh my gosh! I didn’t think they would have it here,” you exclaimed, scooping yet another pink ceramic plate off the belt and onto your table, wasting no time in digging in.

And that is another $5.50 added to the total which makes it…uhh

All Justin could do was try to sip his matcha and look nonchalant, but at the same time, his eyes trained on you.

Let’s be real, all he wanted was for his baby to be full, satisfied with the good food and enjoying themselves. He wanted to take you to this restaurant for forever. It seemed like you were having a blast, finally.

Ahh, what the hell. Money is really no issue, why am I fretting over that? I need to prioritise my sweetheart’s happiness. They look so cute just enjoying sushi and stuffing their face, what the hell man. I don’t even look this good while eating.

A dreamy look glazed over Justin’s features, it was satisfying to see you have a good appetite. He knew about the diet and all, even he had cheat days so you deserve them too.

After a long time, you noticed Justin’s unwavering gaze on you. His eyes were brimming with contentment.

“What is it?” You added the pink plate to the existing pile, gasping softly when you realised how much you had taken.

Ah, whatever. Today can serve as my official cheat day.

Justin chuckled and shifted in his seat, shaking his head slowly. His hand swiped another sushi platter off the conveyor belt. he needs to eat too okay


You furrowed your brow, setting your cup of matcha down after taking a long drink. “Ah yes, sure, you staring me like an Mnet camera is absolutely ‘nothing’. Believable.” you shot back, taking a sip of your tea again.

Justin dismissed it with a wave of his hand, stifling a laugh, he knew Mnet - maybe too well. His warm eyes scanned over you again, he nearly melted there and then.

“Come on, tell me! Is there something on my face?” You grabbed your pocket mirror and examined your features closely.

“Ah, whatever,” he said, almost shyly as a blush crept its way across his cheeks. “You just look cute as hell when you stuff your face with sushi.”


want to see something so frustrating you’ll eat your own hands? well i’ve got the video for you! 


Room For Dessert 01

Description: A boring company dinner gets a little bit spicy when you notice the tension between you and your table’s waiter.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut (M)

Word Count: 8.1k

Index: 01, 02, 02.5

A/N: Filth. Straight filth. That’s what this is. Jungkook’s graduation photos pretty much ruined me, especially when I saw the one of him taking their order and just looking so good and UGH. This is the result. Sin. Filth. Porn put to words. Enjoy. Please try not to die. 

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general study tips

this is just a quick list of study habits that work for me, as a straight a’s student

1. even if it’s not in your teacher’s presentation written on a slide, if you hear your teacher mention a fact, WRITE IT DOWN. you might need it later for a test.

2. when you’re rewriting your notes/compiling a study guide, pretend you’re making it for someone else. include everything, even if you think you know it. (unless you’re low on time, in which case, just write what you don’t know)

3. when you’re trying to learn a new concept, pretend you’re teaching it to someone else. this is a form of active learning, and the act of breaking the concept down into steps that you can teach will improve your understanding of the concept. (for the longest time, i actually didn’t even know this was an actual study technique, because i’ve always done it subconsciously!)

4. don’t over color your notes!! if you really need a key for all the colors, then you’re using way too many. try to stick with 2-3 pens/pencils. for me, i write most of my notes in black ink or pencil and i write the important concepts i might need to find quickly later (such as vocabulary) in red or blue pen.

5. have your water bottle next to you (so you remember to stay hydrated; this makes focusing easier as well), as well as any other things you might need during a study session so you don’t have to keep getting up to get stuff (which is pretty distracting for me as i’m easily sidetracked).

6. make it a habit to write lists of everything you need to do by the end of the weekend (or the end of that day, depending on how much work you have). this’ll help you familiarize yourself with your tasks so you have a clear plan of what needs to get done.

7. (not really necessary, just something i like to do!) learn to eat with your non-dominant hand so you can eat and take notes and turn pages w/out ripping them instead of scrolling through social media. keep in mind that sometimes, meal times are for taking your mind off school so unless you’re really pressed for time, it’s not a huge deal if you spend this time w/passive reading, texting friends, etc.

8. when you’re assigned a research project, COME UP WITH A THESIS FIRST so you know what to research. try to get all your research done within the first two days or so, to have more time to plan out how you’re going to structure it. then get your draft done (something is better than nothing) so you can revise at your own pace instead of rushing at the last minute.

9. prioritize your homework!! as someone who spends hours fencing and even misses school for fencing tournaments, is part of symphonic band, and on the robotics team (build season is suuuuuper busy), i can’t express how important this is!! if you have math first period, get that done first, whereas if you have math last period, you can do it at lunch and spend your time working on something that’s due in the morning. don’t do this all the time, but if you need to, know which teachers are more strict with due dates so if you really do need an extension, you’ll be asking the least strict teacher and will have much better chances of getting said extension.

10. if you study at home like me, change into new clothes (comfy clothes, but not pajamas) before cracking open your textbooks. it’ll help make you feel more refreshed and ready to start your homework, but not confined to uncomfortable uniforms from school. tie up your hair, if it’s long. try to study at a table/desk rather than in bed (for sleeping not studying) or on the floor (bad for your posture).

11. check out this post for productive things you can do when you aren’t studying, but still want to be productive!

hope these helped some of you!!

xoxo, sal

Exploring in Colorado

(With reference to this post here)

Required supplies:

  • Water
  • more than that.
  • I’m not kidding people die of dehydration more than anything else I’m talking 2 liters minimum.
  • snacks
  • first-aid and survival kit including after-bite, splint supplies and emergency signalling devices, and a thermal blanket.  I am absolutely not kidding people get lost a mile from the road and die of exposure.
  • Map, your phone won’t work more than a mile from city limits.
  • change of socks.
  • something iron.
  • an offering or three.  you might not need any, you might need all of them.


  • Always close any gate you open. Even if the fence around it is gone.  Both from a spiritual perspective and becuase there’s a nonzero chance the farm isn’t abandoned and the livestock is lurking in the scrub.
  • Cattle will stare at you.  As long as they’re on the other side of the fence or river or ditch it’s fine.  If there’s no barrier you need to leave.  Range cattle fight coyotes and cougar and the worst of winter and don’t give a single fuck about you.
  • That’s not lore Range Cattle will fucking kill you.
  • Never approach any horse, but especially the ones without humans.  They’re either fae or feral and the odds of them eating your hands are about the same.
  • Drink your water.
  • There are Others in Colorado, but the relationship is not nearly so adversarial out here.  They’re like your neighbors but only sometimes corporeal.  Mind your manners and obey any posted signage and you’ll be fine.
  • posted signage includes trees fallen across paths or washed-out sections of trail (trail closed), bits of dead animal on stumps or fence posts (occupied, fuck off) and the smell of urine (Mountain lion or bear turn right the fuck around)
  • Don’t eat anything you find there unless you brought a permit for it with you.  Anyone who says you can forage on public land is a liar and going to get their ass poisoned or cursed.
  • If you did bring a permit, leave an offering anyway.  The Law of Man is not the same as The Law of Mountains and you need to pay taxes in both.
  • Salute magpies, and any bird larger than them.
  • Everyone going uphill yields going to everyone going downhill, regardless of whether or not they’re human or real.
  • If you’re over 7000 feet and you seem to have picked up another member to your party, it’s just the mountain wondering what’s happening.  It’s like bird watching for them.  Be polite, pick up your trash and call the mountain whatever name it gives you.
  • Drink your fucking water.
  • If you feel like you’re being followed, especially at dusk, you absolutely turn around and tell whatever’s behind you you know they’re there.  This is becuase it’s almost certainly coyotes and they need to be told to fuck off.  If you can see what’s following you, face it and walk calmly backwards towards civilization until it goes away or you’re back in your car.  If you can’t see what it is, tell it you’re headed home now, then you can turn back around and proceed calmly back from whence you came.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, run.
  • things that run are meant to be chased and everything up here is faster than you are.
  • also you’ll fall off a fucking cliff.
  • If you get back to the car or edge of the wild space and still feel like you’re being followed, check your shoes, pockets and any baggage for extras and leave them.  If you’re STILL being followed, they’re being rude and you’re allowed to chuck a rock at them.
  • I’m not kidding about the water.
  • Don’t go into any “abandoned” buildings because 1. there’s a nonzero chance the building isn’t actually abandoned and then you have to explain to the rancher what the fuck you’re doing on their land 2. if it is abandoned it’s probably structurally unstable 3. the only things inside are rattlesnakes and tetanus.
  • Exception to above: if you hear thunder, you’re close enough to be struck. you can step inside then, but do not touch anything, especially the building it’self.
  • You are encouraged to walk out to abandoned tractors and plowshares and touch them.  Don’t move them but stop to say hi and have some water.
  • If you find human remains, don’t panic.  If they’re out there, they wanted to be found.  Write down (you won’t be able to remember later, trust me) where you found them and inform the park service/police as soon as possible.
  • Drink your water.

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‘Why do you love me? What is there to love in someone like me? Please, tell me why you’re so fond of me because honestly? I don’t get it.’

I was perplexed how could he not see why?

‘I love you because you’re you.

I love you because when you smile, your lips always tilt slightly to the left. When you smile your amazingly sharp canines peek through giving you a juvenile look. When you smile, your ever present dimples show more — if that’s even possible —. When you smile, your eyes crease at the edges and your beautiful eyes become slits of pure joy.

I love you because when you laugh, you tilt your head backwards. When you laugh, you always close your eyes. When you laugh, you grasp your stomach and bend over. When you laugh, you always end in a deep sigh and smile after wards, you grasp my face in yours and kiss me as if we’ll never kiss again.

I love you because when I do something you like, you giggle. When I do something you like, you’ll caress my hair and pat my cheeks. When I do something you like, you look at my lips and say, “I fucking love you”. When I do something you like, your eyes bore into mine and I see a flame ignite in them.

I love you because when you’re concentrated you furrow your eyebrows. When you’re concentrated you tongue pokes out of your delicious lips and glides over them. When you’re concentrated, you tend to break out of it for a slight second and do that 'hmmph’ sound you know I like just to give yourself a small break. When you’re concentrated, you grab something to eat with your left hand and bring it to the right side of your mouth and proceed to take a bite.

I love you because when you kiss me, you grab my face with both hands. When you kiss me, one hand pulls on my hair, while the other runs its thumb across my cheek. When you kiss me, you always do a series of multiple pecks after we end making out. When you kiss me, I can feel you smile and let out small giggles of content. When you kiss me, you hold my face in your palms and look at me for a good while then you tell me I’m beautiful.

I love you because when you hug me, you hold me for a long time. When you hug me, you grasp me firmly with both of your strong arms. When you hug me, you use one hand to rub my back. When you hug me, you put your face in the crook of my neck and breathe in my scent. When you hug me, you won’t let me go until we’ve embraced each other tightly.

I love you because when you talk about something you love you smile the whole time. When you talk about something you love, you tend to look down at your hands. When you talk about something you love, you furrow your eyebrows and smirk a little. When you talk about something you love, you let out small sighs of happiness. When you talk about something you love, you always tilt your head to side and shrug your shoulders at the end because you get embarrassed at your enthusiasm.

I love you because when you make me blush, you tease me about it. When you make me blush you put your hands on my cheeks and remark, 'baby your cheeks are hot’ at which point I reply, 'no they’re not, I don’t know what you’re talking about’. When you make me blush you look at my cheeks and smile and say 'baby you’re blushing’. When you make me blush you hold me down and ask me why knowing damn well that makes me blush more.

I love you because when you tell me stories about your past, you say them in a low voice as if speaking louder will make them come back. When you tell me stories about your past, you always hug me and won’t let me go. When you tell me stories about your past, you run your hands through your hair because you know you might cry. When you tell me stories about your past you always mutter the phrase, 'why am I even telling you this?’ And we both know it’s because you love me, and you want me to know what I’m getting into.

I love you because when you notice I’m sad, you’ll look at me and poke my cheeks until I smile. When you notice I’m sad you tell me 'stop being a taco without the shell’ because you know I’ll laugh. When you notice I’m sad, you’ll hug me and tell me you love me. When you notice I’m sad, you’ll ruffle my hair and whisper in my ear, 'Tina eat your goddamn food’, because that llama is our spirit animal.’

I love you for so many reasons, if I listed them all, this poem would never end.

The best way to put it is, I love you because you’re you.

—  Beauty in IT /// I love you because…

After the dust settles Stiles sees Jackson and Ethan standing close together, fingers intertwined. He sees Scott and Malia hugging, Theo and Liam with their heads close together. His dad, Melissa, and Argent huddled together, arms around each other. Everyone is with the people they love, everyone but him. 

He doesn’t look for Lydia. 

“Derek?” Stiles says quietly. He saw the look of horror on Derek’s face when he had to face the Jennifer shaped thing, he knows that Derek has trauma that runs deep. 

Derek looks up at him from his seat on the floor, “Why aren’t you in with everyone celebrating? We won.”

“Why aren’t you,” Stiles counters, sinking to the floor next to Derek and takes a deep breath before he flips his hand over and sets it palm up on Derek’s knee. 

For a moment Derek does nothing, but then he takes Stiles hand in his and links their fingers together. 

“I didn’t really feel like celebrating, Beacon Hills isn’t somewhere that makes me feel like I won anything,” Derek admits quietly, so quietly that if Stiles hadn’t been inches from him he’d had missed it.

“I get that,” Stiles nods, “If it weren’t for, dad I’d never come back.”

“What about Scott, Lydia?” Derek asks. They’re even closer now, Derek’s breath is warm on Stiles’ face. Stiles shrugs and Derek says, “If it wasn’t for you I’d never come back.”

And then there isn’t any space between them. The kiss is soft and chaste. There’s time later for more kisses, for heat and passion, this kiss is gentle and healing. 

“I’m glad you finally figured it out,” Lydia says and they break apart, hands still linked, “It took you long enough.”

“I-” Stiles starts, but Lydia cuts him off. 

“I’m glad you’re happy Stiles, you’re my best friend, that’s all I ever wanted,” Lydia says and smiled at them, “I think I’m going to go find my mom. We can finally start to plan our cross country road trip to get all my stuff to MIT.”

“Hey Lydia,” Stiles calls out, “Thank you.”

“See you around Stiles,” She says, her heels clacking as she walks away. 

“I’m starving,” Stiles says finally, breaking the calm quiet around them.

“I could eat,” Derek stands up, helping Stiles to his feet, never breaking contact.

They hold hands all the way to the Jeep, then all the way to the 24 hour diner in Beacon Valley. They only stop so that they can eat because “As much as I like holding your hand I like pancakes more.”

“So romantic,” Derek laughs, eating his burger, never taking his eyes off Stiles. 

Two weeks. They had only been together for two weeks before people had found out.

 Draco paused before the entrance to the Great Hall and pressed his forehead against the cool stone wall. He could do this. So everyone knew that he was dating Harry Potter. So what? He had ignored the sneers when he had returned to Hogwarts for his 8th year, he had suffered through the occasional hex and had pointedly ignored any waspish comments that had floated his way. Somehow, he had endured all of this with his chin up and a disinterested look on his face.

He straightened determinedly, took a deep breath and walked in. Keeping his eyes on the wall above the Slytherin table, he still couldn’t miss how the noise of people chattering tapered off. Undeterred, he marched on. Pansy and Blaise, who had their heads close together in conversation, looked up. They glanced quickly at one another and then slid apart making space for Draco. He didn’t let the relief show on his face. Pansy was smart enough to wait until he was settled in and had filled his plate before asking, “Really, Draco? You didn’t think to tell us before we found out from a shrieking Weasley?”

Draco huffed out a sigh. “Of course I did. When we were ready you were the first people I was going to tell. It’s not my fault Weasley and Granger had the same idea we did and happened upon our broom closet.”

After giving him a searching look Pansy nodded, satisfied. She leaned in and whispered, “Tell us how it happened.”

Sneering, Draco was about to tell her to mind her own business when a hand fell on the back of his neck. He turned and found himself mouth to mouth with Harry. Whistles and cheers, and a few other less pleasant sounds, rose from around them. Panic rose thickly up his throat. He used both hands to shove Harry off of him. “What are you doing, Potter?” he whispered harshly.

Harry was looking rather taken aback and more than a little confused. He glanced at the surrounding Slytherins who were all watching with interest. Clearing his throat he answered, “I came to say good morning. I thought that since everyone knows..” He trailed off. The uncertainty in his bright green eyes made Draco uneasy, but he couldn’t ignore the panic he felt or the blush blooming on his cheeks.

“So because they know we are seeing each other it’s alright for you to maul me in front of everyone?” Draco asked.

A hint of amusement lit in Harry’s eyes. “Maul? Really, Draco. By now you should be able to tell the difference between a chaste kiss and when I’m trying to maul you.”

There were snickers around the table and a delighted laugh from Pansy. She moved over and patted the seat between her and Draco. “Potter, please do sit and tell us more.”

Draco made a choking noise. “I think that’s rather too much already. Potter, why are you sitting down?”

Harry reached for some toast and buttered it. “I’m having breakfast with my boyfriend.” He looked around at the many Slytherins still staring at him. He tilted his head to the side and added, “And all of Slytherin apparently.” More snickers.

This was too much. Far too much. And when Harry extended his hand for Draco to take a bite of his toast, he couldn’t believe it. He looked down at the toast and up at Harry again. Harry raised an eyebrow. “I am not eating toast from your hand, Potter!” Draco sneered.

Harry sighed, put the toast down and turned to face him. “What’s wrong?”

Draco huffed and looked down at his untouched plate. “Nothing.”

“Are you sure? Is it because I mentioned mauling and didn’t follow through? Because tonight-”

Horrified, Draco could do nothing but cover his eyes with a hand and weakly say, “Harry..”

Which, thankfully, was enough to shut him up.

With a sigh, Pansy offered. “Purebloods aren’t very affectionate in public, Potter. Or possibly at all, I really couldn’t say for sure since I don’t think I have even seen my parents kiss.”

There was a drawn out silence and Draco couldn’t take it anymore. He lowered his hand to find Harry was staring at Pansy in shock. He looked at Draco and quickly shuttered his expression. “Right. Sorry. I guess we didn’t really have time to prepare for this.” He cleared his throat. “I’ll just go back to the Gryffindor table.”
“No!” Draco said. “I don’t want you to leave. Just.. behave?” He smiled tentatively and was relieved when Harry grinned at him before he resumed eating.

One month later.

Harry watched Draco roll his eyes at Ron. They were sitting in the Three Broomsticks on a Saturday night with Ron, Hermione, Pansy and Blaise. Looking back at the past month, Harry couldn’t believe how smoothly it had gone and how well everyone was getting on. After that first awful morning when he had kissed Draco in the Great Hall, Harry had learned to keep his hands to himself when they weren’t alone. He was enormously relieved to find out that Draco still wanted to spend as much time as possible together in and out of their rooms. He was not embarrassed that people knew that they were together; he just did not want people to see them being intimate.

Something that Harry, several times a day, thought was a great pity. In fact, he was thinking it right this very second as he watched his beautiful boyfriend smirk at Hermione and that now familiar feeling rushed through him and all he wanted to do was kiss those smirking lips. Draco glanced at him and he must have had a dopey smile on his face because he saw the smirk fall away as Draco gave a soft smile meant just for him. The feeling grew along with Harry’s smile and he knew he should tell Draco that he loved him soon.

“Harry, Mrs Weasley wants to know if you’ll be having Christmas with us at the Burrow. She says she asked Ron to ask you ages ago, but we both figured he hadn’t said anything yet.” Hermione said, eyeing Ron who was sheepishly avoiding her gaze.

Harry laughed and quickly looked at Draco who was watching him carefully. Turning back to Hermione he answered, “I haven’t actually thought about Christmas yet. I’ll be sure to let you know my plans soon.” There was warmth and pressure on the side of his leg as Draco scooted closer to him on the bench. Harry glanced up but Draco was focused on the Butterbeer that he was busy sipping.

The conversation continued and Harry was laughing at Pansy’s impression of Filch when he felt warm fingers on his wrist. He looked down at his lap underneath the table and saw Draco’s pale hand flip over his own and intertwine their fingers. Looking up, he found Draco engaged in a potions conversation with Hermione. The only proof he had that Draco’s hand hadn’t acted of its own volition was the pink staining Draco’s cheeks. He recovered rather slowly but managed to rip his eyes away from Draco and look around the table to see if anyone else had noticed. They hadn’t. Nobody questioned the big goofy grin that stole across his features when Draco squeezed his hand either. He risked another glance at Draco and their eyes met. Draco’s cheeks were becoming pinker and he rolled his eyes at Harry, but Harry still saw the quirk of his lips.

“Wait,” Pansy interrupted them loudly. “Are you two holding hands under the table?”

Harry’s smile vanished and he made to let go of Draco’s hand, but Draco held on.
“Yes, Pansy. We are holding hands. So what?” He drawled.

“No, I don’t mean it like it’s a bad thing, Draco. I was just surprised. What made you change your mind?” she asked.

Harry was also particularly interested in this answer. He watched as Draco’s blush deepened. “Well, I thought about it and I don’t really understand why purebloods are so opposed to showing affection. The only thing I could think of was that a lot of the marriages are arranged, so maybe there was no affection there.”

Hermione was smiling and nodding at Draco while Pansy looked pensive. Blaise on the other hand, was grinning slyly. “So, Draco.” He started. ”You finally decided there was nothing wrong with showing the world that you’re in love?”

Everyone was silent, so Harry could clearly hear his heart thumping in his chest. He watched as Draco chewed on his bottom lip, face aflame. Slowly he turned to Harry, his grey eyes cautious but full. “Yes,” he cleared his throat. “I did.”

And finally, Harry got to kiss his boyfriend in front of other people. And he did. Thoroughly. Even when their friends started to laugh and groan. Draco was laughing against his mouth when he pulled away and said, “Thank Merlin, because I have a lot to show.”

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Heard about a famous animator recently died from “overworking” and I had to rant/vent on twitter because of reasons.

If you cannot load the images, here’s the tweets in text:

reading abt how animators and artists work themselves to death is a sad reminder that your own health matters more than how fast you work

please take the day off if you are sick. Don’t take on several projects at once. LET YOUR DRAWING HAND REST. Get sleep. Eat food.

My ex was a workaholic and he had such a toxic view on what matters in life. I feel sad for him but I don’t miss his constant guilt tripping

Sure I’m not as productive as I was when I was 22, but I have never felt this good before mentally. Still dealing w my ADHD. But it’s better

Being a workaholic is not a compliment. There’s a diff between rly enjoying your work and have a unhealthy obsession over it.

If your social life, family, health, sleeping habits etc are negatively affected by you prioritizing work 24/7 you should seek help.

And when I say “negatively” I mean on the same level as substance abuse addictions etc. I’ve seen it, it’s ugly.

Being able to say “no” to a job offer, knowing it is gonna be too much on your plate, is important af

A lot of us grow up thinking we gotta perform beyond our own capabilities; this is bad work-ethic. it will burn you out. It’s not worth it.

When I was a kid, I didn’t know how to eat with a spoon and a fork. I didn’t even know what the bread knife was for.
Ever since my friend mentioned it earlier, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.
It’s common here in southeast Asia to eat with your hands. I think it’s common in the middle east and some parts of Africa as well.
“So what, lots of people eat with their hands here in America?”
Yeah, but eating with your hands here isn’t exclusive to finger food and pizzas. You eat rice with your hands. You can eat cake with your hands, icing and everything.
You peel chicken with your hands. Almost anything here, you can eat with your hands, except, you know. Soup. I actually thought eating with your hands was normal until I started seeing people online say how unsanitary it is to touch your food, some even so far as calling someone “uncivilised” ironically over a guy eating a pizza with his hands.
I know I struggled with a spoon and fork at a restaurant when they served and I didn’t know how to cut the food up proper, but I was trying to impress my white relatives, and food came flying everywhere.
Like I remember white people laughing, discreetly, but laughing nontheless at my dad for being clumsy with a knife and fork and my mind was immediately??
Did you know how gracefully my dad can eat a fish with his fingers? Thats the only effective way you can remove the fishbones. Yeah, we eat fish whole here, head, tails, fins. Nothing goes to waste except the bones.
You will not survive an hour in this island.
You like tandoori chicken? Okay, but you gotta respect Indians eating it with their hands. Hummus? Shawarma? Spring rolls? Banana fritters?
Don’t be rude when you see someone eating with their hands.

Workout/Health Tips

I’ve watched PLENTY of videos, read TONS of articles, and visited a BUNCH of blogs. I’ve compiled some tips that have helped me on my journey; I hope they help you as well. 

-Use chop sticks (when & if you can). The idea behind this is tip that eating with chop sticks makes you eat slower. The slower you eat, the more time your body has to begin the digestion process AND it becomes easier for you to tell if you’re full or not. When you’re scarfing down your 4 plates - even if they aren’t high in fat & are your healthy foods, you’re just eating on a probably already full stomach. *another way to eat slower that doesn’t involve chop sticks is to eat snacks with your non-dominant hand.

- Lemon & cucumber water. This one really doesn’t need much explanation - so many fitness bloggers and youtubers have sworn on this cleanse. Living at college it can be difficult, but my school does have fruit infused water sometimes which is great. If you’re living at school and your dining halls don’t offer infused water, here’s a tip - the lemons are most likely by the tea & the cucumbers are at the salad bar; it’s all about searching. Also, drink ice water as soon as you wake up and wait 5-10 minutes before eating; it boosts your metabolism.

- Smaller plates & bowls –> BLUE. Now this tip is all about our dear friend, Portion Control. If you decrease the size of your plate/the surface you’re eating off of, your body will be like “hey, that’s a whole plate of food, when the plate is empty, I’ll be full.” I included “BLUE” in this tip because it’s scientifically proven that the color blue suppresses appetite, making you eat less. Whereas red has the opposite effect - it makes you hungrier. (Why do you think McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, & Chik-fil-a all have red in their logo?)

- Wear your gym clothes & sneakers around the house. This one sounds weird but when I’m wearing my workout clothes & sneakers, I tend to be less lazy and more productive. It’s sounds insane, I know, but it works! Try it for a few days - you’ll probably spend less time in front of the TV and more time on your feet. Whether you’re cleaning around the house, going for a walk, or doing meal prep, anything is better than being plopped in front of the TV with a bag of chips.

- Green tea before bed. I’ve been doing this for the last 2weeks and it’s great. Green tea is proven to boost your metabolism, calm your nerves, and it prevents to flu and cold by 60%.  I recommend drinking your hot tea about an hour - two hours before you go to bed. Also, try to stop eating food 3-4hrs before bed.

- Eat healthiest part of meal first. This goes without much explanation but let’s say you’ve just finished a great High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout and you’ve gotten lunch. On your plate, you have your protein, a salad, & a small serving of carbs. The first thing you’re going to want to eat is not going to be the carbs - no matter how good that pasta looks. This is because if you eat your healthy portion first and happen to get full before finishing your entire meal, you’ve avoided the unhealthy portion. If you ate the unhealthy portion first and got full, you just missed out on the protein and nutrients your body needs after a HIIT workout. Also, when eating salads, try to get your dressings and sauces on the side.

If you’re interested in more tips I’ve found helpful, feel free to message me!

I wanna know how ridiculous Tim’s excuses for broken bones/other obvious injuries get when he’s out in public?? like I bet he makes up increasingly wild and fantastic stories and the press just eats it up.

“Mr Drake! Tell us how you broke your hand!”
“Hm? Oh, see, so Bruce and I went on a trip to Alaska! Long story short, I punched a bear that was getting a little too close for comfort, haha.”