eat with your hands

confession: i still dont know what vore means. i dont care enough to look it up but if i had to guess based on the contexts ive seen it used i think it means to eat something without using your hands? like just smackin your face down there like a dog. please dont correct me if im wrong, let me live my life in ignorant bliss

It was like the moment when a bird decides not to eat from your hand, and flies, just before it flies, the moment the rivers seem to still and stop because a storm is coming, but there is no storm, as when a hundred starlings lift and bank together before they wheel and drop, very much like the moment, driving on ice, when it occurs to you your car could spin, just before it slowly begins to spin, like the moment just before you forgot what it was you were about to say, it was like that, and after that, it was still like that, only all the time.
—  Marie Howe, “Part of Eve’s Discussion,” The Good Thief
keep sickies away!

it’s getting chilly outside (some of you even have snow like us) so here are some ways to prevent littles from getting sick !!

• double up blankies at night 🌟
• zip up coats & put on hats & gloves
• everybody wash, wash, wash your hands 💦
• sleep to strengthen immune systems
• eat colorful fruits & veggies ☁️
• wipe down play areas
• keep on the move, but avoid crowded places ✈️
& for the littles who already caught that pesky winter sickness !!
• put vapor rub on chest before bed 💫
• lay down with a heating pad (on low) if chills occur
• drink/eat lots of soup or broths 🌿
• have lots of popsicles for sore throats & fever 🍼
• turn on a humidifier at bedtime
• disinfect toys, bottles, pacies, & give stuffies a bath 🐭

i know being sick means lots of mommy or daddy time, but it’s no fun to feel ill so remember to stay warm, clean, & hydrated this winter !!

Breakfast in bed
  • Feysand:
  • Rhys: here darling *hands tray*
  • Rhys: *while Feyre eats* isn't this nice
  • Feyre: yes if you didn't buRN IT
  • -
  • Nessian:
  • Nesta: here this will help heal your wings *hands tray*
  • Cassian: thanks *eats*
  • Nesta: isn't this nice
  • Cassian: it would be if you would stop taking my food
  • Nesta: *takes tray from him* fine
  • -
  • Elucien:
  • Elain: here you go *hands tray*
  • Lucien: Elain i'm gluten-free
  • Elain: more for me then
  • Lucien: wait wha-
  • Elain: omnomnom
  • -
  • Moriel:
  • Azriel: uhh here Mor *hands tray*
  • Mor: aww thanks Az *eats*
  • Azriel: isn't this nice
  • Mor: well if you stopped staring at me while i eat maybe
  • -
  • Amren: ugh i always have to get my own blood in the morning
How to seduce the Signs (NEW)

Aquarius – will be most attracted to intellectual and eccentric offerings as they love to learn and experiment however, don’t get too excited about a possible relationship because Aquarius is the sign of friendship and will run at the first sight of emotions and sentiment.

Pisces – will be in heaven on a dock at the lake listening to the waves splash around while you lay out the perfect picnic and, if there’s a promise of star gazing later, you’ll be up all night lost in the romance of the beauty in the universe.

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This is the most disgusting card I’ve ever seen literally it’s only purpose is so you can sit there with a shit-eating grin while your opponent is forced to shake your hand right before you completely destroy them. This is an entirely different level of disrespect.

Dating Killer Croc and meeting the Squad would include:

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Requested by Anon. 

Request: Could you by chance do a Dating Croc Would Include + Meeting the Squad, like you did your Harley one? (which was absolutely lovely btw)

Warning: Smut?

A/N: Seriously, I needed a lot of time to write this, but here it is! TAA DAA!


  • People looking at you, trying to figure out why you would date him. 
    • You giving zero fucks because your boyfriend is awesome. 
  • You both going swimming. 
  • Him showing you the sewer system. 
    • You being impressed (and disgusted). 
  • Killer Croc threatening people when they are being unpolite to you.
    • Or flirting with you. 
  • Him accepting every part of you.
    • Every single part. 
  • Him never trying to eat you. 
  • Holding hands.
  • Waylon smacking your ass. 
  • Talking. Lots of talking about stupid, banal things until you both fall asleep. 
  • Cuddling. 
    • Cuddling with Waylon is strange but not unpleasant. 
  • You being the one who says I love you first.
    • Him telling you how much he loves you too. 
  • Him carrying you around.
  • You stealing his hoodies and burrying yourself in them.
  • Going for a walk during rainy, foggy or stormy days. 
  • Being naughty with him. 
      • Whirlpool, pool, everything where water is.
    • His teeth are super dangerous but that makes everything even more exciting. 
    • He can be both, rough and gentle.
    • He can also be dominating and submissive. 

Meeting the Squad: 

Harley Quinn: 

  • Her being overly nice to you. 
  • Her questioning you about how you met Waylon and all the fluff.
  • You choking on your drink when she asks you how you have sex and how it works.

El Diablo:

  • Him being lovely company and nice to chat with. 
  • Chato immediately accepting you into the group because he trusts his family.
  • Him showing you cool fire tricks because you didn’t believe him when he said he can do things with fire.

Captain Boomerang: 

  • Him being confused why you would date Waylon. 
  • Digger being a dick and asking you to ditch Waylon for a little more fun. 
    • Waylon almost eating Digger for that comment. 
  • Him asking how you have sex with Waylon. 

Rick Flag: 

  • Rick being polite and him shaking your hand, telling you you’re welcomed in the squad.
  • Him being the strict dad of the squad. 
  • Rick introducing you to June.


  • Her being suspicious, and watching you like a hawk. 
  • You being very nice too her. 
  • Small talk. 
  • You admiring her fighting skills and telling her this. 
    • Katana being happy to tell you about her skills.
    • You bonding with here. 


  • Him raising an eyebrow when you tell them Waylon is your boyfriend.
  • Him shrugging it off, murmuring how everyone should do whatever they want to do. 
    • Him totally wanting to know how ‘it’ works between you two, but he keeps silent.
  • You recognize him as the other dad or the funnier uncle of the squad. 
Spending NYE with Harry would include...
  • him waking you up really early because “how can you miss the last morning of the year?” even though it isn’t that early and “Harry, please, it’s not like it isn’t like the others” being muttered grumply against his biceps because you were just fine sleeping peacefully until he decided to be a little shit.
  • eating whatever you can get your hands on easily because you’d prefer to sleep more and you’re not even hungry anyway
  • spend the day going grocery shopping (him putting you in a shopping car as if you were a damn kid but still laughing because you’d forgotten how funny it was)
  • (At the end you buy more thing that what you went for in the first place, but it doesn’t matter because now you have more baking supplies and he ‘used to be a baker, haven’t I told you, babe?’ and you can’t complain when you get to taste his famous triple chocolate brownies or his exquisite macarons ‘pink, I want them pink!’)
  • Anne told you that she had everything under control, that she only wanted you to be on time (because, let’s face it, when Harry is involved it is almost completely impossible to help yourself and you always get too carried on when it’s time to leave, resulting in the both of you earning a well-deserved reputation for always being late)
  • You try, really try not to give on his beautiful green eyes and those stupid tattoos still wet from the shower he just had… but you know him, and he knows you, and he knows that you won’t resist him nor you want to
  • So you end up messing the bed (’don’t worry, i’ll change the sheets so you can fix your makeup’) and moaning each other’s names like they were the most soul-touching prayer, with such adoration that lust and love were combined and you couldn’t see when either of them were.
  • when you’re both coming from your highs, he grabs your waist ‘no, not yet. Let me cuddle you a little”
  • ‘But Harry…!’
  • ‘My mom won’t get angry at you, I promise. Just don’t let go of me’ he said, sounding already sleepy. You sighed, nodding.
  • ‘If she says something, I’m gonna tell her that her son is a pain in the ass’
  • ‘You wouldn’t dare talking to her like that!‘
  • ‘It’s still true, tho’
  • And he would frown and said ‘you’re not nice, darling’
  • ‘Move, please, we can keep cuddling once we’re back from dinner’
  • like I said… you’re not nice’
  • but he’ll let go of you, kissing your temple as you find your way to his neck, letting small kisses there that don’t match what you’re lips said
  • and after being teased about coming late (’Again. Seriously, why are you always late? You don’t even live that far!’) Harry would smirk and blame you, giving you a look behind his parents eyes that would make Gemma roll her eyes in a playfully disgusted way
  • You’d talk to his family already feeling comfortable around them, as you are with your own family
  • they would ask you about school, your work, your parents, your plans for the next year… and harry would look proud about every single answer you give, because he ‘can’t believe my girl is that perfect, how did i get this lucky?
  • And once the clock marks a new beggining, he would grab your waist and close his lips against yours, with a touch that feels like a butterfly’s.
  • ‘Let’s hope that I can stand you another year’
  • ‘Harry!’ you’d punch him in his chest, frowning.
  • ‘I was just kidding! Just kidding, darling! Now, kiss me again, yeah?’
Unless you are in the same position, you will never know how hard it is living far from the person you are in love with. The nights where you break down, they can’t be there to hold you. They can’t go out to eat with you and laugh. They can’t hold your hand in the car or bring you home. Every second you miss them and you can’t just say I’m gonna see you tomorrow. Because you know you’re not.
—  I love you, but I miss you.

erememe, pocket sized. pocket meme. brings you snacks and eats your snacks and keeps your hands warm in the winter

Warren Worthington iii + “Can I get a list of things Warren does to you in bed?”

  • Warren holding your hips down while he eats you out.

His large hands wrapping around your hips, his nails digging into your skin, leaving crescent shaped marks while his lips wrapped around your clit and sucked harshly on it. All the while his sinful blue eyes stared back up at you.

  • Warren pulling your hair while he takes you from behind.

Neither of you were naked, instead his pants were pulled down past his hips and your skirt had been pushed up past yours-your shirt had been discarded across the room and your breasts had been pulled free from the cups of your bra so they were pressed against the desks cool wood. One of his hands was around your wrists while the other had curled itself in your hair. Everytime he pulled his length out he’d grip your hair tighter and pull on the roots.

  • Warren bending you over his lap to spank you.

The room was dark, the only light were the few jasmine smelling candles that were littered around the room. You had lacy white underwear on and a mismatching bra-it was a hot pink push up. Warren had on his stain boxers, which felt like heaven as you rested across his lap, ass in the air. You know he called the spanks “punishment” but you both knew that every time his warm hand left a rosy red mark on your cheeks you never felt anything other than pleasure.

  • Warren having you call him daddy.

It’d been when he had your arms pinned above your head and your legs wrapped around his waist. “Call me daddy.” His voice was rough and his lips were brushing up against your necks pulse. You let out an agreeable hum while he rutted against. “What was that?” He bit your earlobe. “Yes-yes daddy!”

  • Warren saying I love you.

You were cuddling in bed. You were both sweaty, naked and out of breath. “Hey.” You up looked at Warren, your head lifting itself off his chest ever so slightly. “I love you.”


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Imagine: Both Scott and Stiles having a crush on you and don’t realize it at first, but when they do they make a competition about how to impress you.

Request: Scott and stiles both have a crush on you but they don’t realize they like the same person. When they find out, they make it a competition on who can impress you.

Scott McCall x Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Scott and Stiles walked side by side through the hallway, heading towards the cafeteria where you and the rest of the pack were waiting.

When they arrived to the entrance Stiles suddenly stopped, earning a frown from Scott. ”Dude, why are you stopping?” he exclaimed as Stiles gave him a hand gesturing of stop.

”You see that girl?” Stiles whispered and pointed towards the table where you sat, eating your lunch along with the other girls. You just laughed because of Malia, who ate a burger with fork and knife.

”No Malia, it’s easier to eat a burger with your hands.” you laughed and demonstrated, earning a laugh from Malia. ”I’ll never get this right.” she avowed.

”You mean Y/N?” Scott asked, making Stiles bite his lips and fidget with his fingers in nervousness. ”Yes. Y/N.” Stiles admitted.

”That’s the girl.” he continued, he looked shyly down on the floor, finding his shoes very interesting at the moment. Scott quirked one eyebrow in confusion. ”The girl?” he questioned.

Stiles sighed and turned towards his friend. ”That’s the girl I like.” he disclosed, speaking lower in hopes of you not hearing them.

Scott flinched and stared at him, while Stiles already had turned back towards your table. ”N-no.” Scott stuttered.

”What do you mean no?” Stiles asked without looking at him. ”That’s the girl I like.” Scott said with harsh voice. His statement made Stiles turn his head to look at him an they shared intensive looks not knowing what to say next, until…

”WHAT? Are you kidding me?” Stiles exclaimed, a little too loud since it got the whole cafeteria to look at them, even you.

A frown formed on your face as you gave them a shy and almost uneasy smile. The boys waved awkwardly towards you and quickly turned their heels and paced away from the cafeteria.

”Did you think she heard us?” Stiles hissed in panic and grabbed Scotts arm in an attempt to regain his balance.

”No, no I don’t think so.” Scott secured and looked over his shoulders, just being sure you didn’t come running after them.

”What do you mean you like her? I thought you liked Kira?” Stiles argued, but instead of answering, Scott gave him a counter question. ”You’re the one to talk. I thought you like Lydia?” Scott scoffed as Stiles rolled his eyes at him.

”No.” Stiles muttered shorty while Scott kept talking. ”Ever since Y/N joined the pack, I started to feel something else than friendship towards her.”

Stiles putted his hand in he air, a gesture for Scott to stop. ”You know what? It doesn’t even matter.” Stiles interrupted before Scott could explain his feelings for you even more.

”Yes it does.” Scott argued as Stiles crossed his arms over his chest. ”No, why should it? We can’t let a girl come between us.”

”Because I like her.” Scott admitted harshly and Stiles pursed his lips in irritation. ”So do I.”

They both stared at each other for a while before Stiles broke the silence. ”Okay, fine. We’ll let her choose.” making Scott smirk.

”You really want to compete against a true alpha?” he scoffed. ”Game on, you mutt!” Stiles challenged.

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  • Yongguk: Plans everything, is actually pretty excited about the party even though he doesn't show it too much. Feels shy when he ask you if you want to come but smiles widely when you accept
  • Himchan: Looks elegant af even though it's a party with friends, he brought a lot of board games so everyone would have fun
  • Daehyun: Is eating everything in: the fridge, the table, your hands, etc. Begs you to let him take a bite of your turkey and sings for everyone
  • Youngjae: He brought a gift for you and wanted to give it to you in secret but then when Daehyun saw you two he started screaming and everyone noticed what was happening
  • Jongup: The one that bought everyone a gift but forgot them all in his house so now he's spacing out trying to remember what he had left
  • Zelo: No one lets him touch the alcohol even though he's already old enough to do so, everyone makes fun of him because he can't stop staring at you