eat while your work

Why snack?

We all know that, to keep our brains running smoothly, we need to fuel them appropriately with a balanced diet. This is specially important during exams or other stress periods, because mental work burns more calories than sometimes we realize.

One easy and effective way to get that extra energy our brains need are snacks. When used in conjunction with an already good diet, they can give a much needed boost to your memory, attention, comprehension…

When to snack?

I’ve found the best time to go for a little snack is during studying breaks. I use the pomodoro technique, so every 25 minutes I’ll have a little break, and that’s when I do my snacking. Not every break has to be a snack-break, of course!

If I am cramming, I find eating while studying also works, but it is messier and can interrupt your focus. So try your best to plan little breaks at set intervals!

How to snack?

Eat small things, both in portion and in size. Finger foods are much better than stuff you need utensils for. Bite sized foods work best and are generally less messy. Small portions mean you get energy as you need it, and that you won’t overeat or force your body to do a heavy digestion while studying (trust me, you don’t want that! You want all the energy going to your brain and not your guts!).

What to snack?

Here’s where many people get stuck, but truth is possibilities are endless. I advise against junk food, but even that is better (in moderation, of course!) than having nothing at all. It is a good idea to plan ahead what you will be eating and snacking that week: this way you can make sure you choose a variety of foods with good nutritional values, and your choices are wiser.

Some ideas:

  • Drinks
    • Fruit smoothies (a favorite here is frozen strawberries, banana & cinnamon)
    • Tea (any type, hot or iced)
    • A small cup of hot chocolate
    • Orange juice
  • Fruit and vegs
    • Grapes
    • Berries (I’m a fan of blueberries, but to each their own!)
    • Carrot, green pepper and/or celery sticks
    • Hummus (pair it up with the vegetable sticks and it’s yummy!)
    • Guacamole (it can work as a dip, too!)
    • Clementine wedges
    • An apple
    • A banana
    • Cherry tomatoes
    • Pickles
  • Carbs
    • Oat cookies
    • Bread sticks
    • A good old sandwich (this one is too much for me, but it’s good for longer breaks)
    • Hard pretzels or pretzel rods
    • Dark chocolate (but do not overdo this one!)
    • Popcorn (same here!)
    • M&Ms (or similar, but in moderation)
    • Granola bars
  • Fats and Proteins
    • Nuts (I’m specially a fan of walnuts, but any one goes!)
    • Olives (pitless)
    • Cheese (wedges, mini cheese balls, diced…)
    • Yogurt
    • A hard boiled egg
    • Cold meats (diced, rolled up slices…)

The list, honestly, is endless, as are the benefits of regular and healthy snacking for students like you and me.

ETA: Adding more snack ideas as I come up with them. Feel free to share yours!

(Note of the Author: Please forgive any mistakes I may have made. English is my third language and sometimes I get brain-hiccups while writing long things!)

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You weren’t really a fan of baseball, if you were perfectly honest. It just wasn’t that interesting to you. However, if you were talking about the men playing baseball, it was a completely different story. Your older brother was a huge minor league baseball fan, for no reason you could discern. They weren’t famous and most games were basically the same. He’d drag you to a game every once in a while, if you weren’t working, and you’d eat your overpriced hotdog, pretending to have fun.

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Fire Starter (A cutesy Deadpool one shot)

You weren’t exactly Deadpool’s sister, but of course when Wade found you burning down the box you called home in your nightmares he couldn’t resist. You were only 11 then and had run away from your foster home after nearly burning that down by accident. You were happy to stay with Wade though because as he demonstrated when he scooped up your body engulfed in flames, he couldn’t be killed. You loved that about him. He loved that you were his tiny fire starter and best friend. Somehow he managed to get paperwork saying you were his sister and he your legal guardian, so you were officially Y/N Wilson. It had been a stellar 7 years with Wade, but today was your 18th birthday and you had a big request.

“I want to go see the new Rob Zombie movie.”

“That sounds like a new apartment in the works.” He commented while eating his half of your birthday cake. You had nearly finished the other side.

“I figure if I have a nightmare and set the house on fire again, we can just have extra fire extinguishers waiting and one of those fire blankets!” You had definitely thought this through.

“For someone who loves scary movies you have a lot of nightmares.”

“That’s true and most of them are about having nightmares and losing control of my powers which then I do.”

“Okay so why do you have this compulsion to make it worse? It is like you are trying to cook me for thanksgiving. I am not talking any thermometers in the ass. It brings up too many memories of Vanessa.”

“But Waaaaddeeee.”

“You know I’m not going to stop you, why do you even bother pummeling my heart like this?”

“Because I want you to go with me.” You beamed at him.

“Is this because you don’t have friends or because I am the best brother ever? Break it to me easy either way.” It was true you didn’t have friends. You were a kindred spirit to Wade and that had alienated you from your peers. Not to mention you were worried about spontaneously combusting if they got too close. People seemed to sense that about you and gave you plenty of space.

“Which answer gets you to go with me now?”

“What about Weasel?”

“He’s still upset because I burnt his eye brows off trying to show him a trick.”

“What’s the trick?”

“Burning people’s eye brows off without burning their flesh.” Wade got a real kick out of that.

“Pics or it didn’t happen.” You pulled your phone out and showed him the hilariously bald face of his friend. “If you finish him off he could be the before and I could be the after of a circumcision gone wrong.”

“I’ll ask him. Can we go now?” Instead of answering he went for his usual move to squish my face and make gurgle noises like a baby. As much as you hated this it did mean he was agreeing to whatever you wanted. “Yay! Carry me!” You ran around the counter and hopped on his back while pulling his hood up. He still didn’t like showing his face. He spent a majority of the time in the mask and it smelled like it if ya know what I mean. You bought the tickets and all the food still being carried by Wade. Then because he thinks he is funny he sat on you instead of letting you down. There was a scuffle between the two of you and you melted one of his candy bars before he pleaded for the safe return of the others. You made it through the movie relatively without incidence. Meaning you only lit your hands on fire the few times you were startled. That was easy enough to put out though. No one even noticed or so you thought. You gave Wade a piggy back ride all the way home to thank him. Everything was perfect as you went to sleep wrapped in that fire blanket you had set up as part of your plan.

“Blazing Saddles!” Wade shouted.

“Wah?” You sat up rubbing your eyes preparing to open them.

“Johnny Cash!” Wade yelled again, but this time you noticed the white foam pelting you. Surveying the room everything was blurred by the fire in front of your eyes. The more he sprayed you the angrier the flames that licked from your body became.

“Fuck it. And I went down down down in a burnin’ ring of fire and it burned burned burned as the flames grew higher.” Wade sang as he lifted you from the bed and ran from the place. Fire trucks were coming around the corner so he ran the two of you away from the scene all while singing in pained breaths. You couldn’t stop the fire quickly enough because you were so panicked. By the time you did you had burned big holes in the arms and chest of his suit.

“Did you sleep in your suit?” You asked still groggy from the sudden wake up.

“Yes and it is probably a good thing I was prepared. I have your phone and my mask.” He had a small fanny pack around his waist.

“No clothes in there huh?”

“Well this wouldn’t be a travelswithwords fic if someone didn’t try to normalize the naked human form.” You rolled eyes knowing he was talking nonsense now. Instead you just pulled the fire retardant blanket tighter around you. The phone rang. The ID read Metal Dick. You accepted the call.

“I see on the news you and Wade may be in need of a place to stay.” Colossus chuckled.

“Shoved that metal dick into Wolverine’s ass in the most tender of ways!” You shouted before hanging up.

“I’m so proud of the woman you’ve become.” Wade pretended to wipe away tears over his mask. “By the way Happy Birthday.” He pulled a small slinky form the fanny pack.

“This won’t even go down stairs.” You grumbled accepting the gift.

“Well we don’t have stairs anymore thanks to someone getting all hot and bothered over Rob Zombie.”

“Well I mean. You saw those dreads.”

“Alright I did and I would definitely do him, but my open mindedness it not an excuse!” He waggled a finger in your face.

“So where are we going? Think Blind Al misses us?” He thought about this. “Maybe we should just start walking while you think because it is the middle of the night and I’m dressed in a blanket.” He nodded and started heading down the street. “Wade! I have no shoes.” He sighed and rolled his head.

“Why didn’t I just get a puppy instead?” He scooped you up again and you giggled as you made your way down the boulevard. A few blocks over you could hear a ruckus, but neither of you were phased until the web slinger and tin man flew over head.

“That looks cool.”


“What if you can use your swords?”

“You had me at cool I just didn’t want to seem easy.” You two followed and saw the scene unfold. There were people with bombs strapped to them holding a bunch of people hostage in the square.

“It seems way too early for this.”

“Yeah how rude could these guys be? All good villainy happens during prime traffic hours in New York. It is more evil if it’s more inconvenient. I should know.” He winked at seemingly nothing.

“You’re doing that thing again.” You hopped down and looked at the bad guy who was talking the most. He wasn’t actually that close to the crowd but the device he held was attached to the other men standing around. “Yo Wade. Cut that guy loose. I’m going to make fireworks.” As spidey and tin dude were still trying to figure out how to get people clear Wade ran in from the side and did as told. Then before the main bad guy could respond you shot a fire ball at him and he exploded sending pieces of human raining. The crowd was terrified but unharmed and the other men began scattering. Spiderguy quickly started webbing them up before they could escape.

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.” Wade began skipping around through the mess. The metal dude landed in front of you.

“Excuse me, did you just blow that man up?”

“This man you?” You offered a piece of something from your hair.

“I’m all set. Why don’t I know you?” He was also mumbling inside his suit in between talking.

“Deadpool the robot is trying to get my name!” You called. He skipped over.

“Does he take the suit off for sex?”

“Generally,” Tony quipped back absently.

“That’s no fun.” Wade grumbled. “Save yourself for someone special who would keep the suit on for you.” You blushed at Wade’s brotherly advice. He was always so wise.

“I’m not talking to you mercenary. You’re the X-men’s problem. I am talking to the lovely lady who just shot fire and her name is Y/N Wilson…” You could here the disappointment in his voice. “Please tell me you are related to Sam.”

“Who’s that?” You giggled looking at Wade who was twirling watching the spiderguy swing down. “Whoa it’s the half spider!”

“I’m not half spider. I’m a person.” His voice cracked and tin man held up a hand to shush him.

“Can you come with me, miss Y/N?” The robot offered his hand.

“I guess I don’t have anywhere else to be. Wade?” He was already jumping into the spider’s arms.

“Take me home stud!” He cheered. The masked hero looked alarmed as your brother hung from his neck.

“We really don’t need you-“ the robot began.

“Package deal. Now take me somewhere warmer. I’m naked under this rag.” You could feel the eye rolls as Tony lifted you, but you were too amazed by the feeling of flying.

“This is almost better than chimichangas!” You heard Wade scream. The city whizzed by but you could still distinguish the swinging figure carrying your brother. “Forgive me chimichangas. I didn’t mean to disrespect you.”

“Your brother is quite the talker.” Your ride grumbled.

“Less talking more speed!” You squealed. You thought you heard him laugh then. You arrived at the almighty Avengers tower. He gently placed you on the ground. Wade and the spider hadn’t arrived yet. “Swanky place. So what do you want tin man?”

“It’s Ironman.” He corrected.

“Are you sure?”

“What do you mean am I sure yes. Ironman aka Tony Stark.” He stepped out of the metal suit. “Billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.” You let your body engulf in flames before dropping the blanket and mimicking his swagger.

“Y/N Wilson. Just turned legal adult, average student, fire starter.” He couldn’t quite see you through the flames, but he still looked you up and down.

“You are hot.” He held a hand near the fire emanating from your chest. You winked, but all he saw was a spark flicker. Then across from you the other two landed.

“Hey hands away from my sister’s hot naked body.” Wade shouted. Tony just retracted his hand to grab the bridge of his nose.

“Oh Wade next time you have to go with a dress. The breeze. Phenomenal.” You joked slapping your brother on the shoulder. He had to pat out the small fire. “Next time I call dibs on spidey though. The metal man is a little arrogant for my taste.” This got a stifled laugh from the spider as you slid the blanket back on and put out the flames. Spidey averted his gaze as you looked to him.

“Why don’t we get both of you some clean clothes? Maybe you could wash the man bits out of your hair. Then we talk.” You and Wade exchanged snickering looks as you were shuffled around the tower. Once you were showered and dressed in someone’s sweats you joined the men in the living room. Wade was wearing someone’s hoodie and pants, but still had his mask on as he lounged across the couch. Stark was seated in a chair beside him sipping a drink. Spiderman was standing by the counter fidgeting. You flopped onto Wade’s midsection making him “oof” and move over so you could fit. “I went through the records of each organization and no one seems to know about you. How could that be when your hanging out with this one?”

“He is actually a great beard. Everyone looks boring and average next to him.” You gave your brother a smile and he signed a little heart at you.

“So what made you uh blow up that guy up in front of us?”

“He was being a dick?”

“That’s not really a good reason.” Spider chimed in.

“I have bad role models?”

“Don’t put that evil on me, Ricky Bobby!” Wade defended.

“Okay this is exhausting. No wonder no one has recruited the two of you.” Tony got up to retrieve more liquor.

“Not for lack of trying. Colossus just called about Wade.”

“Well I don’t want Wade. I want you.” The billionaire smirked.

“My feels.” Wade fuax fainted back holding his heart.

“That’s not very nice.” You frowned.

“All offense meant, but just think about you for a minute. You clearly need help with your powers and if you stop dancing in their entrails you could help people.” Tony looked very sincere as his eyes bore into you, but you couldn’t not think about Wade. He was the only person who understood you. The spider sensed your indecision and walked over to kneel before you.

“I know this seems like a lot and you care about your family, but maybe things could be better if you learned how to control this.” He spoke gently and it had you leaning in to listen.

“I can hardly hear you through that mask.” He reached up and slowly removed the fabric. Wade jumped up hands flying to his face.

“My god he’s beautiful. Go to him Y/N.” Wade shoved you off the couch and you fell into the Spider’s arms. Blush spread across both your faces as he held you across his lap.

“I-I’m,” He cleared his throat. “I’m Peter by the way.”

“I’m going to be maid of honor and best man at your wedding.” Wade squealed and Tony was rolling his eyes. You scampered up from his arms.

“Wade be serious.” You sighed. “You think I should stay?” He stood up to hug you seeing you were ready to burn through more clothes.

“I’m very serious about all the matrimonial duties that go along with accepting both position.” You giggled at the word duties. “I believe it is what my powers were meant for. You stay here with your future husband and I will go stay with Weasel. He really doesn’t like you anyway.”

“That’s true,” you admitted feeling the fire fizzle down.

“If he lays hands on you though I will remove them an inch at a time.” He stage-whispered it so the whole room could hear.

“I would expect nothing less.” You pecked Wade on the cheek before he took a running start across the room and threw his body threw the window. Peter ran over and shot a web to catch him, but you didn’t have to look to know Wade still jumped down and scampered off.

“You don’t need to catch him. He can’t die. It’s like fricking Halloween with Mike Meyer’s always.” You took a seat on the couch.

“He’s gone.” Peter confirmed sitting on the opposite end of the couch.

“I hope you guys make fire proof beds.” You sighed leaning back on the couch. Peter and Tony looked between each other. “I’m not kidding.”

Birthday Wish

(This is 100% self indulgent. No apologies.)

Imagine celebrating your birthday with the BAU team. 

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When you woke up the first thing you did was look at the calendar on the wall. The day was circled and you couldn’t help but jump out of bed. Although you didn’t publicize it too much, it was your birthday today and that meant little treats for you that you had planned like wearing your favorite outfit, packing your favorite lunch, and ordering takeout from your favorite restaurant to eat while watching your favorite movie after work. It was supposed to be a quiet day that you could do all your favorite things. You grabbed your phone off the charger and saw that your parents and your best childhood friend had already sent you birthday texts as well as many Facebook friends who had posted on your wall. You smiled and went about your morning routine making sure to pamper yourself with little things. You grabbed your lunch out of the fridge and made your way out the door and to the car.

As you made your way through the BAU, you waved and smiled at the people you normally acknowledged in the morning and a few wished you a happy birthday; you thanked them and made your way to your desk. You could see Derek and Garcia huddled around Spencer’s desk with said man whispering about something.

As you approached you called out to them, “Hey, guys, what’s up?”

All three of them turned around quickly and smiled suspiciously.

“Hey, Y/N,” Derek said.

“Okay, what’s going on? Is there another prank war going on? Did Strauss do something?”

“What makes you think anything is up?” Spencer asked.

Garcia swung her arm and hit him in the stomach. He winced at her blow, but he returned to the smile.

“That,” you told him, “And the smiles. I am a profiler too guys.”

“We just need to go talk to Rossi really quickly,” Derek told you.

They all ran towards the elder’s office whispering and laughing the entire way. You shook your head at your teammates before turning to your desk with the mountain of paperwork. You sighed and settled in for a long day.

In the end, you didn’t even get to break for lunch. You ate your food over a case from Tallahassee where the unseen was killing seemingly random blondes. You worked up a profile and sent it off to the office down there. You had worked one more case before looking at the time and realizing you needed to get back home. You turned in your chair to see the entire team lined up in front of you.

“Finally,” Rossi said, “I never thought you’d turn around.”

“What’s going on?” You asked. “Am I getting fired? Did someone die? Everyone is here so it can’t be that, unless it was my family-“

“Calm down, Y/N,” Hotch told you, “It’s nothing bad.”

“1, 2, 3,” Garcia counted.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” All of the profilers yelled.

Spencer brought his hands from in back of him and produced a birthday cake hat. You started laughing and your smile grew to a size you never thought you could ever actually achieve. Spencer stepped forward and placed the hat on your head with a smile.

“We have some stuff set up in the conference room,” Garcia told you.

You were about to protest with your original plans, but Penny interrupted you.

“We have your favorite take out and your favorite movie, as well as some treats from each of us.”

“Thank you guys. This is so sweet.”

The entire team and you went to the conference room to enjoy the goodies they had gotten you as well as each other’s company. You never even ended up watching the movie, but talking until your birthday only had very little time left in it. Spencer volunteered to walk you to your car and help you carry everything after everything was done, you had leftovers from Rossi and cupcakes that Jack had insisted on making you as well as a few gifts given to you. You and Spencer kept light conversation going the entire walk as well as when you loaded the two of you loaded the trunk of your car. The two of you stood in front of your car, both of you waiting for the other to make the first move.

“Well I guess I should go back and get my stuff,” Spencer told you.

“Umm, yeah. Here’s your hat back.”

You took off the article and went to hand it to Spencer.

“No, you can hold on to it until someone else’s birthday.”

“Oh, okay.”

You brought the hat back to your body and held it close.

“Well, happy birthday, Y/N.”

“Thanks, Spencer.”

You both stood there in an awkward pause.

“You know it’s tradition in Austria right after cutting the cake you’re supposed to kiss the closest person of the opposite gender.”

“We had cupcakes.”

“But we broke them apart.”

“I guess we have to keep with tradition.”

You smiled and leaned into the genius. Your lips met for one chaste kiss before going back for more. Spencer deepened the kiss and pulled you closer by the waist and your arms  wound themselves around his neck. You felt light headed and you couldn’t tell if it was from lack of air or the magic of this kiss. You eventually had to pull away to breathe and you rested your forehead on his.

“You know I have some more cupcakes in my car,” you murmured,  “Maybe we can go to my place and continue this tradition?”

Spencer vigorously nodded before saying, “I’ll go grab my stuff. Give me five minutes.”

You smiled and watched the profiler trip over himself and he sprinted to get his stuff and get back to you as soon as possible.

Rules, littles, and how sneaky they can be.

It is an amazing gift to be given the trust, love, admiration, and submissiveness of any person, especially my little. It has changed both of our worlds in way we could never have anticipated and each day is all the more beautiful for our connection.

Sweet and precious littles:
One of our responsibilities is to help guide our little to grow into a healthier (be that mental health or physical), a wiser, and a more capable you.
We care greatly about you, your happiness, health, and growth. We want every tomorrow to be brighter and full of more rainbows and giggle fits than the last day.

Be aware that as your little grows, under your tender care, and becomes more capable, they will test you.
Often I have asked my little bunny, while I’m away working, “Did you eat breakfast and take your pills this morning, 👑princess?”
To which she replies “Yes, Daddy! ❤️”

At first I was so elated by this response that I smiled contentedly and forget about it from then on.

Unfortunately for my little, I wised up and began to ask her what she ate. To which she would admit she had only something pathetic like a bite of this or half of a tangelo.
She will not lie to me but she will mislead me and leave out vital information to avoid (a: following the rules and (b: not getting in trouble.
This is natural for littles, they will test not only the boundaries but your capabilities as well. They do this to find out where and what those limits are.
In this way they can be free and feel safe in the world by the boundaries we place between them and harm, and by our attentiveness to their being.

When it came to drinking and driving, even though I told her not to, if I didn’t ask her the first week then she wouldn’t tell me if she had. Only once I asked did she admit she broke the rules and so it is my responsibility to ask every time. Remember, they already feel ashamed, afraid, and upset with themselves.
If you leave a little any wiggle room they will squirm right into it. As the entrusted guide you must fill these these cracks because to a little it is a glistening temptation. Define every boundary otherwise you’re the one letting them down and thus deserve the spanking. Yes, it is not fun being a “hard ass” nor to pester another constantly, yet it is our entrusted duty all the same.

Littles are sneaky, cute and beautiful in their brilliant glory, but sneaky little devils all the same. Keep on your toes and make sure, when they trust you with all of their life and heart, to maintain your commitment as an ever vigilant, mobile giant stuffie…I mean Daddy/Mommy.

Harvey and the baby

Before you went to work, while you were eating breakfast, your baby started to cry. Harvey had picked her up and rocked her, then looked at you.

“She’s hungry.”

You nod, reaching out to take her.

“I’ll feed her.”

“No, I can do it. I am a doctor, you know.”

You smile and nod, going out to work. Harvey looks down at the little girl in his arms.

“Time for your breakfast, huh?”

She whines softly. He smiles, making her some milk and using a thermometer to make sure it is the right temperature. Once it is perfect, according to his parenting books, he puts it in a bottle, and holds it to the baby’s lips. She takes it, and he adjusts his arms to be at the right angle, according to the books. She drinks slowly, the nipple often slipping out of her lips, and a lot of the milk dribbling down her chin. He frowns, checking the books again, then glancing to the window. He shakes his head. “I’m able to feed my own baby.”

He goes back to the kitchen, deciding to heat the milk up just a little more. “Maybe the thermometer is wrong,” he mumbles, trying to justify himself going against the books. After it is heated up a tiny bit, he offers it to her again, and little to none dribbles down her chin. He smiles and sits, completely upright, in a chair. Over time, his arms relax, and the nipple doesn’t slip out of her mouth anymore. He notices her eyelids drooping, and stands to take her to her crib, then realizes his arms are different than they should be. He shrugs it off, gently rocking her. He sets her in bed, but she whines and raises her arms up towards him. “Da.”

He looks at her in shock, a baby of her age shouldn’t be able to recognize and say things like that, but he suddenly realizes that he can’t follow the books for everything. He picks her back up, along with the bottle, and carries her around. He rocks her and coos her name. When you come back in, they’re cuddled together on the couch, both asleep. You laugh softly and cook some lunch for yourself before they wake up, then leave them alone to rest.