eat while mouth open


A/N: okay so this one request said boyfriend!mark and i got confused bc i didn’t know if it was mark lee or mark tuan so yes imma do both bc i love you guys hahahahahaha

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-so mark lee would like be the fluffiest bf ever is2g i want one

-and since everyone in nct and in sm loves this boy so much, they would love you so much as well

-especially the dreams, they would think you’re as cool or maybe even cooler than mark because they look up to him

-maybe except donghyuck

-he would annoy you

-a lot

-but in real life, donghyuck would think you are an amazing noona

-okay so back to the fluff ball mark

-mark probably isn’t in to PDA that much and also because he is still young, he would want people to see the both of you as still conservative people

-but back in the dorm the both of you would be like the most disgusting couple ever

-hugging each other all the time, giving you kisses on the cheek, back hugs

-that is when the others are not around that it

-or else the most PDA that you would do was sitting beside one another while ones pinky is wrapped around the others.

-okay so on dates, he would do this as well. You would go around the city with not much PDA but only your pinkies holding onto each other like do you get what i’m saying or nah am i confusing(?)

-but anyways, when you’re together at the sm practice room and when you thought that everyone has left and you thought the two of you are the only ones left after nct 127′s practice, he would come over to you and put his hand on your waist while his other hand is holding hid bag and he would give the sweetest kiss. Everything would just be so cute and fluffly

-until haechan comes back inside because he forgot his towel or something and then he would see the both of you sucking off each others faces and he would just go screaming “MY EYES!1! MARK HYUNG, NOONA PLS IM A CHILD!”

-and mark and you both swore the other members would not remember a boy named haechan anymore


-So like since mark is apart of every sub-unit of nct, he gets really tired and stressed

-and he is just really grateful you are there because he cals you his stress reliever and he feels calm whenever you are around.

-but back to happy times

-whenever nct makes a comeback, mark would want to see you react to the music video

-and would just be all smiley and fluffy again because you would be screaming and fangirling every time he makes screentime

-but of course you would be fangirling about the other members as well

-then he would go “But i’m your favorite right? I’m your bias”

-then you would reply with “Mark shut up, you’re my boyfriend of course you’re my bias” and he would just smile at you and give you a kiss on the cheek afterwards

-Also, you would be ranting in english

-but then johnny/ten/jaehyun would understand so they go “woah chill”

-and you just smile at them after

-having mark as a bf is just the best thing in the world

-he would have you as his lockscreen which is a picture of you that he took while you were out eating together and you had your mouth wide open

-and you would make him change it and he did

-but to a picture of you sleeping with while your mouth was open and when your hair was a mess

-and you would just give up

-mark is just so precious, his future gf would be so lucky

-all in all i want one mark lee pls

eren jumping on jean’s back and jean just not caring enough so he walks around with eren hanging off of him

eren commanding jean to give him a piggyback ride and jean refuses but eventually lets eren jump on his back and jean secretly hides a smile as eren runs his hands through his hair or wraps his arms around his shoulders

modern au where everyone goes to disney and jean is carrying eren everywhere while eren eats ice cream and jean opens his mouth so eren can feed him some

jean lifts eren up in his arms and eren just wraps his legs around jean and both are so content and happy and laughing

Fate - Chapter 6

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Chapter  [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

‘I don’t mind anything.’ You told Jay shrugging your shoulder as you leaned against the counter waiting for him to order food for himself and the other members. Jay pondered a bit and continued on ordering a huge amount of food. It felt more like he was feeding the whole block rather than just the other guys in the studio. Jay had in his words ‘Won the bet’; a bet which you didn’t even remember betting on but you rolled your eyes and entered his car anyway once you were done with work. The boy really does always get what he wants. ‘Do you mind if we stop for coffee after this? Kiseok wants some coffee.’ He told you shaking his head and rolling his eyes at the demands of his co-CEO. You just nodded your head in reply.

‘It’s fine. I’ll be a little bit late.’ You typed on your phone a reply to your sister who was still completely in the dark of Jay. The only one who knew was your best friend and you had made her swear to not tell your sister. ‘Is that your sister?’ Jay asked and you looked up seeing his eyes looking at your phone screen. You pulled your phone closer to your chest gasping mockingly at his intruding eyes. ‘Why are you reading my text?’ you exclaimed trying to sound offended as Jay rolled his eyes at your teasing tone.

‘Yeah she’s asking if I want dinner.’ You explained to Jay who nodded his head, sealing his lips together in a line.

‘What?’ you asked Jay who had that look in his eyes whenever he wanted something from you but was waiting for you to offer it to him. He shrugged clasping his hand together at the back moving his eyes to look somewhere else other than you. ‘What?’ you asked again amused at how obvious he was making it but still trying to play push and pull. He looked at you with wide eyes trying to feign ignorance and innocence, his lips were pursed out adorably and he shook his head at you. You scoffed as he turned his head back to the front staring behind the counter trying to act like nothing was wrong.

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What languages taste like:
  • French: a salad with little dressing and veggies cut up in pieces just slightly too big; for some reason you have to eat it while unable to completely open your mouth; at the end of the conversation you feel like the taste wasn't worth all the effort of chewing.
  • Italian: a savoury buffet of wide taste range, sprinkled with coarse salt and herbs; you gotta stretch your mouth just as much as you need to bring all its parts together.
  • American English: kinda bland sponge-cake with dark chocolate chunks to bite into here and there.

reasons to not fucking talk while you’re eating or chew with your mouth open:

  • disgusting
  • vile
  • rude
  • HEAVILY triggering to misophonia sufferers
  • literally digusting
  • are you an animal
  • shut your fucking mouth holy SHIT
bellarke prompt

wow, ur writing is amazing!!! and the way you portray bellamy and clarke is so realistic i just lakjsgflskagssa

so i am a sucker for the prompts where everyone calls bellamy and clarke ‘mom and dad’ fondly behind their backs & notice how protective, caring they are to each other. in this prompt, i want it to be like that and a scene where raven points to clarke’s neck in the middle of dinner and exclaims “is that a hickey?” and you take it from there 

thanks so much if you accept!!

Thank you so much for the prompt! I hope this is satisfactory. 

“She’s back!” Monty cries out. Everyone within earshot stops what they are doing; training, eating, talking. 

He is the first one through the gate, not waiting for the guards to give the signal. For months, Monty had been stubbornly staying by the fence, waiting for Clarke Griffin to return home. A lot of people had: Abby, Miller, Raven and Wick, Lincoln, Harper. Even Jasper, after a month of pretending to not care. 

Another person who had lingered by the outskirts of camp, was Bellamy.

He knew why Clarke left. He hated that she had, but he understood why. He had forgiven her, but she hadn’t forgiven herself. Unlike her mother, who begged Bellamy to bring Clarke back, he knew she would be back, his co-leader just needed time.

Presently, there’s a mad rush to talk, hug, and see Clarke. Bellamy smiles slightly as he spies her confused and overwhelmed expression. Most likely she had been expecting glares and the cold shoulder. 

He waits patiently for the fuss to die down, even though he feels each minute that ticks by. He sees his sister with Lincoln, on the other side of camp. She’s sharpening her sword, and Lincoln’s drawing. He doesn’t understand why they aren’t jumping to see her, inner!Bellamy is smiling widely and laughing and feeling like the weight of the world has lifted off him.

He knows Abby would want to see her daughter if she could, but she was busy caring for an extremely injured Delinquent, who thought climbing a tree covered in poisonous mushrooms was a smart idea. 

Finally, the crowd disperses and Raven finishes hugging Clarke. Clarke hasn’t even entered camp yet.

Bellamy walks towards her, pushing down the urge to run to her. “Clarke.” 

She smiles a little, there’s something in her expression that wasn’t there before. “Bellamy.”

“Have you..” he clears his throat, why does he feel like he’s tongue tied? “Have you forgiven yourself?”

She doesn’t answer, just throws her arms around him and he hugs her back, squeezes her tight and never wants to let go.

“Did you take care of them?” she whispers into his ear.

He doesn’t answer, just kisses her cheek.

“Aw, mom and dad are reunited!” Raven smirks from the other side of the fence. The other Delinquents giggle, while the rest of the Colony just looks on in confusion. Are Clarke and Bellamy married or something? Why would she leave if they were?

Lincoln finishes sketching the lines of Clarke’s arms, and Bellamy’s expression. He’s never seen so much love in one look.

“There used to be a saying, something used many, many years ago.” he says casually. 

Octavia stops sharpening her sword, “What?” 

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

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The Heart Never Lies – Jimin [Part. 1]

Characters: Jimin X Reader
: F for Fluffy shit

There was this one time, when Jimin got so drunk, he couldn’t even remember the night he spent.

He didn’t remember the girls rubbing themselves against him in the club, he didn’t remember the red lipstick strains on his neck, nor who’s perfume was stuck on his flesh. He didn’t remember the loneliness he felt in the middle of the dance crowd. He didn’t remember that, amongst all those girls throwing themselves at him, the only one he was thinking about was nowhere by his sights.

Adding to all of this, Jimin didn’t remember giving the wrong address to the taxi driver – but it wasn’t his fault really, he was just drunk and it was the cab’s fault anyway, because getting just one number wrong shouldn’t have such bad consequences. But he didn’t remember anyway – not the way he stumbled to her door, too drunk to even care how he looked like. He didn’t remember knocking really loudly on her door in the middle of the night, probably waking up her parents in the process. But luckily enough, or not, it was her silhouette that opened the door, still half-asleep, a confused look in her eyes.

Jimin couldn’t remember the way he got the door shut straight to his face, nor the way that it didn’t stopped him and banged even harder on the wooden door of his neighbor. The girl opened one more time, crossed arms over her chest, waiting for an explication that Jimin didn’t remember saying. But whatever it was, it must have worked somehow, because she was already there a few seconds later, an arm around his waist for support, bringing him on the other side of the street, to his own house.

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Hey, What are some things clarke and lexa don't like about each other in LILL? And what are some of their pet peeves? I adore your writing btw!

Clarke simultaneously loves and hates the fact that Lexa is a ridiculously sore loser. She hates it, because Lexa picks fights over games and is competitive to the point that it sometimes turns something that should be fun into something serious and sour. She loves it too, though, because it has led to some pretty hilarious outbursts and moments, and also because she almost always wins if she is on Lexa’s team during game nights.

Clarke hates that Lexa leaves the bread on the counter instead of putting it in the fridge, and Lexa hates that Clarke puts it in the fridge instead of leaving it on the counter.

Clarke hates that Lexa loves beef jerky and sunflower seeds so much, because they give her shitty breath, and then she doesn’t want to kiss her but she has to kiss her because reasons, and it always makes her wrinkle her nose, and then Lexa laughs, and then Clarke is like ugh, stop being so cute and stinky. Go brush your teeth.

Lexa sometimes hates Clarke’s snoring. She finds it cute most nights, because it is quiet and soft, and she became very accustomed to it, almost to the point that she couldn’t sleep without, but sometimes, when Clarke is really tired or not feeling so hot, she snores so hard and so loud that Lexa has to go sleep on the couch, because it invades her dreams and makes it impossible to sleep.

Lexa hates that Clarke sometimes tries to force her to talk about her feelings before she’s ready to. She internalizes, and Clarke knows this, but Clarke is more the type who wants to talk it out right here, right now, until everything is settled. Lexa, instead, needs time to process and figure out what she wants to say. Sometimes, though, Clarke tries to force her to talk before she’s ready, and it makes Lexa’s skin crawl. Clarke eventually backs off and gives her her space, though, and then they talk later when they’re both better able to express themselves.

Clarke hates that Lexa lets her hair collect in the drain in the shower and doesn’t clean it out. Her hair is so thick, and she loses a ton at a time every time she showers, so then there end up being giant Lexa hairballs on top of the shower drain, blocking the water from draining, and Clarke always has to throw them out.

Lexa hates that Clarke never changes the razor. She lets it go blunt and then just leaves it in the shower, and then Lexa, of course, goes to use the razor and typically ends up giving herself razor burn.

There are a few couple irks for you. :)

As for pet-peeves, they have a ton in common.

They both hate it when people chew with their mouths open or smack while they eat. It makes Lexa’s skin crawl and Clarke’s eye twitch.

They both hate when people use certain forms of incorrect grammar, like “You was mad at me” instead of “You were mad at me” and “I seen it” instead of “I saw it”. 

They both hate when people talk loudly or do what Clarke refers to as “whisper-screaming” in the movie theater.

They both hate when people don’t thank people for holding the door for them in public and instead just walk in like they were entitled to that courtesy. 

They both hate when people don’t tip servers enough or when people are rude to retail employees, and they have both told off rude people in stores before because of the latter.

Clarke hates it when people walk really heavily, like slapping their feet or shoes loudly against the floor. It drives her crazy.

Lexa hates when people sing out loud in stores to the soundtracks playing, and she doesn’t even know why. It just bothers her.

Lexa gets literally irate about people who block the aisles in the grocery store with their carts and don’t give a rat’s ass about moving to let people through.

Clarke hates when people tuck shirts into sweatpants. It drives her crazy.

They both hate when people wear brown and black together.

Those are a few. :)

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arthur/merlin + 5 times arthur doesn't say "i love you" but means it?


Arthur catches Merlin at the door, and Merlin sighs at him in advance while Arthur stuffs a hat on over his head. “Thank you for assuring I’m going to have to fix my hair before I pursue my very important employment opportunity, Arthur, I wasn’t wearing a hat on purpose.”

“Oh good, so you’re risking frostbite on your ears on purpose too, good we’re clearing that up.”

“I am not going to get frostbite on my ears.”

“Well, of course you’re not, now that I’ve given you that hat.” Arthur kisses him. “Don’t take it off before you get there. Understood?”

Merlin laughs and nods. “Fine, you controlling arsehole, I’ll send you a picture of my horrible hair when I get there.”


“Ugh, just leave me alone, I am sick and miserable and you do not want to deal with me.”

Merlin burrows deeper into his pile of blankets on the couch and expects Arthur to stop bothering him and go back to whatever he was doing with so much concentration at the table, but Arthur comes and perches on the arm of the couch instead. “No, thus why I should figure something out to make you feel better so you will whine less.”

“Your logic is terrible.”

“My logic is unassailable as always. Now, will you shut up if I warm you up some soup and put on your favorite film?”

Merlin rolls his eyes and gets another tissue. “Do you even know what it is?”

Arthur rolls his eyes right back. “Of course I do, Merlin.”

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