eat veggies not friends

i just saw a video of some girls pranking their vegan friends by telling them they were eating veggie burgers but it was actually turkey and that’s super fucked up idk if it was fake or not in the end but if u think about doing that to someone don’t

anonymous asked:

I wanted to ask how to start my journey. I want to get down to 90lbs.

eat healthy. fruits and veggies will be your best friends. drink lots and lots of water. i recommend you drink green tea because it boosts your metabolism.
stay safe❤️

Headcanon time

Think about the fact that at one point or another, Frank Zhang will become vegetarian because he feels guilty about eating all those animals in which it can be converted, and then, he asks Piper for help because he doesn’t know where to start or what to eat exactly.

And Piper is so happy to help because ’yaay, veggie friends!

to-day in a nutshell:

•i woke up and let my puppies out of their kennel
•i made myself a cup of coffee w vanilla soy milk and sugar
•i made a caprese sandwich for breakfast and fed some extra bread to the fish n birds
•i read just over half of jane eyre
•i am now eating veggie potstickers n watching friends