eat this prize

i love that fiddleford is just hanging around the mystery shack all the time. like in little dipper how he just leaps in out of nowhere to “claim” (eat) the prize like he was just hiding out there. its kinda sweet; like its a sort of safe space for him even if he doesnt totally remember why. how did he even get into the party in double dipper. he probably knows like a secret entrance or came in through the vents or something. hes so weird i fucking love him

i haven’t done laundry in so long. every time i come home and change into pajamas i’m like, “another day! i don’t know how i did it either! can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and see how i creatively scrape together the semblance of a presentable outfit using deodorant, my work schedule that tells me who didn’t see me today, and d-list tshirts that are suddenly my star players.” 

like how far have i gone to avoid doing laundry? i’m going to a restaurant to attempt a curry eating challenge where the prize is my photo on a wall and a free tshirt. if i can’t eat the giant plate of food in 20 minutes i have to spend 25 dollars, but i’m willing to risk it. i’m looking at my halloween costume like, “halloween is on a monday? buddy this thing is clothes friday till then.”

Blearily, Atticus walked into the garden just after twilight. He sipped his coffee and watched a tiny, purple-pawed rabbit eat his prized murkblooms.

“I am taking this is a good omen,” he said to the dimming light.

The rabbit looked up, briefly, before returning to its dinner.

“Do rabbits like salad dressing?” the villain mused to himself as he retreated into his private library. “Some sort of late evening dew?”


There are 3 prizes so just reblog with your FR username and ID number.
Only reblogs will count.
You do not have to be following me to enter!


1 Colored and shaded bust of any dragon of your choice, 1 Unhatched Light Egg and 3 stacks of each food type (4 point food items)!


1 Monochrome shaded bust of any dragon of your choice, a menagerie of familiars (10 Familiars including a Wave Sweeper) and 2 stacks of each food type (4 point food items)!


1 Scratch, 1 Eliminate, 3 Berserker, 2 Ambush, 1 Rally, 1 Sap along with a Set of Gold Filigree Armor and a stack of each food type (4 point food items)!

Ends on Sunday, April 10th at rollover.

Good luck everyone :^)