eat this prize

shit (and wise words) changmin says

changmin: summer has come…. wear bikinis, ladies!

changmin: to fans, i don’t want them to see me as an absolute existence, don’t want them to have their entire life revolving around me, spending money on me or doing things for me. if it’s too extreme, even if it’s not to support me, i hope you all can treasure your own lives. from there, you can sometimes look at my activities, treat my existence as vitamins, if you can do this for me, i will really be very happy.

changmin: i don’t have a particularly intimate relationship with fans
mc: is there anything you want to say to them?
changmin: please find a boyfriend.

changmin: i do not sugar-coat my words, and i refuse to be the influence of these children. i do not have the power to be responsible for them. the “me” that you see is a result of packaging. 

ufo: darling, what are you doing?
changmin: we don’t have a member named ‘darling’.

changmin: i try crazily not to think about sex, but it seems like i just can’t do it

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding Zimbits AU

My Big Fat Greek Wedding was on last night, and I thought – what if this was a Zimbits AU?  I put together a little fic outline. Here’s what I came up with.

My Big Fat Southern Wedding

  • Dicky Bittle is the gifted and talented baking son of Suzanne and Coach Bittle who own The Dancing Pies restaurant in Atlanta.  A shy and quiet young man, Dicky spends most of his time baking, confiding in his moomaw, working at the restaurant but he wants more.  He wants more for his life than just the restaurant and his very large, very close-knit and overbearing extended family.
  • When the Bittles expand and build a chain of restaurants, they open up a Dancing Pies in Nashville.  It immediately becomes the biggest and most profitable restaurant in the chain, so the Bittles move to Nashville to oversee it.
  • Enter Nashville Preds star, Jack Zimmermann, who one day upon the insistence of his teammate Tater Mashkov, visits Dancing Pies for some of the pie Tater won’t stop going on and on about.
  • Dicky is working at the restaurant and feels his heart practically stop beating when Jack and Tater are seated. Dicky doesn’t think he’s ever seen anyone as beautiful as Jack in his entire life.
  • “Zimmboni, everything here is good.  You trust me,” Tater says as Dicky pours Jack a cup of coffee.
  • “Do you recommend anything?” Jack asks brightly.
  • “If I made it, uh… you’ll eat it,” Dicky says pushing up his glasses.  
  • Dicky remembers how he’s dressed and wants to die.  He woke up late that morning and is wearing some baggy jeans, a faded Cookie Monster t-shirt, a smear of toothpaste is just under his lower lip, and his hair is sticking up in the back with a cowlick from hell.
  • “The bitty baker is too funny, Zimmboni!” Tater yells as Jack smirks and watches the shy waiter from behind his menu.
  • “You made all the pies?” Jack asks.
  • Dicky nods nervously as Jack asks Dicky to just bring him what he thinks he’ll like.
  • They two enjoy their pie and coffee as Dicky dreamily watches from the counter.
  • They leave and Dicky thinks that’s that – until one afternoon Dicky is at the local bookstore perusing the cookbooks when he hears a voice behind him.  “Hey, aren’t you that baker?”

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Don’t Look Back (ACOTAR AU) - Part 16

trigger warnings..

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Rhys was trying to convince himself that he was awake before he almost face planted the kitchen table.

“Couldn’t sleep over how excited you were about your birthday, brother?” grinned Cassian, stuffing the last remains of his bacon sandwich into his mouth. “Or was it just the fact that you sneaked off with Feyre in the dead of night?”

When Rhys arrived home, holding a near unconscious Feyre upright against him, Cassian had spotted them after taking a trip to the bathroom. When his brother saw Rhys guiding Feyre along the landing, Cassian had merely given Rhys the most infuriating grins and had said, Guess you’re a very happy birthday boy. Thankfully Feyre was basically asleep against him when Rhys glared at his brother with enough vehemence that it was the equivalence of throwing the middle finger.

“Shut the fuck up, Cass. Might as well just tell mum outright,” snapped Rhys.

“Oh, I already know,” said Ines as she sauntered into the kitchen, pressing a big kiss on Rhys’ cheek. “Happy Birthday, my gorgeous boy.”

“Did you tell her, you bastard?” Rhys asked Cassian.

Ines snorted, moving round the kitchen to where Azriel was making bacon. “I heard both of you leave at about 2:00am. I’m a light sleeper, Rhysand. Nothing in this house happens without me knowing.” She then threw a wink, “As long as you’re being safe-”

Mum, dear god no, please stop.”

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I have done watching this Kosuke Asuma and Yuya Hirata from Kosuke Calender released event. I watched this two times already and thanks to @yumewomikatta that i can finally understand some part of the talks. Here are some of the fun talks that i would like to share:

1. Yuya said that Kosuke was so nervous but so excited before the event haha.

2. Kosuke said that recently he has been hanging out with Ino Hiroki (Haikyuu Sugawara cast stage actor) a lot and Yuya was like “eeh in what part from that fact which you can brag about it?”

3. Kosuke doesnt really like eating vegetables haha.

4. There is a challange where Kousuke had to make a drink with cheesecake flavor but the rule is Kousuke must not see the recipe at all. He just skimmed it and tried his best to remember. When he’s done making it, he shared the drink with yuya and two girls from audience. Kosuke said that the taste should be good lol. Yuya tasted the drink and made a face, he thought the taste was too sweet and he didnt seem to like it at all. But in the end, Yuya said it was okay and good but when Kosuke told him, “okay then, I’ll make you the drink next time”, Yuya immediately said “Please no, thank you very much” and Kosuke went “eeehh???” It was very funny.

6. When Kosuke was making a drink, Kosuke said his blood type is A, and Yuya went “who did ask you about your blood type?” Lmao

7. Yuya said that his current job as MC in zip TV needs him to wake up at 2 am almost everyday and Kosuke went “eeh you can wake that early?” And yuya replied, “of course, it’s a job after all” and yuya mentioned that Kosuke never watched his program in zip tv and kosuke defended by saying “it was too early in the morning I cant wake up” lol what a sleeping beauty 😂

6. Kosuke confessed that he is a good at cooking lol (then why did you fail making that cheesecake drink?)

8. Actually the event should have been ended after Kosuke has done making the drink but it was too fast so the EO said that kosuke and Yuya should start the event over again and just talk whatever they want lol

9. They went talking about their old days when they were still in haikyuu project together (when Yuya played as Iwachan). Yuya’s first impression on kosuke was that kosuke looks like a cold person but after talking to him, kosuke is a heartwarming person.

10. Kousuke said they used to walk home together after practice, passed by the game center and played ufo catch (or something like that), went to photobox and shot some pictures and took the same train and went for eating, Yuya seemed forgetting about eating part though lol. (ISTG arent they just iwaoi??)

11. Yuya said Kosuke came to his birthday event last year and gave him blue and orange trousers as a gift.

12. Yuya said that even after Kosuke got a lot of jobs and gains more popularity nowadays, that doesnt change his personality. He said sometimes there are people who change and become more mature when getting a lot of jobs but Kosuke is still being himself, a cheerful and excited kid and he likes that part. Kosuke responded it happily and said he will work harder in the future.

13. Kosuke knows that Yuya loves baseball so much and he showed Yuya and Audience a video of him playing around as a pitcher in his film set of his newest movie that will release soon. Yuya wants to watch the movie so much.

14. They talked about Yuya’s appearance in stage live action, Poisedon and Cheer Danshi. Yuya played as a pervert guy in Poisedon but took a nerd character in Cheer Danshi. Yuya told about his experience played in cheer danshi that he has to do acrobatic moves and jumped on trampoline. Kosuke wanted to watch it so bad but he couldnt make it so Yuya told him to buy the DVD released this May.

15. There was a voting and the result is by hearing the audience respond. They were asked if they like the event and if it has been fun so far and the audience applaused. When they were asked if the event felt lacking and so so, they didnt applause. The next question is if they agree that yuya should make his own channel, they applaused so loud that Kosuke felt like he had been betrayed by his own fans. Haha. The respond he got from the internet also suggested that Yuya should make his own channel and Kosuke laughed because it seemed like Yuya took the attention more lol.

16. Kosuke wanted to eat yakiniku but he had to earn at least 30 stars to make it happen, the audience seemed to like trolling and teasing Kosuke by not giving him any vote at all lol so the last hope was from Yuya’s vote. Yuya said he wont make it easy for Kosuke but in the end Yuya gave him a vote so he earned the stars and finally be able to eat yakiniku as the prize. Then Kosuke asked Yuya to eat Yakiniku with him and Yuya agreed. Kosuke was so excited that he wanted to eat it with yuya after the event but yuya went like “whatt? Now? After this?” haha Kosuke grinned and said “if it’s not today then maybe next time is alright”.

17. In the end of the event, Kosuke suggested that next time it’s Yuya’s turn to invite him as a guest in yuya’s event. Yuya just laughed.

They are just soo cute together that I cant help but giggled watching their interaction. Yuya seemed natural and talked a lot while Kousuke is like a cute awkward kid. But he looked so comfortable around Yuya. I hope I can see more of them together in the future.

ps. Dont ask me to link the video. I dont have a right to spread it around so I hope you understand. Thank you so much.

i love that fiddleford is just hanging around the mystery shack all the time. like in little dipper how he just leaps in out of nowhere to “claim” (eat) the prize like he was just hiding out there. its kinda sweet; like its a sort of safe space for him even if he doesnt totally remember why. how did he even get into the party in double dipper. he probably knows like a secret entrance or came in through the vents or something. hes so weird i fucking love him


ATTENTION ‼️‼️‼️ June 2nd in Pennsauken, NJ from 6pm-9pm I will be throwing a show of my own. Featuring pieces that felt the story of what I’ve been through and how I get through this journey called life. Come by listen to music, eat, enter a prize raffle, buy art, meet the artist ! Any questions feel free to DM or Email me.

Stan stood on the back porch and watched as the rackety old spaceship blipped out of existence. He couldn’t help but grin at the flash of light; Ford had the biggest bitch fit when he found out about Rick and him. Stan had mentioned the possibility that Ford was jealous and his twin hadn’t spoken to him for a week.

Worth it.

He sat down hard in the swinging porch chair Soos and Henry had installed last year. He wasn’t getting any younger and neither was Rick but… well. The sex was still amazing.

The door opened and Henry stepped out, a beer for Stan in one hand and a glass of milk for himself in the other. Silently, Henry handed Stan his beer, and sat down next to him in the chair.

They sat in silence for a few minutes. There was something obviously on Henry’s mind; before.. before the twins he wouldn’t have even noticed, let alone waited for another person to spill their guts and get all touchy-feely on him. But a lot of things had changed since the Transcendence, and Stan was one of them.

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His senses were rushing. He knelt on his his knees with bound wrists, as far as they could reach behind a wall of fleshy back. Under covered eyes, the big Bear’s excitement was equally met with some form of sensual adrenaline. Almost a fear. Also a hunger.

The Christmas cap was lifted from his head, brushing the hair around his ears, and a lowlight room was revealed to him. Lit in a golden glow, his eyes adjusted. Then slowly widened. Decadent was the perfect word. He was surrounded by the sweetest of feasts, cakes of all kinds, puddings with fruit and without, cookies, chocolates, cupcakes, cartons of milk, eggnog, and sugary cream. The Bear’s heartbeat pounded faster and faster after eyeing each delicacy. The warmth of the room bled little beads of sweat on his white fur, stretched and rolling over mounds of the holiday pounds that had been packed on… But his stomach ached and yearned. It was about to moan, when a yellow cat interrupted…

“Merry Christmas, Snow Bear.” The Cat chimed with a sing-song, velvet voice. Sauntering around the wide bear, and brushing a paw through his hair.

“Y-you really went all out this year, h-huh?” He couldn’t keep composure, bound on the floor in a pair of tight, green, festive shorts, surrounded by stacks of sugary junk, voracious in more ways than one… but he could at least try.

“Oh this? This isn’t the real gift!” The Cat chuckled, in a saucy and darkened tone like a glass of warm amaretto.
“Look down, fatso…”

Outside his peripheral vision, on the apex of his gut (God, he had really gotten fat!), was a shiny green bow. Wrapping it’s arms around the wide love-handles of the bear was a green ribbon, or so he assumed. Bear was almost confused.

“The real gift, to you… and to myself,” The Cat said haughtily, “is a new, bigger Bear. A beautiful fat gut. Serious Christmas fat!… But here’s the catch…”

A catch? Thought the Bear. The cat enjoyed games too much. But it wasn’t always a bad thing.

“I’m not going to unwrap you. And you aren’t going to unwrap you… Your belly will unwrap itself.”

Uh oh.

The Cat’s paw on Bear’s head tightened around a puffy skull and matted hair. The hand strongly, guided the vehicle of the Bear’s blue eyes around the room again.

“All this? Is going into you. Every treat. Every snack. And everything that will soak a pound into that glob of a stomach you have… You see, I want my gift as soon as I can, and I’ll do what it takes to open in. Whether you like it or not.”

Bear finally thought to something to say, “B-… But isn’t this a little much?”

His monstrous, white, blubber belly groaned, ruining the facade.

“At this point it’s two against one, fatboy. But… Don’t you want some nice sweet goodies?” Cat leaned in…

“Deep down… isn’t this the perfect gift? All the food you could possibly stomach? A body so utterly drenched in lard?”

“… No limits?” Cat whispered into a furry ear.

Bear’s wide eyes had not a moment to ease from the surprise, the arousal, the hunger pangs, the heat of the room, the situation he was in… but for moment, they released from shock into a sleepy, glossy doughnut gaze.

“Yes… Bear is hungry…” He smiled and drooled stupidly.

Cat’s devilish smile, stretched from ear to ear, bore gleaming fangs as if they were dead set on eating this fattened Christmas prize.

“Good! It’s gonna be a long Christmas… But you won’t be going anywhere. Oh, I forgot to mention!-” Cat grabbed a platter of Christmas caked, baked by hand some recent morning ago.

“That ribbon around you? It’s not that weak wrapping paper shit… You may not be able to feel it, but it’s elastic.”

Bear put the pieces together. His eyes widened slowly as the reality of it all dawned on him. He really wasn’t going to leave. He really was going to get huge. It was only a short while ago he had taken his last heavy, waddling, jiggling steps into the room. But boy… what a way to go.

Bear smiled.

Cat, cake in one paw, let his other pinch Bear’s glistening nipple, stretched wide on a pillowy breast.

“… Eat up. There’s plenty more on the way.”

So… I go from cute watercolor cards to gainer smut for my Christmas art… Oh how furrydom has claimed me.