eat this forever

yall rmr that first toime got7 had di Chance to roast each other and everybody was ready to throw hands (they even snatched their manager smh sdfgbgfds)


Tumblr makes it look really low quality, but they’re fine if you click on them~ :)

Tutorial time! Here’s a quick hair tip tutorial for eat-my-shxrts (I’m working on the eyes/facial features one, but since I finished this one I thought I’d post it :) Hope this is helpful, I wish I was better at explaining how I draw XD

I also included a process gif! Featuring some of my faves with varying hairstyles~ :) <3

The Signs As Dear Evan Hansen Songs
  • Aries: Only Us
  • Taurus: Sincerely, Me
  • Gemini: Words Fail
  • Cancer: Disappear
  • Leo: Anybody Have A Map?
  • Virgo: Good For You
  • Libra: Waving Through A Window
  • Scorpio: You Will Be Found
  • Sagittarius: So Big/So Small
  • Capricorn: For Forever
  • Aquarius: Requiem
  • Pisces: If I Could Tell Her

yo yo yo I know that I’m late but yesterday was South Park’s 20th anniversary and I did a piece to celebrate!!

(the kids made the cake themselves. you can tell)