eat the stag



yay!!!! Raven!Will in 8? :)

Nr.03 of the colour palette meme! I am always beyond delighted when people prompt raven!will :”)  hope this is giving you more inspiration for your cos?  I’m also not sure I’m allowed to blur n shade with my offered 4 colours but weeeeell~  And in case it’s not obvious- First raven!Will post-Mizumono… But fear not! The raven will rise again n pair up with the hawk to fly over the pond to maybe or maybe not eat a stag…~ 

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nurselecter  asked:

Didn't know you were taking prompts. Um, how about Pagan Wendigo god Hannibal lives in the forests of Wolf Trap? Maybe he learns about the land since weird things have been happening around him and he finds out about Hannibal?

It was here again.

Will opened the door and stepped outside, the chill in the air making him pull the sides of his jacket closer together though the zipper was broken still.

The dogs ran out into the night and he was unsurprised to see that it, the stag that had come steadily for almost a week now, didn’t move only stared down the dogs who were intimidated enough to stay away.

He had lived here almost ten years and never seen such an oddly behaving deer, never did it interact with the others that sometimes roamed around nor did it help when he saw them taken down by other predators.

It just watched.

So he did too.

Shaking off his daydream he whistled, the dogs coming back quickly and when he opened the door running inside without thought.

That night he opened up articles on stags, reading and finding nothing like his and falling asleep wondering if it was there at all.

Another week went by uneventful, he worked and came home the same as before though he started to have dreams where he woke up with the stag eating him alive only to pet its head and smile while it finished.

The dreams didn’t frighten him in the least which only scared him more.

It was a month before something finally happened where he got to prove the stag was not imaginary and it only brought up more questions.

Will woke late in the night to hear crying, looking around and finding the dogs all still asleep around him only to hear it again. He got out of bed and went to the door to peer out, frozen in place when he saw the stag lying bleeding on his doorstep.

He opened the door and it looked up, huffing out a strangled breath before putting its head down again in obvious pain.

Will stood frozen on the doorstep, unable to do more than stare before suddenly running inside to find bandages and antiseptic not even thinking beyond helping until he came back to a different sight. 

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25-27/? preseries screencaps

Tywin was often away in King’s Landing. Joanna wondered how he was, what he was doing. She found that she loved him more the more he was absent from her life, and the more she loved him, the more she missed him. It would be a welcome change for her to feel his hands on her hips and his breath in her hair again when he came home at last. Perhaps she could give him another son.
Hannibal Sneak Peek: Never Offer Your Hand to Dr. Lecter!
Shhh. Be vewy, vewy quiet. Dr. Lecter's hunting... partygoers? Yes indeed, in the following (almost dialogue-free) clip from Hannibal's Season 3 premiere (Thursday, June 4 at 10/9c on NBC), the tit...
By Michael Slezak

Never offer Hannibal a hand unless you wait it to be taken… literally.

anonymous asked:

Could you help me please? I need some loving mockery between a husband and his pregnant wife

“Look how big you’ve gotten!”
“My stomach is still smaller than yours.”
“At least I don’t put mustard on poptarts.”
“I have weird cravings. What’s your excuse for putting water in your cereal?”

“Make way, citizens! The queen has arrived.”
“Robert, are you going to do that every time your wife enters the room?”
“Until she gives birth to my little princess, yes.”

Throughout the day, he’d poke her stomach and, with a smile, say, “Growing tummy. Big tummy. Cute tummy.” When he did this, his wife would roll her eyes and suppress a smile.
At the end of the day, though, when they settled down in bed, he would gently lay his cheek against her stomach and gasp when he felt the baby kick.

“You should make me a sandwich.”
“But of course! What would the baby like to eat?”
“The heart of a stag.”

“It’s your turn to do the dishes.”
“Oh, God, my stomach hurts so bad.”
“Stop faking.”
“My face feels hot. I’m sweating.”
“I did them last week, this isn’t fair.”
“I feel the baby kicking.”
“You’ve been pregnant for a week.”
“My back is so sore.”
“Fine, I’ll do the dishes.”
“Thank you.”

3.04 Recap

I’m feeling bleak. This is a constant for the series. I have however managed to bring myself to watch episode 4 again, and I need to do this before I crumble. Despite how hard it was, it’s fair to say it was a more nuanced, layered episode than the last one and made better use of the whole cast.

The opening scene of the stag hunt drove home Tommy’s ascendancy to near-royalty. Centuries ago, killing a stag was the sole right of the King (who said studying Medieval landscape was useless?). It is interesting how that intersects with the Shelbys’ traveller/Romani background and the implications of poaching perhaps. Anyway, the scene was about death, and not just that of the stag (which notably has been a symbol of Christ), but their father, Arthur Sr., and even his name within the family. It was a grand gesture to his memory to eat the stag, and a way to forget, without forgiveness - effectively denying him his dying wish. The outdoors also provided Tommy with the opportunity to discuss business away from the house where he doesn’t trust the maids… The inclusion of Michael in the scene is surely important for the next couple of episodes. Lastly, Charlie Strong’s observation: ‘a man who wants a clean life, here you are signing up for the biggest robbery of all,’ is totally on the money, echoing Ada’s ‘Just one last push before you go legit?, and foreshadows Linda’s conversation with Tommy ‘Arthur believes you, but I don’t.’ The difference between this situation and the one faced in the second series, is that Tommy has made a promise to ‘Charlie’s mother,’ and Arthur has promised Linda. John makes his own promise to Esme later in the episode too.

Speaking of Linda, I’m enjoying her. I love that it’s her who initiates the gambling den strike, and she talks on regardless of the animosity in the room. I love that she was smart enough to talk another 16K out of Tommy for the job. I like that she wants the sea to wash the war from Arthur, a character more present in this episode by his absence. I’m not feeling that she’s a mole, it’s too obvious. But hey she might be, no one is trustworthy. 

Now to Small Heath and my girl with a grudge who could be a real spanner in the works. I cannot believe Tommy is sleeping with Lizzie again, or fucking her over a desk as it seems. I really cannot believe it, the poor, poor man and his dick-stiffening grief. Anyway, she knows the combination to the safe, interestingly NOT because Tommy talks in his sleep, and she knows it hasn’t been changed. Wondering at the foreshadowing when Polly says to Tommy that he can trust Lizzie and he responds ‘but I can’t trust Esme.’ Esme was a bit dodgy later in the episode, but Lizzie is the person who has more reason to hate Tommy because of her Angel (another name of significance).

The women walking out to the Bullring and just locking the door was a bit unbelievable. They’ve got hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of temptation there, even having no guards there that day seems a bit odd. I feel like it might be worth taking note of Jessie Eden, the shop steward of the Lucas Factory who Polly is now drunken mates with and better than when leading a crowd…

Polly, or should I say ‘Elizabeth’ (the first time she’s used that) Gray’s, confession was a cock-up of epic proportions. I am glad she feels no regret about murdering Campbell, the ‘bad man who hurt me,’ but her misplaced Catholic guilt came close to getting Tommy killed. The reach of the Economic League continues to amaze me. Her scene with Ruben contained a bit of friction again about their differing backgrounds, but otherwise nothing much of note. He’s so bland and charming it’s suspicious.

Tommy’s plan to assassinate Father Hughes was scuppered almost before it began thanks to that confession. The ominous black-nosed bullet scored with ‘HUGHES’ was, like ‘TOMMY’ in Series 1, never going to meet it’s target. Father Hughes continues to be disturbing, roaring at children and swinging one around, but it was the scene in the public toilets that had me gagging. That noise when Tommy’s skull fractures was horrifyingly graphic. He’s carted off in a Birmingham ambulance somewhere underground where it becomes clear that ex-Indian army officers were responsible for his injuries, and Jarvis and Hughes describe yet another version of who’s passing information to whom and why - the Economic League is seeking to create a diplomatic incident with the Russians and get them off English soil for good, as it boils down. As he emerges from unconsciousness, light filtering through to his face, Tommy says ‘Grace.’ Honestly, fuck. But ok, the next line delivered by (I think) Jarvis is ‘Shelby.’ Putting the two together is hugely deliberate and is giving me hope, especially in combination with Father Hughes’ ‘We have people in your life.’ The moment shows how entirely Grace still absorbs Tommy, and this is post-Tatiana dalliance. It also calls to the ‘she’s here by my side and she says don’t trust these people’ of the previous episode. But back to the ‘people’ in his life - that’s not just one person, but several to watch out for, and the EL used people from all walks of life. I’m still pondering on the significance of the Wales trip. And Michael. And even Charlotte.

Which brings me unavoidably to the Tatiana plot. Tommy did what he did mostly for information, but probably a modicum in part because he wanted to - as Polly says, ‘You’re grieving, and when you grieve, you make bad choices.’ Tommy didn’t introduce John to Tatiana for good reason, and he asked her about the things he enjoys - horses, whiskey, cars - and notably she likes none of them. Tatiana has the line: ’When there are no rules, women take charge. They understand the power they have is through silent agreement.’ Tommy’s silent agreement is telling, there is a lot of dealing with her shit just under his surface. She was incredibly disrespectful to Grace: ‘Who do you want me to be? Your dead wife, hmm?’ as she points the gun he promised wouldn’t be in the house (who was he kidding?) at her portrait. I found it almost impossible to watch Tommy accept Tatiana wearing his coat (the coat he gave to Grace on their wedding day) put on Grace’s perfume, watch her half-naked beneath that portrait, and (as was implied) sleep with her in their bed. It was several steps further than I ever imagined him to be capable of going. He also slept with Tatiana (for the second time) after he had found out the information he needed - to further the ruse? Convince her that she’s right (and she is) about his cock problem for increasingly upper class women? (Who is he going to sleep with in the fourth series? A queen?)

Tatiana is crazy, reckless, but a lot of what she says has the ring of truth. Tommy lives in his house afraid, like ‘a boy whose broken in through the window,’ as though he doesn’t deserve it, and he doesn’t think he does. Tatiana runs around it like real royalty, caring nothing for who sees what, because they don’t matter. This is in stark contrast to the king’s breakfast of stag. Tommy breaks the law but obeys the rules, the rules that prevent ‘women taking charge,’ perhaps, because although Tatiana is the one you watch in those scenes, it is Tommy who wins the battle for information by refusing to break. Special note needs to be taken of Tatiana’s comments, made deliberately below Grace’s portrait. She says: ‘I know your weakness Tommy. It’s freedom. Madness. Killing. I am the first one who understands you.’ She’s right, but not entirely I’m glad to say. That is his weakness. But Grace, who was ‘watching’ the scene unfold, knew it as well as understanding the good in him - she was the first one, and saw him more completely. Tatiana is his black mirror.

Now, what’s with the portrait? Why shove a photo of your wife and child in a drawer and commission a massive portrait of Grace alone to sit above the stairs? I am genuinely completely baffled by how this plot will play out. For the episode’s action in the hall, the family portrait would have done the same job of implying her proximity. There was a distinct absence of Charlie in this episode though and it does talk to that.

And there’s something about Mary. Tommy mentions that he doesn’t trust the maids, and yet after being beaten, sacks the soldiers, replacing them with men from Birmingham. He mentions very specifically to her that he brought a cursed sapphire into the house. Mary feels omnipresent, and perhaps there was more to her story about Tatiana leaving that morning. Tatiana’s line ‘if there’s a call after midnight the maid who comes in is the one in love with the master,’ was oddly jarring and may not have related to Tommy, though it may have, perhaps she’s a potentially strong ally. Father Hughes’ comment to Tatiana at their dinner when she asked for a little wine, ‘bad girl,’ made me feel like he knew more as well.

Side note: According to John, Tatiana looks like Edna Purviance? The leading lady from Charlie Chaplin’s films? Steven Knight, that is just rude.

Post-humiliating apology which definitely concerned Tatiana and convinced nobody, near death’s door, shot with adrenaline, coked-up, drenched in sweat and shaking with a fractured skull, concussion and internal haemorrhaging, Tommy saw fit to throw a spanner in Father Hughes’ works by talking to the Special Advisor to the Soviet Consul at Ada’s place. The location of the interaction is interesting. It’s clear that the Economic League would be watching the house from Hughes’ previous threat to Ada, and Tommy’s game is probably not what it seems. He even used the phone he’s sure is tapped to arrange the meeting. Everyone this series is playing everyone else and the double-crossing is making my head spin.

I have always loved Ada but she is now my favourite Shelby: she got the plans of the Russians’ home via her scholar’s pass at the British Library; she arranged the meeting from the Russian Embassy; she surely saved Tommy’s life. She’s reliable. She cares. ‘Ada be quick because I can’t see. I can’t fucking see. Except for you, Dad. I can see you.’ At the edge of consciousness is Grace. At the entrance to the underworld is his father. That represents a stark implicit contrast about the implications of the decisions Tommy is going to have to make.

I have to add a final note. After this episode, if Grace is alive, Tommy, the person with the greatest capacity for faking her death, doesn’t know it, but things have opened up potentially with the EL…