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A/N: An anon request where the reader is in awe of Spencer and his big brain, and they just talk about random things and the reader listens to Spence spout all kinds of facts. Honestly, I would consider this some crack fic XD It’s about absolutely nothing and was a lot of fun to write. @coveofmemories


“Did you know that the U.S. isn’t actually the lead producer of tomatoes? It’s actually China. The U.S. and India are second and third respectively. In addition to that, there are over 7,500 varieties of tomatoes grown around the world,” Spencer said with a wide smile.

This was pretty much your daily routine with Spencer. Sit down during lunch and listen to him ramble off any random fact he could think of. Except it wasn’t actually random. At the moment, you happened to be eating a turkey sandwich on wheat bread with lettuce, tomato, onions and some basil mayonnaise. You’d been oohing and ahhing over its deliciousness for the past 10 minutes. “How do you know all of this random information?” you asked for the first time today. You couldn’t count the amount of times you’d actually asked him that question. It’s just that he knew everything - like actually everything.

Spencer shrugged, his shoulder-length hair framing his face as he laughed. “I don’t know. I just learned things along the way. Helps when you have an eidetic memory.”

“But like…the biggest producers of tomatoes?” you laughed. “How do you just come across that?” You should ask him for a fact about each of the pieces of your sandwich - because he’d probably know one. 

As Garcia passed by the desk and commented on the delicious-looking nature of your sandwich, you listened as Spencer did in fact, ramble about the various ingredients you were ingesting. “You wanna bite, babe?” you asked her. “It’s amazing. The basil mayonnaise makes it.”

“Oh my god,” she groaned, practically having a foodgasm on your desk. “This is amazing.” She swallowed the enormous bite she took and turned toward Spencer. “What were you loves talking about? I don’t want to go back to my office just yet.”

“Actually,” Spencer started, “I was just telling Y/N about the role of onions in English folklore.”

“Onions in English f…” Garcia trailed off. “What?”

See, it was this kind of thing that had you fascinated by him. It was amazing to you that someone could hold so much random knowledge in their head and yet also have the intelligence to do the job that they did. He was an enigma; and one of your best friends. “So Spence, what is the role of onions in English folklore.”

“In old English folklore, the thickness of an onion skin can help predict the severity of the winter. Thin skin predicts a mild winter, while a thick skin indicates a rough winter is coming,” he said proudly, flashing an even brighter smile when Garcia’s mouth hung open in confusion. 

You started snorting as you finished the rest of your sandwich. “What’s so funny?” they both asked.

“You just made a Game of Thrones reference. Did you realize that?” you said, watching as it dawned on him. You watched the show together for 10 lovely weeks a year. “Okay, Boy Genius, knower of all things. Tell me, a Game of Thrones fangirl, something I don’t know about Game of Thrones.”

Spencer hesitated, rubbing his chin as he tried to think of something about the show that you might now know. “Did you know that there is a real life equivalent to Valyrian steel?”

“Yes, actually I did,” you laughed, leaning back in your chair and challenging him to come up with something better. “It’s called Damascus steel, which was developed in India and the Middle East.”

Garcia look your way in awe. “You’re a geek too?”

“We’re all geeks, love. You, me, Spence, Prentiss, even Morgan. Go ahead, Spence. Try again,” you challenged.

He sat back, staring between you and Garcia and trying his best to think of something that might stump you, which is why you couldn’t believe what he came up with. One of your Ph.D.’s was in medicine. “Greyscale is a lot like a real life disease.”

“Amateur move, Pretty Boy. I have a Ph.D. in medicine. It’s based off leprosy,” you said. “Three strikes and you’re out.”

Leaning back in his chair, Spencer took his time answering you for a third time. “Okay, one more. Did you know that the actor who played Viserys and actress who played Talisa Stark are both relatives of an extremely famous actor and an equally famous author?”

That had you intrigued. You knew a whole lot about the cast. “Really? Who? And goo job figuring out something I don’t know about the show.”

“The guy who played Viserys is the great-great grandson of Charles Dickens and Oona Chaplin, who played Talisa, is the descendant of Charlie Chaplin. I got you. Ha!” he exclaimed, pumping his fists up in the air. “Tomorrow at lunch, it is your job to stump me.”

Rules and Ethics (Part Four)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Words: 589
A/N: Thank you to @lethargicprofessor for editing. H8u5ever

While you were waiting on your sandwich, you saw Bucky sitting alone at a table. You walked up to him and noted that he had brought his own plums to eat with his sandwich. You couldn’t help but stifle a laugh at how strange that was.

Bucky looked up to you and smiled. “Hey Y/N,” he said. He offered for you to join him, but you respectfully declined. You weren’t allowed to be seen with a client outside of the office, and you knew you would be in a lot of trouble if you were. As you told Bucky this, he nodded in understanding.

“Well, I hope you like your lunch,” Bucky smiled up at you. You couldn’t help but notice that his smile went all the way to his eyes, forming small crinkles. You knew what the rules were but those crinkles in his eyes had you losing all of your inhibitions. Setting your sandwich down, you had a seat.

“What are you –?“ Bucky hadn’t even finished his sentence before you cut him off.

“Shut up. I’m sitting here,” you said matter-of-factly. He smiled again and you knew that this man was going to lead you into some big trouble. The worst of it was, you didn’t care.

As the two of you shared your lunch together, you were surprised to see that there was never a lull in the conversation, the two of you so at ease around each other that you lost track of time. In fact, you both had finished your lunch and still sat together for another thirty minutes discussing what it was like for Bucky to see Steve again after the serum.

“I’m telling you, it was like his physical body finally seemed to match his personality!” The two of you laughed, and you suddenly remembered you had an appointment. You checked your watch and realized that you were going to be late if you didn’t leave now. You got up and gathered your belongings before apologizing to Bucky.

“Go, I have things I need to get done anyway.” He said with a smile. You started to lean in to kiss him on the cheek but then remembered that you weren’t supposed to have been with him to begin with. Pulling away, you smiled instead and walked out the door, feeling your heart swell at how fantastic your lunch had gone.

You finished out the rest of your day and told Sharon that you needed to speak to her.

“You can’t be his therapist anymore, can you?” Sharon said before you had even opened your mouth. You smiled at her sadly before confirming that she was right. Sharon told you that she would call Bucky and get him a new therapist in the building.

While you felt bad, you knew that your feelings had already started to get in the way of your job. You knew better, and yet, Bucky had you breaking all the rules with just a smile. Imagine had he hit on you, or worse, had you two kissed? You shook your head and walked out of the building.

“This man is going to be the death of me,” you said under your breath. You couldn’t contain the smile that started to pull at your lips, though. Bucky was really something.

“You have no idea how correct you are,” a voice whispered into your ear. You felt a sharp pain on the top of your head as someone hit you, hard. Before you knew it, everything had gone black.

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anonymous asked:

Okay so there has been something bugging me for a while now and i figured since you are Norwegian you could explain it to me. Why the fuck is kebab eaten with a fork in Skam (Norway i guess)? Like what is the point? I am just really confused as I live in Slovenia and we just eat it like a sandwich. Its probably a weird thing to ask but my friends and i have all noticed it and we thought it was hilarious. ALSO just wanted to say i love your blog and your way of thinking, YOU GO GIRL <3 <3

It’s because it was too much stuffed into the pita and it would have been messy to eat it that way I guess? The kebab shops here are in 99% of cases owned by immigrants or with immigrant background the ones I’ve talked to have been from Turkey mainly so I don’t know why people say it’s so different? Haha! You can get kebab many different ways tho, like just on a plate with chips and veggies, in a burrito, in a pita all types of ways. Also on a pizza. It’s probably modified to suit our northern tastebuds