As Donnie Darko said, THEY (@BryanFuller, @eddieizzard, @KaceyKadoodles et @NBCHannibal overall, just look at all these gorgeous people, aghh, this project is so lovely it hurts) MADE ME DO IT.
Also: Kacey Rohl looks SO like Clarice Starling to me, that I just… can’t.
Also: the butterfly is Acherontia atropos, like in the movie, not Erebus odora, like in the book… but I guess those who are still wondering where the Hell did I get my user name finally have a clue xD
Also: don’t get me started on Eddie Izzard theme. That’s worse than Titus Welliver and definitely as bad as Clark Gregg. Fatal strike for me. Gonna paint him more than I suspected, apologies in advance…


Also: music helped, A LOT, as usual.
Here’s the direct link to the playlist in case it doesn’t work…