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Muslim-owned restaurant offers homeless free meals on Christmas Day so ‘no one eats alone'
A Muslim-owned restaurant in London is offering a three-course meal to homeless and elderly people on Christmas Day so that “no one eats alone”. Shish Restaurant, in Sidcup, is asking local residents to spread the word of its offer and has put up posters saying “We are here to sit with you” on 25 December. The restaurant urged people to share its plan through social media - where the initiative was widely praised.

Looking at these horrible Muslims, coming to our country (up to 500 years ago) and imposing their beliefs on us by honouring a religious holiday from Christianity with a touching act of giving and kindness! It’s almost as if one of the five pillars of their religious practice is charity or something. WHO WILL PUT A STOP TO THIS AND STAND UP FOR BRITAIN’S PROUD TRADITIONS?

fate || pt 1

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REQUESTED: a jackson scenario in which you (the reader) is fated with the one and only werwolf, jackson wang. 

Reader (you) x Jackson Wang

Word Count: 1224

Genre: Fantasy (inspired by the kdrama goblin: the lonely and great god)

Warnings: may contain mention of mental health and other contents. read at your own risk

note: when someone requested this scenario i was so pumped to write it. honestly, i’m only on the first episode of goblin and this scenario really inspired me to write. hence why i’m splitting this into two parts because omg i wrote so much. happy reading everyone! -admin

The sun shone through the window as you sat alone, eating lunch while your other co workers sat around you. You didn’t understand why they avoided you or more importantly, why you couldn’t bring yourself to talk to them. When you opened your mouth, the fear in your coworker’s eyes seem to appear. Was it because you were bossy and always highly demanding on getting the work done? But who can blame you when you get paid well and get highly praised by your boss. Of course, there were rumours that went around, saying that you were mental in a crazy way.

But little did they know that you had a dark past dealing loneliness. Not only did those words hurt you but, they brought up the darkness of past that consumed you. You spent your whole life living a lonely life. Although you had friends and family, you couldn’t help but feel alone in way that you wanted someone by your side to comfort you.

But as you grew up, you realized best friends are meant to be forever. You’re only friend backstabbed you and left you alone because she discovered a secret that no one knew but only yourself. You could see things that were inhuman in this world. After that, she told everyone in the school that you were crazy. And growing up was hard for you. Especially when everyone has high expectations for you. But as a strong minded person, you pushed through your tough times and here you were with a great life. But still feeling lonely as ever.

“You’ve worked hard today, (Y/N).” Your boss said as he approached to your desk.

“Are you sure you don’t have any other work for me to do?” You asked.

“Nope.” Your boss shook his head. “Go home, kiddo. Get a good rest.”

Smiling sweetly at him, you nodded your head and gathered your stuff, texting your friend that you got off of work early so you could relax at home with her. As you headed outside the building, you saw outside the window that it was raining heavily. Sighing to yourself you prepared yourself for the heavy rain until something, or someone, caught your eye.

A group of seven people walked by the glass door of your workplace, giving off a mysterious vibe. You watched them as they walked by you until, one of them turned their head to look at you. He had slicked back blond hair and was very handsome. His striking eyes met yours as you made eye contact with an inhuman creature. You figured out that once you made eye contact with one of these creatures, they won’t leave you alone. Hence why people always think you’re staring off into space when you’re really staring at a creature.

“(Y/N)!” Someone called, making you break eye contact with him. “What are you looking at?”

I turned to face a close friend of yours, whom surprising came to pick you up today, “Nothing, the rain is pouring heavily though.”

“Yeah,” Your friend laughed, “That’s why I came to pick you up today.”

“How did you know I got off of work early?” I asked. Your friend shook her head before opening her umbrella as you two walked down the street.

“You texted me, silly. Let’s go home.” She laughed as she dragged you by the arm. Slightly confused, you didn’t even remember that you texted your friend. Maybe you were just slightly thrown off by the mysterious group of seven, especially that one man.

You couldn’t help but feel different about him. You’ve met different creatures that you could call them as friends but, those feelings weren’t the same as the feeling you felt right now. Somehow, you felt connected to him but, you couldn’t really connected the dots. It made your heart race but at the same time, it confused you. Who was he? Why was he so mysterious?

“Yah. (Y/N)! Are you listening to me?” Your friend called you, getting your attention.

“Sorry,” You mumbled, “Could you repeat what you said?”

“You seem out of it, (Y/N). Are you okay?” Your friend asked in concern, noticing that you were blanking out again.

“Hard day at work.” You lied, forcing a smile. Your friend, being a bright sunshine, decided she’ll somehow make your day better. You didn’t have a friend like her before. In university, she noticed that you were lonely and came to talk to you. Ever since then, you never had so much fun with a friend than before. Sarcastic jokes or crying over a dramatic tv show, you felt grateful to have her in your life. But once again, that lonely feeling never seem to fade away.

Throughout the whole night, you and your friend had a spa day at home. Doing each other’s nails and face masks made you forget about the incident you had earlier. You felt relaxed and happy. It was later on in the night where you two craved for a little bit of alcohol and food. So you both agreed to go out, late at night, to scavenge around for your needs.

“I’ll go find food,” She stated, buttoning up her coat, “While you can go get the drinks.”

“Sounds good.” You beamed at her. “Meet here in an hour?”

“Deal.” She nodded her head before walking off in the other direction. You watched your friend skip around the corner before taking off yourself. Walking alone at night kind of scared you. Especially since you knew there were creatures that can harm you in the night. As you continued to walk down the road, you somehow walked down a dark alley. Looking around, you furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. You swore you took the right turn but somehow, you ended up here.

“He’s coming!” A voice cried. You whipped around to see a small girl, glowing in the dark. Her pale skin illuminating the dark alley. You recognized the little girl as a lonely spirit that wandered the earth after she died. You met her a few weeks ago when you made eye contact with her, thinking she was a poor beggar. Now, you realized that she was only a lonely girl, just like you.

“Who’s coming?” You asked her, suddenly getting scared.

“Your dark past.” She screamed as she disappeared from the alley. You looked around you, suddenly getting scared as you started to quickly walk down the alley. Your heart beated fast as you tried to scan a possible route to escape. But hands grabbed your arms to pull you back, slamming you to the nearest wall. You screamed, feeling attacked but terrified as well. You closed your eyes to avoid making eye contact with this person.

“Stop hiding from me and give in.” A masculine voice whispered in your ear. A rush of cold air went down your spine as you felt yourself getting dizzy.

“Who are you?” You cried, losing all your consciousness making you think that you were going crazy.

“Let me show you.” The voice said as he grabbed the side of your face, letting shivers go down your spine. You breathed heavily, trying to remain calm but miserably failed since a wave of darkness fell over you, causing you to fall to your knees and black out.

part 2


My addition to the fandom!
Here are some pencil drawings of the crew from Lockwood and Co.

When you’ve always had more than enough food to eat, being asked to share your food with someone who is starving may feel like an imposition,” she explains. “To some people, it may even feel like an offensive violation of your right to have whatever you want to eat any time you want to eat it.

Marissa Lee, co-founder of, a website that advocates for underrepresented groups in fandom and media, tells Complex that she believes many of these complaints hinge on sociologist Hubert M. Blalock, Jr.’s “power threat theory.”

On why fanboys get pissed off by racebending.
Muslim-owned restaurant offers homeless free meals on Christmas Day so ‘no one eats alone'
A Muslim-owned restaurant in London is offering a three-course meal to homeless and elderly people on Christmas Day so that “no one eats alone”. Shish Restaurant, in Sidcup, is asking local residents to spread the word of its offer and has put up posters saying “We are here to sit with you” on 25 December. The restaurant urged people to share its plan through social media - where the initiative was widely praised.
Juicy Fruit

“Seriously, Delphine? You don’t like it?”

“It’s not that I do not like it, mon amour. I just find it, um, difficult to eat.”

“Really? It’s so easy. Here, let me show you.”

Delphine watches Cosima run the tips of her fingers along smooth, taut skin before pressing her face closer and inhaling. The subtle fragrance is sweet. Enticing. Mouthwatering.

“Mmm,” Cosima’s dark lashes flutter against her frames as she closes her eyes. “It’s ready.”

She makes quick work of splitting open what has become a quick afternoon snack and then stops to admire the glistening planes and curves. Licking her lips, she lowers her head and runs her tongue through soft, pliant flesh, letting out a low groan that rumbles from somewhere deep in her chest.

“It’s delicious.” Cosima opens her eyes and smiles at Delphine.

Delphine clears her increasingly parched throat. “It looks messy.”

“Of course it’s messy!” Cosima laughs. “You’re not eating it right if it’s not.”

Grinning, Cosima continues to bite and lick and suckle, moaning as she savors every ripe inch of delectable succulence. Delphine squirms in place, hunger rising, as liquid dribbles down Cosima’s chin, coating her fingers and palms until both hands are dripping wet. She laps up the excess moisture eagerly, mouth smacking in satisfaction.

“You sure you don’t want one?” Cosima asks innocently.

“Fine,” Delphine huffs out an overheated breath. “Go get me a mango.”

“Actually,” Cosima winces slightly, “that, uh, might have been the last one.”

“What!?” Delphine growls.



A/N: A little something for thatscomplex and twig-height.

Okay but when Killian moves in I can totally see him having funny little quirks that Emma discovers and finds endlessly endearing.

Like his aversion to the garbage disposal, his OCD insistence on lining their shoes up neatly by the door and his enthusiasm (and competence) in helping Henry with his homework (math, english & physics are his strong suits).

I also have this adorable headcanon that he hides a box of Trix cereal in the very back of the cupboard thinks he has to hide the fact that he eats them cos “Swan, the moving picture box explicitly states that Trix are for kids.”

And he takes it so literally and thinks it’s somehow upheld by law that only kids can eat them but he has a fondness for them so hides them so only he and Emma can find them.

I have so many domestic!killian headcanons.

Also fully convinced that when CS do eventually have a baby, they’ll have a little girl. It’s alternated thus far (Neal, Robyn, Rumbelle baby…CS baby next!). And after THAT beautiful daddy!killian scene with Alexandra, I’m now sure we’ll see a CS baby happen in the show, probably at the end of the series.

And I have so many daddy!killian headcanons too.