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This year has been... something... This year for me has been... not so good... But ya know what? This year has made me feel somewhat better about myself and with the help of my friends, all your inspiring comments, and my @euphoriac24, I can force 2017 to be a great year! *scared laughter ensues*
Sasuke is demisexual

I know a lot of people see Sasuke as gay and I totally get that. But i’ve always seen him as ace or demisexual. (Also maybe aromantic?) I mean he had absolutely zero interest in anyone except his obsession with his brother and power and Naruto. Like I’m not really seeing anything to go off of sexually.

Naruto builds a strong bond with him that’s why I’m seeing he could be demi. He only develops romantic and possibly sexual interest after such bonds.

I think as far as sex goes, I don’t think Sasuke would be sex repulsed. But perhaps he might see sex on par with like doing laundry. Or maybe baking a cookies for a loved one. Like maybe he doesn’t like cookies all that much but he’ll make it and enjoy doing it for that person because they like it. Like that’d be part of the enjoyment. And he’ll eat some because cookies are good every once in awhile even if tomatoes are more his thing.

Of course I also think it’d possible that he’d be real passionate. I mean with things he does manage to care about he can be real passionate about. So I think it’s possible for there to be real intensity in his relationship. But i’m really leaning more the to the first. Especially seeing his soft smiles towards Naruto.

More- Daryl Dixon

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “Please please do a nice happy story with Daryl maybe a drunk Daryl story where they are best friends? And Daryl admits his feelings when he’s a bit sloshed?”

Word count:

Warnings: drunk!reader? lol

 i wrote this right after i woke up.. so now i’m gonna go watch scott pilgrim vs the world and eat some cookies lol. (also if someone wants to send me cute caryl, richonne or gleggie fics i would gladly accept)

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You giggled at the noise that left Daryl’s mouth. It was a snort of sorts, somewhat mixed in with a cough. Truly, you were completely unaware of what had caused it or if Daryl had actually made it, but you were laughing at it nonetheless.

Your head shook as he continued telling the random story. You still tried your hardest to listen, but it seemed the raging alcohol swimming through your system had other plans. Halfway through a sentence, you interrupted him.

“Shush,” You giggled quietly, leaning over the coffee table to rest a finger on his lips. He smiled for a moment, a deep chuckle following.

“Hey,” You muttered, the smile only growing on your face. The sound of his laugh was newer to your ears and it brought you a sense of relaxation like none before. “You should laugh more, Dixon. I like it.”

He sniffled, his head bobbing up and down. A childish grin was tugging at his lips again. He had always tried to make you happy, even throughout the new world. It was silent as you both sat there, smiling at each other with empty bottles all around.

The walls were white, a tinge of blue hinting at them. Somehow, the colour always soothed you, but not as much as the blue of Daryl’s eyes. As you stared into them, you felt yourself sink into the couch further, sleep beginning to taunt you.

A hiccup arose from your chest, piercing the silence the two of you had been basking in. Daryl ignored it, instead feeling overthrown with your beauty. Even as a drunk mess did you make his heart flutter.

“I love ya.” He slurred, knowing that those words would’ve never left his lips if he hadn’t gotten wasted. Never would he have faced you, a small smirk gracing his lips as he spoke. It wasn’t who he was. It wasn’t what he wanted. He’d rather live in secrecy than face rejection.

His words did little to bring you out of your dazed state. Whether it was the fact that deep down, you already knew how Daryl felt for you and vice versa, you couldn’t tell. All you knew was your mind was staggering off the edge of consciousness, your eyelids were heavy.

But you couldn’t just leave him after that. Your body may comply to your sudden tiredness, snuggling into the couch, however, your words were still somewhat controlled by a sober you. 

Just before sleep overtook you, you managed to slur out, “I love you more.”

throne of glass modern au where aelin and rowan watch game of thrones in their pajamas and scream at the tv whenever they spot a tactic gone wrong

Prompt 17

Just imagine your OTP during Christmas time:

imagine them cuddling and all bundled up together near the fireplace as snow sprinkles outside.

Speaking of snow, THINK OF ALL THE THINGS THEY CAN DO WITH SNOW! Snowball fights, snowmen, snow angels, sledding,AAHHH

Imagine them drinking warm hot chocolate after a chilly walk in the park together

Imagine them baking gingerbread cookies together and decorating them. Maybe Person B gets impatient and tries to eat a cookie while its too hot, or maybe they end up eating some of the raw cookie dough!

AAAHHH imagine them decorating the cookies and one of them decides to smear frosting on the other one’s face and then it becomes an all out war

And imagine them decorating the tree together One of them are trying to go for more of a visually pleasing look on the tree and the other is just trying to cram as many ornaments and lights onto it as possible




darkartsfart  asked:

... I like raisins.

okay so this took me a minute to remember what this was in reference to. but like. it was in regards to the raisins pretending to be choco chips in cookies. and like i dont have anything against raisins….. i just would rather have choco chip cookies. and also i dont like raisin cookies……… there are so many other better cookies out there. pls dont trick me with raisins.

if you’re stressed out(jobs, school, or life in general), keep ya head up and keep going. don’t feed into your negative thoughts. take a nap, eat some cookies, watch youtube if you need to. it’s important to take breaks and take care of yourself too. 

if you needed to hear this, here you go. you are loved. you deserve the world. 

I know I’m selfish and stupid but damn if I wouldn’t be down to take Baekhyun out to the nicest goddamn dinner for Valentine’s Day and do whatever he wanted and listen to him vent for hours like JEEZ I love Baekhyun so MUCH I hope he has a great time on the 14th and that he gets lots of love for 비가와 MMMMMMMMMM anyway carry on


“Dean stop!” you half-whined, half-laughed as you pushed Dean’s camera away from you.

“Come on!” he groaned a little “I specifically asked Sam to go get me a nice camera so that I could take more photos of you, so stop pushing it away. You might damage it” he pouted with a quiet aodrable frown.

“All I want to do is make a collage of you during all these months to remember this” he said like a little child.

You let out a sigh, rolling your eyes and continued on eating some cookies while effectively blancing the book on your belly.

“And stop using my baby as a table for everything that comes to your mind” he looked at you with pursed lips, snapping the book from you and placing it on the table.

You let out another sigh but tried to keep yourself from snapping at him. Despite the pregnancy and all the hormones you had seemed to be pretty calm and collected while Dean- well Dean was the one either freaking out over the slightest thing, whether it be a small groan or huff from you, and of course over-reacting when the baby would kick or you proved to be too careless, like now. And of course let’s not forget him not lettign you make a single move, whether it be to take a book, somethign to eat or just open the door. In the beginning, when he first found out you were pregnant (after he came arounf from passing out) he just went- paranoid to say the least. He would literally carry you everywhere.

Luckily you got rid of that but of course not everything. Meaing him not being able to stop taking pictures of your growing baby bump.

You only rolled your eyes and went back to reading- being pregnant and with DEAN’S child meant only research and having to stay at the bunker, everyday all day.

You shook your head in disbelief, a small laugh leaving your lips.

Your attention was snapped abck to him in a second as a a bright flash appeared for just a second.

“Dean!” you exclaied as you saw him look down at the camera with a proud smile.

“What?!” he shrugged inoccently, looking at you with a sheepish smile.

“Just how many more photos are you going to take?”

“Oh lots! Lots more!” he nodded his head with a big grin and he looked back down at the camera.

“So beautiful” he whispered mostly to himself and it was hard for you to keep your smile off your lips.

You really could blame him after all. It was your first child, you were going to be parents and you knew that was a big deal for him.

“I really don’t want to think how it will be when the baby’s born” you shook your head with a laugh, mostly to yourself.

“Oh you’ll see the, babe. You’ll see” Dean grinned widely, kissing your cheek and you only narrowed your eyes at him.

“Come on now. Just one more”