eat sleep potter

some lowkey domestic-ish headcanons

- by the end of the war, all of the house elves in malfoy manor have been driven out (or freed), and so draco spends the summer before his eighth year teaching himself to cook. in between trials and testimonies and public appearances, with his father increasingly lost in the east wing and his mother stripping the booby trap spells around the property, her gaze steely. in between it all: draco in the kitchen, radio on, swiping his hair out of his eyes with his forearm, glaring at a cookbook and cracking eggs into a mug.

- everyone sleeps more in eighth year, like they’re all catching up on rest after a year of panic and fear, but the strangest addition to the castle is draco sleeping in public places: on windowsills, in the library during a free period, dozing on the breakfast table. always gentle, like he’s slipped off to sleep without thinking about, always strangely soft, so that harry’s steps slow as he passes without even thinking about, looking at draco’s mouth, lips parted and pink

- draco wandering around in sweatpants and drinking from a bottle of red wine

- harry staring

- midnight trips to the offie around the corner from grimmauld place, harry blinking and yawning in fluorescent lights and buying milk, crisps, papers, draco shuffling next to him all sleepy-eyed

- harry and draco have tea for breakfast every morning. harry has it with three sugars and draco has it with none. both privately judge the other one for it.

- draco brings home flowers a couple of times, normally before they’re having a dinner party with lots of slytherins or when his mother is due to visit, arranges them in vases and puts them on tables without really thinking about it

- harry is completely taken aback by this, and then wildly, weirdly happy about it. he brings home flowers from train stations and public parks and secret wizarding gardens, huge bouquets wrapped in newspaper or clutched in both arms, and he hands them over to draco hopefully, watches with poorly concealed reverence as draco takes them and rolls his eyes, “yes, i suppose there’s room in the spare bedroom”

- draco never gets a weasley jumper, but he steals harry’s regularly, to the point where eventually mrs weasley starts knitting them in shades that suit draco’s colouring

- speaking of: “it’s funny that you complain about how ugly all my clothes are,” harry said loudly “mm,” draco said, winding harry’s scarf around his neck and reaching for the keys “you coming?”

I grew up reading HP. I was 14 when the 7th book came out so HP was a big part of my childhood. However I never used the internet as a kid so I never knew about the huge online fandom. I recently made my tumblr and I’m surprised by the amount of people who still are in love with the series, write/read fanfics, and make gifs after all this time. I had pretty much forgotten about hp after the 7th book but people here still breathe, eat, sleep Harry Potter. its cool though, it reminds me why I fell in love with the series in the 1st place. Hogwarts will always be there to welcome us all home right?

casting johnny depp as gellert grindelwald is like the only possible way they could have made me less interested in the fantastic beasts series. like… making this the grindelwald story? yo, i’m all about that. but i am so over johnny depp, especially after everything that came out regarding his relationship with amber heard, and now i feel so detached from harry potter as a whole and let me tell you what, that takes a lot because i could literally eat sleep and breathe harry potter buddy