eat sleep play

what is a better than sex?
  • stay in bed all day with girl and kiss all parts of her body, some cigarette listen fave music and sleep together, eat pizza play with her hair, kiss on her neck, lips, hug from back and fall asleep

Oun Sambath and Chomran

Sambath’s mother would often have dreams about a snake coming to protect her family. When Sambath was 3 months old, his mom found a snake (about thumb sized) coiled under her son’s bed. They took the snake out released it into the bushes, but a couple of weeks later they found that the snake had returned. They took that as a good sign and decided to keep the snake. They named her Chomran, which means good luck.

Sambath and Chomran grew up together. They sleep together, eat together, play together and they even talk to eachother. Chomran even has her own room. They believe that Chomran has special powers that protect their family from illness and harm. 

Many wildlife protectors, police officials and movie makers tried to take away this pet snake from Sambath and put it in a zoo, but the snake boy said, “I will not let anyone take her away from me, either. I love her very much,” while kissing his beloved pet on the head.


Tricks and Treats with Timothy the House-Trained Pig

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Hello, world! It’s time to meet today’s #WeeklyFluff: Timothy (@timothy_the_mini_pig), a house-trained piggy with an adorably squishy nose. When he’s not eating, sleeping or playing with his human mama, Timothy likes learning new tricks — as long as they result in a treat, of course.

Zodiacs and phrases.
  • Aries: "When I am so angry I can destroy this world"
  • Taurus: "I feel so bad,I want to be with my boyfriend all the time"
  • Gemini: "Hey,Do you want to drink tea with me? Or,maybe,with my dog?"
  • Cancer: "Can I help you?"
  • Leo: "I always do what I want. Whatever what others say." or "I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT" (believe me,they always want something)
  • Virgo: " I want to go home,sleep,eat and play The Sims 4"
  • Libra: "OHHHH"
  • Scorpio: "Yes,and after that we went to that bar and she was so drunk,but,whatever,I bought the new Cigarettes "
  • Sagittarius: "WHAT. THE. FUCK. ????!"
  • Capricorn: "Oh,no,sorry. I need to do A L0t. Maybe,in the nearest future we will see each other. :)"
  • Aquarius: they don't like talking too much,so that's why they are reading a book,when you see them.
  • Pisces: "I Believe in Santa!!!! I hope,I will see him soon!!! Omg!!! I am so excited!!"
  • +Bonus:
  • Pisces: "I want to see santa!!"
  • Virgo: "Do you know,It's spring now...??"
  • Pisces: "wAt nO I lOvE $aNta!! AnD WhAtEvEr What u SayiD !!! If you hate him it doesn't matter for me!!" *go away*
  • Virgo:
  • Virgo: what did I hear now
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Name: yoonseo
Age: 13
Country: u.s.a.

hii, my names yoonseo !! I’m currently living in the United states, but originally, I’m from south korea. due to some family decisions, I moved to the states at a young age so I’m pretty fluent in English ^^


for things I like, I REALLY LIKE KPOP.. especially BTS (yes, I’m an army :) not only does kpop happen to be my own countries music, but I mean have you seen jimin? how could you not love him?? heh

but anyways, I also like to sleep, eat, play the piano, and read fanfic.

for things im not that fond of is.. basically bugs and rude ppl


I learned this site through a friend, and hope to make some internet friends ! ♡

okay now,,, byeeeee !! (:

Preferences: 10-18

How to Keep Her Happy
  • Listen to her
  • Be loyal
  • Tell the truth
  • Smack that ass
  • Feed her
  • Let her sleep
  • Eat the pussy
  • Play with & suck on her tits
  • Kiss her a lot
  • Massage her
  • Surprise her
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Smol child Iggy

Smol, smol child Iggy.

  • Baby Iggy in a tonberri onesie.
  • 2 y.o. Iggy imitating the adults’ formal dances with his moogle plush toy as companion.
  • 3 y.o. Iggy was denied having a pet.
  • 3 y.o. Iggy adopting a rock instead.
  • 3 y.o. Iggy always keeping his rock’s water near it in case it gets thirsty.
  • 3 y.o. Iggy sad cause Lord Petram Lapis Ishi Iwa the First is lonely and sad.
  • 3 y.o. Iggy adopting a stick so it’s companion to his rock.
  • 4 y.o. Iggy falling and scrapping his knees. 
  • 4 y.o. Iggy’s crying, attend him. ;_____;
  • 4 y.o. Iggy attended by Lord Clarus because mama and papa Scientia are too busy.
  • 4 y.o. Iggy forcing himself not to cry while he’s being healed and trying to fake he’s fine because “papa says I shouldn’t cry cause that’s going to make me dumb.”
  • 4 y.o. Iggy crying when Lord Clarus plants a hand on his head and looks at him with furrowed eyebrows because “and not crying will make you a coward. You don’t value intelligence over honor, do you?”
  • The person that the Citadel’s doctor sees most is child Iggy…
  • …because smol kid Iggy insists on bringing him injured animals.
  • “DOCTOR IGAKU, this dog has a cut on her paw :’(”
  • “Doctor Igaku, I found this kitten, I think she’s sick. Could you please help us?”
  • “Doctor Igaku, I think this butterfly is sad. It’s not flying :’(”
  • “Doctor Igaku, I found this baby bird that fell off its nest, I NEED YOUR HELP.”
  • Smol kid Ignis appears at the door hugged to a big frog.
  • “Ignis, son, I’m very grateful for your attention but I’m not a vet, I’ve told you…”
  • “Yes, but there is no royal veterinarian. Look at him, he’s hurt. Please, do something, Mister Igaku. He can’t hop, and a frog that can’t jump is a sad frog.”
  • 5 y.o. Iggy writing a full paper with the most formal and the smartest words he knows and sending it to the king.
  • It’s a petition to hire a “Royal Veterinary” because “The frogs and worms and dogs and kittens and birds sleep and eat and play here, so they live here, and that makes them Insomnian citizens too and they too have rights of health.”
  • Back to 3 y.o. Iggy.
  • Cor walks on in Regis carrying 3 y.o. Iggy in the middle of a hallway nearby the garrison zone of the Citadel. Iggy has a bath robe and the hair wet and he’s looking a bit sad.
  • “Ah, Cor" the king turns to Ignis “Perhaps we could ask him for help? He’s a very brave man and could deal with the situation for us.”
  • 3 y.o. Iggy is very embarrassed and insists he doesn’t want to bother anyone, but Cor still asks what the matter is and if everything is in order.
  • “Cor, I’ll ask you to guide this child back to the guest’s bathroom his family uses when they need to stay overnight and help him. Bring your sword.”
  • “Y-Your Majesty, is everything in order? Is there any danger?”
  • “Tell him, Ignis.”
  • It takes 3 y.o. smol child Ignis a whole minutes because he still doesn’t want to bother THE Immortal Cor. 
  • “…there’s piranhas in the tub.”
  • Regis is smiling when Ignis is not seeing him.
  • Cor does accompany Iggy back to the bathroom.
  • He locks the door behind himself and DOES pretend to be hitting something.
  • “I got rid of them all. You can bath in peace, kid.”
  • 3 y.o. Ignis is SO EXCITED but won’t say or show it, because damn, Cor the Immortal just got rid of the evil invisible piranhas of the tub FOR HIM.
  • Smol kid Iggy playing nurse everywhere.
  • He’s been taught to grow into some sort of second-hand and helper of any situation, so he’s taking it seriously and plays nurse and mom everywhere he goes.
  • “*gasp* Oh, no. Lord Clarus, you look a bit blushed. Do you have a fever? Let me- could you come down for a moment? I can’t reach your forehead- thank you. Hmm…hmm…you feel fine, mister Amicitia, please take care, you’re very important to the king and the kingdom.”
  • “*gasps* Oh no, Gladiolus, are you okay? Be careful, you could have hit your head. The floor is a bit slippery, we should check you didn’t hurt your knees, let me see. Hmm…hmm…they look okay, are you okay?”
  • “*gasps* Oh no, your Majesty, you have a cut on your finger, oh no, we should- we should call for the doctor, and don’t worry, look, we hold your finger like this so it doesn’t bleed and- I know it’s not bleeding anymore, but we should take precou- preque- precautions, your Majesty, you’re so important, we should- my father has a pair of gloves, I could ask him for them and then I can give them to you and then the paper won’t cut you again and you’ll be okay.”
  • “*gasps* oh no, the baby’s crying, I should- the prince shouldn’t be crying, can I- what if he’s hurt, can I carry him? I’m four, I’m a big boy, I can carry him, the queen used to do like *motions* when she carried him and the king is busy, so it’s up to me now, right? Can I- let me carry him, he’s so small, he shouldn’t be crying :’(”
  • “*gasps* Oh no, mister the Immortal, you have a bruise on your face, are you okay? Come on, let’s go to the kitchen, they should have ice, and it’s closer than the doctor’s office and the doctor is busy, and I want to help, that bruise will get bad if we don’t do something.”
  • “Ignis, kiddo, I’m fin-”
  • “You sit down here and I- *climbs up another chair* and I apply the ice and it’ll be okay.”
  • By the way:
  • Smol kid Ignis thinks Cor’s last name is “the Immortal”.
  • A younger smol kig Ignis also used to think “your Majesty” was Regis’ name.
  • Smol kid Ignis avoiding all puddles he sees.
  • Mama told him to always stay perfectly clean in every inch of his body because he’s being educated by royalty, so the least he can do is look presentable and the best. 
  • Smol kid Ignis getting super angry when smol kid Gladio stomps in the puddles for fun.
  • Smol kid Ignis learning he’s growing up to be also a tutor to the prince.
  • So smol kid Ignis is super nervous about it and tries to rehearse on his own.
  • Smol kid Ignis basically breaking down in front of the king when he went tell him that he’s “not worth teaching your son, I’m just 8 and I’m not smart enough.”
  • King Regis making space in his schedule, even though the rest of the week will be extra super tight on him, so that he spends an evening in a room all alone with Ignis; he asked smol kid Ignis to “teach me what you learned in algebra the other day. I don’t understand it, and I’m king, so I should learn, right? Can you teach me, son?”
  • Regis SO knows algebra, but he will never be more grateful he asked for this, because
  • Smol kid Ignis extra super damn excited because he’s teaching the king himself, “I’m super smart! The KING himself came to ask me something, I’m so smart! :)”
  • Smol kid Ignis growing confident because of that.
  • 5 y.o. Iggy meeting other kids that try to bully him.
  • 5 y.o. Iggy delivering a mean comeback and learning words and information can cause greater harm than kicks or insults. 
  • 5 y.o. Iggy is the devil, he just discovered his brilliant strategist mind.
  • Smol kid Iggy growing up into having to read a lot and enjoying to read through dictionaries.
  • Oversmart kid + dictionary + the mind of a child = that’s how he grew up turning into the Master of Puns.
  • Smol kig Iggy asking the royal chefs every now and then to bake some cookies or muffins.
  • Smol kid Iggy going around the Citadel gifting a cookie or muffin to the people he sees.
  • Smol kid Iggy using his save-ups to pay the chefs.
  • The chefs used to refuse it but it’s kid Iggy, you can’t say no to something like that because “it will stain his honor”.
  • Smol kid Iggy hearing the queen passed.
  • Clarus walks on in a pair of guards arguing with child Ignis nearby the king’s chambers.
  • “Stop, stop, what is this mess?”
  • “This kid wants to go into his Majesty’s bedroom without permission.”
  • “Ignis?”
  • “The queen has passed, right? So that means she’s in peace, but that also means her side of the bed is unoccupied, right? So your Majesty will have, from a night to the next one, all that space for himself, but he’s not big enough to fill the bed on his own, but nobody except the queen should be sleeping with him, but he also shouldn’t be so lonely in such a big bed, so I only wanted to leave my moogle in his room so that the empty space is occupied when he comes back and so that he has some company. Moogle is not a queen, but he also isn’t a person, so I thought he’d like it.”
  • “…oh. And…wouldn’t you miss your moogle, Ignis?”
  • “Of course I would! But the king must miss the queen more than I’d miss my moogle. Also, my bed is for one person, and the king’s bed is for two, so it’s silly we both sleep in one bed and the king sleeps alone. Also, I don’t want the king to be sad, and moogle can help. He’s a good listener”
  • Dammit, the guards let him through.
  • How can you deny him?
  • He’s like 4 but he’s so smart and uses that intelligence to do things like this.
  • HOW.
  • WHY.
  • HOW CAN HE BE SO SWEET *the guards are crying*

I’d try to write more adorable things, but to be honest Ignis is a pretty damn tragic character and I’d have to get terribly off canon just to see him smile, ahahaha </////3


He’s life. He needs cuddles and protection. Give them to him.

Here’s smol child Noctis.
Here’s smol child Gladiolus.