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BakuShima/KiriBaku Fluff Fic. 
Content notes: self-hating behavior, Bakugou’s sinful mouth, safe for work, fluff, true to canon, spoilers through chapter 100
Characters: Kirishima, Bakugou
Words: 2,500

Dyeing his hair always brings Kirishima to tears, reminding himself of what a weakling he thinks he truly is. Fortunately, he gets a little pick-me-up from his explosive buddy.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I have a prompt if you still want them? Maybe the boys talking about first kisses etc and they ask Isak about his and Even's and he has to tell them about the one in the pool and they teass him? Because honestly, the pool kiss is so Extra™ omg

There were not enough beers in the world for Isak to consume that he would be comfortable enough talking about this. Isak was a private guy, you know? He mentions his sex life with Even on occasion when the situation calls for it- but this? This was not at all his idea of fun.

“He’s blushing!” Jonas, of course the bastard of a best friend, cheers and takes a deep gulp of beer ignoring whole heartedly Isak’s mortification.

“I’m not blushing.” He was, but fuck them all if they think he’d admit to it.

“Oh but you are,” Even, who perhaps he hates as much as Jonas right now, nudges him from where Isak is curled up under his arm, “Like a tomato… or strawberry.” He finds that hilarious enough to start shaking.

Isak looks up at him incredulously and makes to take away Even’s second beer, “Okay, Drunk-y McDrunkerson. Clearly the meds and beer is a no go.”

Even boos him, and Mahdi throws a beer cap at him. Honestly he’s dealing with children.

“Come on, bro.” Mahdi jeers, “We all answered the question. You have to tell us! First kiss story- go!”

Isak groans, “For God’s sake. I was thirteen, she was twelve; it was under a curly slide at a park. It was weird.”

Magnus, who was on his fourth beer, kicked Isak’s shin, “Nah man that doesn’t count. She was a girl. You’re gay- first kiss with a guy man!”

Isak immediately gestured to Even next to him, “It was with this asshole. Who’s next?”

“No, no no,” Magnus says, “I want to hear the whole story. Every detail of this.”

“Of course you do. You’re fucking weird, bro-”

“Shut the fuck up!” Magnus smacks Mahdi upside the head, “Come on Isak, tell us.”

“Fine. If it will get you all to shut up.” Isak thinks back, pretending that he couldn’t recall every second of the first kiss with Even. Like the very memory doesn’t set his bones on fire. “Okay, it was Halloween.”

“Great story, Isak,” Even snorts into his hair, stealing his beer back, “Masterpiece.”

Isak flushes, feeling irrationally shy despite the company only being his friends and Even. But the thing was- that memory. It was personal for him. One of the most freeing moments of his life. He didn’t want to treat it as some party favor, like a cheap story to entertain his drunk friends. “Why don’t you tell it then?”

“Because I want to hear your side.” Even’s eyes are quiet, muted and calm in a way they haven’t been in awhile and despite the smile playing on the edge of his lips, Isak new that he was completely serious. “Tell me.”

Isak took a breath and focused solely on Even. “It was Halloween. We had just ditched Emma and Sonja. We were riding your bike around and you said that your aunt had a pool we could use.”

“A pool? In October?”

Shut the fuck up, Magnus. I want to hear this.”

“So we went swimming in our clothes and Even was an ass who doubted my breath-holding abilities. So we had a contest to see who could go for longer without breathing.”

The quirk of Even’s lips grew wider and softer, “It was to distract you at first. Getting up in your space.”

“Mmhmm,” Isak took a breath, “Then you kissed me. Underwater. And I think I knew it was coming, but I didn’t… I let it happen. Then we came up for breath and I thought I had imagined it, so when we went back under…”

“You kissed me.”

Isak blinked the memory away and turned back towards his friends who were all staring with rapt attention.

After a second of silence, Mahdi burst out in laughter. “A fucking underwater kiss? Oh my god you two are so cliché! It’s like a teen girl romance!”

Isak frowned and kicked forward, dislodging Mahdi’s beer from the table and spilling it all down the sides of Mahdi’s jeans. “Eat shit, bro.”

“Whatever you say, Rapunzel.”

Even shot Mahdi a increduolous look, “I think you mean Ariel, man.”

Mahdi considers, “Fuck.”

Jonas stands up, “Is it gay if we all watch Disney movies?”

Isak holds a beer up, “One step ahead of you.”

Birthday (day)

Happy birthday to me! Today’s my birthday, so I wanted to do something special. So I wrote you guys a Sans Days. Shout out to infrequently-blue for some Soul head canons, ask-handdrawnbatandzach for some magic ideas, all of the anons with amazing thoughts, and you, for reading my fic. I love you guys.

[Sans Days] [First] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17]

Warnings: Kissing, mouse, snake, Souls, BIRTHDAYYYYYYY

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I’m pretty sure all of Mia’s haters are just jealous of that fact that she’s my personal friend OUTSIDE OF THE INTERNET

Well they can eat shit. Mia is my bro and there’s nothing they can do about it.