eat rice first

Imagine I.M at a Sleepover

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- Knocks on your door and hides until you come out to scare you

- Gets it all on video and blackmails you

- Shows you his raps and gets your opinions

- You were the one who always got the hear the songs firsthand 

- You guys pile blankets on top of blankets to act as a bed

- Your guy’s legs end up entangled, cuddling into each other

- Uses the night to really get to know each other

- Raids your fridge and eats everything at once

- He’s like a girl on their period

- Spontaneously asks you if you want to go eat

- You guys go to an open 24hr restaurant at 3:30am

- Probably doing challenges like who can eat a bowl of rice first

- All while playing a dare game 

- He’d probably perform his song for the waitress 

- You would get it on video and use it to blackmail HIM

- You’d use the whole night to make memories and laugh you asses off

- By the time you got home it’d be 5am and you two wouldn’t even sleep 

~Admin F