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I am not watch the crit role slaughter tonight b/c im writin WMT but I am checking in with CR Stats every so often and it’s nice to know that Percy will be perpetually S.O.L in the Battle Royales


He gotta give him that air you know

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i've enjoyed your prompt fills so much, thank you for sharing them!! if you feel like it: chef!andrew trying (and failing) to woo picky eater neil with fancy food? :)

The thing about growing up on the run is that you never really develop a palate.

You eat what’s there to be eaten, whatever you manage to stuff in your pockets while your mother distracts the cashier trying to haggle for cigarettes, as if it’s anywhere near possible to haggle in a 7/11.

You eat school lunches, bland chicken nuggets and congealed mac and cheese and unseasoned carrots with those little close to expired fruit cups with the peaches and cherries and simple syrup.

You drink gas station coffee—maybe it stunts your growth, but you drink it anyway—and fill old plastic water bottles from drinking fountains or public restroom sinks.

At least, that’s what Neil tries to explain to Matt one day, when Matt invites Neil to his favorite restaurant in his hometown. It just so happens that Matt’s hometown is New York City, and the chef at this place has a Michelin star, but Neil isn’t on the run anymore and his paycheck is hefty enough that he can afford it.

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Come on Dean, we know you love it

At midnight in the area near the Geology office where the lights never turn on correctly you will find her sitting patiently her ‘hair’ dripping and pooling on the floor. Her silver hair is not quite silver, most people theories that is actual quicksilver. It would not be surprising, they call her the Crystal Maiden for a reason. Her eyes are like polished Labradorite there is no pupil or white to them. Her lips are polished rose quarts and the hollow of her back is like a geode of amethyst not flowing or rotting wood. She has three horns of crystal that spike out of her head like parts of a crown though these colours change depending on variables that no one has been able to fully decipher.

Sweet words and music will not get you far with her. If you want her favour bring her beautiful crystals tumbled or raw. They say that she helps the Geology professor in exchange for his famous rock candy too. It is hard to tell if that is what she is actually eating some of the time since she has been known to eat raw crystals as well. Green fluorite crystals seems to be her favourite when it comes to these earthy snacks.

No one has ever reported being Taken by her and she is one of the most peaceful of the gentry on campus as long as you do not anger her. A feat that is hard to accomplish. She uses no glamour and allows people to see her directly.

She never speaks and people say that it is because her tongue, like so much of her, is made of crystal. Even her hoof like feet are like raw hematite. You can tell if you have won her favour or not based on her tails and crystal crown. If she wraps her long forked tail around your body that is a clear indication that you have won her favour. This can be dangerous as her tails tips are tipped with a quicksilver that changes rapidly from liquid to solid easily. Her tails also weave through three different hallways they are so long and you have to be careful not to step on them. She has been known to forgive those who do by accident. Her crown will always be blue in colour if she is fond of someone and red if she is angry.

No one knows what to make of the soft pink and purple tones her crown turns whenever the geology professor is nearby but everyone knows that if you are kind to one of them then they will both be kind to you.

There are three ways to make her angry

  1. Trying to touch her or any of her crystals without consent.
  2. Bringing iron or salt near her at all.
  3. Speaking of anything related to her and the professors relationship. She hates gossip.

Keep in mind that she tends to poison those who make her angry and won’t even bother to Take you to do so.


The little head start she had didn’t much matter because she slows on the stairs complaining about  "you rich people, and your fuckin’ 700 stairs, why don’t you just get an elevator for Christ’s sake?“ and Harry zeros up behind her, placing gentle hands on her hips and giving her nudges.

"You’ve got this, Darlin’ only twenty more to go!”

“Eat. My. Ass.” She punctuates with each step, but she doesn’t bat his hands away.

“Now, is that any way to talk to your boss?”


Y/N is Harry’s personal assistant 

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Thanks so much to the fabulous ladies at @urkblog for tagging me in this moodboard challenge!

In this Challenge you have to make a moodboard with your bias and the pictures have to be based off your camera roll (I think atleast 2-3 pictures must be yours ^^). All pics of the food and bumblebee are mine™.

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  • friend: please stop talking about dad might. izuku's dad is still alive and married to inko

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Do you still like Saphael? Because I've seen a lot of hate in the tag and many people calling it toxic and unhealthy, so what's your opinion?

I mean yeah I do still ship them but I dont see how that affects anyone lol theyd be a nice couple since I feel like they have great chemistry but also like this is all fiction none of it is real lol lets just tone this whole intense vibe down a little

R then raids E’s pantry for cinnamon and nutmeg, hides E’s entire stock of chocolat en poudre, and proceeds to heat whole milk on the stovetop while chopping up a giant block of dark chocolate and lecturing Enjolras about what it means to take proper pride in being French.  

(the fourth time R breaks into E’s house to make sure Enjolras is drinking “properly patriotic” hot chocolate with breakfast, E comments that things would be a lot simpler if R just slept over.)

Jonathan Safran Foer makes a serious point. We choose to ignore what makes us feel better and be blindly ignorant to how animals are treated for mass production.

Vaping is yet to reach the English coast

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I know you've already mentioned Saruhiko moving in with Misaki, but could you write about Misaki moving in with Saruhiko? Into Scepter 4's dorms, that is. Maybe you can talk about the (jealous) reactions of the alphabet squad too?

I think that would be really weird for Yata, like even though I think he probably feels less hostile towards the Blues after S2 there would still be this feeling of ‘going into the lair of the enemy’ and everything. But maybe for some reason Yata’s apartment is unlivable, like he and Fushimi were planning to move in together but Yata’s apartment building gets condemned for some reason and finding new accommodations is going to take a while. So since Fushimi has a perfectly good dorm he figures he’ll just stay there for the time being and he ends up awkwardly asking Yata if he wants to come live with Fushimi in the dorm for a bit. Yata doesn’t really want to go live with the stupid Blues but Fushimi’s not really looking at him and is obviously all nervous and embarrassed and Yata realizes how much Fushimi is trying so he agrees for Fushimi’s sake. Munakata agrees to allow Yata to stay temporarily in Scepter 4, though he does make certain Yata is aware that using these close quarters as an excuse to take advantage of Munakata’s innocent Fushimi-kun will lead to swift and severe punishment. Yata is nervous and jumpy for the next three days until Fushimi gets the reason out of him and he gets all irritated at his overprotective Dad intimidating his boyfriend again. Yata feels a bit out of place in Fushimi’s dorm but maybe it gives him a little perspective too, like this must have been how Fushimi felt all the time in Homra. And despite that he does like being able to share a room with Fushimi again, the first night they stay up for hours playing video games and Fushimi oversleeps the next morning. Yata feels guilty for making Fushimi miss work, Fushimi’s like fuck work I’m going back to bed.

The rest of the alphabet squad is probably initially a little suspicious having Yata there, even though they’re not enemies anymore there’s something weird about having Homra’s vanguard right under their roof. Yata’s really awkward around all of them too, these are Fushimi’s coworkers/sort-of friends so he wants to make a good impression but he has this mental image that all of Scepter 4 would be really strict and stiff. He’s pleasantly surprised to learn that they are in fact all dorks and pretty friendly dorks when you get down to it. He and Doumyoji probably end up getting on fairly well, which Fushimi is somewhat dismayed by. Yata also learns about Fuze’s secret feud with Fushimi and asks Fushimi what he did to end up in a fight with that guy, Fushimi’s like ‘we’re fighting?’ Hidaka definitely decides he wants to make friends with Yata largely because he wants to learn more about Fushimi and basically figure out the trick to becoming Fushimi’s friend. And maybe Yata’s presence ends up bringing Fushimi closer to the alphabet squad because Hidaka decides they should all go out in order to make Yata feel more welcome and Yata makes Fushimi come along. It’s the first time Fushimi’s ever gone out with his coworkers after work and they’re all really excited that he came along, Yata finds himself feeling really happy to see how much Fushimi’s fellow clansmen care about him. Also the alphabet squad gets to see Fushimi and Yata being surprisingly close all the time, like they walk into the dining hall at dinner to find Fushimi already there with Yata sitting beside him picking the vegetables off of Fushimi’s plate while Fushimi steals the meat off Yata’s. Some of the squad are maybe a little jealous by how Yata’s able to be so easily friendly with Fushimi but they’re also happy seeing that Fushimi does have someone that he lets care about him.

If you're openly vegan...

And everyone knows that, is there a reason that everytime you Instagram a picture of your food you have to remind people that it is in fact still vegan? Is it because you’re not really vegan if you don’t remind people about it? Is it a preventative measure to make sure new followers and friends know that you are in fact, better than everyone else? “Here’s a picture of my VEGAN grilled cheese, omg amazing tastes just like the real thing, but I don’t eat the real thing because that’s disgusting and all the cheese mongers will die off first.” I got a picture for you guys, it’s of my vegan middle finger.

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