eat myself


– but Mint Eye Yoosung tho ((mmmMMm how r u gonna smooth all that edge))

SPOILERS!!! [sort of] gr8 now i wanna draw mint eye rfa Flipped!AU zzz ((basically the only good people are saeran and rika ++ MC idk AAAAAAAA))

sorry ive been a bit inactive bc of work but hhh here’s some quick sketches sjkdfhdk O<-<


Mostly-vegetarian Sero meets carnivorous Kirishima, loss of trust ensues 

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

how to make the best damn cake ever (if not the prettiest or healthiest):

  1. get a cake mix
  2. use milk instead of water
  3. +1 more egg than the directions say
  4. +½ stick (~55 grams) of butter more than the directions say
  5. bake for the minimum recommended time, add a couple more minutes if it’s not done. cake is done when you can stab it with a fork/knife and it comes out clean (no batter clinging to it)
  6. immediately after taking it out of the oven, poke lots of holes in the cake with a fork
  7. put icing on cake while it’s still hot so it soaks in
  8. you’re welcome
For all those who are craving:

It’s not you wanting to have a snack. It’s your DISGUSTING FAT* trying to trick you into thinking you need to eat unnecessary calories. It just wants to ruin your life, it wants you to hate yourself, it wants to steal from you your body, your happiness. Whenever you binge, whenever you break your meal schedule, you FEED YOUR DISGUSTING FAT, YOU MAKE IT STRONGER AND HELP HIM RUINING YOUR LIFE.
Don’t let it destroy all your sacrifices. Why did you say goodbye to all those delicious foods? Did you exercise, did you put all that effort, just to lose it all, because of an evil voice inside your guts?
YOU have the power, only you. Be strong.

*I’m not talking about a concrete body fat, I’m referring to that sick side of you that just wants to fill its throat with unhealthy food, ruining one of the most important thing you have: your self-esteem

Edit: I removed a comment which said I encourage eating disorders. AS I SAID IN THOSE FEW LINES ABOVE, AFTER THE STAR: I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT CONCRETE BODY FAT, I TALK ABOUT THAT EATING DISORDER THAT MAKES YOU OVEREAT. Jesus. There’s a difference between being hungry and eat (which I’ve encouraged in another post, check my blog before commenting bullshit) and craving and (over)eat snacks and other junk food. I’ll remove any stupid comment, I can explain my point of view but I’ll never EVER accept stupid accusations.