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[TRANS] TEEN,AGE Album Thanks To - Seungkwan

Hello this is Seungkwan. Seventeen’s 2nd full album is out. I’m really happy like really happy. I’m going to express my heart to the people whom I feel thankful for.

Our CEO Han Sungsoo!! Thank you for founding my potential which I can’t see too during training period. I can’t forget your gentle gaze who looked at me during my first evaluation. Gentle advice, nice praise those kind of words which make me grew up like this. I love you in the past, right now, and in the future. Since the first time I see Vice CEO Kim Yeonsoo, the awkward Vice CEO… who has a phone case where he hopes our image will become like that soon, finally your wish has finally come true. You worked hard heart bbyong bbyong.

Really really very very very very thankful (for) our Pledis family in all department, hyungs, and noonas sometimes when I see you I wonder how can you work this hard for the sake of the artists as much as my suprise, when I see your passionate image it makes me think once again about myself. In this thanks to I’m expressing my thankful heart. I’ll take care (of you) much more. Even if it’s tiring and hard please don’t ever forget that there is Seungkwan-ie right here who is cheering for you! Pledis let’s excite aja aja!!

And the one who are doing schedules together and worked hard our staff, hair, and make up, until the one who made our stage outfit so we can be cool like this, Yuseong teacher, Seoah teacher, Minsoo teacher, including Chaeyeon noona and many hyungs and noonas, thank you always. In the future too please take care of us!

Also this world tour… everyone who worked so hard. Pledis, Shownote, Live Nation, Company, Soyeon Director-nim, sound system, lighting, stage, special effects, translator, guards, catering… really for all the staff on every single city where we performed, thank you so much. Because of you this tour became a really unforgettable tour. Also this time from Seventeen’s unit music video until group music video, fantasy work VM Project!! The staff who are with Beomjin Director-nim since the filming and working hard overnight, you worked really hard. Ever since the last album without any burden, filmed with fun and creating a cool image. Chief Nanjeong once again, thank you.

Bumzu hyung, Hyerim teacher, Yeongjun-ie hyung, as expected, thank you for picking the best quality. You know my heart, right?

Ah also precious friends from Jeju Island & Seoul Donggwang Primary School, Jeil Secondary School, Daemyeong Secondary School, Broadcasting High School, Jeongil Academy friends, thank you so much. Even before becoming a trainee when I’m still dreaming about being a singer later when I debuted I (said I) would write their name on the thanks to even if you can’t call me and cheer for me from a far, thank you so so much I miss you For college friends in such a young age becoming a singer and who worked hard too, fighting!!

Teachers thank you ♥

The one and only my family

Mom, dad, Jinseol-ie noona, Sujeong-ie noona

The trouble maker maknae has grown up pretty-ly like this thank you so much for raising me good I love you. The often crying me, now I am 20 years old and become an adult, I’m working hard on being a singer right now. If it’s not because our family who is waiting and trusting me here, I can’t endure right? I will make my family really happy. In the past I thought making a lot of money is a happiness but these days I don’t think it’s my happiness anymore. Just everyone gathered, talking about old stories, eating home-made food, like that, (those) simple times for me is a happiness. In the future too let’s keep being healthy ♥♥ I love you

Lastly our Carats~

The one who made me from nothing to be something, our Carats, thank you so much. I dont know when will the perfect me would come but for you who is loving me more than anyone, a someone who is lacking right now, will never be cocky and always humbly sing.

Please give a lot of love for this second full album too.

Up until now, it’s been a long Seungkwan-ie’s thanks to.

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how were there so many cute moments in such a short vlog clip though :( dnp are so smiley and cute

i knowwww dksdfksdf i love how phil put his arm around her at the beginning and then dan was petting her hair and i love how dan kept ducking out and popping into frame like the strange giant man that he is and i love how firm they were about their planned movie date so that they couldnt even reschedule it to hang out with louise for longer, even though they watch movies together literally all the time but never see louise, and i love whatever weird shit dan was getting up to on the sofa behind phil’s head when louise and phil were trying to talk about how filming went, and i love how animated he was when he was acting out the massages and phil was like ‘what are you doing’ and made that cute confused face and louise just looked at them and phil was very much emanating that attitude of like ,,,, ahhhh ya thats my embarrassing husband pls dont look at me, i dont know what to tell you,,,,, and then i love how in love w eating they all are and how rare it is to even just see the food dnp like to eat (i guess sometimes they tell us about meals they have but even that is rare so outside of like clips from the ditl’s where they order takeout or do cooking of their own we jst never see what they eat!!!!!!! so i was fascinated!!!!) … this vlog was bursting w that fresh content lmao i loved it, we always owe louise a lot

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skye I hate to ask you but I'm having an awful week and rejection after rejection for college and I ended up not doing amazing on a math test that I felt confident on the material and like 5 people told me I look angry today and I'm so t I r e d..... could you maybe write something about my moon and stars im jaebum and cats...?

im sorry that things are glum,,,but just know you’re amazing anyway <33

  • wizard!jaebum whose familiars are cats 
  • has lots of cats that wander in and out of his apartment,,,,they honestly just jump up and come through the open window and lay down in like any warm space avilable
  • he always comes home to cat loaves on his couch, bed, on top of the tv, on his keyboard,,,,,in the freaking bathroom sink
  • but he really doesn’t mind, cats have always been his family’s protectors and companions 
  • they’d collect herbs for his potions, act as mail carriers so he could communicate with other wizards, and just be there to keep him company
  • he can speak with the ones breed by his family, but not street cats
  • the kitten he got when he turned old enough to use magic on his own is a Javanese with piercing blue eyes and white fur
  • and he named her ‘soul’ 
  • lil things about wizard!jaebum in general: has a nose ring, wears silky dress shirts with sleeves that are too long and so when he uses his wand it looks kinda funny, his wand is painted black with a silver lining and cat charms that hang off the end where he holds it, breaks all his brooms so he prefers teleportation, sings when he’s alone with soul
  • you meet him because you’re both at the market for unicorn hair and as you’re waiting for the shopkeeper you hear something break in the room and you and jaebum both turn around
  • and look up to see your familiar, the red fox, with its muzzle in some kind of jar and another broken one on the floor
  • and you’re like oh my god get down!!!! we’re gonna get in trouble
  • but as you’re jumping up to get your fox down, jaebums cat hops off of his shoulder and onto the cabinet where your fox is and tries to paw at the jar 
  • and jaebum is like “what are you doing??” and you’re both jumping up and down at your familiars, frantically worried that the shopkeeper is going to walk in and see the mess
  • and your fox pulls its face out and jumps into your arms and you’re like “let’s leave before the owner sees us-”
  • but jaebum grabs your wrist and is like ummmmm ,,,,your fox did this me and soul aren’t taking the blame
  • and you’re like about to use a spell to make him let go
  • when the door to the store shuts and you both look over and the shopkeeper is like “neither of you are leaving, you’re both taking the blame and cleaning up what you broke.”
  • that’s how you and jaebum end up cleaning up a bunch of like??? what even was in that jar like goblin eyelashes???
  • and neither of you get your unicorn hair because you have to pay for the jars
  • and you’re both nagging at your familiars as you leave
  • and soul just disappears in a puff of smoke and your own familiar scampers off and you and jaebum are like ,,,,,,,,,,,,, why are they like this
  • and you’re both looking at each other and jaebum is like “i can’t believe you got us into that mess” and you’re like “your cat jumped up there too!” and no you’re both nagging at eaCh other,,,,
  • but also you’re like “im tired. im gonna go get some food.” and jaebums like “don’t steal my idea, i was going to get food too.”
  • and you’re arguing up and down the streets until you both stop in front of the same stall that sells food and you’re like heY dont follow me and he’s like this is my favorite place???? don’t follow me????
  • long story short you’re both angrily eating in silence waiting for your familiars to come back and slowly but surely you start to bond over the fact that,,,,,,,,,,,well familiars are a handfull but,,jaebum thinks its cool yours is a fox and you think soul is pretty
  • and soon enough you’re not nagging but talking and when your familiars return soul finds her way up onto jaebums shoulder and he’s like “hey- what? a date? no we were just talking because you left-  hey don’t jump to conclusions!”
  • and your fox, curled up in your arms looks up at you and you’re like “is he handsome???? i didn’t noticE????????? don’t look at me with that sly foxy smile???”
  • and you and jaebum both glance up at each other but then you’re like,,,,,,shyly looking down because ok um since when was the other person so cute????
  • and you’re like ill be going!!! and he’s like alright,,,,,,but then soul drops something in jaebums hands and he looks down to see the address with your name and he’s like soUL where do you get this 
  • and your fox familiar has the same card with jaebums name and you’re like i,,, dont,,,,,need this,,,,,,,,,,
  • but ofc you do hehe jaebum sends you a package a week later with unicorn hair and an invitation to go out for dinner sometime ^^ 

hey so today i found out we wont be getting our food stamps for two more days at the very least and our fridge is basically empty, please dont feel the need to send me anything if you dont have the money to spare or u feel like your money could be better used elsewhere, but if u could toss even a dollar my way so a known gay can eat, i would really appreciate it. my paypal is 

Stop it!

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Request: Yes! Anon:  draco x reader where the reader has a huge crush on him but draco always makes fun of her and one day she gets very offended and snaps? you can keep it going from there, love your acc btw 💚

A/N: I’m back! Sorry I havent updated its just that I had a bit of a writers block. 
Italics are flash-backs. There is a Draco P.O.V in the middle. Enjoy!

How can I like someone that is nothing but mean to me? 

I took a deep breath, that question was on my mind every day, especially when he mocked me about something and he just did.

I was on my way to the Great Hall when I bumped into the Grat Hall

“What the…” I heard them say as my look when up I freezed.

“S-sorry” I said looking at him.

“Oh Y/l/n… Look where you are going the next time” he said with his face going red “I don’t want your stupidity to stick to me” he said walking away leaving me standing there.

I walked to the Great Hall again with my eyes starting to fill with tears. I forced myself not to cry as I started to eat.

Now I was playing with my food asking myself the same damn question over and over again, I glared to his seat when my friend came.

“Um, Y/n” she said looking at me with a confused look “You do realise that you are stabbing the table with your fork?”

“Wha-What?” I looked down, she was right the fork was starting to make little holes 

“What did he do this time?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Whenever you are like this is because Malfoy offended you, so…”

“Its nothing”

“Well I’ll find out later” she said starting to eat too “Why dont you just tell him?”

“Yeah, ‘cause it’s a good idea to give him another reason to mock me”

“Hey dont blame me! Maybe it is the cliche of ‘I am mean to you because I like you’, but you can’t know if you dont tell him”

“I truly dont think so”

“Let’s make a bet, i you tell him and it’s like I said you would buy me whatever I want from Hogsmade and if it’s the other way arround I’ll buy you whatever you want”

“Ok, but there’s a little fail in your bet”

“And what is it?”

“That I am not gonna tell him”

“But you have to!” she shouted



“Over my dead body!” I shouted as I ran out of the Great Hall with Y/f/n behind me. 

“Over my dead body!” I heard her shout and watched as she got out of the Great Hall with her friend behind her

“Mate, you have to tell her” Blaise looked at me.

“No, she hates me” 

“How do you know that?”

“Because I am nothing but mean to her?” I said 

“Well you got a oint there, but why are you so mean to her if you like her?”

“I don’t know, it just comes out”

“You are an idiot” Pansy came to th conversation

“I know” I muttered 

A week later I was with Y/f/n walking near the Quiditch Pitch when we saw him with Pansy.

“Can we go back?” I asked

“No, we are going to go there and you are telling him”

“He is with his girlfriend” I said with a knot in my throat “A-and what makes you think that I am going to tell him anyways?”

“I don’t know, but one thing I know is that they are coming here”

“Wha-” I said lookng their way “Shit! let’s turn around please”

“Y/l/n!” I heard Pansy said as I was trying to run away. I stopped and turned around.

“What are you doing?” I heard Draco whisper to Pansy, she just shrugged

“What do you want?” I sighed and I watched as Y/f/n walked away she looked back at me and I ‘cutted’ my throat with my finger and pointed her quick and then looked back at the other two.

“Oh I am just here to let you know that Dracohere has something to tell you” Pansy said and then walked away, just like Y/f/n.

“So, what do you want?” I said looking at him

“Ju-just to tell you that- that you look speacially ugly today” 

“You took all the troble just to tell me that I looke ugly?” 

“No, it’s just I-”

“You what?” I interrupted him 

“I- um- I”

“Yoou know what? I am tired of this! I am tired of you mocking me eerytime you see me! I am tired of you! I am tired of liking you!” I covered my mouth with both hands.

“You- you like me?” I just nodded, he came closer and grabbed my hands

“Please leave me alone” I said avoiding his gaze

“No, the thing that I was trying to say is that I like you too” he didnt gave me time to react as soon as he finished he kissed me I opened my eyes in surprise but then I kissed him back.

“Why were you so mean to me then?” I asked as soon as we stopped kissing

“I didn’t knew how to get your atention so I started to mock you but after a while I didn’t knew how to stop, I am sorry”

“Told ya’“ we heard behind us, it was Y/f/n she was with Pansy.

“Now you owe me a trip to Hogsmade” Y/f/n pointed at me

“And you owe me 50 galleons” Pansy pointed at Draco

“Wait, you both knew?” I asked

“Yep” they both said at the same time, Draco and I looked at each other

“Shall we kill them?” Draco asked

“We shall” 

we run behind them with wands up and hands holding.

Twitcam! 5SOME pT.2

IM SO ANNOYED I POSTED THIS EARLIER AND MY TUMBLR FUCKED UP SO IT DELETED IT!! :( (Sorry if there are any mistakes I can't remember if I edited it after I sent it to my friend) 

Part 1

Words: 2.3K


Summary: Well after last time *smirky smirk*

I had just gotten out of the shower and made my way into my room. We were back home in Australia which meant you got a small break from your four best friends. Especially because since the twitcam they’d all been making sexual remarks. Well seeing as I’d seen there dicks I may or may not be getting off to the thought of all of them. 

I shuffled over to my hair dryer, drying my hair and brushing it so it didn’t turn out to look like a lions main. I opened up my draw putting on my cute pink PJ’s and placing them on ready for bed. Even though it was only 6:30pm. But PJ’s are just so comfy and I love the feeling of just being free.

I walked downstairs and I heard something, I looked over the banister and Ashton was sat there talking to his computer. I walked down my stairs and coughed to get Ashton’s attention. 

“Oh heres Y/N, say hi” Ashton smiled picking up the laptop and showing me, I waved awkwardly and looked at Ashton. 

“What are you doing in my house? and how did you get in? What are you doing?”

“Michael has a key, I’m doing another twitcam and we missed you” 

“We? Where are the others?” I sighed

“In the kitchen eating your food” 

“Fuck sake” 

“DONT SWEAR Y/N” I rolled my eyes and went into the kitchen finding the 3 boys eating my cold pizza from last night. They grumbled some hellos as I walked over to the pizza box.

“You know you could heat it up” I said grabbing a slice and putting it on a plate.

“You know you could invite us round” Calum sassed

“I was having a girly day by myself” 

“Still, you could have invited us round you could have re-painted our nails” 

“You guys are such girls” I groaned, putting my pizza into the microwave and timing it for 2 minutes. 

“We’re not girls, we have dicks” 

“And you should know that since you fucked two of us” 

“Yeah well that doesn’t prove anything, plus they’re quite small so really its like looking at a vagina” I heard a screech from a chair and Michael was walking over to me with a some what angry look on his face. He pushed me roughly against the countertop and harshly grabbed my chin in his hand. 

“What the fuck did you just say?” I opened my mouth but nothing came out, I looked into his eyes and they were turing a darker shade of green. His hands both came either side of my cheeks and he crashed his lips on mine. I was not expecting him to be this forward, but I was enjoying it. I moaned as his tongue entered my mouth and he fought for dominance pulling my hair back with his hand. He let one of his hand go to my leg pulling it just over his waist as he grinded into me. The ping of the microwave pulled me out of the trance just as Ashton came in with the computer. Michael still stood in front of me smirking at my now pink puffy lips. 

“God you’re so beautiful..and these lips” he said running his thumb over my lips and pushing me onto the floor with force. He tilted my head back so I was looking at him and smirked. 

“You going to suck my dick Kitten?” 

“Y-yeah” I stuttered as he pulled down his trousers. I leant up kissing over his clothed dick palming my hands over him. I pulled them down by the waistband cupping Michaels balls in my hand and rolling them as I kissed up his dick. I sucked on his tip, looking up at him, his head tilted back, his rosy pink lips parted and his eyes clamped shut. I eased my mouth down on his dick sucking onto it, I hollowed my cheeks around his dick which he let out a groan. Out of all the boys Michaels dick was the one that turned me on the most with his black hair contrasting against his pale dick.

I reached down into my underwear rubbing my fingers over my clit, I moaned around Michaels dick and with my other hand pumped the base of his dick. Michael realised what I was doing and he grabbed a hold of my hair pushing me against the counter, shoving his dick in my mouth and fucking my mouth. It hit the back of my throat several times as I let out moans which vibrated around Michaels dick and he let out little pants. As he couldn’t let out moans as Ashton was sat with the laptop lying on the table, watching us along with Luke and Calum. Michael edged closer to me resting his hands on the counter leaning and thrusting more harshly into me making me gag around him with saliva running down my chin.

“I’m going to cum in your mouth kitten” Michael moaned. I sucked hard and Michaels dick pulsed in my hand he came in my mouth and I licked over his tip collecting all his cum and swallowing it. He stepped back and pulled me up by my hair. He had hold of my hair with force and faced Ashton whilst pulling up his trousers. 

“Mikey let go” I said pulling on my hands. Ashton was still laying on the table but rolled over so he was lying on his back. Calum took the computer facing him and Luke and Michael dragged me by my hair over to Ashton who leant on his elbows. 

“W-what are you doing?” Michael turned me to face him letting go of my hand and kissing me. He reached down my legs sliding off my PJ shorts and my sweater. Ashton reached his hand out and pulled me towards him whilst Michael walked over to be in the twitcam. I climb onto the table and kissed Ashton, but he seemed to be trying to pull me up. 

“Ride my face baby girl” He whined, I smiled moving my body up his torso and over his face. I hovered over his lips and he gave me a disapproving look as I teased him. He smacked my ass and wrapped his arms around my thighs licking up my pussy. I shuddered as he sucked on my clit. His tongue slid around my folds and he was making delicious slurping noises. I ran my fingers through his curly hair leaning forward and grinding down onto his tongue. Ashton lifted up his legs so that they were bent and Michael had moved computer just below Ashton’s now bent feet. 

Ash lapped at my juices and circling his tongue around my entrances flicking and sucking it. He delved his tongue into my entrance making sure to rub it against my walls whilst simultaneously sucking over the entrance. Luke came round the table and grabbed my face and crashing his lips on mine. I moaned and so did Ashton, the moan made my pussy throb and I could feel my orgasm drawing near. I leant on Luke as I moved my hips faster on Ashton’s face. His tongue was electric swiftly burrowing its self inside me flicking against every right spot. I closed my eyes and let my body go limp onto Luke. I came hard on Ashton’s tongue and he sucked all of my juices. 

“Fucking slut” I heard Luke pant I got off of Ashton and sat on the table catching my breath from Ashton’s tongue. Ashton slid out from underneath me and wiped his chin. Luke lightly slapped me playfully on the face and I smiled at him. But Luke walked away past Calum and out the room. Calum sat on one of the chairs, grinning at me and I walked over to him as Michael now sat in front of the computer only a couple of feet away from Calum. He patted his lap and I sauntered over to him, swinging my leg over his waist and kissing his cheeks down to sucking on his collar bones. I grinded onto his covered bulge and kissed his lips, Calum’s lips were by far the fullest and he tasted of mints. I moaned quietly into his ear rocking my hips against his. 

“As much as I love this, I want you to ride my cock” I whimpered biting his ear to not let out much noise. I lifted my self up and undid his trousers pulling them halfway down his legs along with his boxers. His dick sprung up and I reached my hand down stroking it and rubbing my thumb up the visible vein. He let out a groan as I rubbed his tip along my wet folds. I circled the tip around my entrance edging him into me. 

“Fuck Y/N you’re so tight baby” Calum whisper moaned. I rotated my hips on his, feeling him slide in and out of my pussy. His hands went to my hips and pressed down harder into him. I saw Luke come into the kitchen with what looked like a bottle of lube in his hands, not that I needed that. He came behind me kissing my neck and kneeling down not the floor. 

“Look at Calum, Y/N” Luke snapped, squirting the lube onto his fingers and sliding them against my ass. 

“W-what are you doing?” I asked as I felt his finger rubbed around my other hole. 

“Focus on Calum” Luke warned shooting me daggers. I quickly spun my head around looking at Calum who was biting his lip smirking at me. Luke pushed me further into Calum so my head was resting in his neck as he entered a finger into me. 

“Are you ok with this princess?” Calum asked quietly 

“Yeah just slow” I bounced on Calum’s dick which made Luke add another finger so I was bouncing on his two fingers as well. I moaned into Calum’s neck and wrapped my arms around his torso grabbing a hold of his back and squeezing what I could in my hands. I let out little gasps as Luke’s fingers pumped in and out of my ass. Michael and Ashton started laughing at something as Luke’s fingers slipped out of my ass. I didn’t even get a chance to whine as his dick was thrusting in me. 

“Fuck” I cursed loudly, Luke had his hands on my waist just above Calum’s as they both rocked into me. Luke slapped my ass hard, but not hard enough for any of the fans to hear. “Shut the fuck up”. Michael made up a lame excuse about how I dropped something onto my foot and now Calum was helping. Luke tucked his head into my neck sucking hickeys and licking over them. Whilst I looked at Calum and he was focusing on his dick moving in and out of my pussy. Calum’s hips started stuttering and his thighs kept clenching. He threw his head back letting out a small groan. 

“Im going to cum” Calum whined. Luke sped up his pace which made me roll my hips against Calum’s faster as he tried to hold in his orgasm. He squeezed my hips and I felt him cum in me. My walls started to clench as both there dicks were still moving inside me. Luke wrapped his arm around me, pulling me off Calum’s dick leaving a trail of cum as he bent me over the table facing Ashton and Michael who were facing the computer. He slammed his dick back into my ass and he roughly pulled my hair to face him. I whined quietly as he edge forwards and kissed me. I looked forward and Ashton was focused on the laptop whilst Michael was staring right at my boobs watching them bounce. I ran my hand over my boobs tweaking them in fingers. Michael smirked at me pushing the camera so it was just on Ashton.

Luke grabbed the side of my face and he grinded into my ass. His grip on me tightened as he let out moans in my mouth. “Shit” He pulled out of my ass pumping himself as he came all over my ass. Calum had pulled up his trousers and grabbed some kitchen cloth wiping away Luke’s cum and throwing it into the bin. Calum kissed my cheek and Luke pulled up his trousers kissing my other cheek. 

“Thank you princess” Calum whispered, he then with Luke both sat in front of the camera with Ashton as they talked about there new album. Michael was sat on the chair the other side looking absolutely fucking hot with just his state champs shirt and grey boxers. 

“Michael” I whispered, walking over to him and sitting on his lap, he smiled at me resting his arms on the back of the chair. Watching me, with those fucking beautiful green eyes and his gorgeous pink lips curved into a smirk. 

“Finnish me off please” I said grinding on his boxers. He ran his hands over my boobs moving forward on the chair and swinging my leg just over his right thigh. 

“Grind on me kitten” I did as he said and grinded onto his thigh, the hairs on his leg rubbing against my inner thighs. Michael lent down and sucked onto my nipple rolling my other one in his hand. My clit was rubbing heavenly against his thigh and I let out several whimpers as I felt my second high approach. I grabbed a hold of his shoulders moaning out his name as he bounced his leg to give me more friction. 

“Fuck I’m cumming” 

“Cum all over my thigh kitten” I closed my eyes pinching Michaels shoulders and cumming over his pale thigh. I opened my eyes and looked at Michael who kissed me on my lips. He lifted me up and grabbed my grey sweater and shorts helping me put them back on. 

“So, still think we’re girls?” Michael laughed 

 “I just hope none of the fans heard”

Save Me

Request: Can you do a Peter Pan imagine where the reader has lived in NeverLand for a while and she likes Peter, but doesn’t know how he feels. One day some of the lost boys decide to do some STUFF (if your comfortable) against the readers will and Peter saves her and tells her that he likes her too. Fluff? Thanks. Love your blog

Originally posted by pans-dreamshade-of-neverland

Neverland had been my home for a few weeks now, the shadow had taken me from my home while I was sleeping and brought me here. Peter was ferious at first but the shadow told him I was important in keeing peter alive. How? Im not sure, they never told me, but after learning that, peter let me stay but kept his distance. 

Since then I’ve become friends with mostly the younger boys, The older ones still dont know how to feel about me and Felix gives me the creeps, but my best friend here is thomas. Hes shy but once you get to know him he can be really funny and a great friend.

Originally posted by die-jou-bu

Finally! dinner time.

“Hey Y/N!” I hear thomas say from behind me. I look behind me smile at him signaling him over. He sits down next to me and we eat our food in silence while watching the campfire. He doesnt usually talk while he eats, but its fine with me.

after we finish eating peter starts to play the pan flute, and the lost boys start to dance around the fire. Thomas turns to me and holds out his hand. I smile and take it. We dance around the fire together laughing and spinning. Some of the lost boys look at us funny, some look proun sinse thomas usually doesnt participate that much, I’m just glad hes having fun. 

Then the music stops and everyone turns to look at peter, he doesnt look to happy.

Originally posted by piedpeter

“Parties over, everyone go back to your tents.” Peter spits out, glaring at me then leaves for his tree house, slamming the door closed after he enters. We all look at each other but not wanting to make pan angry we do as he says. I say goodnight to thomas and go to my tent.

I lay down in my bed and think about what had happened, it was weird for peter to stop a party so early. I had always had a crush on him since I got here, but peter never seemed to notice me until tonight. 

My thoughts were interupted by my tent flap being opened. Two of the older boys and felix walked in. I think their names were Trevor and Joey.

“Um hey guys, what do you want?” I say, not knowing why they even wanted to talk to me, they never have before.

“Oh, we just wanted to play a game.” Felix says, His expression was one i’ve never scene before, but it still made me feel uneasy. “What kind of game?” I ask.

Felix nods to the two older boys and before I could stop them they had me pinned to the bed. I tried to get out of their grip but Trevor was holding my hands above my head with one hand and kept my mouth shut with the other. Joey was holding my legs apart. Tears were forming in my eyes thinking about what they were going to do to me.

Felix stood to the right of me and stroked my cheek with the back of his hand.

“Been a while since a girl could fufill our needs, since peter is in a mood he wont be interrupting us.” Felix purrs with a crooked smile. My heart rate increases with the hope of peter saving me deminishing.

Felix pulls his knife out and starts cutting my clothes off until im left in nothing but my bra and underwhere. Tears stream down my face as I think how I’ll be used for their enjoyment. I try to scream for help but me screams are muffled by trevors hand. They all look at my body with hungry eyes and felix starts to undress.

“Hey y/n I uh just wan-” Peter walks in but stops mid sentense when he sees whats going on. My face is full of relief while his is full of hatred towards the boys. Then suddenly I’m not being pinned down anymore.

With a wave of peters hand he had the boys pinned against the wall, no way of escaping. He walked up to a trembling half naked felix and laughed darkly.

“Did you really think you could take away whats mine and get away with it?” Peter says mockingly. He plunges his hand into felixes chest and slowly starts to squeeze his heart, making felix scream in pain. I wasnt expecting Peter to kill him!

“Peter wait! You dont ha-” He didnt let me finish.

“Dont worry darling, they’ll get what they deserve, I’m going to take their lives.” He says looking over to me. but his eyes were black as night. He was consumed by hatred.

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He turned back to felix and continued crushing his heart. I didnt know what to do, I didnt want peter to be consumed by this darkness. I did the only thing I could think to do. I ran over to him and pulled his face to mine, connecting our lips. He stopped crushing felixes heart and slowly started moving his lips with mine. He put one hand on my waist and pulled his hand out of felixes chest and put it on my waist. 

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We slowly broke apart, breathing heavily. He smiled down at me and picked me up. With a snap of his fingers the boys were gone, I didnt really care where they went.

Peter brought me back to his tree house and gave me one of his shirts to where, even though hes not the most well behaved on the island, I’m glad he still knows how to have manners. I told him I didnt want to talk about my near rape expierence, he agreed and we fell into an akward silence.

I sat quitely on his bed, he broke the silence. “So I’m guessing by the way you kissed me back there, you like me to?” he smugly asked.

I couldnt help the blush that appeared on my cheeks. I knodded and hid under the the covers. He laughed and went under the covers with me and grabbed my waist, pulling me to him. He tickled my ribs and waist making me giggle and try to squirm away. He laughed and pulled me into a hug and kissed my nose.

“God I love you, I’m sorry I kept my distance, I didnt know if I could ever love, or more importanty, get you to love me.” Peter says looking down.

“Is that why the shadow brought me here? To give you someone to love?” I asked

He knodded and looked away embarressed, I turned his face back to face mine and gave him a quick a peck on his lips. 

“I’ve always loved you peter, and I know you’ll always love me too.”

We stayed in each others arms all night long…


Hunk shown being proud abt his cooking skills, Hunk sharing his food with his friends as comfort/support, Hunk sharing his knowledge about certain recipes, Hunk as a genuine foodie with an articulate taste

Me: The Good™ Content 👌👌👌👌

Hunk only in the sidelines askin bout food thinkin bout food hey what are y'all talkin bout here look im eating food


A morbid description of how obese people with diabeetus suffer silently and the psychological damage they inflict to people around them.

One of the things i have rarely seen posted on tumblr about obesity is the effects of diabetes and im stumped how fat people dont even care about it and dont even know the consequences. I lived my early years of my life in a very poor country where fast food is cheap and most people survive on fast food. Most of the people are highly diabetic and overweight. Most of the food they eat is fried stuff and the biggest favorite of all: soda! In the US, i dont see anyone talking much about diabetes, they put it out there but they rarely mention how it is capable of destroying your body. I want to try and avoid posting a story but i will post a typical event from my country that I witnessed and still happens and try to relate it in a non-story way as much as possible, please forgive me if it looks more like a story.

I was 8 years old, young and dumb and i remember the 210kg dude in a wheelchair living on the ground floor below us. He had a wife and 2 young kids but all he would eat is fast food and deep fried shit. He was a wife beater and his wife was kind of forced to obey his fat ass commands. The dude got diabetic apparently a few years ago and he was on a wheelchair all the time, and for some reason, he was missing a left leg (down from his left knee to his toes were missing) and his other leg was extremely bruised and bleeding, looked like a road accident fresh from 1 hour ago. I asked his kids one day and they said that he was a pirate. Dumb enough at 8 to believe that, i thought he worked on a ship and got into an accident. Sometimes at night we would hear him scream his lungs out, cursing and being very loud from their house. At that point my parents had ordered the three of us not to go out and not to look out of the window. Funny thing, the neighbours would tell their kids the same thing. We wanted to look out but we didnt, as we were scared by that guy screaming.

In those moments, i remember a very distinct smell of death that went through the walls and ceiling. It smelled as something much worse than a dead raccoon, something so strong it left a cold feeling on your spine. The adults in the neighbourhood would go and visit that house and sometimes stay there for hours. The next morning our parents would tell us nothing. It was a complete mystery what was going on and as the months flew by, i assumed he was just sick or an alcoholic and was a wife beater. I never really understood what was going on until one day i was walking down the street to join my friends to play soccer, i noticed the dude sitting on a bench in an almost isolated spot in the sun and his wife and 2 kids were kind of shielding him from being seen. I couldnt see much but i did notice one of his kids holding a small bucket below his missing leg and a yellow stick was sticking out of his knee of the left leg. I immediately knew that was no pirate leg-stick, it was his fucking bone coming out of his knee and it was yellowish green in color, had oozing liquids coming out and his bone looked like powder was falling off from it into the bucket. The skin was black and yellow, bleeding and some weird looking burst open sores leaking plasma-like liquid. The other leg was maybe worse, didnt have a missing calf but the shape of the leg was deformed, as if something had been chewing at it for days. It had a huge black and yellow open flesh wound that stretched from the knee down to the ball of the foot. His right foot had shrunk down and looked grey with lot of grey dead skin all over it. I dont even think maggots would be able to live in that. The wife was applying some powder and cleaning the sores. When i saw his leg bone (that front bone on your lower leg that hurts when its struck) it seemed like it was splitting and could be seen from the wounds. At the same time, i got a whiff of that same smell of death and quickly understood where that smell came from all this time.

The guy was crying, clearly in pain and his kids and wife looked mortified. I didnt know what to do, i panicked for a second and headed back home trying to understand what i saw. My mom was at home that day and i told her what i saw and asked her questions. She looked disappointed and told me to ask my dad when he gets home. When my dad got home, i demanded the truth. He told me that fat dude was diabetic due to too much sugar in his food and soda that the thick blood somehow caused an artery damage that wasnt feeding blood to his left foot. That was a year ago and the foot started rotting and necrotizing tissue started to consume his foot. He went to the hospital but they were reluctant to do an amputation as they said his blood sugar was so high that there was a risk of the wounds from the amputation to necrotize as well, the only way is for him to start controlling his diet, lose weight and reduce sugar levels so that amputation could be done. But the fucker didnt, he went full retard on the sugar that later on his right foot started rotting even more and the gangrene started to spread even more on the other leg. Nobody really knows what happened to his foot and how it got cut off but the neighbours speculated that he was so angry about it that he cut it off himself with the help of his wife and kids.

Fast-forward a week later, we could hear him scream out loud again, except this time he was smashing things around and his kids were crying in terror. Even from a wheelchair we could hear him cursing the wife and hitting her with something. It became intolerable so our parents once again went down and luckily the door was unlocked. I remember my dad saying he has never seen so much blood and pus lying around and the horrible death smell made him gag a few times and once they restrained the guy, we called the ambulance. My dad and another neighbour went with him in the ambulance and apparently they found out that the necrosis has started to spread to his lower abdomen THROUGH HIS FUCKING THIGHS and could start attacking organs. His bone on his left leg was apparently powder, his kneecap was a powder like substance and they had to intervene immediately. 1 week later he was discharged from the hospital but had his whole left thigh amputated. Doctors mentioned to his wife that it had to be done to stop the spreading of gangrene but at the same time, his blood sugar was very high that there was a 95% chance the wound from the amputation would never heal and become gangrenous and would spread all over his body. Even my dad’s voice trembled as he was saying it, the whole neighbourhood had suffered a trauma from that incident.

Just a week later, we heard the yelling again but this time he was more violent and started throwing things out of the windows and smashing everything. He was in a lot of pain, his voice cracked as he was yelling. Once again, the adults in the neighbourhood were ready to go help again, but this time they saw the dude’s wife scram out of the door and she had a bloodied face and her kids were crying. She put them in their car and took off. We called the police and the ambulance, when they came they strapped him up. As they were loading him on the ambulance, he died on the spot. After the sudden calm, we all got out, all we saw was a dead body with a bloodied and oozing leg on a stretcher.

Today when we hear the word diabetes, we take it for granted that its bad. But when i hear it, it brings back this unforgettable trauma and is the reason i avoid sugar. That incident has left a scar on the neighbourhood, and in our minds. We heard about the wife and kids later on. The wife went into depression and died of some unknown disease. The kids were adopted by another family and we never heard from them again.

oh dear…

i was making a bit of lemon/acv drink and my mom came in and asked why i was putting vinegar in my drink. i told her it makes it taste better, which is true. she asked me where i found the recipe and i said i don’t remember. she asked me if i was trying to waste away. good guess. i played it off, “why would i want to do that” type of deal and she mentioned me not eating a lot and always staying in my room and never going outside. all true things. i told her that if she’s worried about me i’ll make an effort to eat more because i sometimes just forget or i’m not hungry. she said okay, but that i’m looking very skinny and she’s worried. oh, and i was doing so well today, too— only a half peach all day and its nearly dinner!

i haven’t even noticed if i look skinnier because i’ve always been kinda thin. but i guess it shows in my face because she’s always talking about how skinny i look and stuff. it makes me nervous because i hate when people talk to me about how i look anyways but also bc i dont want her to start paying even more attention to what i eat :/ i don’t want to start eating more bc im almost at my gw2 but if i have to slow it down to get her off my back i guess i should do that

i’ve stopped complaining about being tired and cold bc that could have tipped her off that somethings wrong. maybe if i just pack a lunch and go out every so often i can hand the food off to a homeless person (or pack smth healthy and actually eat it) and then she’ll assume i’m doing better cos i went out. plus being in the sun makes me look healthier. she knows i’ve had problems with depression in the past so i’m hoping she thinks its that and not actually an ed.

anonymous asked: andreil and the cats? 

im sorry i dont know how add tags to asks when you post them (does this make sense pls someone help me)

  • it is my religion that neil and andrew fight over the cats a lot
  • not in the “i want to hold him” “fuck off, i’m holding him right now” kinda fight im talking the “neil, cats are only meant to eat two times a day (is this right I DONT KNOW i dont have cats), he’s not like your fatass. stop giving him treats. neil i said stop-”
  • neil never stops giving the cats treats. the cats are fat. neil is the worst. omg he also sneaks them people food bc he feels bad bc.. he might’ve.. tried some of the catfood once.. and it was shit (only him and sir know)
  • andrew has never been rough with the cats physically but it isn’t past him to snap at them to “get the fuck out of my way” or “get the fuck off of that” or even “stop fucking purring it’s annoying”
  • “andrew, stop, theyre just cats they don’t know any better, just leave him alone.” or “don’t be mean to him, he just wants you to pet him”
  • cue andrew looking into the camera like its the office bc he’s in love with a emotionally and physically damaged man child who comes to the defense of their obese cats (who are doing things that him and neil both agreed they weren’t supposed to do like be on the counter or go in their closet)
  • here i go i got carried away again smh

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epilepticjanecrocker  asked:

what is toriko?

*slams hands on table* 

bear in mind i’ve only watched the anime but everything in it is pretty much confirmed as CANON (i think maybe im not too sure i haven’t read the manga)

oh yeah before you proceed there’s spoilers for the anime so if you haven’t watched the anime uh please proceed with caution because i might ruin this for people instead of just dragging them in

((this really ran away from me sorry))

this is entirely skewed from my point of view, but really do want people to enjoy the show without all this weird context below, so please dont take any of this heart and just disregard it as crazy fan talk

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its true they always talk about how fat people who eat junk are unhealthy but they dont care about skinny people who do that too. my parents let me eat horrible processed food when i was a kid (we were also poor) and im pretty sure i was malnourished and its part of why i was so severely underweight despite eating a lot when i could

Yeah I’m pretty sure I gained all my weight as a kid from the cheap snack foods, and I gained it all because I was going through growth spurts and starving, and the only food we had I could grab was like chips. We don’t have any snack foods around now, but I haven’t lost any weight by adjusting my diet at all.

update on Obi

he’s home!!! my dad and sister came home with him a while ago.

he’s sleepy from the pain meds, so he’s napping on my sisters chest.

he has a fractured jaw, but he has to wait until Friday to get surgery. he has to wear the muzzle to prevent him from opening his jaw and making it worse, so he can only eat soft foods.

other than that, there are some wounds and stitches on his body, but those are fine. he’s getting the stitches removed in 2 weeks.

it hurts to see my happy boy in so much pain, but when he saw me his tail still wagged and i could see his tongue trying to burst out of the muzzle and lick my face. either my dads gonna take work off tomorrow or my sisters gonna take of college to watch him tomorrow, they dont want me skipping school because ive already missed so much this year.

we need to talk to the neighbors, but i hope they pay the vet bills, given that their dog literally pulled him through the fence and started chewing on him.

also, thank you to everyone for your kind words, I’m sure he can feel your love 💖💖💖

Taking a break from studying for finals to talk about something else that I hate: Christmas Time.

So, I wanna preface this by saying that I personally do celebrate christmas since my dad’s side of the family is christian and my dad wants to keep a few of his childhood traditions alive, which is reasonable. But I dont get super into it, we dont have extended family, we dont decorate our house aside from a small tree, I obviously dont go to church, and I do the stereotypical american jewish christmas of chinese food and movies. But even I get the piss taken out of me when I talk about *gasp* eating chinese takeout on christmas rather than, idk ham or some shit.

So, there are some very real things to be upset about as a minority religion in America during christmas time. Its fucking alienating as hell.  For a growing part of the year (id say about 2 months rn) christian goyim just seem to forget that not everyone celebrates their holidays.  “You can’t just not celebrate christmas! Its not a christian holiday its an american holiday!” Yeah buddy Im not gonna get super fuckin excited about the birth of a religious figure of christianity.  I dont care that its about “family.” I have OTHER holidays to be close with my family. You know, JEWISH HOLIDAYS.  Then when I dont get into it and just politely refuse to take part in my school’s christmas time bullshit, not even saying it shouldn’t happen, just saying I dont want to take part, suddenly Im a heartless monster. 

Oh yeah and is it just me or is Scrooge from A Christmas Carol antisemitic as hell? Oh yeah money grubbing old man usually depicted with a big hooked nose hates christmas and children because the only reason anyone would not enjoy christian holidays is if theyre a heartless greedy jew- I mean monster.

then theres the white christians whining every fucking year about the war on christmas and how christians are just sooooooooo persecuted in America and someone said happy holidays to them at work while holding a plain red starbucks cup and it made them weep all over their cross necklaces.  This year its especially painful because we just elected a man president who could actually do tangible real harm to jews and especially muslims so, white christians, your fucking crocodile tears about how the j00z just hate family values so much arent fucking working on me. Y'all act like we have a persecution complex then turn around and pull this shit. Its not cute.

Then ofc the goyische nonsense rumor that hanukah is somehow the most important jewish holiday started because “it happens in the winter it must be like out winter holiday!”

And, of course, Im going here, the rise in antisemitic hate crimes that happens consistently every christmas. Its worse on easter but it really is bad on christmas too.

Anyway, hating christmas does not fucking make you a bad person. 

this felt really good to rant about ngl Ive been thinking all this for weeks

I danced and made out n talked with a really cool girl tonight at an art show a friend was throwing tonight.

Now she’s texting me n calling me bae and I can tell she just needs someone kind in her life the way she rested her head in my neck

This breakup is going great tbh lmao

I hear people from time to time talk about oh just how economic and traditional they are when they eat foods that are outlandish or strange. Stuff you dont expect or could be quite a bit gross. And a lot of those same people tend to be the people to feel the need to remind me, without fail, of how a hot dog is made, as if to deter me. Like, listen Sandra. Just because i paid 50c for my Pork Anus doesnt meant its suddenly worse. Cause id rather eat it blended, covered in cheese, than raw