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LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE🙏🏼🌿✨🍉 many of you might not know, but I am type 1 diabetic - diagnosed when I was 9 years old. Through this, I learnt what a huge impact what you eat has on your health & wellbeing and have become incredibly passionate about using food as medicine, not only to prevent and cure disease, but also manage conditions like mine. Being the determined person I am, I always had good control of my diabetes, but since going vegan, I’ve seen SO many improvements. I’m eating more carbs than ever - yet needing less insulin: the exact opposite to what people are taught to believe.
My dream is to help other people and spread this message, and two amazing guys already doing that are @mindfuldiabeticrobby and @mangomannutrition ~ I wanted to mention this because they are holding a FREE Online Diabetes Summit this week, with incredible expert guest speakers and a WEALTH of knowledge + resources🙌🏼
If you have or know anyone with diabetes (type 1 or 2) or just want to learn more, go check out the link in their bio and sign up!! Thank you so much Cyrus and Robby💛

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 My weight at both pictures is the same 61kgs and i am 175cm. It is 7 months difference. I started as i cut out sweets and fast food, trying to eat more proteins and carbs only at breakfast and lunch snack only on fruits (and peanut butter :D) Started running 5 days a week you could hardly call it running the first month. After that i added some basic exercise. The last two months i added some light weights as well.

See more Before and After weight loss pictures  or  SUBMIT yours.

I mean, if you think about it… a shakarian baby would be fucking badass. that line about supportive waists do kind of indicate that that’s something evolutionary good to turians, yeah? so a hurian (tuman sounds like truman and fuck that) baby would probably inherit things like better core strength, glutes and leg muscles for long-distance running like their mother but with the bone structure of their dad. turians primarily eat meat, not really storing a lot of energy on their bodies, meaning a hurian would probably both eat more carbs but through that gain both insulation and energy reserves. plating from their father, maybe sans leg spurs but with five talons instead of three, sharper molars and much better eyesight than any human has ever had. a human can’t theoretically live forever bc of exposure to low-grade radiation throughout our lives, but with turian plating and thicker skin…?

then remember that this kid in particular would be the kid of shepard and garrus. “uh yeah my mum saved the galaxy and my dad’s a vigilante. oh, and they’re both two of the highest ranking members of their homeworld armies. my older brother is the krogan version of captain america, my aunt’s the shadowbroker, grandpa 1 was the first human representative on the citadel council and grandpa 2 was a cop and buddies with the primarch.” 

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Is it safe to work out if I'm borderline underweight? Or should I talk to a doctor before attempting that?

you should always talk to a doctor before doing any rigorous physics activity.. I’d recommend on the days you exercise to eat more calories (or excess carbs) to make up for what your going to lose at the gym

Food Related Things I Feel Badly About

1. Eating between 8pm- 8am
2. Eating breakfast before drinking 30 ounces of water
3. Eating too much fat (if more than 35% of my calories come from fat, it’s too much)
4. Eating too many carbs (more than 40%)
5. Not eating enough protein (between 20- 30%)
6. Not drinking at least a gallon of water in a day
7. Eating two types of junk food in a day
8. Not eating vegan
9. Consuming too many calories at one time
10. Consuming too few calories before I work out
11. Consuming too few calories, in general
12. Not eating enough variety of fruits and vegetables
13. Not having enough of a calorie deficit at the end of the day
14. Having too much of a calorie deficit at the end of the day
15. Craving junk
16. Drinking booze
17. Drinking anything that isn’t water or tea
18. Consuming empty calories
19. Being hungry
20. Crying over not knowing what to eat

Study Tips

In the spirit of all the midterms I’m writing, here are some tips that I should probably follow:

1. If studying makes you want to die, don’t fucking study.

Seriously though. Taking an hour, taking an afternoon, even taking a day is not going to jeopardize your grade. At the end of it all, your well-being is so much more important than 5% extra on your midterm. You will not learn anything if you are reading through literal or metaphorical tears.

2. Stay hydrated and nourished.

I know when we become study robots we put our humanity behind us, but don’t. If you are like me and drink a pot of coffee a day + energy drinks during exams, you need to keep hella hydrated or else you are going to crash instantly by the sure fact that your body has to focus on cleaning your digestive kamikaze up (there is nothing but empirical data here). Eat more than carbs, drink lots of water (at least a cup of water per cup of coffee if you can)

3. Take a “biobreak” every half an hour, take an hour break every three.

Studying is like trying to fill an ocean with a cup and jug. Every half an hour, take five minutes to pour your cup into a jug (short to midterm memory) by having a snack, going to the washroom, doing human things. Every three hours empty the jug into the ocean (mid - longterm memory) and do something else. This does not mean start you philosophy essay, or do readings. Watch Futurama, write some poetry, grab lunch with a friend. Do something that has nothing to do with academia, start a cool tumblr.

4. Fuck off with the whole studying every last second before the test or pulling all nighters.

The anxiety of that is crippling. If you really don’t get something in those three hours before the test, I have the saying that I won’t get it in finite time (I’m approaching an asymptote: A few hours is not going to help me any, it’ll make me an anxious mess more likely to do worse). Make yourself a nice meal, listen to your favourite album, and reassure yourself that “this test was easy, I have done great” (already). The corollary to this is also get a full night’s sleep. Either you are going to do it 12-8am, or 8am-2,3pm. You are going to get the hours, and it is a more productive regime to practice getting up early. Sleep is necessary to long term memory. Pulling an all nighter is one sure way to forget everything you stayed up all night to learn.

5. Remember hygiene

If you’re roommate calls the cops thinking someone has died in your room, lather up. I feel so shitty if I haven’t brushed my teeth, or had a shower. You’ll be amazed if you study, and then have a shower, put on comfy clothes, and self manage. It gets the blood flowing, and has a positive effect on your thought process if you feel good. Make your hair super soft, burn a nice candle, I don’t know, just do whatever the fuck makes you feel clean on the outside, and it will make you so much more “clean” on the inside. 

6. You always have time.

You have studied all day, and you have so much more to cover, but your mom wants a call, your brother needs advice, your friends are lost and want to grab a pint. You. Fucking. Have. Time. This is similar to one but the twist is, one day these people will be gone, or realize you are gone, and you may have your 4.0 instead of a 3.7, but you have nothing else. The world will not stop, your dreams will not be shattered because you decided for half a fucking hour to be human. I once read that there is no lack of scientists, just a lack of good scientists. The reason why you do not have a 100% in everything is what sets you apart. Do we really want a group of scientists who have no social skills, no friends, no family? Hell no. You came here to help people, so don’t lose them before you get a chance to do that. The places you want to go, will want you, not the version of you that is like everyone else. 

7. Finally, if you fail, who gives a shit?

I had a 97.2% average coming out of high school, and I think we all know what this is like, and in first semester I failed a calculus test and I was so disappointed in myself, and scared what my father would say, and then I realized who cares? This is not the end. I studied my ass off, I set my goals and I got good. I hate to be a cliché, but a mistake is only a mistake if you learn nothing from it. So, you failed. Why does that hurt? What can you do to turn your failure into a success story? People want to see what you can do to improve, not that you are static. People see a 78 in first year and an 90 by fourth and they want to know what changed. Short answer? you. You became confident, you became impassioned, you became the person you wanted to be. 

Be there for yourself.

And that’s my rant.

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Hi Mr&MrsVegan, I was wondering if you guys would know anything about this topic, but my girlfriend is trans (male to female) and is very interested in becoming vegan (through my influence), however we both have some concerns about how this kind of diet change will affect her hormones at the present moment, as well as in the future when she starts HRT. Any advice/studies you guys might know of would be immensely appreciated! thankyou!! x

Hormone Replacement Therapy has risks involved & there are several trans health websites & research projects that have been conducted.

There is great information on how diet can balance hormones.

Eating protein with each meal is important for balancing your hormones, including insulin, estrogen and eicosanoids  (soybeans/beans/legumes, etc)

Eating less refined carbs, more fiber & more protein is the summation of that article for hormone balancing.  I hope you two can share how the vegan diet impacts her HRT and help others undergoing it.  I’m sure there will be some trial and error to find the right mix, but consider the long term health benefits of a well planned vegan diet & how it will impact the time you both have together on this planet.  

There are some dietary resources out there for her & this seems to suggest a vegan diet as being beneficial, too.  Definitely could be convincing for her.  She should 100% be talking to her Dr about any dietary changes and the hopes she has with them and monitoring her progress.  

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Hi, I lost 10 pounds really fast but due to depression/anxiety I gained it all back and a few more pounds more, not matter what I do I just give up and eat what I want. I look gross. I'm 5,2 and 125ibs :( im not sure what to do. I'm either not hungry or starving

Honestly you’re at a perfectly good weight right know but if you want to lose more eating less carbs and fats and getting the majority of your calories through vegetables and healthy shit as well as moving around in a day will help

meanvegangirl  asked:

3 years ago I went vegan. A few months later I stumbled upon you and FL's videos and started eating more carbs, felt great. Went back to restricting calories from the lack of social approval from eating so much. Felt awful, are more fat, skin turned yellow. Now a year after, cycling and taking your advice I can say that it's the only thing out there that works. You have truly humbled me.


UFF! This week has been a hard one for workouts. Today was no different. I treated myself to some awesomely yummy paleo pancakes for dinner. I’m obviously embracing the eat more carbs and as such this week since Monday evening i haven’t had any anxiety issues. I’m going to keep it up and see if it works.

We did deadlifts today and I’m happy to say that I am steadily increasing my weights and feeling good.

For Time:

3 Rounds:

21 Wall Balls @ 10#
15 Burpees
9 Deadlifts @ 115#

Finished in 9:48

We were all looking at this on the board and talking about it all then all did a double take and went…wait.a.second. that is three rounds of 21-15-9 - ugh! The burpees, as always, were the worst. I think i should of done it with a 12# wallball. Next time a 12# will be used, no more 10# crap. 

11 questions

Thanks so much for the tag, @hurricanedancer!

Ideal animal companion? An equal parts loyal and adorable dog.

Favorite childhood book? Probably J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, which still makes me cry to this day.

Favorite time of day? If I’m awake for it? First thing in the morning. I love the feeling of possibility, like there’s an entire day ahead and any number of things could happen.

If you had to pick one food group to never eat again, what would it be? (assume health isn’t an issue) Ooh, umm…meat, I guess? If health weren’t an issue and I could eat a bunch more carbs than I can currently tolerate, I’d be eating carbs (grains, vegetables, fruits, you name it) all the damn time. So that leaves, like, meat and dairy, and you know I’m picking cheese over meat.

Favorite subject in school? History, always. Particularly world history! That was my major in college.

What fic tropes will you not read? There are a few that straight up squick me (mpreg, dubcon, etc.), and then there are the ones I’m just not a huge fan of. That list includes: prostitution AU, anything involving cheating, amnesia fic (just not my fave, for some reason!), and genderswap.

Favorite literary genre? Not really a “genre” per se, but my ideal book features an optimistic story about women/girls. 

MBTI, Hogwarts House, or Astrology as a way to classify people? (or other) Ooh! I think MBTI is generally a pretty useful way of understanding someone. Like, I’m such an intense introvert that it’s super helpful to hear when someone names the “E” at the beginning of their MBTI because I can adjust the way I react to them accordingly. I really like Hogwarts houses as a way of classifying characters, etc., and I actually find it really fascinating to hear what my real-life friends identify as their houses…mostly because I think the hogwarts house you identify with it says a lot about you. Saying “I’m such a Gryffindor” says a lot not really about who you actually are, but about how you see yourself.

What Disney/animated princess would you most like to get coffee with? Megara from Hercules. She would have STORIES.

If magic was real, what system of magic would you want it to be? (ie, Harry Potter magic, Name of the Wind sympathy, etc) Probably Harry Potter magic, because that’s a system I feel fairly comfortable with. There seem to be rules, and I get how those rules work.


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Keto Tips

I’m updating my links on my page, so I wrote this out from a ton of things I’ve read and learned. 

Keep Calm and Keto On
  • Drink Water. - This is really overlooked by most Keto beginners. You can prevent a lot of the “Keto Flu” by getting enough water. If you have a hard time drinking water add a squeeze of Lemon in it! 
  • Protip for Water - Don’t count Tea or Coffee in your water intake. These are diuretics and actually dehydrate you. 

  • Clean out the house. It’s hard to stay on track if you have anything in your cupboards that can stray you away from your goal. If you still live at home ask your parents/roomies if you can have one cupboard to yourself to help you stay on track. This is the best way to exercise temptation although it seems a little extreme. Try and give the stuff away to friends if you aren’t too hot on just throwing it away. 

  • Make alternative “Treats" Many people, including myself, use food as a reward. i also used it as a way to feel better, maybe you do too. I ate when I wanted to celebrate, and I ate when I was feeling sad. I love celebrations and big family meals but for the little things think of other ways to "Treat yo self” like lovely baths (look at Lush products, they are Fab!) Go to movies with friends, Go outside and enjoy the awesome weather with your pet! Another way is to find your favorite treats and Keto-fy them. I’ve found a myriad of cakes, Ice creams, and chocolates that are perfectly Keto to keep you on track. 

  • Make S.M.A.R.T Goals. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. Specific means the: Who, What, Where, When Why. Measurable means having a way to see how you are progressing. Attainable is one of my favorites. Some girls want to lose 20 lbs in 3 months, which is do-able but not without extremes. You didn’t get into this state of health overnight, you’re not going to get out of it overnight. Try and set attainable goals for your body and get motivated to exceed them, but it keeps you from getting discouraged if you don’t make it. Realistic is both how willing and how much you are able to work. If you are really determined to make your gal, it’s more fun than anything, it’s a labor of love. Think of a great accomplishment you’ve achieved in the past, was it hard? Probably, was it worth it? Of course! so make yourself worth it. T is timely, if you don’t set a due date you will just procrastinate your goals until you just give them up. Try and give yourself a time frame to get to your goal and make it realistic and attainable!  So….“I want to lose weight” isn’t a SMART goal, it’s just a general goal. Try “I will to lose 5 Inches around my waist by December 20th”

  • Create Healthy Habits. Take supplements, make a daily water goal, blog about your day, just make it a daily ritual. It will help you stay on track (the first 21 days are the hardest but it becomes so much easier after that!) download some apps that help you or look up don’t break the chain. It’s a great motivator to get started on some healthy goals. 

  • Smell Good! One of the bad keto side effects is Bad breath and smelling slightly acetone. I would recommend a tongue scraper and some good body spray. You can make super natural alternatives if you are aware of synthetic smells by putting a few drops of essential oils in a spray bottle of water and a little coconut oil for moisture. This is a small little hack that will boost confidence. 

  • Don’t dictate your progress with the scale. You can have a scale and weigh yourself but I HIGHLY encourage you to A) take pictures the day you start and often afterwards B) measurements. If you have the ability to download do it! It’s a fantastic app that lets you measure your bodyfat, measurements, as well as weight. WEIGHT ISN’T THE END ALL BE ALL. 

  • Keep up with your electrolytes.You don’t realize how much you need these until the “Keto Flu” hits you. Make sure you either make homemade bone broth or add more sodium to your meals. Also Nu-salt is potassium which is fantastic as well. Also try and supplement with magnesium as well. 

  •  Drink Water. Cant stress this enough. Try and get close to 4 liters a day!

  • Monitor Your food and Plan Ahead In the beginning especially you’ll be eating more than you think. Carbs add up a lot faster than you think and fat is usually the hardest thing to get up until you get used to creating your meals. I use My Fitness Pal and it’s helped me a ton (Username is KatZup if you want a friend on there), especially since you can customize your macros to fit within your Keto goals. Also, MPF will let you create custom recipes and will portion out the macros (hello Keto Pies and soups!)

  • Don’t Stress yourself out. Cortisol is a huge hinderance, especially in women, that stalls weight loss and will keep you from seeing improvement with your measurements or weight. Try and relax and make hitting your macros super easy the first few weeks. Try sticking to a few favorite meals and once you get the hang of everything start branching out. Sleep is also super important with this step. Try and go to bed before 10:30 and get around 7-8 hours of sleep. It will do wonders. 

  • Read Labels. Avoid sugar, sugar alcohols (anything ending in -tol (maltitol, xylitol, etc)) I personally avoid wheat products even if they are low carb. And try to stick to whole foods as much as possible. Experiment to make your own snacks and keep that fat high!

  • Keep most of your carbs dark greens. These are the lowest carb veggies and also usually the most nutrient dense. A lot of people often forget their greens and they help SOO much with the inevitable keto constipation. You will see carbs on other products like cream cheese or some cheeses but try and reserve most of them for your veg! 

  • Get Active! Go for walks, start running, and try weightlifting! It won’t make you bulky!! Any kind of activity will help, but don’t overdo it (it raises cortisol!) a fun 20 minute walk around a local park is just fine and will work wonders.  

  • WATER - haha your tired of reading this aren’t you? Well it’s still true. Take a water bottle (glass preferably!) with you everywhere and make it a goal to get through those liters! There’s an app called waterlogged that is great while you develop this habit!

  • Mostly make it FUN. Don’t get too caught up, you’re learning, we all are. Even those who have been keto for a year + are still learning. Join Keto communities and make friends. Tumblr is such an awesome site, so is reddit (r/keto, r/xxketo for the ladies) and had a great forum too. Just take your time getting into the hang of it and get excited that you’re making a HUGE leap for your health. 

Week 4, Day 1

Smelling even worse than I look after those circuits. Husband and I took a leisurely walk this morning through the neighborhood. I’m excited to be in week 4. I feel stronger each time I revisit an exercise. Week 3 was a terrible week for eating habits, but week 4 needs to be better. I have problems digesting fat so I usually eat a lot more carbs, whereas I could eat protein rich foods instead. So I gotta work on that.

anonymous asked:

im 17 and around 5'5" but i only weigh about 88 (or less). my doctors are all baffled bc i SEEM healthy, all my tests come back good. im just so frustrated bc i can never gain any weight or move past 90.

i mean, if you’re healthy, there isn’t much to worry about at the moment. i suggest just eating more proteins/carbs, and doing simple muscle building if possible. 

if you can, ask your doctor if they have any suggestions you could try for putting on weight


smallbabybutch  asked:

Hi, could you give me some advice on where to start with building muscle please? I want to get big (think Tara Taylor). I don't have access to a gym at the moment, but do plan on joining one as soon as I can and will shoot you another message for advice so that I don't make a fool of myself at the gym. Anyway, what to do you advise in terms of calisthenics? Personal advice based on experience, what to/not to eat, links, a schedule maybe? I have a pull up bar at home if that helps any.

Hello hello! Think Tara Taylor? Don’t have to tell me twice! What a beast!! I still remember very clearly the first time I saw a photo of her and how inspired I was. 

First things first- Tara’s been at it for 7+ years. It takes that long to get that big. She is an example of amazing genetics and real hard work and dedication. However, she started small too and look how big she’s gotten! 

I think that calisthenics have their place and they’re a great place to start and to maintain good health, functionality, and flexibility, but generally they will not get you big. There are some good rules of thumb to keep in mind though that will help you translate your bodyweight strength over into the gym once you get your membership:

  • Keep things tough
    • Being able to do 100 pushups in a row isn’t going to get you big, although it is impressive as hell. However, being able to do 10 sets of 10 one arm pushups or plyo pushups will get you jacked! Whenever you can max out over 10 reps per set of a movement, challenge yourself with a more difficult movement. Pullups too easy? Throw a backpack with some books or anything else heavy in it or start learning one arm pullups, etc. Generally try to work in the 6-8 rep range and leave one rep in the tank. When you can blow through 8 reps of a given movement with energy to spare, it’s time to step it up.
  • Focus on mind/muscle connection
    • Knowing which muscles you’re targeting with each movement and what they feel like individually will go a long way towards building muscle. The more direct stress you can put on a muscle, the more you’ll tear it down and force it to rebuild, bigger and stronger.
  • Be explosive
    • Plyometrics and a focus on explosive movements in general will be a big asset for getting big while using calisthenics. Think: squat jumps, clap pushups, burpees. They’ll hurt, they’ll burn, and they’ll activate more type II muscle fibers. Type II or fast twitch muscle fibers are the same ones you’ll use lifting heavy once you get to the gym, and the same ones that’ll translate into strength and bulk rather than endurance. 
  • Keep your eyes out for the new calisthenics program that I’m working on for the new website!!

Bulking is a tricky endevour, and I’d recommend tracking what you’re eating currently for a week or two to get a good idea of your baseline intake. Once you’ve got that down, increase your calories with a preference towards protein over carbs or fat. We can talk more about specific ways of eating and I’m planning a post relatively soon on the basics of IIFYM (if it fits your macros) dieting but the basic approach is this: Eat what you want, when you want, don’t deny yourself food, but try to keep in all in perspective towards the larger goal of gettin huge and lean towards foods higher in protein whenever you can. A good macro percentage to start might look something like 40/30/30, which means 40% of calories from carbs, 30% of calories from fats, and 30% of calories from protein (this specific breakdown is the Zone diet, in a nutshell). A lot of people have luck eating more carbs earlier in the day and moving towards higher protein in the end of the day, but I personally don’t break it down that far.

If you can train six days a week, do it. With calisthenics, there is generally no need to take extended breaks or days off. A beginner will almost always be best suited to either a full body routine or an upper/lower split, and with calisthenics I think full body is almost always the way to go. You might challenge yourself to something like this:
Walking Lunges x 8/leg
Close-grip pushups/Diamond pushups x 8
Bicycle crunches x 8/side
Bodyweight Squats x 8
Standard pushups x 8
Crunches x 10
50m Sprints x 4, 10 sec rest
((Repeat cycle 4x, 2 min rest in between each cycle))

This circuit emphasizes legs, chest, and abs, although it recruits the entire body throughout. The next day, you could work a similar circuit that emphasizes your back and biceps and include a lot of pull-ups instead of pushups.

WOW that was a wall of text for your question, but I hope I answered a few things for you! A lot of this Gym 101 stuff will be addressed on the new training site worthy-of-armor and I are setting up that should be released near the beginning of July. If you’d like to get into more specifics feel free to write again! 

And good luck!!!