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Picture by Yellowstone Wolf Project

495M of the Mollie’s pack stands over his bison prey. When he ws collared he weighed 143 pounds, making him one of the largest wolves to be radio collared in YNP. 

Here is a picture of 495M and volunteer Erin Albers to show just how big he was!

  • *the lab*
  • Molly: *working*
  • Molly: *thoughtfully* If you ever get married, would you invite me to the wedding?
  • Sherlock: *looking through the microscope* Can't have a wedding without the bride.
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly: *blinks* I-I was talking to Anthony.
  • Sherlock: *looks up*
  • Molly's Intern: *waves awkwardly*
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: So was I.
  • Molly's Intern: *panicky* What?
  • Sherlock: *looks back at the microscope; embarrassed* Get out.
  • Molly's Intern: *scurries off*
  • Molly: *amused* That wasn't nice. I needed him.
  • Sherlock: *blushing* quiet.
  • Molly: *steps closer; smirks* That's no way to speak to your bride.
  • Sherlock: *smiles; nonchalant* that's a yes?
  • Molly: *laughs* Of course.

Na, fuck it! Here’s a line-up! From left to right: Hermione, Harry, Ron, Ginny, George, Percy, Charlie, Bill and Fleur. All the family is going to play quidditch in the garden.

You probably wonder why they are all in red, well, that’s because they’re FROM FUCKING GRYFFINDOR YEAH! 

Headcanon that George loves to wear Fred’s clothes so he can still be close to him and that sometimes, when he goes to the kitchen to eat his breakfast, Molly calls him Fred accidentally and when she realize it, she cries and George feels so sorry that he hugs her very sweetly because he knows she is the only one to have love him the most except him.
Oh, and I drew Hermione tan because I love the idea of a black Hermione and that considering she has french origins and that in France we have a strong black community, she may be tan because of one of her parents or grandparents.

I really enjoyed working on this one. Especially because of the lines and the shoes (good practice, good practice). Tell me if you ever want to see one of them from a closer look.

"Mom’s going to kill us.”

George Weasley ~ Harry Potter

You are pregnant, fam.

Requested by: No

Written by: Head Honcho

Reader: Female

Warning: Teen pregnancy

A/N: Order of Phoneix time frame when the twins are in their last year, also idk if there is a difference on how wizards find out they’re pregnant ant muggles/humans do… so I just went with the good ol’ test.


Order of Phoneix Headquarters
Beginning of Christmas Holiday

You bury your face in your hands as you sit on the edge of the bathtub. The literal fate of the rest of your life is resting on the three sticks sitting on top of the basin of the sink.

You take a glance at your watch and let out a deep breath. There is still two minutes left and you’re dying inside. All the thoughts on how this will affect your future along with George’s… don’t forget the timing of it too.

Your thoughts get cut off by the bathroom door flinging open.

“Ron!” You shout.

“Oh… sorry.” Ron awkwardly apologizes, eyes snapping from the basin to you then he slams the door close. You can feel your heart pounding against your chest.

Living Room Area

You plop back down on your spot on the couch next to your lovely red-headed boyfriend. He wraps his arm around you, pecking your forehead causing a smile to appear on your face.

Once you hear him go back to the conversation, you take a glance over at Ron. He raises his eyebrows, silently asking, you nod. His eyes light up and he looks over at his older brother, a different kind of feeling when he sees him talking.

He turns back to you, mouthing a ‘congratulations’ in which you smile at him. Your focus gets snapped back to George when he squeezes your thigh, signaling you to join the conversation.

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There was a fella once running for a train, and he’s carrying a pair of gloves, this man. He drops a glove on the platform, but he doesn’t notice. And then later on, inside the train, he’s sitting by the window and he realizes that he’s just got this one glove left. But the train’s already started pulling out of the station, right? So what does he do? He opens the window and he drops the other glove onto the platform. That way, whoever finds the first glove can just have the pair.

YALL I haven’t had dippin dots since my YOUTH, it’s been so long, but I started craving them today on the beach so I walked all the way down to the dots place looking cute as hell, and then the guy working there was like ‘do you want them as a sundae’ and I’m like??? Dippin Dots as a WHOM????? So I said yes and guys. Guys. I have tasted Heaven here holy shit. This was the best thing I’ve consumed in quite some time. It was like: dots. chocolate syrup. dots. chocolate syrup. dots. and the MOST GODDAMN WHIPPED CREAM IVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE IT WAS FALLING EVERYWHERE. why did I discover this my last day here. This is the quality experience. I’m not yet recovered.

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«Alright, i love you» prompt for Sherlolly 😊 thanks!

some post-tfp for you. sorry it took so long :)

Alright. I love you. SH

Molly rolled her eyes, replacing her phone on the table beside her and turning her attention to her date. Anthony Carpenter, the most boring man on the planet. Officially. Having finished his explanation on the more interesting aspect of his position as a financial manager in an office, he’d moved onto detailing his hobby of visiting train stations across the country.

“…of course, that’s just the beginning. Sometimes there’s exhibitions. I can’t tell you how many lectures I’ve been to,” Anthony quipped, looking incredibly pleased with himself. Molly nodded in acknowledge, wondering if it was possible to die of boredom. Her phone flashed again.

In fact, I more than love you. SH

“…always these old museums and villages to look around…”

I’m besotted with you. SH


“Yes,” the pathologist finally looked up at Anthony, shaking her head quickly, “sorry, Anthony. What were you saying?”

Her date smiled, refilling their wine glasses, “my boss was giving away these tickets to a workshop where they demonstrate the workings of a steam engine. I was wondering if you’d like to come with me?”

I can’t stop thinking about you. SH

“Um, yeah, sounds great,” Molly answered distractedly, trying with all her might not to look at her phone again. Whatever she’d agreed to seemed to delight Anthony; he waved the waiter over and ordered the largest dessert to share.

I need you. SH

Molly couldn’t take it anymore. “Will you excuse me a moment?”

Without waiting for an answer, she snatched her phone and bag before dashing off to the bathroom. Once safely inside, she locked the door and dialled the number of the annoying consulting detective.

“I’m on a date,” she said sharply before he could even acknowledge her. There was a long pause until he gave a deep sigh.

“This isn’t easy for me.”

“I’m not asking anything of you,” Molly reminded him softly, turning her back on the huge mirror that hung on the bathroom wall. She swallowed, looking down at her shoes, “look, if you can’t say it to my face-“

“You’ve not given me much of a chance,” Sherlock was sounding increasingly desperate the longer she stayed on the phone and she couldn’t help but smile, “you’ve been avoiding me ever since that phone call.”

“I know,” she nodded, despite him not being able to see her. Swallowing thickly, she almost dreaded asking, “did…you mean all of that? Those texts?”

“Train guy not working out for you?”

“Answer the question,” Molly said through gritted teeth, unable to find it within herself to hate his adorable little chuckle.

“Come to Baker Street and find out.”

Molly laughed, “goodnight, Sherlock.”

By the time she returned, Anthony has polished off more than half of the frankly enormous dessert; he pushed the plate towards Molly but declined with a polite smile and shake of her head. Anthony just shrugged and continued eating as Molly once again glanced at her phone.

Train guy hates cats. SH

“Can I ask you a question?” Molly asked abruptly, interrupting yet another explanation. Anthony nodded, spooning yet another mouthful of dessert, “what do you think of cats?”

Anthony shrugged, his mouth still full as he answered, “waste of time and money. Why?”

“No reason,” Molly replied as she discreetly typed a message on her phone: Lucky guess. Mx

I have a question. SH

Molly held her breath.

What are you still doing there? SH

She looked across the table as Anthony finished off the pudding, pushing the plate away and licking his fingers obnoxiously; their waitress placed their bill on the table which Anthony paid without question. Molly was quick to notice he hadn’t left a tip.

Not sure. Mx

I’ve missed you. SH

Molly could feel herself smiling widely as she tapped out her reply.

I’ve missed you, too. Mx

“So,” Anthony was smirking and rubbing his hands together, failing to notice Molly’s interest in her phone, “your place or mine?”

“Oh,” Molly bit her lip, placing several notes on the table as a tip; she shrugged her jacket onto her shoulders as they stepped out into the street, “well, I’m staying at a friend’s house tonight-“

“Mine it is, then,” Anthony answered delightedly, already raising his hand to signal for a cab. Molly shook her head, patting his arm gently.

“Look, Anthony, thank you for a lovely evening but I don’t think I can stand another second in your company,” she spoke more harshly than she intended to but it was the truth. What kind of person didn’t tip at a restaurant? She looked up at her stunned companion, “I hope you find what you’re looking for, I really do. But it’s not me. Goodnight.”

She was halfway down the street when her phone buzzed with a new message.

That’s my girl. SH

Molly rolled her eyes, unable to keep the smile from her face.

How do you do that? Mx

I have my methods. SH

That meant either Mycroft of Wiggins. Or both, knowing Sherlock. He’d probably had her followed. Under different circumstances, she might have been annoyed. Instead, she was quite relieved. All she wanted was to go home, to Baker Street. To her Sherlock, the man who quite unbelievably loved her. She quickened her pace, typing as she skipped down the street.

On my way. Mx

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If I'm in time, Mollcroft, fake relationship. Also hi, new-ish follower here!

Mycroft did not like social functions, especially uselessly boring ones. Not that weddings were useless. Just ones where he did not know anyone, and certainly did not care to. Still, Anthea had texted him and said that Molly Hooper was in dire straits. Sherlock was still out of the country pretending to be dead, Inspector Lestrade was involved with Lieutenant Donovan, and Doctor Watson had just begun a relationship, one that Mycroft did not relish being ruined by a misunderstanding. Watson was in a delicate enough state of mind that even Mycroft balked at suggesting the good doctor. As for workmates, Stamford was married, and the intern was a driveling idiot, far below Molly’s IQ level.

“Why must she go to this insipid affair at all if she feel so compelled to bring someone?” Mycroft groused.

“It is a matter of pride, sir,” Anthea said. “Try and put yourself in her shoes. Her father was the only one of her immediate family that loved her. Her sister is…for lack of better words, an idiot, and her mother is…difficult. Very difficult.”

“Hm. Yes, and with Miss Hooper’s rather lackluster history with men, her mother’s domineering qualities, demand for grand-children coupled with her distaste for her younger daughter’s career, singlehood and ‘weight-gain’-“ he used the term in quotations with a roll of the eyes. “I suspect Mrs. Hooper would be less than pleased for her daughter to come sans escort to her second wedding.”

“Or even at all,” Anthea added. “Even if, in our opinions, it would be forgivable.” Anthea gave him a sharp look. “Are you backing out?”

“Certainly not!” he bristled at her evening thinking he could be that callous to Molly.  “She’s done more than enough to earn a favor,” he paused, and Anthea caught a hint of sentiment behind his words.

“She’s done enough to earn a lifetime of favors, sir,” Anthea added gently. Mycroft nodded somberly.

“There is not enough money in the world to thank her for her services, I doubt she would accept it anyway.”

“She could do with a friend, sir.”

He grimaced, unused to the word. “I am not the ‘friend’ type.”

“How do you know?” Anthea asked. “Your brother is very keen on her.”

“Yes, so it should be him doing this, not me,” Mycroft scowled.

“But he’s not here, and she needs someone,” Anthea added. “It should be you. It shows you’re grateful for what she’s done, and your support for her and Sherlock.”

“I know,” he sulked. “But I don’t have to like it.”

“You never know,” Anthea smiled. “You might have a good time.”

“I hardly think so.”

Orangery in Kew Gardens, West London

Mycroft was pleased to note, glancing down at the woman on his arm, that Molly looked about as bored as he felt. He’d been to his fair share of dull parties, but this was, undoubtable, the worst.

“Is it crass of me to say your family has a very boring idea of a party?” he murmured in her ear.

She shifted, smiling up at him, genuinely amused. “Mother does love a proper soirée.”

“Nothing about this is proper. The ice sculpture is hideous, I don’t know what the pâté is made of but it’s revolting and resembles tinned corned beef rather than liver, the champagne tastes like soda water, the flowers are wilting due to not being properly cut, and the caviar is…” he tilted his plate over the garbage bin. “Caca.”

Molly snorted into her champagne flute, trying her hardest not to laugh and failing miserably. “Mother also likes to cut corners.”

“Which in itself is not a bad thing,” Mycroft agreed. “But in the case of food, where one risks food poisoning everywhere one looks, I’d prefer starvation.”

“Agreed,” Molly nodded. The hors d’oeuvres were, from a distance, attractive looking, but upon closer inspection, there was a faint smell of tinned meat, less-than-fresh lox and caviar that was certainly not the beluga variety her mother had been bragging to everyone about.

“Molly!” her mother waved her over.

“Oh dear, tin hat on,” Molly muttered, and waved back. Mycroft gave her hand a comforting squeeze, knowing too-well the dread that was in the pit of her stomach. He plastered a pleasant smile on his face, allowing Molly to go ahead of him through the crowd, keeping a hand on her lower back, gently guiding her from the more obtuse relatives.

“There you are dear!”

“Hello, congratulations mother, the hall looks beautiful.”

“It should for what it cost,” her mother said. “So! You final caught someone who can put up with your job?”

“Erm, yes,” Molly flushed. “Mycroft, this is my mother, Diana Collins. Mother, this is Mycroft Holmes, he works for the government.”

“Oh!” Diana brightened immediately. “How good to meet you! What do you think of this Brexit business? Obviously we need to be separate!”

Mycroft blinked, and Molly saw the unmistakable poker face of the Holmes men take over. “I never discuss business at parties, Mrs. Collins.” He smiled at her amused laughter, glancing at Molly, who could only shrug.

“Well that may be so,” Diana allowed. “But you must talk to Molly about finding a different job.”

“Mother,” Molly began.

“No I mean it. Cutting up bodies as if she enjoyed that sort of thing. It’s a wonder she’s found someone like you!”

“I happen to believe that whatever makes Molly happy, so long as it is within the confines of the law, has little to do with my opinion of it,” Mycroft replied coolly. “As it happens, she is very good at her work, and it was, in fact, how we met.”

“I still don’t see any use in your work,” Diana shook her head. “It’s depressing, it’s disgusting, how anyone can have a life-“

“Your daughter is quite brilliant,” Mycroft interrupted, now genuinely annoyed at this woman. Who on earth berated their daughter at a wedding, let alone in front of their significant other (the fact that they were only pretending was moot at the moment). “She’s been published all over the country, and indeed in several other countries for her findings in the medical field. She often speaks at Cambridge and Oxford. We’ve a better understanding of the human body thanks to your daughter. I, for one, am quite proud of her. Due excuse us.” With that, Mycroft tucked Molly’s hand into the crook of his elbow and led her away.

“I’m sorry I dragged you to this,” Molly said, once out of hearing of her mother. “You didn’t have to make such a speech.

“I am sorry if I embarrassed you,” Mycroft replied. “But I am not sorry I said those things.”

“She has a way of getting under people’s skin,” Molly shrugged. She glanced around at the party. “Would you like to go? It’s still early enough we can get something proper to eat.”

“Lawks, yes, please,” Mycroft sighed. “I am famished.” He paused. “And in need of a stiff drink.”

“Agreed,” Molly laughed and leaned her head against his shoulder briefly, a kindred moment between them.

They ended up directing the driver to a posh kebab shop in Soho.

“Sherlock took me here,” Molly said. “There’s Michelin chefs and a short wine list too.”

“As long as the meat is not green, I’ll eat anything,” Mycroft replied. He looked at the kebab shop uneasily, but Molly seemed confidant, and he knew her enough to know she didn’t muck about in bad restaurants. It turned out, she was right, and they took their orders to go, at his request.

“I dislike sitting in small restaurants,” he confessed.

“How about the bench over there?” Molly pointed to a small patch of greenery and a clean-looking place to sit.

“Very well,” he motioned to the chauffer, and the man nodded, pulling his mobile from his pocket. “Security,” he said, noting Molly’s questioning look. In a moment two security guards appeared and took up posts nearby.

“Is it always like this for you?” Molly asked, unwrapping her food.

“Eating on a bench? No.” Mycroft smirked. “But it is…well it isn’t a welcome change, but it is different.”

“Thanks for humoring me,” Molly laughed.

“Only for you, my dear,” he acknowledged.

“I don’t know what I did to deserve it, but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.”

“My dear woman, you’ve done quite a bit over the past year for a life-time of favors from me.”

Molly looked at her food, then at him. “I don’t want you to do nice things because you feel indebted to me, Mycroft. I’d like you to do them, if you feel so inclined, because you want to. Because…because you’re my friend.”

He shifted in his seat, looked at the take-away container and then at her. “Then…then I shall endeavor to be so to you, Miss Hooper.”

“Good,” she nodded. Taking a bite of food, she smiled at him, her mouth full. “You’re a good man, Mycroft Holmes, I don’t care what your brother says.”

“Hmm, yes,” he murmured, swallowing a mouthful. “So…Anthea tells me you two have finally seen common sense and are a couple?”

Molly shook her head. “Not officially, not until he gets back,” she shrugged. “I don’t hear from him, if that makes you feel any better. We decided communication would be a bad thing, didn’t want to risk anything.”

“I shall have him contact you when it’s safe for him to do so,” Mycroft promised. She looked up then, eyes shining at him.

“Thank you.”

“My pleasure.”

Present - George Weasley x Reader

No request, I just got this idea.

It is Christmas and, just like a year ago, Georges girlfriend, Y/N Lupin, was staying at the burrow. All the Weasleys, Harry, Hermione Remus, were sitting in the living room, eating the cookies that Molly made for them. Both George and Y/N sat outside, with lots of candy and a blanket on the grass.

‘I know it’s like a little early, since it’s Christmas evening, but I got a present for you and I want to give it now,’ said George. ‘Give it me later, look at the stars for a second, they’re beautiful, just like your brother, Ron,’ joked Y/N. Georges grinned, took her hand and looked at the stars. ‘I should’ve bought you glasses, so you could see that I am the only handsome guy in the whole wide world!’

Y/N ignored George’s comment, although she thought it was kind of funny, but she knew George good enough to know that he would keep talking about his present if she didn’t ignore him now. ‘It is the best present I could give you thought…’ George was quiet, because he thinks he sounds cuter.
Y/N laid down on the blanket, and taking a chocoball. ‘I believe you, Georgie, but I’m pretty sure it can wait,’ Y/N took the back of Georges sweater, he was still sitting and Y/N wanted him next to her. ‘I’m not going to lay down, I want to give you the present!’ he said stubbornly. ‘Please?’ asked Y/N looking at George with puppy eyes.

A cold breeze passed their faces and George’s smile grew bigger at the sight of his girlfriend. ‘You know me too well,’ George was thinking of the first time she looked at him like that, it was on the train, both were in second year and Y/N didn’t have a place to sit, so she asked George and Fred if she could sit with them. That was the first time they talked to each other. And here they are 4 years later, and the facial expression still made him fall in love, over and over.

George laid down next to her, holding her in his arms. ‘I know for sure that the present doesn’t want to wait,’ George voice was getting deeper and Y/N wanted to know what the present was. ‘If it isn’t a living, or dying thing, it can wait,’ she mumbled into his chest. ‘Every human is dying a little every day, isn’t it? So, it can’t wait,’ George said.

‘Are you kidding? You are giving yourself as a Christmas present?’ she asked, trying to hold her laughter. ‘Not just me, you have me every day, I am giving you some body parts you do not have every day,’ he winked, soon realising she had closed her eye so winking is worthless. ‘Oh, I can have those every day if I want to,’ Y/N didn’t open her eyes, enjoying the sound of George’s heartbeat.

George smirked, knowing it is true. ‘But I don’t want that,’ she finished. ‘That is actually kind of rude…’ answered George.  ‘But what do you do when you get a present you do not like? You still use it, because otherwise you would hurt someone that loves you enough to give you a present, and that’s mean, so…’ Y/N wanted to resist, but she knows she couldn’t, because it is George Weasley.

She opened her eyes and kissed George, mumbling ‘happy now?’. George smiled while their lipped touched. ‘Happy is a small word,’ he answered before kissing her again.

His tongue asked entrance, which she gave him.
While their tongues were fighting their battles George and Y/N were fighting the battle with gravity while standing up. Walking towards the door was too hard for George, so he let his girlfriend jump in his arms.

With one hand holding her and the other trying to take his wand out of his pocket to clean up the blanket and all the candy they slowly moved closer to the backdoor.

And right when they were inside George realised he should’ve thought about this whole thing, because when they stumbled inside the living room ten faces turned around to look at the couple making out. It took both of them some seconds to realise that they were being a live show for 3 confused, and a little bit mad parents, and 7 laughing redheads.

George put Y/N down as soon as he realises this, and pulled her closer to him, putting his sweater over Y/N’s head since he knows she would find this even more embarrassing as he did. ‘That’s my daughter!’ said Remus a little in shock. ‘George!’ screamed Molly.

A soft giggling of George’s girlfriend made him smile wide. He quietly passed the whole group of people and winked at Fred before walking up the stairs, which was hard since he was sharing his sweater with Y/N. ‘Good job, George!’ yelled Fred laughing hysterically. ‘Y/N!’ screamed Remus at his daughter. ‘Fred!’ Molly’s voice was way louder than Remus’ and it made all the laughing redheads, Harry and Hermione stop laughing.

‘They are old enough, Remus,’ was the last thing they heard before running into George’s bedroom.


I keep trying meal plans and I always fail because I’m such an emotional cooker/eater.
Also my food intake is so limited w the low carb.
Also also Molly will only eat macaroni, pizza, and chicken sometimes. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄UGH

wolfe family home, windenburg 4:13am

zia: can we please stop soon.. i feel like i’m losing brain cells at this point

mollie: fine, fine.. we’ve been doing this all night so i guess you can have a break

zia: a break?????/ binch i need sleep.. my moms gonna wake me up in like 4 hours and force me to eat a “family breakfast”

mollie: [laughs] okay, fine.. wish i could join..

zia: she won’t hate you forever.. when we graduate and move out.. i’ll tell her everything you’ve done for me, to help me.. she’ll get over it i promise

mollie: hopefully..

The Heartache Pg4

The next morning, Bendy and Boris took Molly to the park to have a picnic with them. They bought her a bike and she rode around for a little while. Later, Boris set up the picnic while Bendy turned into a kite for Molly. He flew around in the air doing tricks. She giggled when other people looked confused as their kites would get hit by him every now and then. Boris looked over at them.

Boris:“Lunch!” He said. Molly heard and quickly brought Bendy back down.They sat on the blanket and each had a plate of food Boris cooked up.

Molly:“Thanks for bringing me along you guys! This is fun!” Bendy grinned.

Bendy:“Any time doll. Figured you needed to get away from that Uncle of yours.” She nodded.

Molly:“Yeah, he’s been acting like a jerk lately.” Boris and Bendy raised a brow.“…Well, more than he usually is. He tried to stop me from going out with you guys on this picnic this morning. Told me he’d lower my pay.” Bendy growled.

Boris:“Well ain’t that somethin’.” He huffed.

Bendy:“Yeah, I’d like to give him a piece a my mind!” He said as he rolled up his arms like sleeves. Molly waved her hand.

Molly:“Nah, don’t worry about it.” She looked around to be sure no one was near by and she leaned close to them.“Sometimes I’ll take the money out from the cash register when he’s not around.” She whispered. Bendy chuckled.

Bendy:“Well, if you’re ever in need of money Molly, don’t be afraid to ask.” She shook her head.

Molly:“Aw, thanks Uncle B, but I don’t think I’d do that. Besides, I was thinkin’ of working for Mrs. Mo.” Boris smiled brightly.

Boris:“That’s a great idea, she’s much sweeter.” Bendy nodded.

Bendy:“Yeah, and she doesn’t hate us as much as your Uncle does either.” She giggled.

Molly:“Well, that’s good.”

Later, Bendy, Boris and Molly, after they finished eating, went to play tag, giving Abella time to pour PURE WATER into Bendy’s drink. She hid behind a tree as she did this. She quickly walked away and hid into the bushes. She watched them. Soon the demon looked tired and was beginning to sweat ink. He wiped his forehead.

Bendy:“Okay, time out for me. I need a drink.” He said as he walked back up the hill to get a drink of water. Bendy picked up his cup and brought it close to his mouth. Abella watched with wide eyes.

Molly:“Hey Bendy!” He stopped and looked over.“Wanna get some ice cream?” She asked. He grinned and licked his lips.

Bendy:“Yeah!” He dropped his cup and ran down the hill towards them. Abella growled.

Later, Boris, Bendy and Molly were eating ice cream as they were walking down the sidewalk. Abella was in a building holding a large bucket of PURE WATER on the window. As they came closer, she poured the water hoping to get Bendy. Molly pulled Bendy’s arm as she pointed to a clothes shop across the street.

Molly:“Hey, look! We should go there! Maybe they have funny costumes!” Bendy and Boris grinned and they quickly rushed over. The water splashed onto the ground completely missing them. Abella growled even louder and pulled her ears.

Meanwhile, Molly came out from the changing room and was dressed as a pirate.

Molly:“Arrrggh, walk the plank ye scurvy dogs!” She said as she swung a fake sword around. Bendy came out of the changing room dressed as a princess. He leaned against the doorway.

Bendy:“Oh my stars! Somebody save me from this brute!” Boris came out from another changing room wearing a Knight costume.

Boris:“I’ll save you my Princess!” He said as he pulled out a fake sword. Bendy chuckled.

Bendy:“Well isn’t this an interesting story.” Molly giggled quietly before they began to sword fight.

Molly:“Ye think ye can stop me? HA!” Bendy chuckled as he watched the two play.

Bendy:“Oh! My Hero!” He blew a kiss to Boris. He blushed. Molly stifled a giggle. After changing into a few more costumes, they saw that it was getting late. Boris walked into the changing room and a loud thud was heard with a splash.

Boris:“Ow!” He said as he got up and took the bucket off his head. He looked at it with a confused look. He furrowed his brows.“Oh very funny Bendy.”


Boris:“Did you put this bucket of water on the door?” Bendy shook his head.

Bendy:“No…? I don’t even have a bucket of water with me.” Boris itched his head.

Boris:“Well if not you then who?” He placed it down and changed into his clothes. Molly raised a brow and looked at the water with suspicion.

Bendy:“Molly? You ready to go?” She looked up at him and smiled.

Molly:“Uh, yeah! Just need a minute.” Bendy and Boris left the store and waited for her outside. Molly walked over to the water and sniffed it. She gasped and shook her head.“I knew it!” She looked around the store to see if anyone was here watching her. So far no one was looking at her. She quickly walked out of the store.

Later, Boris drove in his truck with Molly and Bendy. The demon was leaning out the window with a lit cigar in his mouth. He looked at Molly.

Bendy:“You alright? You’ve been really quiet since we left the store.” She looked at him with a smile.

Molly:“Oh yeah, I’m just a little tired is all. That was really fun you guys!” Boris smiled brightly.

Boris:“Glad you came with us today.” She looked straight ahead at the road and frowned. She wanted to tell them but was worried how they would react. Would they be mad at her? Would they hate her? She didn’t want their date to be ruined. She certainly didn’t want to be blamed for her Uncle’s actions. She liked Bendy and Boris. They were the only real family she had. Boris drove her home and she hugged them both.

Molly:“Well, I hope you two have fun on your date.” Bendy grinned.

Bendy:“Thanks for everythin’ Molly, yer a sweet heart.” He winked and gave her the thumbs up.“G'night kiddo.” They drove away leaving her standing there in front of her house.

Molly:“…Good night…” She said and walked into the house.

Abella quickly made her way to the bar where Ched was. She was panting when she came up to him. He raised a brow when he noticed the bag was already empty. He smiled.

Ched:“Huh, looks like ya need some more PURE WATER eh doll?” She glared at him.

Abella:“Don’t call me doll.” She threw the bag on top of the counter along with another hundred dollars. He gave her another bag of PURE WATER.

Ched:“You know sweet heart, we should do this all the time.” He winked at her. She rolled her eyes and walked away.

Abella:“This will all end when the demon is gone.” She opened the door and left. He chuckled and looked at his drink.

Ched:“She’ll be back.”

Bendy and Boris went to a restaurant. They were brought to their table and sat down looking at their menu. Boris noticed a couple of people were giving them dirty looks but he tried to ignore them. Bendy took out a cigar and began to smoke. He put the menu down and leaned over laying his head on his hands as he looked at Boris.

Bendy:“Y'know, this is nice.” The wolf looked up at him and chuckled.

Boris:“We’ve only just got here.” Bendy nodded.

Bendy:“Yeah, but I’m sayin’ it was nice of ya to take me to some place reall fancy.” Boris put the menu down.

Boris:“Well, I figured Scarlet woulda been back at her job soon so I thought you’d rather be anywhere than there. Plus the food here is WAY better!” Bendy chuckled. Soon a waitress came to them and set down two glasses of water.

Waitress:“Anythin’ ya’ll wanna eat boys?” She asked.

Bendy:“I’ll take tonight’s special sweet heart.” He looked at Boris.

Boris:“I’ll take the chicken and the steak please.” She wrote the orders down and walked away. Bendy looked down at his water and slowly frowned. Boris took a drink of his own water.

Bendy:“Hey Boris?” The wolf looked at him.


Bendy:“Does this water…look weird to you?” Boris looked at his own drink and after a second or two he shook his head.

Boris:“Nope.” He set his cup down. Bendy looked at Boris.

Bendy:“Kinda odd she gave us water instead of askin’ us what we wanna drink first huh?” Boris shrugged.

Boris:“Maybe they only serve water?” Bendy looked around and saw that some people were drinking wine or soda. He looked down at his water again.

Bendy:“…Hmm….I don’t-” The waitress came back and gave them their food.

Waitress:“Enjoy while you can boys, you’ll never know when it can be your last.” She walked away. Bendy raised a brow.

Bendy:“What did she mean by that?” Boris shrugged and started eating.“…This is place is kinda weird but you being here makes me feel better Bori.” Boris smiled and swallowed.

Boris:“You too Bendy.”

Bendy:“I’m glad I finally asked you out Boris. To be honest, I was just a little afraid you were going to be mad or something. I thought you’d be, I dunno, disgusted I guess.” Boris shook his head. He swallowed.

Boris:“No way Bendy. I love being with you.” Bendy smiled.

Bendy:“Aww, come on, stop you’re making me blush.” Boris chuckled. Bendy soon began to eat his own food. After a few bites he picked up his cup of water and was about to drink it.


Molly slapped the cup out of his hand and it shattered all over the floor. The water spilt everywhere.

Bendy:“Molly?!” He gave her a wide eyed look.

Molly:“Don’t drink it! It’s PURE WATER!” She said. She hunched over trying to catch her breath.

Boris:“PURE WATER?!” Bendy made an angered look.

Bendy:“I knew my drink looked funny!” Boris stood up quickly.

Boris:“Come on, let’s get outta here!”

“I don’t think so.” Said a familiar voice. They looked up and there stood Abella in front of the doors. She pulled a rope that was hanging next to her and a trap door opened from the top. Water poured out over Bendy. He gasped but Boris tackled him out of the way and it hit the floor splashing over Molly.

Bendy:“Molly!” She looked at him.

Molly:“It’s okay! It’s not gunna hurt me.”

Abella:“But it will hurt that demon.” More people surrounded them as they were holding PURE WATER.

Molly:“BENDY RUN!” She yelled. They threw their bottles at him. He grew wings and flew to the cieling. He stretched his arms out and grabbed Molly and Boris. They flew out an open window.

Abella:“After him!” She yelled and they all did as they were told. Bendy flew around town but was struggling to keep them up high.

Boris:“Can’t you go any faster Bendy?”

Bendy:“I would if you two weren’t so heavy.”

Molly:“They’re coming!” She said in a panic tone.

Bendy:“Where the heck did they get so much PURE WATER?” Molly looked angry now.

Molly:“My greedy Uncle I bet. He’s got a whole bunch of them in his house somewhere.”

Bendy:“I shoulda known.” He shook his head.“But if you knew, why didn’t you say anything earlier?” Molly looked guilty.

Molly:“I was worried you two would hate me because of my Uncle, and that you guys wouldn’t want to hang out with me anymore.”

Boris:“Aww, Molly. It’s not your fault.”

Bendy:“Yeah! Your Uncle’s the one that got us into this mess. Not you.” She smiled a little.

Molly:“Aww, thanks guys. I’m so glad you still like me.”  Bendy suddenly felt PURE WATER splash on his back and he shrieked in pain. He fell out of the sky and ended up dropping them to the ground. Luckily they weren’t that far when he did. He tumbled across the ground leaving an ink trail. Molly and Boris got up quickly.

Molly&Boris:“Bendy!” They ran to him and helped him up. Bendy hissed in pain.

Bendy:“I don’t think I can fly. We’ll have to run.” He took a step forward but fell. Boris carried him on his back.

Molly:“Come on, this way!” She ran ahead and Boris followed.

Abella:“Don’t let them get away!” She yelled. They ran into the Library and Molly locked the doors. Abella and the others slammed into it. Boris couldn’t help but chuckle.

Molly:“This way!” She said as she ran past him. He followed quickly.

Bendy:“Oh boy, the Library, what are we gunna do here, bore them to death? Heh, heh.” He chuckled weakly.

Boris:“Hang in there buddy.” He said.

Molly:“Sorry  Bendy, none of this would be happening if I told you sooner.” She stopped and looked around. She stairs going up to the roof and ran up them. Boris followed. Abella and the others slammed the doors open and she looked around.

Abella:“Search for them! They couldn’t have gotten far!” Everyone ran through the building doing as they were told. She walked around until she found a trail of ink leading to the stairs. She smiled and quickly followed the trail.

Bendy, Boris and Molly made it to the roof and they looked around.

Molly:“There!” She ran to the edge of the building and saw train tracks.“We need to get out of this town! My Uncle’s been getting more and more people to buy his PURE WATER before I left home to warn you guys what was going on.” Bendy was struggling to keep himself together as he was leaning over Boris’s shoulder to look at Molly.

Bendy:“Ah, great, and here I thought everyone was starting to warm up to me.”

Molly:“Well when you find someone who’s desperate to get a boyfriend as Abella is, you can certainly change a few people’s minds. I guess more people want to join in the fight rather than sing and dance.”

Abella:“Desperate?!” They all jumped and looked at her with wide eyes.“I am NOT desperate!” Molly heard the train going by and she grabbed Boris’s arm.

Molly:“Jump!” She pulled them off the building with her and they screamed. Abella gasped.

Abella:“NO! WAIT!” She ran towards them. They landed on top of the train but Boris landed on his butt rather than landing on his feet like the other two.

Boris:“Ow!” He said. He got up quickly and looked at Bendy.“How ya holding up buddy?” The demon stifled a laugh.

Bendy:“Don’t worry, I’m fine.” His wounds were starting to heal. Abella sighed relieved to see Boris and Molly alright but she shot a glare at Bendy. She jumped off the building and landed on top of the train. Of all the places of wearing a skirt this was a bad time. She rushed towards them.

Abella:“Bendy!” They looked at her and screamed. Boris grabbed Bendy and they ran towards the ladder.“No matter where you run, I will always find you Bendy!” She yelled. Molly let Bendy and Boris go down first before she followed. They went inside the train and hid in with the crowd. Abella kicked the door open and looked around. Everyone seemed to stare at her. Her hair was a mess and so was her clothes. She didn’t seem to care, she walked past everyone as she quickly looked around for Bendy. She saw Bendy’s head and grinned.“AHA!” She grabbed him and spun him around but it turned out to be a man with hair that looked like Bendy’s horns. She shoved him back and looked around. She spotted the real Bendy hanging outside of the window. He looked at her and screamed. She growled.

Boris pulled Bendy back up onto the train.

Bendy:“I think she saw me!” He said with the sound of panic in his voice.

“I sure did!” They all screamed as they turned around and saw her standing there glaring at them. The held up the PURE WATER. Molly glared at her and stood in front of Bendy with her arms out.

Molly:“Don’t you dare hurt Uncle Bendy!” Molly walked up to her and grabbed the back of her shirt and held her up off her feet.

Abella:“Stay. Out of this.” Bendy and Boris’s eyes widened when she walked near the edge of the train.

Boris:“Abella! What are you doin’!?” She held her over the edge of the train and she got caught on a hook hanging from a wooden pole.

Molly:“BENDY!” She yelled as she swung back and forth trying to get off the hook.

Bendy&Boris:“MOLLY!” They were about to run after her but Abella stood in their way.

Abella:“Boris! This is between me and that demon!” Boris stood in front of Bendy.

Boris:“Abella, I don’t know what’s got into you, but I ain’t movin’ anywhere!”

Abella:“Boris, don’t be an idiot. He’s tricking you! Bendy’s-”

“A demon, I know, I know!” Yelled Boris.“Not the first time I heard it. But so what? He’s my pal!” Boris’s face soon met a sign and he tumbled across the
roof of the train and rolled off the edge.

Bendy&Abella:“BORIS!” They yelled and ran over to him. Bendy was faster however and he grabbed Boris’s hands.

Bendy:“Hang on!” He said as he pulled. Abella’s eyes were wide as she watched Bendy try to save his friend.

Abella:“You’re…helping him?” Bendy looked over his shoulder at her.

Bendy:“Would love it if you lend a hand!”

Boris:“Uhh, Bendy! My pants are caught on a nail!” He struggled to get them off the rusty nail sticking out of the side of the train. Abella snapped out of it and grabbed Boris’s other hand. The two pulled as hard as they could and finally brought Boris up to them. They sat up and looked at each other. Bendy grinned at Boris.

Bendy:“Boris!” He wrapped his arms around him.“You’re alright!” He hugged him back with a smile. Abella stared at them looking confused.

Abella:“So…you don’t see Boris as a mindless puppet for your evil ways?” They looked at her with a frown.

Bendy:“Of course not! It’s what we’ve been trying to tell ya sweet heart!” The two smiled. She was quiet for a long time as she stared at the words PURE WATER on the bottle in her hand.  Without a care she threw it over the edge of the train and it shattered over a rock.

Abella:“I’ve been a fool.” She mumbled. Bendy smirked.

Bendy:“Lemme guess, you been talkin’ with old Cheddar?” She looked at him with a startled look. He nodded.“Yeah, we know him. He got in your head, I can tell, only way you can get that ‘pure water’ stuff is from him.” Abella shook her head.

Abella:“I feel so ashamed.” She sniffled.

Bendy:“Aw come on now, I forgive ya.” He gave her a small nudge to her arm.“Let’s get off this crazy ride, what do ya say?” He asked as the two
stood up. Bendy held out his hand to her. She hesitated at first, not because he was a demon but because she felt like she didn’t deserve it.“I promise I won’t bite.” He winked. She couldn’t help but chuckle a little. She finally took his hand and he spread wings. They flew off the train and made their way back to town after picking up Molly.

Bendy dropped Molly off at her house and dropped Abella off by the bar.

Boris:“You sure you don’t wanna stick around for dinner Abella? Bendy said he didn’t mind.” Abella shook her head.

Abella:“No thank you. That’s really sweet of you two. But there’s other important things I need to take care of.” Bendy shrugged.

Bendy:“Eh, you gotta do what you gotta do. See ya around Abella.” He flew off with Boris and they made their way home. She waved good-bye with a smile until they were out of sight.

Meanwhile at the bar, Mr. Ched was smiling sweetly as he stirred his drink.

Ched:“Ah, yes, any moment now the sweet damsel in distress will come rushing in with more customers and beg for more of my PURE WATER. And then I’ll be the richest man of this town! With a lovely new wife.” Just then the door slammed open and there stood Abella with a glare on her face. She rolled up her sleeves as she walked towards the grinning rat.“Back for more I see, don’t worry my dear, I have plenty of-” Abella drove her fist into his left cheek and he flew off his chair and landed on the floor. From outside of the bar, people could hear the sounds of chairs and tables being smashed as Mr. Ched was being thrown around and they could hear his screams of pain.

Back at the farm, Bendy and Boris were sitting in a tree looking up at the full moon. Boris leaned close and licked his cheek. Bendy’s face lit up and his bow spun around. He giggled and his tail wrapped around Boris’s tail. The two snuggled close to each other and enjoyed the rest of the night being together.


I know Rachel Berensons. I know girls that take shots during their shifts, who go out and eat molly like M&Ms, who fuck and fight like the rest of us sleep and breathe. I know girls that are huge inside, beautiful and expansive, clever and smart and brave who simply CANNOT get their shit together. They are too big for our society, too big for the expectations put on pretty women. That’s Rachel.

A Rachel without the war is invited to college parties at age fourteen, and she goes. She typically knows not to get entangled with dumb guys, but the allure of adulthood is strong, and she is too young to know that she can’t handle things completely. Parties become a part of her before she’s officially in high school. She gets through college with straight As, so no one really notices exactly what she’s doing when she puts her books away.

A Rachel without the war shoplifts. Just for the thrill of it. She can afford things, anything she needs, because the guilt her parents feel for leaving broken children in the aftermath of their marriage has lead to her name on credit cards – but that’s no fun. That’s easy. She and Melissa are pretty and blonde and they get away with all of it. Cassie has long ago stopped talking to Rachel. They smile at each other in the halls, but the bond is gone.

A Rachel without the war screams at her boyfriend, and he screams back, and they thrive on the hatred of each other. She stays with TT for years and years because somewhere, somewhere hard inside, she loves the push and pull. In her smaller moments, raw and white wine drunk, she thinks she could be in something healthier, but would it truly be satisfying? She knows she likes the softer people. The artists with dreamy eyes, the souls that are wrapped in paint and poetry. She also knows they can’t handle her. She has no outlet for whatever is inside her, and she would turn it’s ugliness toward them. So she screams at TT on the street at 3 AM, because they got kicked out of another bar.

The war was a gift to Rachel, because she always had this bigness in her, this roughness, this need. A Rachel with the war is a complete Rachel. A Rachel who had a war, and that had that war taken from her, does not survive. If it wasn’t The Blade Ship, it was going to be something else. Not death, exactly, maybe, but something.

(Unless she realizes what’s going on with her and works with a professional. Poor mental health doesn’t have to be endgame! But at first it’d be like climbing a mountain, and having to climb that same mountain day after day, and I will never, ever blame anyone for having difficulty with that process.)

Tent Announcments!

hi all!! we are so very sorry for the delay getting this out to you.. here are the tent assignments for Camp Dan and Phil 2017!!

RED TENT (telegram):

LEADER -  ava @curlydans

danni @guccinof , malone @phanjunction , kayleigh @emotionanalphil , ruby @intertwned , kalyani/kat @watercolorphil

triggers: biphobia, nsfw, racism

GREEN TENT (twitter):

LEADER - courtney @danceswithsweaters 

joy @reapingwithjoy , elizabeth kelly @smothersims , mercedes @cloechecksmyflow , jen @sartysarty , jenny @tomlinsonyay

triggers: torture

BLUE TENT (telegram): 

LEADER - autumn @allbantsnoangst

skylar @bi-sky , ivy @fondnp , karissa @domesticphil , mollie @rosepetaldaniel

triggers: eating disorders/restrictions, self harm, sexual abuse, hate, anxiety

YELLOW TENT (skype): 

LEADER - beth @rosemarydan 

tiare @cyxical , kat @punklester , clara @luminositylester , riia @helpless-howell , tori @tillys-dil-howlter , lilia @itsreallynotfine , abby @whoops-i-should-be-asleep , andromeda @loonylovvegood , genesee @misunderstoodraindrop , christine @azuphere , maggie @anathemic-hearts , na @digital-explosion , rose @whispers-and-sunlight 

triggers: eating disorders, unhealthy eating/weight, parent passing away, yelling loud noises, self harm

PINK TENT (skype):

LEADER - zoë @moving-ships

bellana @becausepuns , alex @running-with-lions , anna lee @sparkle129 , port @taboopapery 

triggers: none

PURPLE TENT (discord):

LEADER - shel @daintilydan

casper/ghost @tallboyes , nico @centaurpoop , meg @averagesunflower , river @anotherspacekid , ashley @angry-texans , isobel @spaceacephil , em @abstractem , bunny @mysterybunnies

triggers: suicide, self harm, abuse, nsfw

BROWN TENT (google hangouts):

LEADER - haley @sellingmysoultopatrickstump

jamie @softjamhowell , talia @whiskery-phan , olli @this-is-not-a-forever-home , aurora @cxhma

triggers: none 

WHITE TENT (instagram): 

LEADER - cathryn @pasteldoothowell

alex @pessimisticpunks , kirstin @phandom-trash-shitposts , freja @slightly-sour-sweets , kenzie @purepastelphan 

triggers: pictures/talk of self harm, blood, self harm, depression, suicide, drugs

ORANGE TENT (snapchat):

LEADER - sophie @haruka-satomi-sopha 

gabrielle @lestersdog , mia @phantasisingaboutmuke , chris @cherrysodalester , elizabeth @softe-boye , katie @pastel-ponyboy , julia @13cryingpilots , cami @kotaisadog , caitlin @handwrittenlester , kiara @forgetfuldan

triggers:, self harm, negative body image, anorexia, suicide

TURQUOISE TENT (instagram): 

LEADER - katelyn @danny-was-never-on-fire

emily @tristobiaslove , belle @bell-zee-boo , maebh @just–a-potato , jordan @trashcanielhowell , frankie @frankiewantsdeath , alistar @alistarthespacekid , darcy @darcykilbridee 

triggers: exams, intense gore

LIME TENT (imessage):

LEADER - brook @phanisthetearinmyheart

sophia/daniel @softboyephil , cheyenne @infinitehearts , aly @aquamarineoblivion , kaisa @theamazingtourhowell , gia @lovinghowlter , zoe @rebranielhowell , grey @sadnormalness , khalie @twentyonephanicsatthefalloutboy , Aries @theirforeverhome

triggers: cutting, gore, self harm, homophobia, suicide, vomit

BLACK TENT (whatsapp):

LEADER - caitlin @galaxylikelarry 

rose @softedan , kiara @obsessedmuch , alx @alxistheworst , bex @bimythical , ismael @philboye

triggers: alcohol/substance abuse,  trypophobia, bullying


LEADER - hannah @halpmeimded 

charlie @agressve , jay/jen @aggressive-ukulele , abby @lion-phan-girl , charlie @writinginthestarlight

triggers: cancer 

GREY TENT (snapchat):

LEADER - samuel @phantasticstories

mikayla @madnessofmickey , erica @slightlyhyperactive , chantel @phoreverphan , julia @90ssimmer , sophie @velvetcigarette , phoebe @lostlesters , francesca @overcasthowell

triggers: emotional abuse, emetophobia, suicide

GOLDEN TENT (twitter): 

LEADER - skipper @strangely-skipper 

liz @elizabethkaitlyn , daniel @conferathefangirl , makayla @amazingisnotme , leo/leonie @accio-phan

triggers: none 

TEAL TENT (snapchat):

LEADER- MaKaelyn @presley-the-otter 

michelle @mthongkhan , megan @outrageouslyfandom , abbi @music-is-freaking-amazingaf

triggers: none 

leaders will be contacted in a minute with some information on what to do!

thank you for putting up with the delays & we will be figuring out the schedule shortly! xx

-camp dan & phil admins 

EDITED: new members have been added to the grey, red, lime, and violet tents, and in the lime tent amazingtourhowell was corrected to @theamazingtourhowell, and @philboye has been moved into the black tent