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Number 8 with Taemin please xx

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Lee Taemin: “Can we just cuddle and pretend this didn’t happen?”

After an amazing comeback and a good album release, there was something that Taemin loved doing and that something was having the biggest dinner he could with his loved ones, including his group members and his girlfriend. However, at that point of the night after he had gotten back home, he thinks that eating those big amounts of food was the worst idea he had thus far. Taemin brushes his teeth before walking towards the bed, plopping down over the cushions only to hear a small groan and when he opens his eyes, he notices that he had one of his longish legs sprawled over her body, his face pressed against his pillow and his other arm is over her waist, closing his eyes once again as he hears her speak.

“How are you feeling?” Taemin turns to rest on his back and she rubs small circles over his tummy, hearing him whine softly about the stomachache he had. At that moment, all the food he had eaten went through his head and he felt sickened just by it. Her lips press to his jaw before Taemin opens one of his eyes groggily, his throat too burnt to even make out the sweet sound of his voice.

“I could be worse, but this is damn near to my definition of worse.” She chuckles lightly as Taemin interlocks his legs with hers, tangling himself in limbs only to feel comforted. He loved being pampered when he was sick, after all. Her fingers comb back his soft black hair and he lets out another whine. “I feel so bad…”

“Kibum told you not to eat so much.” She adds in between a chuckle before nuzzling his nose, only to see the tight lipped smile over his features. Taemin remembers Kibum scolding him after having his second meal and going for another one and he really should’ve listened. “My poor little baby is sick.” The tone of her voice has a blush covering his features as she presses a sweet kiss to his cheek. Taemin was a sucker for how sweet she was with him, even when sometimes he could be a little bit cold when he was stressed out. “You always have to listen to your mom.”

“Kibum is not my mom.” He tells her as he opens his eyes and when she continues running her fingers through his hair, he sees the look over her features that spoke wonders. “Not always, at least.

She chuckles softly and Taemin falls a little bit more in love when he hears the tone of her voice. He had always dreamt about love, but he never thought it was going to be this warm, this beautiful. “I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.” Taemin nods his head slowly before hiding his face in the crook of her neck, taking in her scent that had mixed with his in some way or another. God, he pleas inside his head, never let me forget how warm she is…

Taemin whines once again. “Can we just cuddle and pretend this didn’t happen?” He looks up at her with innocent eyes and honestly, she knows he’s far from being innocent, but she fell for it. A soft sigh escapes her lips and before she knew it, she was nodding her head. Taemin wasn’t the proud type, but she knew than when they were in an argument or he did something ridiculous, he preferred to forget and move forward. He smiles so warmly as he feels her arms wrapping around his body as he falls into the comfortable place inside her arms. “You’re treating me like a kid right now.”

You love it.

I never say I didn’t.” Taemin jokes before looking up at her, pecking her lips in sweet sleepiness and pain. Another whine escapes the plumpness of his lips before he closed his eyes. “Thank you so much, babe.”

“I deserve at least three songs about me and a lot of kisses, you know?” The joking manner in her voice has him laughing as he nods his head softly, too lost in the comfort of her arms. “Your next album is going to have my name.”

“I’m not sure the company will like that.”

“There’s always something in between.” Her hands pat his hair softly before she licked her bottom lip. “I love you.”

“And I love you too, babe.”

how to build a sentence!!

i was taught back in freshman year of high school that there are two ways you can structure a sentence. for example:

american sign language(ASL)


this structure is commonly called glossing.

say i pick a sentence from a song 

“i just cant stop loving you.”

by glossing, you have a reorganized sentence.


there is also active and passive signing.

if the subject is your topic , you are using an active voice.


if the object is your topic you are using a passive voice.


fun fact- a lot of people tend to use an active voice because of how similar it is to English grammar.

a topicalized sentence is using the object of the sentence as the topic and introducing it as a “yes/no question expression” ending with a comment.

1. topicalized


your candy is the topic and the sentence is in object-verb-subject word order.



woahhh kaylee, you made an error. why is ate not capitalized but the rest of the sentence is?

well first off, i didn’t make an error. second, words that have a sign for them such as “SOUR” are in caps. words without a sign such as “of, ate,ran,” can be finger spelled but then you'd be using SEE instead of ASL. there aren’t past tense words, that’s why you say what time of day it is!! “YESTERDAY, I RUN” or “I RUN YESTERDAY”.

either way is fine.


signing exact english

that is exactly what it sounds like. SEE is based on signs drawn from asl but is expanded using words that give a complete visual representation. “the girl had soft, silky hair.”

thats all i can think of atm so if you have anything else on asl and see let me know/add on. i might add on a bit later tho after i go shower brb

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Did jungkook really called Jimin my mochi?

No, he did not. It was (and I guess, it still is) a misunderstanding from the international fandom. I’m from Seoul and admittedly, I’m shit with satoori but people from Busan have also confirmed that he did NOT say my mochi.

Anon: hi. what do you think about the latest Kook/min world’s video “Flying Kiss sound”? i mean you said before that what Jungkook said in video jimin posted after jungkook’s graduation is “i’m gonna eat a lot” in satoori. but after the graduation bomb it’s clear that jimin’s video was taken after they ate.

My view on that matter has not changed. I just can’t hear “my mochi” even when it’s slowed down. 

I didn’t want to do this but If we must get into the technical aspects of the language, let me just point out why there are some problems with that video in particular:

  • We don’t use the English word “my” in our everyday conversations. We just don’t.  
  • Manggaetteok is NOT mochi in Korean. 떡 = tteok is the general word for rice cake. There are hundreds of different rice cakes in Korea and Manggaetteok is just one of them.
  • And if you REALLY want to be right, mochi is considered another type of rice cake and in Korea, the proper word for mochi is 찹쌀떡. (The use of Japanese words in formal/official Korean is frowned upon and considered wrong, but they are still used colloquially.)

Finally, you’re saying it’s after they’ve had dinner so it doesn’t make sense for JK to say that he wants to eat. Well, look, I don’t know about the specifics of the entire time lime so I won’t comment on it, but I do want to point out that in Korea, it’s very common to go “bar-hopping” after a meal, especially if it’s like after a big event (in this case, JK’s graduation). I wouldn’t be surprised if they went drinking afterwards with the entire company. It happens.

What happens when your CG is a fantasy nerd:

Little: Tell me a story!

Cg: So, there were these three little pigs-


Me: *thinking to myself I’ve already told this girl every single princess story that exists* Um…

Little: *taps stuffie’s foot impatiently*

Me: SO. IN A LAND FAR, FAR AWAY, there was a kingdom built on the sea. The people of the land prayed to ocean and giant sea turtles, whom they called old men of the river. They were a happy people with plenty to eat and lots of pretty songs to sing.


They burned the kingdom and would have killed all its people if not for the leader of the land, the warrior queen Nymeria! She was as feirce and clever as she was beautiful. Her people followed her without question.

After a particularly awful battle where many were slaughtered by the dragon lords, Nymeria took her remaining people and fled on 10,000 ships. She didn’t know where she was going. Her people had never traveled so far from their islands, but there was no turning back. They had no home now, only Nymeria.

They wandered the sea for many years.

But eventually, they found a place far from the dragon lords. A desert kingdom that was already populated with other people, knights and lords. They had sailed their ships into a warring kingdom. Many wanted to flee.

But Nymeria was done running! She married one of the lords and burned her ships. She was determined to make this land hers, that her people would fear no more. She led her lord’s armies and within a year had taken over an entire kingdom, the kingdom of Dorne. She and her husband became The Princess and Prince of Dorne, not the king and queen, named after the fashion of the sea kingdom she has lost.

Nymeria ruled the kingdom for many years, even after her husband and second husband passed. After she died, her eldest child, a daughter, not a son, ruled over Dorne because Nymeria had proven to them that a man could rule just as well as any man. Dorne follows strength. Not what is-

Little: Anna, woah. This was supposed to be a bedtime story. Not a Westerosi history lesson.

Me: It’s so wonderful you understood that reference.

Little: What are you doing?

Me: Telling Tumblr what just happened.

Little: Are you serious?

Me: *already typing* By the old gods and the new, I swear it.

Little: … *going back into little mode after rolling their eyes* Well hurry up! I wanna hear the story bout the piiiiigs.


Tyler and Jenna + Food

Happy Anniversary to these adorable dorks ❤❤

I hope you both eat lots of yummy food today 3.28.17


Being pregnant means pangs of cravings at crazy hours. This weekend it was oatmeal and fruit, which I will say isn’t a bad craving considering the other things I’ve been eating. However, when I’m craving any sort of food after 1am I think it’s a bit of an issue. I feel very strongly that you shouldn’t eat after like 9:30pm, but throughout this pregnancy I’ve been eating a lot later than 9:30…  I’m really hoping that once baby gets here I can get back on track with eating right and at a decent hour.

Also it seems to me that John has been getting a lot more use out of my maternity pillow than I’ve been getting myself. At least of us uses it regularly though, right?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @avistella !!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! I hope some awesome stuff happens today and you have a ton of fun. Eat a lot of cake and ice cream and make some noise! You’re a super awesome friend and you mean the world to me. :)

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What do you do when you're bloated for days? I swear, I've been bloated for like two weeks. It doesn't seem to be going away on its own.

Drink lots of water! And eat lots of fiber ❤

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i'm seriously considering recovering but i don't want to have to feel like a failure at my current stature (5'3" and 115 lbs), do you think i can be nearly underweight at 104 lbs by consistently eating 1200 calories a day? thank you so much for reading this and have a lovely day ~ 🌸

I think so! You will feel a lot better eating fruit and vegetables as well as exercising regularly

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So I'm in a day program that is supposed to help me with my anorexia. Usually it's challenging but not overly so. However today they had us eat a lot of desserts and I'm just feeling shity about my body and what I ate in general, I would exercise it off but I'm not even medically cleared to go for a walk. I think that I just need someone to talk to but I don't feel like I can trust any of my friends or parents. What do u think I should do? Ps, sorry I just spewed my feelings on you...

omg dont be sorry love! I had someone message me just to tell me they got a good grade on a test and now we are friends (u kno who u r) and someone else to rant about a chick in their class (u kno who u r 2)

If you ever need someone to talk to im here! Even if youre not an ed based account or want to keep your ed a secret.

you gotta remember i see everyone who subscribes to me, and i keep that a secret.

i would never share your profile or your name or anything like that without permission 

my family used to eat a lot of thrown away or about-to-be-thrown-away little caesars pizza growing up but last night I got two fully intact, kind of warm pizzas from a little caesars dumpster which is kind of upward mobility if you think about it

Halloween 2016


and everytime he smiles, the whole room turned to see what shone 💗✨