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Odin is gonna get Ava and the whole crew back to his house and only then realize it’s a total shit show + depression den. Cue Odin Arrow pulling a Gayle Waters Waters.


(I can’t draw anything but humans so here you go BENDYANDTHEINKMACHINEAAAHHHHHH~~~ 🎵🎵🎵) Joey, stop the children

ok but imagine - yu yu hakusho 90s AU

Painting my horrible daughter again. I still need to RP her at some point and get a handle on what she’s like, aside from ‘carefully leashed malice’ and ‘having tea with the voices in her head.’

Creepypasta #1116: I Can See Your Demons

Length: Short

It can help in social situations and it makes people watching a bit more fun, but it’s unsettling as you can imagine. The worst part is everyone has one, so I see them everywhere. Honestly, I’m just glad the demons don’t seem to realize I can see them.

Oh, and if you’re curious, I have tried to see my own demon, but I’m pretty sure it’s stuck on my back or something so using a mirror can’t really help. Not to mention they never show up in photos or videos.

Anyway, I’ve had this gift since I can remember, though fortunately my parents never took me seriously about it. The only person I’ve really opened up to is Sally, a nice little blonde girl in my 6th grade math class. She likes to hear about what the demons look like and hopes one day we can write a comic about it.

The most common one is addiction. He’s a tiny, thin little man-imp with a bulbous head and unkempt hair who twitches around a lot. He looks paranoid and whispers in the afflicted person’s ear constantly, sitting on their shoulder and wringing his seven-knuckled hands together.

Then there’s anxiety, a sort of shadow-clown who mimics someone’s steps in the most ridiculous fashion. She’s almost like one of those wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube things, if they were evil and never left you alone. I’ve learned quickly that laughing at them - as much as they can be funny at times - really hurts the person’s feelings, though it does make anxiety act even sillier.

Depression is a small little leech that sucks on the head, drooling over everything and never opening its eyes. It floats along when the person moves, never letting go. Sometimes I think I can see the tail ghosting into another dimension, as though it’s trying to pull the person away.

Eating disorder is a short, naked, hairy, fat man who walks on backwards hand-feet, staring at his victim while patting his belly and licking his lips. He moves his eyebrows around a lot, which is kind of weird, but it’s worse when he rips off his arm and eats it like his life depends on it. It grows back, but still.

Sally’s demon is abuse. I’ve seen it on others, but I haven’t told Sally - I’m sure she knows, anyway. She’s a gaunt blue fairy who flitters around with a little pouch putting makeup on Sally and herself. She always looks worried, even when she pauses to smile nervously.

Sally and I got to class a little early today and were chatting when a new classmate walked in. I couldn’t help but stare. He was the only person I’d ever seen without a demon attached. He took a seat a row or two away from us and looked straight at me, never once blinking. When I didn’t respond to one of Sally’s questions, she nudged me.

“What are you staring at?”

Credits to: Zchxz

I love that Sango is a walking demon encyclopedia. Everyone in the gang will encounter a demon and be like “wtf???” but then Sango’s all “that’s a man-eating beaver demon w acid fangs and claws for wings and here I have a salve in my super thin slayers outfit that’ll melt that shit riGHT UP.”

nitti-chan  asked:

Hi! Which do you think is the reason our! Ciel let Sebastian eat his brother's soul if they got on well? :(

Hi there!

I’m afraid you’re misunderstanding the situation x( It’s not like our Ciel “let” Sebastian eat his brother’s soul like “Hi demon, this is a sacrifice for you, my beloved brother’s soul. Please help yourself and then grant me a wish!^^”.

Real Ciel was killed by the cultists →

this triggered our Ciel to successfully summon Sebastian (in the moment of despair he unconsiously said the words of curse and called the demon)

→ Sebastian ate real Ciel’s soul (as kind of advance payment) and offered our Ciel a contract

→ our Ciel accepted it.

That’s how I think things happened on that day. Our Ciel probably had no clue how to summon a demon and what one needs to sacrifice for it, so while he might have “caused” the whole tragedy by calling Sebastian, he didn’t deliberately have the demon eat his brother’s soul. That’s for sure! :) 

Are you suffering from an eating disorder? Listen up.

You are so much more than ED. You are more than that voice in your head commanding you to put down that banana because it has too many carbs, to waste hours staring at that little pouch of skin on your lower stomach that won’t go away, to take an adderall just so you won’t feel the need to eat, or even to gorge yourself just so you can throw it all up ten minutes later. You are a human being with both a soul and a body. ED is turning you against your body, she is making you go to war with it at the expense of both your body and your soul. Reclaim what is rightfully yours!

Put your hand on your legs. Feel the bones, muscles, and YES feel the fat. Each one of those things serves a purpose on your legs! You NEED them ALL to run, jump, dance, and live your life as you were meant to. Isn’t that amazing how your body can do all of that? Why spend another day letting ED determine all of this? ED can’t determine your beauty or your worth.
I’m not about to pretend that any of this is easy… because it is not. Living with an eating disorder is terrifying; sometimes it can even feel demonic, like your being possessed by something outside of yourself. But you must try every day to challenge the thoughts and behaviors ED plants into your life. It is poison, and it is out to kill you.

When I look in the mirror I struggle to feel satisfied. I find areas of my body that I must make smaller, or firmer. But at a certain point, a person will chip away at their body until there is absolutely nothing there. That is what I wanted to become and still admittedly struggle with. Some days I want to be nothing. I don’t want to be a Victoria’s Secret model. I don’t want to be a skeleton. I want to be nothing. But I cannot waste myself like that. YOU cannot waste yourself like that! Your body and soul are meant to be here!

ED may always be by your side… but it won’t always be this hellish. I promise. You can defeat this demon each day, and with each defeat you will become stronger and stronger.

So I checked the Blackwing symbols master sheet, and this is what we got (I got all this info from Wikipedia so I know that there’s a good shot it’s false and if anyone knows any better, let me know):

-the circle and the triangle is Herodias, who according to the Bible manipulated her daughter into asking for the head of John the Baptist

-the interlocking squares is Carman, who according to Celtic mythology is “a warrior-woman and sorceress”

-the circle above the lines is Lamia, which is either a vampire-esque creature with the head of a woman and the body of a serpent who drinks the blood of children, or from Greek mythology and a queen who became a child-eating demon. BOTH OPTIONS SOUND LIKE FUN TIMES

-the one that’s left has an extra line than what’s on the sheet, but it’s closest to Elli, which according to Norse mythology is the “personification of old age who… defeats Thor in a wrestling match”

nameless crossroads demon, true form + humanoid glamour. i love this awful mouth man.

But imagine Cas being able to leave his vessel like demons do.


redrosecrown  asked:

Hello, there is a character analysis of Sebastian I wanted to write for a long time but had many other things to write, but before that I wanted to ask about one of your theories. You said that for Sebastian the contract doesn't have much power. I disagree with it. I think that if Sebastian fails to protect Ciel he can't eat his soul, but Ciel must continue seeking power to revenge. Unless, Ciel gives up, Sebastian can't eat Ciel's soul. That's why he didn't attack Undertaker when ordered.

Hi. ^^ Yes, I’ve written about the possibility of the contract not even being that powerful but more like some rules that Sebastian has more or less set for himself to make things more interesting and to not be bothered by a shinigami (more details here). Of course, this does not necessarily have to be true, it’s just a thought that I had and I think it might be possible. I mean, apparently there are demons who just eat whenever they want to.

So a contract does not seem like it’s really absolutely necessary for a demon to eat. Sure, it could still be that if a contract is actually formed both sides have to obey the rules. But who is there to make sure that Sebastian doesn’t break them? Who would punish him? Who could stop him from just taking Ciel’s soul anyway? And since Sebastian has such fun playing a butler I could actually imagine him only obeying the rules of the contract because that makes this ‘game’ more interesting. He does not only want to have a soul to devour, he also wants to have some entertainment along the way. And in addition, he can also cultivate Ciel’s soul a bit so it’s even more delicious in the end.

It seems like Sebastian can eat Ciel’s soul when Ciel is the one breaking the contract (as seen in the Green Witch arc). But in this case the contract wouldn’t be fulfilled, either. So the completion of the contract is not the condition for Sebastian to take Ciel’s soul.

However, of course Sebastian must still protect Ciel. If he dies before Sebastian can eat, his soul will be gone because if a shinigami collects it properly it’s out of reach for Sebastian to eat. So the condition in the contract that Sebastian must protect Ciel is one that Sebastian needs to follow regardless of how powerful the contract really is. And of course he also follows the other rules but the reason may not be the necessity of a contract in general but rather his own aesthetics and for reasons of entertainment. 

That doesn’t mean that Sebastian will break these rules someday. I think they are very important to him personally (even if they are not necessary in order for him to eat). He would probably feel like he’s losing the game if he breaks the rules. And since playing butler is the most entertaining thing for him to do right now he follows the rules.

Of course this is just what I think is possible. I don’t say that’s how it is. ;)

Also, something a bit off-topic now. You’re my 3000th ask!!! (Or rather you’re the 3000th reply post since I’ve started tagging replies with “replies”. But that’s how I count.) XD

200 pages for the tag ‘replies’ with 15 posts on each page make 3000. XD

So thank you, @redvioletprincess, and everyone who sent me messages for sharing your thoughts, asking questions, sending nice words,… I appreciate it and it’s fun talking to you. <3


Snake demon au needed more characters so here’s Arthur! There’s lots of missing people about because of Yao and Arthur’s a vigilante obsessed with catching him, but of course he always slips away. They have a little history together involving a one night stand where Arthur ended up falling for him but Yao was like “Lol no” and… yeah. Hurt feelings. uvu)/

Character Profiles

Height: 152cm
Weight: 50kg
Birthday: 5th February
Age: 252 (before the seal)
Blood Type: A
Handedness: Right-handed
Commandment: Piety
Magic: God (written as “demon king”)
Birthplace: Demon Realm
Special ability: Execution
Hobbies: Dragon hunting
Daily Routine: Goddess Slaying
Favorite food: Dragon meat
ream/Hope: Perfect Victory
Charmpoint: Nothing
Power Level: 61000
Magic: 10000 Strength: 47200 Spirit: 3800


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