eat for the soul


Forever Our B-Boy King🖤

Nothing better than being in an empty fandom and dragging other people into it like it’s some sort of soul-eating contagious disease

vesraen  asked:

I'm too busy working on something right now to do a nice comparison thinger (I can't even remember words. plz halp) but I just wanna say that you're totally badass and great and Disney was lucky to have a character share a name with you. ;) (But you're way sweeter than Ursula, except in the "tempt poor mortals with things they want, namely in the form of fiction, in exchange for their soul/tears" --- wait. Maybe it is apt.)

Ways in which I am like Ursula the Sea Witch:

-  tempt poor mortals with things they want, namely in the form of fiction, in exchange for their soul/tears

- massive

- wears black often

- eats a lot of seafood (presumably, she lives in the ocean)

- would totally use an organic plant based lipstain if readily available

- short hair

- enjoy sweetheart necklines

- sass

- understands that importance of body language

- tries every trick I can to get out of contractual obligations, including changing form to seduce a man I’ve never met before

- short hair

Yep, it all checks out

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*familiar-looking hat lands on Oliver's head* Yo, bottomless eating kid. I thought y'know where's some food. So lead me there. Otherways... I'LL EAt YouR sOUl. Huh... Kidding, kidding... If you'd like to think so.


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peek of what you're writing?

“Here you go. This is what you’ll pretend to be there to trade. Also, watch your back. Someone might decide to cut your throat and take it all.”

Oh. Great.

“… How often does that happen in the Vault?”

“Pretty often,” Tamatoa supplied helpfully.

“Often enough to be considered a form of transaction,” Maui admitted. “A ‘your money and your life’ sort of deal.”

“Sometimes it’s worse than others, though. One time there was also that mess with a Talamaur.”

“A what?”

“Some really ugly guy who tore someone’s chest open to eat the heart while it was still beating. To consume the soul or something? Anyway, he made a complete mess of it and he also took the guy’s stuff. Talk about greedy.”

The mask prevented from Maui to notice Moana had gone a little green in the face, but he seemed to guess it anyway, because he immediately tried to reassure her. “Yeah, it can get a bit messy. And I mean, you don’t have to come. If you’d rather wait–”

“No, no,” Moana said quickly, holding the bag with the gold a bit tighter. She wasn’t going to just sit and wait; she’d told him she’d help, and that was precisely what she would do. And, to be totally honest, she wasn’t too sure letting those two go anywhere together and unsupervised was such a good idea. “I’m good. I’m coming in with you.”

Maui nodded. “Well, all right. Some of the stuff you see may not be pretty but hey, no worries - I’ll be watching over you.”

“I feel so safe,” Tamatoa said drily.

“Wasn’t talking to you,” Maui said lightly, and grabbed his hook. “Okay. Time to get going. Ready for the flight?”



The Most Iconic™ Moments In Leverage

-sophie showing up at her own funeral. Twice.
-nate running up 15 flights of stairs and stopping on every floor to press the elevator button just to piss off Sterling
-“he must’ve had some good qualities” “none. Not even in bed”
-sophie throwing off her trench coat to reveal a rapelling harness, and Parker running to her while Sterling’s shouting for the agents to catch them
-eliot knocking out 4 guys before Hardison’s bag hits the floor
-“if you eat a snakes heart, you consume its soul”

  • OTP: *does anything remotely adorable*
  • OTP: *breaks up*
  • Friend: wtf

When I shine, you shine, always on your side

All my life you’ll have what’s mine

Mark my word, we gon’ be alright