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every eating disorder movie ever

Anna McAnna is a dancer. She’s thin, has friends and love interests. 


Anna goes on pro anna websites and makes dangerous internet friends. “I will only lose 5 pounds” says anna. She makes a thinspo collage on her wall/diary to keep motivated

Anna is losing weight. Her mom is concerned

Mom: um sweetie you are losing weight??? That’s not good you are beautiful. I love u bae

Anna is angry her mom doesn’t understand. She’s an anorexic tm now. No one can stop her. She goes batshit crazy screaming at everyone that offers her food

Anna’s mom finds out about her online activities. She’s worried and forces Anna to eat a meal. Anna does it bitterly and then purges perfectly no getting trained period in which your first 90 attempts you just spit some water

Anna is now purging. All her friends got tired of her bullshit and left her. Her love interest is like “lmao dude u 2 skinny u ok?????? im worried”

Anna faints and goes to the hospital

Docotr: so um ur daughter is anorexic she may die???????? It’s bad????

Anna: wow taht was v dangerois I guess I’m cured now

Anna eats happily with her family, now comletely ED free

i need men to know dick or eating pussy is not the cure for everything. sometimes she just wants to lay in your lap & talk about life while you play in her hair & listen to her craziest thoughts.

From the manga writers’ official Twitter account

Everybody make a list of the dumbest things an animal rights activist/vegan has ever said. I’ll start.

1. Humans are herbivores because we’re on the same trophic level as pigs
2. Non-vegan otherkin are appropriating oppression of animals by their oppressors
3. Animal agriculture is worse than the Holocaust and American slavery combined
4. Artificial insemination is beastiality
5. Eating a cup of almonds every day will cure your depression

Hanahaki disease headcanon/ extended idea

HANAHAKI DISEASE is one of my favorite fictional diseases. But I’d like to see it explored in different ways.

It is an illness born from UNREQUITED LOVE that causes flowers to grow in the lungs. The sick person will cough up petals with increasing frequency until they suffocate to death with the flowers fillings their chest.

There is two ways to cure it: first, the love must be reciprocated. The other way is to remove the flowers with a surgery that will also remove all the memories and feelings and the tricky part is that this procedure is PERMANENT. The person will never be able to fall in love for that one person again. 

I see it as a MAGICAL kind of TUBERCULOSIS (or  Consumption) because of the dramatic impact and influence this particularly infection disease had in popular culture. [Today it was replaced by leukemia, I think.]

It bothers me that you can cure a MAGICAL DISEASE with SCIENCE (by having a surgery!). The person is coughing flowers! You can’t cure it with a scalpel! Ok, you CAN, but maybe you shouldn’t…?… 

[The best attempt of using science to cure a broken heart goes to “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”. Great movie! I also think the same principle could be used for the Hanahaki disease]

I know that this surgery is also kind of magic because it removes something intangible, but I like to think that since there are different types of TB, maybe there are different types of Hanahaki disease. Therefore, you can treat each type with a different approach.

Like, instead of surgery, the person could swallow a bunch of CATERPILLARS that would grow and eat the flowers. When the person coughs the butterflies, he/she will be cured from the disease. In worse cases of unrequited love the person could use leaf-cutter ANTS and then, after the ants do their job, lure them out by sleeping with a plate of sugar near the person’s bedhead. So you would have to see the kind of flower the person is coughing to choose the kind of insect to use, or what method would be the best to use .

[Or maybe instead of coughing petals, the person could throw up butterflies that where living in theirs stomach since they felt in love!]

Water with salt and vinegar or other kinds of homemade herbicides could also kill the flowers… and the person wouldn’t be able to fall in love for some time after that.

The idea is so full of possibilities! 

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Eating disorders are NOT all about food and weight and body image. They are associated yes, but not exactly… I wish so desperately that people would stop blaming eating disorders on vanity, looks or insecurity. They are ever entrancing mental illnesses that often stem from an inability to communicate pain, discomfort or rejection. Eating disorders don’t just develop because you want to ‘lose a few pounds, or because you eat too much or you purge sometimes’, they develop because you are seeking a way in which to disappear, to numb, to disconnect. Recovery does not happen by fixating on this idea of loving yourself whole-heartedly, every day, 24/7; but by being able to live DESPITE not liking yourself. Living despite the obsessions and maladaptive coping mechanisms and decades of unlearning habits and behaviors. Eating disorders are the only disease in which the posion AND the cure are within the same person fighting the disease in the first place.
—  I Am My Own Cure (Gracie Mandel)
▌That butler, resting//scans & translations

My personal translations for the mini comic published with the Kuroshitsuji Book of the Atlantic blu-ray limited edition set, featured here. It is a side-story to accompany the Campania chapters of the manga series.

I cannot edit scanlations. You may access my scans below to accompany my translations. I only request that you do not repost any of my posts or edit over the Japanese text for your own scanlations without my consent or credit. This is from my personal collection and that is my only request; please respect my work since I usually only translate for myself ♞ 

【 That butler, resting 】-「枢やな描き下ろしコミック」- enjoy after the jump!

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I hate it when certain type of people, typically 13-20 year old, form this elite clique of “the appropriately mentally ill”, you know, the people who constantly demonize and ridicule healthy coping mechanisms and make “neurotypical karen” jokes about anything that could actually be helpful (ex. healthy sleeping schedule, exercise, healthy diet..) as if those are stupid and laughable and not actually helpful for people who suffer from mental illnesses.

these same ppl also excuse all of their shitty actions with “I have X so it’s not fair to hold me against these standards of basic human decency” and as much as they claim to hate the romantization of mental illness they are actually the worst ones, because instead of posting black and white gifs or whatever they constantly glorify their destructive way of life almost as if it’s a competition of who suffers the most. 

like. going to bed before 2AM and eating three meals a day is not going to be easy or cure your depression and sometimes it’s impossible and that’s ok, but there is no denying that putting effort into the basic things can help. it has helped me. and it pisses me off when people write off drinking water, getting healthy amounts of sleep and going outside as “neurotypical bullshit” because I for one love this neurotypical bullshit because it helps me to cope with my mental illness.

Anonymous: Overwatch boys (McCree, reaper, lucio, etc) taking care of their s/o when they are sick


  • He’ll make you some soup (Chicken noodle, Ramen, Udon, you name it) if you have a sore throat. If your illness is harrowing on your appetite, he’ll give you the broth instead, making sure you get some sort of sustenance while you’re feeling ill.
  • He really doesn’t care if he gets sick. He’ll lay by your side with his arms wrapped around you even if you’re the most nauseous person in the world. He’d want you to be comforted, not quarantined.
  • Cartoons all day and all night when you can’t sleep.
  • He won’t leave the house if you’re too sick to complete basic life necessities.


  • Very attentive, lots of home cooked meals. He’s best at grilling steaks and baking potatoes. Of course, only if you’re up to eating.
  • Will rub your shoulders, back, feet. He’s got some strong hands; his metal one working out every single knot you have.
  • Surprisingly knows what he’s doing, even though it may seem like he doesn’t.
  • Takes your temperature hourly and if it’s concerning he takes you to the doctors immediately.
  • Draws baths for you and washes your hair for you. He’ll definitely pamper you.


  • Won’t let you get out of bed. You have to get better.
  • Gives you lots of tea with honey and lemon, herbal teas, and water.
  • Lukewarm baths and cold towels if you have a fever.
  • Hot and spicy soups for congestion (will also get you anything you want if you pout enough).
  • He may act like a hardass about you being sick, but you will get lots of snuggles.

Soldier 76:

  • “Do you take your vitamins every day?”
  • “You haven’t been taking care of yourself.”
  • “This wouldn’t have happened if you got all the vitamins you needed.”
  • After he lectures you about being healthy he takes care of you, getting you medicine and food, making you teas and doing whatever he can to make you comfortable and recover quickly.


  • Tea. Any tea you want. Iced? Hot? Green? White? He’s got it all (but even if he doesn’t, he’ll run out and get you specifically what you ask for).
  • He’s not really the best cook, so he can run out and get you some food as well.
  • He really believes in home remedies to cure illness. Just rest, eat well, drink orange juice.
  • He’ll give you a warm washcloth to rest on your forehead as you try to sleep. It’ll turn cool during the night, but helps to combat the horrible changes in body temperature should you have a fever.


  • This man really hasn’t the slightest idea how to take care of you like a professional, but the thought counts.
  • He likes to drink warm beverages, so he’ll give you room temperature drinks. It does help with itchy throats.
  • WebMD’s your symptoms, becomes incredibly worried when it says you’re dying.
  • He’ll wrap his lanky body around you if you’re ever cold. He’s always had an incredibly warm body temperature, so he’s practically a human heating blanket.


  • Carries you everywhere you need to go. He takes “you need to be resting” very seriously.
  • Wraps you in blankets if you’re cold, turns on the air conditioner if you’re hot.
  • Gets you whatever you want to eat or drink, but doesn’t know what could be hard on your stomach.
  • Brings you teas and medicines right away.
  • Lots of mint to clear your throat. He’ll give you some extremely strong ones to really clear out your congested sinuses.


  • If you have a fever that’s worthy of a trip to the emergency room, you’re going to be given an ice bath. No protesting. It’ll hurt like hell, but your body temperature shouldn’t reach over 102 degrees fahrenheit.
  • He’s amazing at preparing vegetable dishes. Grilled zucchini, spinach, broccoli, whatever you’d like.
  • If you’re in agony, he’d let you have some of his Hogdrogen. But only if you’re in tears with how sick you are, he doesn’t want you to rely on this stuff.


  • He’ll sit by and be your own personal DJ. If you’re too busy focusing on not losing all contents of your stomach, he’ll be picking songs and movies for you both to watch.
  • Always by your side if he can help it, constantly worried about you if he’s out of the house.
  • He’ll send you happy texts with green hearts and frog emojis, wishing you feel better if he’s unable to be with you.
  • He’d send these texts even if he were right next to you, he wants to see you smile when you’re feeling down.


  • Lots and lots of meditation. It’ll take your mind off of how much you feel like crap.
  • Doesn’t know much about human illness, but knows plenty of calming and soothing techniques that may help you combat your sickness.
  • He’ll keep you company if you’re bed ridden. Anything you ask for, he will help you out with to the best of his ability.
  • You’ll have a lot of water bottles by your side. He knows that you’d get better faster if you drink lots and lots of water.
Father’s Day

I just wanted to write a little feel-good fic for Father’s Day. I know not everyone will get/want to celebrate it, but I hope this will at least make you smile. Enjoy!

WARNING: spoilers ahead. Please read at your own discretion.

Note: This is going to take place post-game, the summer after everything happens. This is also an AU where everyone’s alive and well because I want them to be happy lmaoo. 

The last thing Sojiro expected when he trekked into Leblanc was a bunch of teenagers greeting him, especially when it was this early in the morning.

“Happy Father’s Day!” they cheered.

“Whoa, what’re you kids doing up so early?” 

“We came to celebrate, duh!” Futaba explained.

Haru’s dainty voice chimed like bells. “You did so much to help not only Akira, but us as well, so we wanted to express our gratitude!”

Sojiro shyly rubbed the back of his head. “You don’t have to do that; it was nothing.”

“C’mon, Boss, don’t be like that. You covered for us, so we gotta do somethin’ to thank ya for savin’ our asses,” Ryuji insisted.

“We agreed on Destinyland as our location, did we not? Perhaps I should have brought my sketchbook…”

“Dude, focus. If ya keep tryin’ to draw everything, you’ll miss out on the moments that matter. Plus you always end up gettin’ lost when ya run around sketchin’ everything…”

“Hm, you have provided me with some valuable insight. Thank you, Ryuji. I will carefully ponder over your words,” Yusuke mused.

“Y-yeah, go for it.”

Sojiro shook his head. “Now just hold on a minute. Nothing’s been decided yet. What about the shop? And how are we supposed to afford tickets?”

Ann spoke up next. “Don’t worry, the shop will still be here when we come back! And we all saved up from our summer jobs, though Haru and Akira contributed the most…”

Futaba nodded. “We even have enough for food and souvenirs! Pleeeease Sojiro?”

The manager crossed his arms. “Well…”

Just then, the tinkling bells from the front door of the cafe interrupted, and everyone focused their attention on the visitor.

Akechi stood at the entrance, analyzing everyone’s reactions. “Oh, am I interrupting something? My apologies; I have the day off, so I was going to enjoy a cup of delicious coffee to start the day… I’ll be off now.”

“Wait,” Akira demanded just as Akechi turned on his heel. “I was just about to text you.”

The detective’s curiosity was piqued. “Really? Is something the matter?”

Akira nodded, his ebony hair bouncing from the action. “Yeah, and it’s something only you can help with.”

“…Very well. Please, go on.”

The bespectacled boy procured a slip of paper from his pocket. “There’s a ticket to Destinyland with your name on it, so we were hoping you’d join us to celebrate Father’s Day.”

Akechi’s chestnut eyes widened. “F-Father’s Day? And you wish for me to accompany you all…?” He fidgeted from his internal conflict. “…Is that truly wise?”

Sojiro peeked at the boy for a moment, then he sighed. “I don’t like that everyone’s just deciding everything, but you’re just as much a part of this family as any of these rascals.” Sojiro smirked. “If you don’t like that reason, then consider it as thanks for your loyal patronage.”

“It couldn’t hurt to have one more level-headed person assist me with supervising you all to make sure you don’t cause trouble,” Makoto added.

“Hey! We ain’t gonna cause trouble on Boss’s special day,” Ryuji scowled. He turned his attention to Akechi. “So whaddaya say, man? You in?”

Akechi was speechless. He waited tensely for the bellows of laughter and a ‘just kidding!’…

But it never came.

He glanced around at everyone, desperately attempting to uncover the hidden practical joke, but all that greeted him were their sincere faces and encouraging nods. Akechi took a deep breath. “…All right. I accept your invitation.” He hesitated and smiled bashfully. “…I hope we’ll make good memories together.”

The group erupted into a thunderous cheer, and Akechi was baffled yet again from their enthusiasm; he had expected disappointment. Sojiro placed a hand on his shoulder. “Glad to have you on board, son.” He turned to the rest of them. “You all brought the van, right? C’mon, I’ll drive. Oh, and can you get my camera from behind the counter, Futaba?” He shook his head as he pivoted to open the door. “Jeez, I can’t believe you troublemakers are dragging me into this.”

Futaba reprimanded him. “Quit your whining, old man! Now let’s make like a rocket and blast off to Destinyland!”

“H-hey, who’re you calling ‘old man’?” Sojiro chuckled. “Never thought I’d have so many kids to look after.” He turned to Akira. “This is your fault, you know.”

Akira mischievously smirked. “Love you, dad.”

Sojiro sighed yet again. He was used to Akira’s shenanigans by now. “Yeah, yeah. Just hop in the van before I change my mind.”

“You guys are so lucky,” Morgana complained.

“Don’t worry; we’ll be sure to purchase souvenirs and take lots of pictures! Maybe we could have sushi delivered here and have our own private celebration tonight!” Haru reassured him.

Even though he acted tough, Sojiro was deeply touched by their gratitude and admiration for him. He didn’t think he did anything to warrant such feelings, but he definitely wasn’t complaining either.

The group chatted and played in the van on the way there, and Sojiro thought he was going to go insane. He nearly turned back when Ann and Ryuji were bickering, and they both nearly toppled out of the vehicle.

“Who’s the genius that thought it was a good idea to have those two next to each other?!” Sojiro exclaimed.

Makoto brainstormed punishments for the group’s inevitable misconduct with Akechi. “I-isn’t that a bit extreme?” he implored.

“Not at all. Would you like to hear the more severe ones I had in mind?”

Akechi gulped. “…You truly are a formidable woman.”

Futaba was teaching Yusuke about the aesthetics of memes.

“Interesting. Amphibians and cartoonish sea creatures seem to have great appeal to the people of the Internet. Shall I incorporate this in my next piece…?”

“Go for it, Inari. Oh, and show me when you’re done!”

Haru was discussing her ideas for her cafe with Sojiro, and he even offered some advice and tactics to earn loyalty from customers. 

Akira merely chuckled and teased everyone whenever he joined in on their conversations. Everyone laughed and played car games together until they arrived.

Eager to get things rolling, they assembled at the entrance and were guided through the bag check. After they made it through, they went all out.

The very first thing they did was purchase animal ear headbands, somehow managing to convince Sojiro to wear his. They stayed together as a group by holding hands or linking arms the entire time, and they took turns snapping pictures of each other. 

Yusuke was inflicted with motion sickness from the spinning teacup ride, and Akechi felt queasy himself, so the duo leaned on each other and moped while everyone else purchased ice cream; they even returned with extra for Akechi and Yusuke. The two refused at first, but when Futaba threatened to eat their share, somehow they were magically cured from their ailments, and they had no further qualms with digging in. 

Ironically, the kids had to look after Sojiro at one point due to single moms hitting on him. Akira and Futaba cringed together and pried him away.

“Hey! The adults were talking!” he complained as he was dragged away.

“Can it, dad. This is for your own good,” Futaba replied.

“D-dad?” One thing Sojiro couldn’t get used to was his nickname. Everyone in the group had called him that at one point, including Akechi.

Speaking of which, while the group took a brief bathroom break, Akechi stayed behind with Sojiro to thank him for allowing him to tag along.

“Don’t worry about it, son. You’re one of us now, so feel free to come to me if you’re ever in a tight spot, all right?”

Akechi felt his throat clench as he nodded, and he was exuberant beyond words to finally say that he had a ‘family’, as well as a ‘father’.

Sojiro felt something similar. He joined the merry laughter of the kids; he tag-teamed with Ryuji and boldly sat in the front seat of the roller-coasters; he protected the girls from leering creeps that approached them; he discussed fashion and gave advice to Akechi; he photographed everything so that Yusuke could use it as a reference for his art; he ruffled Akira’s hair whenever he sassed him; he even carried Futaba on his shoulders so she could see the vibrant parade. 

Sojiro honestly surprised himself with how much he treasured these kids. They spontaneously paid for an extravagant celebration to simply thank him for doing what any decent father would do.

Father, huh?

He glanced around at the kids’ beaming faces as they linked arms with him and wandered about in search of their next target: the water ride.

…Heh, not bad.

The group played for hours ensuring that they rode on everything, and they were absolutely drenched from repeatedly riding the water attraction. They purchased all the pretense shots from the rides, and they snickered at their ridiculous poses and faces. In one of the shots, they all agreed beforehand to appear completely unamused and stoic, and the result was completely worth it. 

As soon as they were seated in the van, everyone passed out, and they slept throughout the journey home while leaning on one another. Some of them quietly snored and snuggled with each other. Sojiro impulsively smiled at the sight and shook his head.

Jeez… it’s Father’s Day and I’m the one doing all the work.

He also thought about how these kids never had a proper father figure in their lives, and he felt indignant for their sake. 

It’s their loss for missing out on these kids. But I nearly did the same since I didn’t think it was my problem…

Sojiro recalled the exciting events of the day, and he peered at the sleeping kids once again. His eyes began to tear up.

What a stupid way of thinking… They were looking out for me even when there was a chance that I wouldn’t have done the same.

He wiped the tears spilling from his eyes.

Thank you. I’m honored to be your father.

smoothie bowls are pure magic 💛 

I had a bit of an unhealthy day yesterday … which is okay! but today it’s important for me to eat pure, unprocessed food to make sure it doesn’t effect my skin.  A big bowl of fruit + antioxidants is a perfect way to start off :) 

anonymous asked:

Advice for a classic borderline case trying to get better??

1. if you can, please try meds
2. work with your therapist. don’t just use them as a punching bag once a week and then continue with your bad habits. instead of getting angry when they suggest something related to recovery or bettering yourself, force yourself to think about it and get started with your god damn recovery.
3. get. out. of. your. room.
4. be with your friends. every chance you get. if somebody invites you to hang out, go.
5. stop hyperexposing yourself to your triggers. stop making yourself feel worse. give up this relentless chase for the sense of validation from others. literally forget validation and any need thereof. you don’t need everyone to see how emotionally ruined you are and you don’t need to be miserable just to prove that you have been miserable. you are kicking an addiction to your own sorrow. be smart.
6. ready? do not. obsess. over anyone. no favorite person™. no idealization. no hyperfixation. distract yourself. start projects. read a new book. take up a new hobby. take a class. whatever it has to be. it’s something we are all collectively in denial of; the obsession with our FP is not healthy. it’s okay to love them, and it’s okay to want to be around them or talk to them, but the way we can sometimes be uncontrollably needful and desperate for their attention is not healthy, and it is not okay to constantly indulge that. start finding a balance.
7. start teaching yourself forgiveness FOR YOURSELF. nobody else. you don’t need to forgive anyone before you forgive yourself. be nice. be friends with yourself. it’s hard. it seems impossible for the first 10, 20, 50 times you try and tell yourself “okay, this is it. it’s time to change x forever.” keep trying. keep trying and failing and trying again when you’re ready. progress follows consistency.
8. there is something to be said for how your diet, exercise and physical condition can affect your mental health. will eating right and exercising magically cure your mental illness? no. of course it won’t, susan. will it ALWAYS fix the various day-to-day struggles we face? no. it will not. BUT. the food we eat directly affects the chemical reactions in our bodies, and if you are eating poorly, not enough or at all, you will have a harder time self-regulating and thinking clearly. cars break down if you don’t put fuel in them, too. + exercise is good for you. get over it. not because of weight gain/loss, not because of body image, but because allowing your body to release endorphins and expend nervous energy trapped in your muscles can and will add a little pep to your step. in addition to many other things like increased circulation, increased blood-oxygen level (aka maybe not being fatigued or exhausted all the time) and increased production of serotonin. does that mean you have to be a part of fitness culture now? no. do you have to exercise for hours every day? absolutely not. but if you are able-bodied, do yourself a favor and go for a walk or a bike ride or to the skate park. move, for god’s sake.
8.b. if you can, go get a checkup. go to the doctor. you may have a physical health issue effecting your hormones/chemical balances that you have no idea about. ex: for most of my teenage years i had intensely uncontrollable rage/aggression problems that cycled irregularly. it was always attributed to my bipolar/borderline’s volatile nature and was medicated accordingly, often to no avail. it wasn’t until after my 20th birthday that i realized these rages were cycling almost as irregularly as my period. i told my doctor and she had me get a uterine ultrasound, and that’s when we learned i have severe PCOS— and have had it for at least an estimated 3-5 years. completely unaware. this caused a major surplus of various hormones in my body, not necessarily directly causing but absolutely heavily impacting the severity of my emotional symptoms. now, 5 months on proper medication, i’ve improved exponentially. if you have healthcare, go to the god damn doctor.