eat eat eat

*cries because school gets in the way of the one thing I actually care about right now: dan and phil*

I meant to go to sleep an hour ago but im awake and laughing about seadwellers being able to eat anything

they get bored and dare each other to eat weird shaped rocks and like, bugs and shit. they eat weird bugs and dont even care

one time feferi gets mad at eridan and eats one of his guns

bonjour everyone x)
breakfast today was oatflakes mixed with banana, peach, raisin, goji berries and ten almonds, topped with vanilla greek yogurt and shredded coconut, matched with almond milk cappuccino and sugar-free peach, apricot&orange juice. i think my bell will be full till tomorrow ahaha

to watch the finale today

or to not watch the finale today?

THAT is the question.


super late but here is a vlog from the vegan meet up I went to a few days ago! <3 finally met vegan-alive and katrina-nerisse and jermainecherebin and elephantsarevegan and many more amazing people!