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If it continues to escalate, I can only imagine what it’ll be for Sunless Skies.

Jared Kleinman's First Bath Bomb

    Jared took the apron from his new manager and put it on. With a bit a trouble, he managed to tie the strings behind his back. “So what am I starting on, Marcus?” Jared asked.

    “You’ll be stocking,” Marcus informed him. “Throw out anything past its expiration date. And replace it with new products. There’s boxes in the back. Holler if you need anything. Is that clear?”

    Truthfully, Jared was a bit confused. However, he didn’t want Marcus to know, so he nodded and said: “Couldn’t be clearer if you poured soap all over it.” Marcus didn’t laugh. He did nothing but stand there, staring at Jared expectantly. “Oh, you wanted me to start now. See, I thought that we - I’ll get to work.” Normally, Jared’s humor worked like, well humor. However, Marcus seemed like a very unfunny individual. Jared got the feeling his jokes would not be tolerated.

    He strode into the back with Marcus still glaring after him. He had always thought work would be fun. However, he was beginning to believe it would be quite the opposite, despite the fact he had only started five minutes ago.

    Jared spent the next hour replacing everything in the store. Soaps, shampoos, moisturizers. He was bored out of his mind.

    “Jared. We’re almost out of the Lava Lamp bath bombs. Bring up a box of them.”

    “Yes, sir,” Jared said, giving Marcus a thumbs up. In the back, Jared scanned shelf after shelf before finding the right box. He cut open the tape and looked at the pile of orange and blue spheres in front of him. An orangey scent reached his nose. It was the best smell by far in the entire store. Jared loved oranges. He picked a bath bomb from the box, holding it to his nose and he took a deep breath in.

    It has to taste as good as it smells, right? He wondered. Only one way to find out. He held the bath bomb to his mouth and took a small bite. It foamed in his mouth. The taste was nice, but there was something better about it. Jared took another bit. Bigger this time. There it was. The bath bomb crunched when he bit it.

    No. It didn’t crunch. It was more of a cronch. The sound was subtle, but distinct. CRONCH.

    He swallowed the orange foam and took a third bite. The bath bomb was wonderful. A perfect combination of foam and cronch. And a mixture of flavors he never could have come up with on his own. And the way it liquified. Jared didn’t know why he hadn’t tried this sooner.

    He jumped when he heard Marcus calling for him. Hurriedly, Jared wiped his mouth and stuffed the remainder of the bath bomb into his pocket.

    That was not the last one he stole from his workplace.

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It’s Friday night again and I am slowly putting my life back together.  Seems like a perfect time for a meme! Thanks for the tag, @heyerette!!

5 Common things I have never done (without context):

1. Made chocolate cake
2. Finished a video game
3. Put on make-up by myself
4. Owned a smartphone
5. Had a cavity

5 Uncommon things I have done (without context):

1. Jumped onstage at an Iggy Pop concert
2. Sat on the back of an orca
3. Had a pet llama
4. Played oboe and bassoon in the same concerto
5. Won a TV quiz show

Not sure how long this has been going around, so passing on tags this time!