eat dead meat

I love dead things so much and I’m sure some people think I wouldn’t go out of my way to save an animal or care if it died but here I am, desperately trying to care for newborn mice rejected by their mother, so scared they’re not going to make it.

Bugs - Part 1

Word Count: 2613

Pairing: Eventual Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language. Bugs? 

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Series Rewrite Masterlist

You pulled up to a little dive bar in Oklahoma, arguing, which shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to you but it often did. “You’re staying in the car with Sam!” Dean told you. 

“No, Dean, I’m not! I’m a better hustler than you.” You retorted. 

“Oh, princess, you are so not a better hustler than me and you’re still recovering from the giant hook slicing you like a fish. So no dice.” Dean said, as if the conversation was over. 

“I’m fine. That was like a week and a half ago! Plus, you made sure I was gonna be fine when you drugged me.” You said. 

“You knew about that?” Dean asked, his voice laced with a little bit of laughter but a little bit of fear. 

“Yes, obviously. So as an apology for that I will accept being permitted to come hustle some pool, dad.” You knew you’d won. 

“Fine. Come on.” Dean huffed. You smiled and followed him into the bar.

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The Jennifer's (Jackie's) Body AU nobody asked for

So, remember those edits? Alright, let’s talk demon hunting and high school now:

Donna and Jackie had been friends almost all their life, even with their different cliques at school and social class. They protect each other like sisters, nobody can fuck with one of them without first having to pass the other.

So when Donna realizes Jackie is the one killing the boys that had been missing since that weird night the local bar was burned to ashes, she can’t help but try to first come to the bottom of the problem before accusing her friend to some authority or something.

It starts with Chip, an asshole who tried to have it with Jackie and only make her feel like shit. The next one to disappear is Fez, who for years sexualized Jackie and then demonized her when she didn’t respond to his actions. Then, Michael Kelso, who hurt Jackie beyond words, disappears too and so do many others.

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TV Fandom Meeting
  • Me: Hello Guys! Since it's the start of summer I figured I'd see how you are all doing! Sherlock! How are you?
  • Sherlock Fandom: *muttering* 2 years. More like 1.6 years really. 19 months. That's around 570 days. I can do this.
  • Me: ok... Game of Thrones *tap shoulder*
  • Game of Thrones Fandom: *spins around and puts sword to throat* come one step farther and I'll slice your head off
  • Me: *backs away slowly* teen wolf?
  • Teen Wolf Fandom: Our new season is coming in June! The promo showed Stydia, now if only Scott and Al-*starts bawling*
  • Me: there there; supernatural! Supernatural?
  • Supernatural Fandom: *SCREAMS and throws salt into the air
  • Hannibal Fandom: *eats meat*
  • Walking Dead Fandom: DIE WALKER!
  • Doctor Who: *spins in circles* DOOOWEEEDOOO
  • Me: Well looks like everything is normal here